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[ Below is the poem promised for September in my Rilke feature of last May on  the twin McCleary’s Alternatives site. As said, when composing this I had Goethe’s Prometheus in mind, but the resulting simple lyric has more affinities to early Rilke. Like almost all poems this one can be read more than one way, but I am publishing this on what I  always insist is the true Christmas (September 15th  – see notes to The Magi at Era’s End at so there’s a touch of carol to it.



The better to support this light
Bespeaking visions of pure clarity
The azure of the firmament
Spreads like a carpet or a floor
Where carefully I might tread
Sometime….but not today.

You can and will tread clouds.
I am unable; I may only observe or
Await them, their silence
Loud as your trumpets.

Like Ganymede raise me
But not as bearer of your cup.
I could not carry it. I wish
To drink of this infinity,
Swim in its river,
I only can.

Seize me; I will hold you
And you may hold me if you will
But do not take me,
(As though you would),
Less than forever.

I am in love and ravished with blue.
I know it is even also yourself.
It stirs within me like
The lightest breeze, now cool
Now spring warm with longing.
It is also motionless
Resting in deepest calm,
Having felt all ages as though
But drifted, passing moments
Within your being and its time

[This poem with others is now included in a second edition of my New Poems and Two Celtic Dramas see, . The dramas accompany the poetry as they are themselves poetic ]