The blood moon of last month fell at 15 Aries and the solar eclipse fell at 0 Scorpio. While both eclipses highlight Israel in special ways, (the lunar eclipse was the second in a rare Tetrad falling on Jewish festivals), since the blood moon fell opposite Mercury, the “ruler” of Christ’s natus at 13+ Libra, while the solar fell conjunct Lucifer at 1 Scorpio on the chart for the first Pentecost (Christianity), we could expect some major challenges both to Christ’s image in the world and the affairs of Christianity in the wake of them. These have duly occurred, not least on the 12th and 14th of this month.

We have heard things before about the Magdalene. The main modern interest in her followed upon an eclipse in 1992 directly and challengingly opposite Magdalena in Christ’s birth chart; but with transiting Pluto currently on her degree and the blood moon eclipse in affliction square Christ’s Part of Marriage, on November 12th a book was published, The Lost Gospel. This offered yet another version of Magdalene theory, one which now makes for a sort of divine couple, a co-messiah and between them having two divine children and by implication a whole dynasty. To go with the new theory at all you have to accept that the Joseph name in an old document is really a code word for Jesus and you even have to accept that the cup of the holy communion contained this “Joseph”‘s wife’s menstrual blood.

The involved theorizing  is based on fifteen hundred year old apocryphal material  in Syriac but discovered in Egypt and reflecting probably earlier Gnostic heresies which gave the Magdalene some sort of consort role, but didn’t usually run to marriage and children. The claims are extravagant, not part of the gospels and earliest tradition and certainly unsupported by the data I claim to have for Jesus birth (an easy introduction to this controversy can be found at the article The Magi at Era’s End at It does nonetheless help subvert the image of Jesus (the ascendant and its “ruler” in any chart is involved with precisely image). This is rendered variously pagan mythic and human all too human and not really any special saviour. The authors of the book say they are not seeking to offend anyone’s theology, but they can’t help doing that, albeit the greater damage is probably more among the general populace which is left ever more confused about what if anything they should believe. One could even call the muddle it helps confirm a form of spiritual pollution.

Controversy of another sort and I suggest prophetic for events this decade, is introduced by America’s National Cathedral at Washington hosting Muslim prayers on the 14 the,  the  same day that the same imam who led the cathedral prayers led an invocation of Allah on the floor of the House of Representative in Washington.  How very broad minded!    It’s not just that you won’t find reciprocal arrangements in any Muslim lands today and that in Saudi Arabia, even private communal prayers of non Muslims are against the Law, a situation so unacceptable  Muslim leaders should be constantly reminded of the fact and Christians in Muslim lands should not be insulted by the Cathedral’s disregard for this situation. The matter is more complex and involves symbolism and spiritual principles of a fundamental nature.

Wherever Muslims have been, whatever territories they have claimed theoretically belongs to them forever, and it has been the continuous policy of Islam to appropriate all places of “infidel”  worship for their own use. At the capture of Jerusalem, Umur, builder of the earliest Al Aqsa Mosque over Israel’s Temple Mount, refused to pray in the Holy Sepulchre because of prior agreements against this and because if he had once prayed there the place would belong forever to the Muslims.

In their sublime  naivety the leaders of the Cathedral don’t grasp that many Muslims will see the act of toleration less as toleration than a move towards, or a virtual submission (Islam) that introduces certain claims. It spiritually draws Christians in and binds them in way they have not foreseen. Canon Gina Gilland Campbell was moved that South Africa’s Muslim ambassador to America, Ibrahim Rasool, who delivered the sermon, should look at the cathedral with its decorations and see ancient mosques. But might that unexpected reaction express something a little more intentional, the notion it is or should be a mosque really? As it was, worshippers were anyway placed at the side of the sanctuary so their faith would not be offended or compromised by being near or seeing any crucifix or icons and they would be facing Mecca. The lone heckling demonstrator shouted that this was the place of the cross and not too unreasonably declared that having been allowed to erect mosques in America (Christians can rarely erect of repair churches in Muslim lands) they should worship there.

I think we can foresee something in this latest policy shift of the national cathedral. It  reflects what is happening in America at large which when it is not radically fundamentalist and conservative can be radically Emersonian and universalist. It reflects the society where the strange Obama seems to think Muslims were foundational to America itself (and plainly he wishes they were foundational for many things placing them among his advisors). What will likely happen as a result of IS activity and the West’s resistance n to it, is that liberal Christians and liberal Muslims will draw closer together. They will do so however on the basis more of Christians compromising fundamental teachings than Muslims.

There is a type of liberal Christianity which has already so denied the divinity of Christ (a principle vehemently denied by the Koran and including by a Koranic statement around the dome of the Al Aqsa mosque) that already the transition to virtual Islam is half effected. Ireland’s most popular and successful psychic has – admittedly to great incredulity – claimed visions of Christians worshipping at Mecca. That may however become possible and belong to the final apostasy of the church – we stand at the end of the age of Pisces that Christ’s birth introduced and according to the disputed Prophecy of St Malachy the present pope is the last. According to some Muslim prophecies Jesus (Isa) is due return to declare that he after all was not divine and to persuade Christians and the whole world to become Muslims.

Interestingly on Nov 14th aspects for the day in relation to the pattern for Pentecost included a trine of restricting Saturn at 25.28 Scorpio to Arabia at 24 Cancer 46 and Ahmed at 26 Cancer 38, i.e. it was at their midpoint. Ahmed being a name of Mohammed is the clearest symbol within the pattern for Christianity for Islam. And in the pattern it is moreover definingly conjunct Tempel (Ger.Temple) After all, Islam contests Israel’s historic claims to the Temple Mount, sometimes to the point of denying any Temple of Solomon existed. Ahmed comes in a sign associated with Islam (Cancer, sign of the moon and the crescent moon symbolizes Islam) and in the twelfth house of self-undoing. Conjunctions are very pro or con depending, and plainly for Islam Israel’s temple is extremely contested and the fate of the area could become an apocalyptic issue.

It may sound tolerant and spiritual, but the leaders of the Washington are not doing anything helpful to the religion they are supposed to uphold and proclaim  For reasons already expressed on this site I am loathe to agree with anything the likes of Franklin Graham has to say, but when he says what has happened in the cathedral is “sad”, that’s probably about right.






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