Schapelle Corby “is not innocent” and he was right to sentence the convicted drug smuggler to 20 years jail declares testy judge, Linton Sirait, ahead of the prisoner’s release after serving more than nine years of her sentence.

Whether Corby is truly guilty or innocent we may never know. There seems to be so much contrary evidence though  it also looks many facts have just been hidden and as much by Australia as Indonesia( see below). With so many perspectives more benefit of the doubt should have been given. But what is certain is that even if guilty….

•  Corby was only carrying 4 kilos of the soft drug marijuana, not heroin or cocaine. And like it or not, marijuana is legal in some places, most recently America’s Colorado while 20 years sentence is more like the sentence many nations put upon  murder rather than dealing in soft drugs.
• Bali however is hard drugs ridden and desperately corrupt with it as detailed in Kathryn Bonella’s Snowing in Bali: The Incredible Account of Bali’s Hidden Drug World. If you have money you won’t be caught and prosecuted. Corby was a nobody and a visitor so she copped it.
• Corby has lived 9 years in the squalor of Kerobokan prison (Indonesia has no real care for its prisoners – you need to pay the guards for favours – and in many cases sentence to jail is a slow death sentence). The conditions have sent Corby psychotic in ways she may never quite recover from. It was right she should be released on medical grounds. If Australia weren’t so craven that it fails to challenge Indonesia more on human rights cases of this sort she would surely have been released long ago.

So what about Bali’s vindictive “Christian” judge Linton Sirait who has not one drop of Christian charity clearly evident in him….or humility? Why his accusations?…. Obviously and predictably for Asia because it hurts his pride. He loses face if Corby is out. Too often among Asians only “face” matters. It’s why so many evils go uncorrected across Asia. Don’t offend or criticize ME or else.

According to Wikipedia on Sirait:  “As of 2005, out of 500 defendants facing drugs charges before him, not one was acquitted”. (Serait has even boasted of his severity – this in a country  and within a justice system where Abu  Bakar Bashir, the mastermind of the Bali bombing,  received  only two-and-a-half  years for killing some 200 people?  Oh what a kindly, impartial soul of justice is Serait! It is reported he had even decided before the  trial he would find Corby guilt [1]

Bali where Serait struts  about and plays the bully is full of corruption, and Indonesia beyond it sullied with human rights abuses. Across the nation the rights of Christians are regularly denied, sometimes whole churches and their members physically attacked. While official Indonesia moralizes, such scandals are scarcely admitted, reported or protested, including because it’s politically inconvenient for Australia to rock the boat with a cantankerous, cynical neighbour whose trade it wants. But it should be the duty of the likes of Linton Serait to be protesting the abuses. However be assured this pharisee loves his job too much to protest either Bali’s corruptions or Christian rights. Just punish Corby and the small fry instead!

Let the churches of Indonesia close their doors to or even excommunicate this wretch who lacks charity  and any proper notion of justice and mercy such as should become someone calling themselves Christian. May we never hear of or from him again about Corby or Australia or drugs. Let Serait be silent, not to say repent of his meanness of soul.

Finally, and in support of the innocence of Corby, the following alarming report – alarming as much for what it tells us about Australian dealing as Indonesia and Sirait’s – ponder this report sent me by a concerned reader. It has only to be half true to be seriously damning.

1]  The final breach of Corby's rights came from the Balinese   court itself, most notably Linton Sirait the chief judge  in her trial. Indonesian Courts work, or should on the basis of innocent until proven guilty and burden   of proof. Because the Balinese police destroyed any   fingerprint evidence / proof that Corby actually handled  the drugs, Corby's rights were clearly violated as the    burden of proof quite obviously had never been  satisfied  by the prosecution / police, as all they had was flawed / compromised evidence. But what made it much worse was a clear indication that the judge, Linton Sirait,  had decided Schapelle Corby should be found guilty even    before the trial as he told Corby's defense team that they had not done enough to prove her innocence. Indonesian   law states that a person is innocent until proven guilty,  but judge Linton Sirait's words indicate her fate was    pre-agreed. Unfortunately, you may be unaware of this,   but trials for such matters in Indonesia are not decided  by juries, but by the judges who have one of the worst reputations for corruption, incompetence and self-interest  anywhere in the world. (See:


  1. The ‘Unjust Judge’ is the tip of this frightening iceburg. Scandalously unjust, willfully abusing human rights and freedom of speech, Australia washes a little expendable pawn down the sewers of international convenience. SHAME!!

    Selling Schapelle to stay in bed with Indo; who is the slut here?

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