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The blood moon of last month fell at 15 Aries and the solar eclipse fell at 0 Scorpio. While both eclipses highlight Israel in special ways, (the lunar eclipse was the second in a rare Tetrad falling on Jewish festivals), since the blood moon fell opposite Mercury, the “ruler” of Christ’s natus at 13+ Libra, while the solar fell conjunct Lucifer at 1 Scorpio on the chart for the first Pentecost (Christianity), we could expect some major challenges both to Christ’s image in the world and the affairs of Christianity in the wake of them. These have duly occurred, not least on the 12th and 14th of this month.

We have heard things before about the Magdalene. The main modern interest in her followed upon an eclipse in 1992 directly and challengingly opposite Magdalena in Christ’s birth chart; but with transiting Pluto currently on her degree and the blood moon eclipse in affliction square Christ’s Part of Marriage, on November 12th a book was published, The Lost Gospel. This offered yet another version of Magdalene theory, one which now makes for a sort of divine couple, a co-messiah and between them having two divine children and by implication a whole dynasty. To go with the new theory at all you have to accept that the Joseph name in an old document is really a code word for Jesus and you even have to accept that the cup of the holy communion contained this “Joseph”‘s wife’s menstrual blood.

The involved theorizing  is based on fifteen hundred year old apocryphal material  in Syriac but discovered in Egypt and reflecting probably earlier Gnostic heresies which gave the Magdalene some sort of consort role, but didn’t usually run to marriage and children. The claims are extravagant, not part of the gospels and earliest tradition and certainly unsupported by the data I claim to have for Jesus birth (an easy introduction to this controversy can be found at the article The Magi at Era’s End at It does nonetheless help subvert the image of Jesus (the ascendant and its “ruler” in any chart is involved with precisely image). This is rendered variously pagan mythic and human all too human and not really any special saviour. The authors of the book say they are not seeking to offend anyone’s theology, but they can’t help doing that, albeit the greater damage is probably more among the general populace which is left ever more confused about what if anything they should believe. One could even call the muddle it helps confirm a form of spiritual pollution.

Controversy of another sort and I suggest prophetic for events this decade, is introduced by America’s National Cathedral at Washington hosting Muslim prayers on the 14 the,  the  same day that the same imam who led the cathedral prayers led an invocation of Allah on the floor of the House of Representative in Washington.  How very broad minded!    It’s not just that you won’t find reciprocal arrangements in any Muslim lands today and that in Saudi Arabia, even private communal prayers of non Muslims are against the Law, a situation so unacceptable  Muslim leaders should be constantly reminded of the fact and Christians in Muslim lands should not be insulted by the Cathedral’s disregard for this situation. The matter is more complex and involves symbolism and spiritual principles of a fundamental nature.

Wherever Muslims have been, whatever territories they have claimed theoretically belongs to them forever, and it has been the continuous policy of Islam to appropriate all places of “infidel”  worship for their own use. At the capture of Jerusalem, Umur, builder of the earliest Al Aqsa Mosque over Israel’s Temple Mount, refused to pray in the Holy Sepulchre because of prior agreements against this and because if he had once prayed there the place would belong forever to the Muslims.

In their sublime  naivety the leaders of the Cathedral don’t grasp that many Muslims will see the act of toleration less as toleration than a move towards, or a virtual submission (Islam) that introduces certain claims. It spiritually draws Christians in and binds them in way they have not foreseen. Canon Gina Gilland Campbell was moved that South Africa’s Muslim ambassador to America, Ibrahim Rasool, who delivered the sermon, should look at the cathedral with its decorations and see ancient mosques. But might that unexpected reaction express something a little more intentional, the notion it is or should be a mosque really? As it was, worshippers were anyway placed at the side of the sanctuary so their faith would not be offended or compromised by being near or seeing any crucifix or icons and they would be facing Mecca. The lone heckling demonstrator shouted that this was the place of the cross and not too unreasonably declared that having been allowed to erect mosques in America (Christians can rarely erect of repair churches in Muslim lands) they should worship there.

I think we can foresee something in this latest policy shift of the national cathedral. It  reflects what is happening in America at large which when it is not radically fundamentalist and conservative can be radically Emersonian and universalist. It reflects the society where the strange Obama seems to think Muslims were foundational to America itself (and plainly he wishes they were foundational for many things placing them among his advisors). What will likely happen as a result of IS activity and the West’s resistance n to it, is that liberal Christians and liberal Muslims will draw closer together. They will do so however on the basis more of Christians compromising fundamental teachings than Muslims.

There is a type of liberal Christianity which has already so denied the divinity of Christ (a principle vehemently denied by the Koran and including by a Koranic statement around the dome of the Al Aqsa mosque) that already the transition to virtual Islam is half effected. Ireland’s most popular and successful psychic has – admittedly to great incredulity – claimed visions of Christians worshipping at Mecca. That may however become possible and belong to the final apostasy of the church – we stand at the end of the age of Pisces that Christ’s birth introduced and according to the disputed Prophecy of St Malachy the present pope is the last. According to some Muslim prophecies Jesus (Isa) is due return to declare that he after all was not divine and to persuade Christians and the whole world to become Muslims.

Interestingly on Nov 14th aspects for the day in relation to the pattern for Pentecost included a trine of restricting Saturn at 25.28 Scorpio to Arabia at 24 Cancer 46 and Ahmed at 26 Cancer 38, i.e. it was at their midpoint. Ahmed being a name of Mohammed is the clearest symbol within the pattern for Christianity for Islam. And in the pattern it is moreover definingly conjunct Tempel (Ger.Temple) After all, Islam contests Israel’s historic claims to the Temple Mount, sometimes to the point of denying any Temple of Solomon existed. Ahmed comes in a sign associated with Islam (Cancer, sign of the moon and the crescent moon symbolizes Islam) and in the twelfth house of self-undoing. Conjunctions are very pro or con depending, and plainly for Islam Israel’s temple is extremely contested and the fate of the area could become an apocalyptic issue.

It may sound tolerant and spiritual, but the leaders of the Washington are not doing anything helpful to the religion they are supposed to uphold and proclaim  For reasons already expressed on this site I am loathe to agree with anything the likes of Franklin Graham has to say, but when he says what has happened in the cathedral is “sad”, that’s probably about right.









….Or perhaps I mean heard but not acted upon. The Prince wants Muslim leaders for the sake of everyone to acknowledge and raise a voice, rather than remain (as they mostly and usually do) silent in the face of the persecution of minorities, especially Christians.

More than one report has recently defined Christians as the most persecuted group in the world and the Prince correctly notes Muslim societies are over-represented in the tally of those nations which demonstrate discrimination and intolerance. (North Korea is worst).

You wouldn’t necessarily think such was the case from, for example, media reports. Here in Australia, (perhaps because its international TV news relies so heavily upon Al Jazeera as a source), we heard almost more about the small Yezidi minority than the many thousands of Christian suffering in Iraq. The UN provided shelter for them before any Christians for whom Christian aid agencies have been sending out desperate pleas.

The rights and safety of Christians are almost an afterthought for most western leaders and especially America’s President Obama who rarely speaks for them unless under massive pressure at home and he has almost rushed in to stress nobody is suffering more under IS than Muslims, which is not strictly true. Even if it were true, it is hardly something to propose so breezily when Christians are being raped, tortured and their children forced into marriages or sold as sex slaves. As  Majid Rafizadeh, president of Harvard’s International American Council of the Middle East has just said, “It is confounding to ponder why the mainstream media, President Barack Obama, and many other liberal political figures still remain silent about the increasing persecution of Christians in Islamic countries”. 

Only this last week there has been yet another horrific act of persecution against Christians in Pakistan, a regularly serious and gross offender in this area, though not even sweet Poster Child Nobel prize winning liberty advocate Malala will be telling you quite how much. She is brave and says good things but of the kind the West wants to hear, namely about the safety of women, not of religious beliefs.  A poor Christian couple, the wife pregnant, was battered and burned to death at the kiln where they were indentured labourers by a hysterical mob of over a thousand, screaming for their blood ( This was because a rumour had gone out that the couple had thrown out pages of a Koran when the wife had been clearing their home following the recent death of her mother. Pakistan’s ever controversial anti-blasphemy laws themselves finish a kind of blasphemy against life, truth and justice as they allow any rumour to be floated but no charges to be laid against those falsely launching them or victim to ubiquitous vigilante violence. Pakistan, as some of its own leaders admit, is a deeply corrupt society. It looks as though it prefers pious persecution on almost any pretext to true reform.


What the Christian and liberal standpoint of the Prince and others might however be said to overlook is that silence itself, a refusal to approve what is going on in Iraq and elsewhere, is the charity and almost necessarily so given that there is nothing in the Koran that would notably encourage anyone to support minorities which are all liable to be deemed infidels. While it may be that the stronger controversial statements against Jews and Christians owe more to the Hadith (a collection of alleged sayings of Mohammed and his associates rather than the Koran itself), even so, it is stated in the Koran that Muslims should not be friends of infidels (3:28).

True and famously, there are numbers of verses which enjoin a respect and friendship of sorts for “people of the Book” (Jewish/Christian bible), but the problem, the loophole for fundamentalist extremism, is that what the people of the same Book assert, such as in the case of the Christians that they identify the Messiah with God, is denied and condemned (5:17) rendering them with the infidels in effect. It is also affirmed that Christians mostly do evil anyway (5:66)!

Ultimately, how could the average Muslim oppose on the behalf of dissidents what other Muslims are doing that spreads or defends the faith without before long being accused of apostasy and being ostracized? Those Muslims like the Grand Mufti of Syria who do believe in and advocate peace with toleration of non Muslims, have received great abuse from fellow Muslims – there have been death threats to himself and his sons. Conversion out (apostasy) is not permitted in the religion, and theoretically carries a death penalty.

Somali scholar Abdisaid Abdi Ismail’s recent book, The Rule of Apostasy In Islam: Is it True? has already occasioned him the rage of Muslims, death threats, separation from his family and he has been thrown out of hotels in Kenya and Uganda, a situation in extreme ironic contrast to the freedom and sometimes star treatment accorded such as the tiresomely impudent returned Muslim, Reza Aslan, who in America and the liberal West is free to criticize the gospels and Christianity in any publication he likes. The greatest charity Islam can show the infidel or convert is to let them, like Meriam Ibrahim earlier this year in South Sudan, leave the country, (be exiled). And as in the case of Pastors Saaed and Irani in highly intolerant Iran (whose conditions the Iran born Aslan never seems to protest), that may not happen. Or it won’t happen while a weak, temporizing,  quasi Muslim Obama exerts no strong pressures to get even imprisoned and tortured American citizens who are Christian out of the country.


Recently IS, no matter how much Muslims and others care to state they are not representative of “true” Islam, have been attempting to drive out and sometimes wipe out Christians from Iraq and Syria. They are given the options of conversion, paying religious tax (jizya), exile or execution. Interpretation and translation of scriptures are of course always hotly debated, but plainly IS feels they are doing what they do on a basis at least partly justified by such verses “slay all the unbelievers wherever you find them” 2:91 – which is only what Ottoman Turks did to half the population of Christian Armenia in 1915 in an act that inspired Hitler’s Final Solution. (That Turkey has never subsequently regretted this in the way wars usually are, is probably due to the belief  its behavior was religiously sanctioned). 5:33 rules to maim or crucify or banish those who make “war against God” or who “spread disorder” in their country.

Not that the minorities of Iraqi Christians and others like Yezidis and Mandaeans have been doing that. IS is exceeding its remit in this respect like the Ottomans before them, but even to say anything in favour of one’s alternative faith, especially to proselytize is dangerous. Indeed the latter is absolutely forbidden in most Muslim societies (it would in itself almost certainly be treated as “spreading disorder”). This is a situation which nevertheless and practically, is to deny normally accepted religious rights (not to say the human rights to “free speech” of Christians) extremely. The day when Christianity can be even described in Muslim countries by Christians themselves will be the day something like human rights might be said to exist there.

Christ’s disciples were told as almost his last words to them, to preach the word in the whole world. So a non-missionary church is scarcely a true church, certainly not any free one. Just recently an Egyptian Copt, one of a group of people in existence long before Islam, was sentenced to 6 years prison for merely “Liking” a Facebook page about a group of former Muslims. Even his Christian village was attacked by outraged Muslim fanatics. In Saudi even private worship is banned to non Muslims, presumably because since the Koran describes infidels as impure and perverse (9:30 ) the very earth is polluted by their presence in Islam’s most sacred territory!

Plainly there is little scope for negotiation here! Under IS minorities generally have been targeted, including even Muslim ones, but as said, overall it is Christians who recently have borne the brunt of recent troubles while receiving least sympathy and attention for it – Prince Charles moreover stresses that the situation is particularly bad because Christianity is now being erased from its 2000 year homeland, a major tragedy in itself. (One might add that also tragic is that the Palestinians, for whom sympathy seems boundless in the liberal West, have been doing everything possible to rid even Bethlehem and Nazareth of Christians. And the West is naïve enough not to imagine or perceive that at least some Palestinians intend no peace whatsoever towards Israel (hear what they teach in their schools and broadcast on their radios!) but will agree to any division of the land, any new situation that facilitates the longer term aim of being rid of an Israel they don’t acknowledge can and should exist). Peace may be spoken of, but the West is blithely ignorant of how by the principle of takkiya, truth in dealings with infidels is not required so that the best sounding agreements and promises may mean nothing.


Prince Charles’ statement comes as a spanner thrown in the works of modern media which despite the current extent of exile and genocide for Christians in the Middle East is seriously under-emphasized by a secular and sometimes almost anti-Christian media which is concerned, perhaps selfishly, in keeping things quiet at home and shoring up liberal multicultural values at all costs by never asking or expecting Muslims like the Prince to face a few basic facts.

The facts are admittedly sometimes grave and bewildering for especially the more moderate Muslims some of them left reeling under the shock of offspring radicalized and disappeared, apparently for ever, to fight with IS. What perhaps for the first time they are being forced to absorb, is that essentially the faith they subscribe to is involved with the aim of a world domination achieved if necessary through force. The very appeal of IS is that it seems to be fulfilling that aim and that it is even engaging the last and apocalyptic war which will arise through Syria.

And although some will protest the Koran should be read more symbolically and allegorically, in most places where Islam is well established it is not and has not been so. So if there are indications that (some if not all) Jews are the children of apes (7.166) and according to the Hadith (Sayings) they are to be wiped out before the Last Judgement, all sorts of negative policies get justified. Meanwhile the Christians/infidels are to be subdued, tolerated if they pay taxes and show themselves submissive (9:29) because Islam is all about, indeed means “submission”.

There is a reason that Christians are the poor, mostly servants and road sweepers despised and exploited in Muslim nations like Pakistan and Eygpt, not able to rebuild churches, rarely able to get justice at law for the worst crimes against them. The discrimination is as good as mandated and is hardly ever challenged. Christians exist to be made dhimmis in a state of dhimmitude.  It is also hardly ever challenged either by a once Christian West which in its post Christian weakness (decadence) pours aid into the most relentlessly persecuting societies like Iran and Afghanistan for whom privately the aid is doubtless regarded as the jizya tax that infidels, whose day of reckoning awaits, ought to be handing over and therefore no more than is due. It is not perceived as any kind of charity for which to be grateful. Every concession liberals and interfaith Christians make, is liable not to be appreciated as tolerance but a step on the way to required submission.

Christians and Western liberals seem ignorant of how traditional Islam, a warrior religion if ever, divides the world up into dar-al- Islam and dar-al-harb, the house of war. Everywhere where Islam is not prevalent is “the house of war”. Peace is not what mainstream Islam is about except as indicating the final state of humanity submitted to Islam and Sharia law however long it takes. Muslims however don’t see themselves as aggressors but rather as warrior martyrs, victims, because they are told not to be the aggressors until they have pretexts and are victims in effect(2: 194). This is partly why Muslims complain and protest so much within non Muslim societies and as in Muslim Pakistan listen to every rumour They must have reasons to impose themselves, so reasons are sometimes found by almost any means.

Some Muslims understand the real meanings and know the score. It is why Ayaan Hirsi Ali abandoned Islam and has told Muslims they should do likewise and espouse either atheism or Christianity because the God of the latter suggests more by way of love. (Raised a Syrian Muslim, writer Wafa Sultan, goes so far as describe the religion she knew as not being one of love – A God who Hates is the title of one of her books). It was not least on account of its doctrine of forgiveness that at great risk “Son of Hamas”, Mosab Hassan Yousef, converted out to Christianity.


What’s certain, but Christians don’t seem to get the message, is that the name of Allah – now forbidden under Malaysian law to Christians as a word they may use for God – is not a name that can be considered identical with the God of the Bible, whose covenantally revealed name is YAHWEH/ Jehovah of whom Jesus is an expression. Some Christians and Muslims might wish or intend to worship the same in terms of a monotheistic oneness concept, but for Christians Allah cannot be God’s name. It represents a different principle and doctrine including the possibility of relation as opposed to solely worship and obedience, so that in a sense Muslims are correct to tell Christians not to use the Allah word. Islam believes in an absolute as opposed to a unitive, inclusive one (i.e.the biblical echod as opposed to the absolute singularity of yachid) and condemns any Trinitarian thought accordingly. (It calls it “polytheism” not inclusive one).

Muslims are also correct after a fashion in regarding what is happening as an end of times or end or era, situation. Many are persuaded to go to Syria because of certain Hadith (sayings) attributed to such as a companion of Mohammed, Abu Hurayreh, which seem to locate Syria as a site of last battles on the way to the renewed Muslim Caliphate and world domination.


It’s true we are at the end of the age of Pisces which Christ’s birth heralded. An across board spike in turmoil, suffering, death and martyrdom is to be expected as the world lives the equivalent of the last degree of the relevant sign. It is only in its coming-of-night context that one can begin to grasp what is happening to the persecuted Christian minorities across the Muslim world and why up to a point it is allowed to happen. IS itself might be said to fulfill prophecy like that of Christ, “Indeed an hour is coming when those who kill you will think that by doing it they are offering worship to God” (Joh 16:2).

IS will prosper, it will increase, it may even overrun Rome as per one Hadith, and be seen by many as bound to succeed, but it won’t. The end of the story will present many surprises.

It’s just a pity that meanwhile the West, which says and does so little in the face of the turmoil, fails to understand the  principles of the culture, religion and psychology it is dealing with and is shockingly disloyal to its Christian roots being too pragmatic, too  secular, selfish and interested in economic advantage to bother to protest abused Christian rights in any effective way with many nations like Korea and China and not just Muslim ones. Presently it regards this as strengthening the home base but it is merely fostering a weakness that will return on it and rend it. Good fortune depends upon attending to justice first.  The weakness and private sympathies of Obama particularly mark a disaster for the fortunes of Christians worldwide at a crucial moment of history and it is in this context that, if only to restore some balance and a moral one to public opinion and reporting, the intervention of Prince Charles is to be applauded.