I don’t believe that singer Cliff Richard is guilty as charged  (by at least implication) while police search his home in his absence and the media gossips of an alleged assault upon a male under 16 – more than a quarter of a century ago! Though in the wake of a series of child sex abuse scandals and a lot of anticlerical if not anti Christian sentiment in England some would like to believe the gossip, it sounds pretty improbable that  during some Billy Graham religious crusade in England, the singer decided this was a good moment to take advantage of some helpless youth. An extremely damning case against both police and media in pursuit of what’s alleged has been put in the Sydney Morning Herald by expat Geoffrey Robertson QC See  Nevertheless… I have an inkling what could be involved, and if I am correct I have a still stronger idea of what our response (beyond Robertson’s) should be.

Call it just more gossip, but many years ago, perhaps twenty, a gay friend of mine with a senior position in the hotel industry, introduced me to another gay person who claimed to have had some dealings with Cliff Richard. At the time none of us had the details of the singer’s alleged youthful, pre Christian era affair with the married Carol Costa.  Anyway, for what it was and is worth, this person’s opinion was that the perennial rumours of a gay Cliff Richard that gays have long been pushing, could be true to the extent he knew that if Cliff took some wine he might get a bit same sex close and intimate with you.

Even if this were true, this still wouldn’t make the singer gay and I don’t believe he is. In fact I think I know what such stories do or could mean and I once again regret that a too wise-in- its-own-eyes world along with foolish churches together reject the astrology that can assist with understanding here. Cliff Richard is a Libran and no sign is more spontaneously bisexually inclined in feeling and gesture, even though it needn’t go all the way sexually with it. Cliff Richard also has his Mars (action and sex) in Libra. It’s the Libran Nelson who said “Kiss me Hardy”. Shakespeare who was born with his moon in Libra, has his male friends like Two Gentlemen of Verona or even his women as in As You Like it, billing and cooing at one another; and of course we all know about Shakespeare’s sonnets. What was possible in poetic Italianate Renaissance times is not so possible today but is rather more repressed, especially in religious circles. But it might come out in your cups.

If one takes the astrological line apart from the significant Libran factor, then the building block or pre-condition for any marked bisexuality is what is called an “afflicted” Neptune (one sees it in the likes of David Bowie, Lady Gaga and Madonna). Cliff Richard doesn’t have this, but as a Libran with Mars in the sign and a Neptune in non-afflicted aspect to Uranus, the gay planet, this links him to gays and anything gay to some degree – indeed since at one octave of meaning Neptune is drink and drugs, the fact that the aspect of Neptune is to gay Uranus is suggestive for precisely the mentioned association of drink and thus perhaps some almost arty same sex feeling and gestures.

In short, whether or not he had a drop taken, imagine that Cliff might have talked gently and patted the back or rubbed the arm of some surprised half repressed Sheffield youth who then, or more likely years later, and maybe encouraged by people who just don’t like the Christian Richard, “remembered” the whole incident as intrusion or “assault”.


Even if something truly occurred, even something that was a bit dubious by some standards, surely it should be forgotten thirty years on? Has England gone quite paranoid amid child abuse claims. How far under 16 was the youth? 15? Admittedly over 30 years ago Britain’s gay age of consent was not so low, but 15 has been the age of consent in France since whenever and in Italy 14 and arguably there has been realism in that.

At any rate in Latin countries, youths can be quite sexually precocious and may act the seducer rather than the seduced. Some will also behave like ancient Athens never went out of existence, breathing love and devotion like so many lost Romantics. It is perhaps the English way, given the lack of a culture of love, to assume that nothing but predation and lust or assault and paedophilia could ever be involved where adolescents and the same sex are concerned. I can imagine, and it’s horrifying, that police who controversially (see the Robertson article) entered the absent Richard’s home for 5 hours to take out several sacks of goodness knows what, are combing every last corner of the singer’s home for nothing short of the child porn material they won’t find.

I don’t wish to underestimate the very real damage of the young that is coming to light especially in the wake of church abuse scandals and the Jimmy Saville scandal, but I think that once 15 is reached, especially where youths are concerned, unless outright coercion and assault is involved, it is inappropriate to think of whatever precisely goes on as child sex and paedophilia. I hope the whole “historic” matter as Richards rightly calls it from his perch in Portugal, will be dropped and forgotten as it needs to be.


This must not be read to mean I take questions of paedophilia and inappropriate behaviour in religious circles lightly, I seek only to be honest and realistic. Anyone who would like to know how much so and read more on the subject can go to my memoir Reflections of an Only Child. This will be available on Amazon during next month. Though it’s the story of a life it has plenty to say about religion and sex; and it will include what isn’t known or told concerning a leading cleric involved with ecumenism who so far as I know never suffered the taint of scandal before his demise 3 years ago.

This book will report of my dealings  with many people and things from a gay prime minister to one of the stars of US publishing. This memoir has not been offered to any publisher here in Australia basically because I felt any religious and metaphysical content would be held against it, though I now realize the honest report it gives of the artistic and publishing communities might also tell against its acceptance. Though I say it myself, this is an important work and might even be thought of as readable Proust, a classic of sorts for its personal and social revelations. The account of serious depression alone could be considered special and I would like to think helpful. Look out for this.




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