Is it or isn’t it about apocalypse? Suddenly, and even in the secular press from the Washington Post to the Daily Mail, the 2014/2015 tetrad of four Blood Moon eclipses on the Jewish festivals which began on yesterday’s Passover, is news. It’s been building up to be so following a rush of popular religious books from America headed by John Hagee’s bestselling Four Blood Moons: Something is about to Change.

The response to this phenomenon tends to be strong affirmation or strong denial when not  just easy dismissal. The present article, which insists there’s a fatal flaw to all  American Christian speculation so far, maintains that a proper, considered response, for the moment anyway, needs to stand inbetween because something appears to be indicated by the phenomena, but we must apply a few tests before jumping too far with claims and speculations.

That the tetrads are fairly rare and rarer still on Jewish festivals and that they give every appearance of having heralded major events for Israel previously (as in the expulsion of Jews from Spain, the formation of modern Israel, the Six Day War which regained Jerusalem after two millennia) is undeniable unless you are a person to dismiss every coincidence in life as only coincidence.  And these coincidences add up.  Just as this  year there are eclipses for Passover and Tabernacles so there were lunar eclipses in April and October of AD 70 when  Jerusalem and its Temple were destroyed

What is ignorantly, presumptuously, even heretically missing, (even while it is presented as biblical orthodoxy), is quite simply the astrology which alone can hope to make full sense of such data to certify it, the same astrology which Essenes and Talmudic rabbis never rejected as the “divination”  fundamentalist Christians have made of it, the astrology which oversaw Christ’s birth and which can never be substituted for the misleading directions of “biblical astronomy”. The popular and rather sensationalist Christian Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, believes he has found a lot of new truth about history, biblical timetables and prophecy but he is wildly ,absurdly unaware of the fact that the 7 year and 28 year cycles etc that he points to, and which  at any rate seem  wonderfully accurate for what he wants to demonstrate about Shemitah years (but his use of these years has been questioned), are in fact the cycles of Saturn which go through the 7 year divisions. The entire theory if sufficiently valid should become astrology linked. 


The new writers on the blood moons are no inheritors of the original Magi.  Nothing   they claim is getting placed in the kind of framework that might help clarify or certify their speculations: the framework of the eras (that especially), the astrology of modern Israel,      the astrology  of Christianity (which can be read to this day from the data for Pentecost in AD 30) and the astrology of Christ and Antichrist.

The astrology of Christ I  unequivocally claim as theologian and astrologer to possess even if you don’t know it because of the endless suppressions and censorships of everyone from good Christians who dismiss astrology as forbidden occultism to media/publishing people who don’t consider it important enough to consider. (For a brief introduction to the theme  see my The Magi at Era’s End poem and its notes at ). An at least  suggestive pattern for the birth of the Antichrist  derives from the late Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon.  If the  avatar of her visions exists (she believed them the purpose of her life), their pattern is fortunately highlighted around 2017/8.  Coming to power, a time of maximum power?

Jesus’ last recorded words are to the effect he will be with believers till “the end of the age” (aion), not as in some translations “end of the world” (Matt 28:20). What “age” did he mean or might people of his time understand by the word? The fact is that Christ’s birth to which astrologers came, approximately corresponded to the beginning of the age of Pisces, the fishes. By chance, my previous article on this site treats of this point about the ages and their symbolism, the new gospel by the Sea of Galilee, the disciples as fishers etc. But we now stand at the end of that era, a non negotiable point. And not only that…

As also indicated in the last article, the symbolism of lightning, surprise and uniqueness which the gospels attach to the Second Advent and Millennium, would appear to correspond to accepted images of the incoming utopian Aquarian age. This in itself ought to make us hesitate to dismiss the idea that apocalypse could be linked to the blood moons, especially as it is easy to overlook that according to rabbinical tradition, discourse like that of Peter’s Pentecost sermon about the last times with “the sun turned to darkness and the moon to blood” does usually signify eclipses.  In which case, since eclipses are common enough, they would need to be quite special and backed up in some way to support any apocalyptic extreme.


Because they disregard and dismiss traditional astrology, those persons currently stressing the blood moons don’t even take into account the solar eclipses that accompany the lunar eclipses (the latter always fall a fortnight either side of a solar eclipse). These carry their own messages. And despite what Talmudic rabbis might say about lunar eclipses and their potential relevance to Israel, the fact is that solar eclipses are very significant and have as much and more to say for the life of persons and nations when they fall within certain patterns. The solars would need to support the lunars  to some degree for the lunars to carry any real weight  in the way presently advertised for them.

For example, the fact that this October ’14’s solar eclipse falls at 0 Scorpio 25 on Israel’s foundational rising degree of O Scorpio 53 itself would appear to highlight Israel (already highlighted by the lunar tetrad)  in a very special way across the year from that time. The fact that September 2015’s solar eclipse falls within minutes of a degree of Christ’s natal sun, highlights issues of Christ in a special way (and the birth data of Jesus does work to this day for Christ events as the article following my Magi feature surely indicates as vividly as anyone could ever hope or demand if they are prepared to listen to astrology at all).

Even the most dramatic blood moon eclipses need to be  contextualized and placed in their  relation to Israel and the Church. As regards 2014’s Passover eclipse, it’s interesting that it fortunately trines to the minute of a degree the asteroid Tempel (sic) in modern Israel’s natus. This suggests something could well happen (even if in the wake of a war) which could lead on to some agreement regarding rebuilding of the Temple. (The idea that something might be afoot for the Temple seemed confirmed to Jews last November when the perigee of the Comet Ison fell on the Feast of Lights, the traditional festival of the rededication of the Temple). At the very least from this time on the Jews will be thinking more about or more strongly claiming their rights to a temple and such seems to be the case. [At the Feast of Purim 2015 Israel’s high court passed an historic ruling that Jews had the right to pray on the Temple Mount]

However, the mentioned aspect is not a promise, it’s more like as just said about an outlook among the people or a serious possibility. It’s beyond present scope to describe how forecasting in astrology works in the hands of responsible, not sensationalist, astrologers; but  I will stress that astrology is not about  fate pure and simple. There is some room for freedom and choice and the greatest difficulty in forecasts surrounds what is called level in interpretation. By this is meant that one cannot tell just how the given shown subject will manifest, only that it will manifest in some way.

As regards that point I have, as it happens, the nearest thing to the perfect example for present purposes if I discuss, however briefly, the ultra-controversial, much disputed question of the Rapture which the new Red Moon obsession acutely raises. It does so because for (evangelical) Protestants writing on apocalyptic red moons and apocalypse, there are two Second Advents. There is the first and mysterious disappearance or snatching away of prepared believers at the Rapture, followed seven years later with the open, visible return of Christ to the world which ends the Tribulation under the Antichrist.


….We can say with perfect certainty something to do with the Rapture must occur in Oct 2014. For a start,  my information derived from the Pentecost foundation for the foundation of  the church in AD 30 shows that the ruler of the house of endings, Venus, was eclipsed at the first blood moon.  This is one indication of something to do with endings being prominent ,and given the total natal and transiting pattern this could even be by something mysterious like Rapture.  In fact we know that there will be something about Rapture this northern autumn ….. because there will be an updated, rather more sophisticated Left Behind movie about the subject coming out of Hollywood! This will have many people talking about and speculating about the Rapture. However, what no one can know with certainty is: does this first blood moon promise Rapture controversies out of Hollywood and/or the Rapture itself this  year?.

I had however best first state that, though Protestants don’t get everything right, I do think they probably have it right about a Hidden Rapture-Tribulation-Open Advent sequence as constituting the original biblical understanding of end times events. The Rapture doctrine is derived from certain passages of St Paul in Corinthians (1 Cor 15:51,52) and Thessalonians (1 Thess 4:13-18). Though some question it, I do think Jesus taught something of the kind when speaking of a last times when “one shall be taken and the other left” (Matt 24:40),  plus there’s the Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids (Matt 25:1-15).

I am also inclined to accept that those who maintain the Rapture and Last Trump/Day of the Lord are something to do with the Feast of Trumpets, traditionally a  time symbolic of the Messianic marriage, are substantially correct. Expressions like “no one knows the hour but the Father” are deeply involved with traditional Jewish marriage custom in which only the bridegroom’s father knew the hour the groom would arrive for the bride. Moreover as Trumpets is not a one day feast, the day and time of arrival couldn’t be known even if the season could. And I think the season is supposed to be known (otherwise why  urge preparation and expectation at all?). Trumpets is the Head of the Year, the start of the (secular) year, even the birth of the world itself according to rabbinic myths. The Last Trumpet is the last, long and  emphasized 100th Trumpet blast of a sequence across the festival.

As The Feast of Trumpets for Judaism is called “The Day of Judgement”, “the Day of Awakening”, “The Hidden Day”  the connection to Jesus and Paul’s apocalyptic seems fairly obvious and secure. It is the only understanding that resolves possible contradictions in end times teaching. And could any other time for the beginning and ending of eras be more suitable for any Midnight Bridegroom of the New Age?

That’s the biblical side of things, but as indicated last article in a different connection, I would further regard the concept of first hidden Rapture and  then Open Advent as oddly harmonious with astrology’s era change symbolism. After all, the veiled, the hidden and any disappearance belong in astrology to Pisces and its “ruler” Neptune. Since the last degree of a sign expands and enlarges at its last flicker, what more symbolically appropriate than an end of era marked by a huge disappearance such as Rapture envisages?


I make the following statements with the very big rider, which the foregoing should have covered, that neither Rapture doctrine nor astrological forecasting  are  invalidated if Trumpets of  2014. produces nothing more than a film on and debates around the subject. But for those who wish to speculate, I shall – just a little – suggest an astrological case for  speculating. Actually, the strongest case within our times astrologically and for more than just astrological reasons for anything like Rapture  is probably 2017 but for argument’s sake I continue with just the guiding principles towards any speculation at all. The matter goes right back to what we can know of Christian origins.

For astrology, if the beginning of a person or institution’s life is known some things about their end can be too. The beginning of Christianity can be known and it was registered with the descent of fire which means things started when, after  9 am (Peter’s “the third hour of the day”) fiery Leo began to rise with Uranus sign of the Spirit in the sign. (The complete astrology of the church is detailed in my The Destiny of Christianity at ). This means we can see matters associated with the end and, frankly, these are rather distinctly suggestive for notions the church could suddenly and mysteriously disappear, or, if you don’t and can’t accept precisely that, then that the Rapture doctrine is  what Christians necessarily believed from the first for the pattern ever to have been engraved in the way it is.

The base of the chart which tells of any endings is in Libra, the marriage sign, an air sign (going to the clouds of heaven?!) and a cardinal sign which acts quickly. It will act double fast with the ruler Venus also in a cardinal, action orientated sign, Aries, which is in its 10th house of destiny. Sudden marriage is the destiny of this institution, indeed a “marriage of the Lamb” because Aries is the Ram/Lamb sign. This marriage will even constitute the good fortune of this institution since the Part of Fortune conjuncts The Part of the Hour of Marriage, yet which is also curiously conjunct the Part of Divorce – which seems almost inexplicable except that Divorce also conjuncts apatheia (apathy) corresponding, one feels, to being divorced in the sense of “left behind” because as per the warning parable of the Bridesmaids, persons didn’t care and watch enough.

Just about everything in the pattern fits here even to a “crazy” vision I read years ago of someone I don’t know, and who would probably abominate my astrology if they knew of it, but who insisted they had been shown the gathering and ascent of Rapture would take place over Arabia. Over Arabia? Yet why is asteroid Arabia conjunct here too? The potential for vast mystery around this subject and global confusion around any ultimate fulfilment of it is then indicated by the aspect of Neptune the disappearance planet to the all- important ruling Venus of the marriage and endings.

The core Rapture relevant degree, and I don’t think there’s much doubt about it, is 26 Libra, a so-called “critical” i.e. strong degree. I have found this degree to turn up again and again when Rapture is an issue and I note that the dreadful Harold Camping who was so sure he knew the date of Rapture had his natal sun closely afflicting  rather than harmonizing with the degree from Cancer in classic square formation. At least my astrologer’s Uranus makes excellent trine to the degree – I tell you as much truth as I can! – and it’s because this controversial red moon has trined my  Uranus you’re hearing my suddenly written opinions in response to what I read in the press.

So what might be really relevant in all this  that is currently happening and due? Quite simply that this first red moon eclipse at 25.16 Libra conjuncts the fatal cluster of factors in Pentecost’s house of endings and challengingly opposes the 26. 57 endings ruling Venus in Aries, itself incidentally conjunct Columbia (dove) because on the Day of Pentecost a fiery dove descended. And I anyway think we are in a time for disappearances at all levels.

When Malaysian Airlines MH570 went off the radar Neptune of the disappearances and disguises was at 5 degrees of its natural sign Pisces – the degree which for Christianity is The Part of Revelation which the Rapture would doubtless be for those involved in it.  I see from the Net that Billy Graham’s daughter Ann Lotz, has actually opined that the flight disappearance is like the Rapture (for sheer mystery and dissolution anyway). At Trumpets this year Neptune will be back on the same obviously powerful degree. It doesn’t have to correspond to the Rapture, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the world once again had powerful mysteries on its hands at the time. To be  honest I can see more and more important than this which could be relevant to the subject and the period  but I feel it’s inappropriate and fruitless to go too far into these kind of speculations.


I can only repeat that something  looks to be speaking from the signs as regards Rapture even if it’s only a Hollywood film that reflects movements within the collective unconscious. Hagee’s book subtitle “Something is about to change” is meaningful with or without any last trumps in 2014 or 2015. All astrologers know dynamic Uranus/Pluto aspects such as we have been undergoing recently and will do into 2016 can be devastating and  launch many changes – they were associated with the French Revolution that altered the West itself. This time round the beginning of those aspects was the Arab Spring which has brought change if not exactly a happy spring!

Overall I think we have to say that events of the next few weeks and up to three months from the first of these lunar eclipses must be carefully watched. (Time lapse for events from eclipses is a subject in itself. It was six weeks from a tetrad lunar eclipse that Israel’s Six Day War broke out).  Whatever does or doesn’t happen in the wake of it will supply us clues as regards how prophetically relevant the rest of sequence really is. If I find reason to comment I will certainly do so.

[Israel’s 50 day war with Gaza would be considered relevant to the first blood moon – what else may occur before the cycle is done?]




  1. Franklin Graham’s warning of coming persecution of Christians echoes what his mother Ruth and father Billy have clearly stated.
    In a Google article titled “Letter from Mrs. Billy Graham,” Ruth stated that “I would rather prepare myself to go through the tribulation and be happily surprised by an unexpected rapture, than expect to be raptured only to find myself going through tribulation.”
    Her husband, Billy, had this to say: “Perhaps the Holy Spirit is getting His Church ready for a trial and tribulation such as the world has never known.” He stated this on p. 72 in Sam Shoemaker’s book “Under New Management,” and the same quote is also found in a Google piece entitled “Famous Rapture Watchers – Addendum.”
    To see the rest of Franklin’s message which can no longer be ignored or censored (!), Google “Franklin Graham’s Warning” which can be found on Joe Ortiz’s “End Times Passover” blog.

    1. To get a bigger picture or at least a wider picture of the times as I see it you might like to read especially “That Left Behind Rapture Riddle” at
      I can’t admit to warm to anything much said by specifically Franklin Graham of the Graham clan; he can hit badly wrong as one of the articles on this site indicates

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