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I usually think of Franklin Graham as a sensationalist, a tactless, open- your-mouth-and-put-a-foot-in-it type person and have criticized him on this blog accordingly. However…in the matter reproduced below from his Facebook, I am obliged to agree with him and even as a gay theologian. Currently my respect for American LGBT and American gay Christian attitudes is in rapid decline if not freefall. I detest, feel ashamed of and dissociate myself from what the LGBT (or should I write LGBTQI since the acronym ever extends?!) is uncritically and without protest allowing to happen. If democracy means anything I do feel conservative and perhaps any Christians in America have something to complain about and  fear from what is not too inaccurately being called a persecuting Gay Fascism.

Before anything else I would nonetheless emphasize I do consider that the record of American Christian attitudes, especially conservative ones, has often been plain unacceptable. Christians  have stood by while violence was perpetrated, they have turned a blind eye to the suicides and depression their attitudes and claims have precipitated, they have aggressively discriminated and many still do since one of the largest if not largest groups among America’s homeless are young gays disowned by “good” Christian families. I have mocked such things in my satire, Songs of Puritania on a Gay Theme

….Don’t tell me you’re born gay for gay equals sin
My own fourth husband would not let you in
To our house his walk is too close with the Lord,
And though I’m anti-abortion I give you my word
If our son turned out queer I’d wish him unborn….

Christians need to be careful they don’t seem to be (as some accuse them of being) persecutors moaning they no longer have the right to persecute). From one point of view one might even  have to say that “the mills of God grind slowly…” and American Christianity is reaping the whirlwind and,  despite all the current protests and prayers, doesn’t even have a right to divine assistance short of changed views and real repentance for the backlog of serious deficiencies.


Having said all that, let’s consider democracy. If I own a home or a business, as my property I should be able to do and say there most things I wish. If someone asks me to design posters, take photos, or even bake cakes with, say,”Heil Hitler”, “Worship Shiva as God” or “IS will save the world” involved in the work, surely I should have the right to refuse? And though it might be better if I were more open minded and on what’s a less radical issue, should I be forced to support images and slogans for gay marriages I don’t believe in? It should be my democratic choice as long as I remain polite about it. It’s obviously more complicated and controversial, indeed a matter for the laws, if I run a hotel and I don’t want gays as guests, especially so if there’s nowhere else they can stay. But  otherwise…..? How did it ever even come about that there is any otherwise?


It could perhaps be  only through America where people demonstrate such group consciousness forever craving “acceptance” and “inclusion”, even hugs and kisses so as not to feel “rejected”, that Political Correctness supported by laws would arise to infect the West and create what effectively is a  new undemocratic intolerance. You must love, tolerate and approve me or I’ll sue you. And in litigious America just how and with a vengeance! I’ll even ruin you.

Two lesbians refused a cake (see below), not apparently satisfied they have already been the ruin of a Christian couple’s business to the extent they may even now lose their home, are happy to accept from a judge (whose own attitudes need serious questioning), a fine of $135,000 for their “hurt feelings”. Hurt feelings?!  Such poor, precious darlings! Did the Christian couple stand there cursing and swearing at them as doubtless at some point in their lives some straights on the street did?  If this lesbian couple have pretensions to being at all butch, then one feels like saying they should man up and not be so delicate! And all of us who have ever had any book or poem refused by a publisher had better get to court fast to make our fortunes! This is just raw vindictiveness and revenge – unless they cared to hand the Christian  couple the money for their survival, which I doubt they will be generous enough to do.


But where are the leaders of LGBT while this and other outrages sprout across America? Out at rave parties or inventing more unreadable Queer theory essays for academe? They are at least partly to blame for what has happened. Stuck on the mentioned American obsession with “inclusion” at all costs (that obsession without refusing which most of the world’s art and great deeds could never have been realized) they have theorized and argued about gay/queer in terms of similarity to straight society. In so doing they have made gay equality a duty to be imposed and defended rather than homosexuality a meaningful difference to be understood and catered for. Homosexuality is always greatly involved with the human difference without respect for which art and democracy can’t thrive but will rather be overtaken by fascists imposing their values. It was “gay” Greece supplied us some root aspects of democracy – Judaeo-Christian values did the rest. But an almost mathematical doctrine of equality is now helping to confuse and render intolerant the whole gay issue along with democracy itself.

We may also ask where are the Gay Christians akways so keen to establish their own rights, to protest the wrongs being done to fellow Christians? I realize that some of those Christians in trouble with the laws may be bible thumpers and bigots whose attitudes one might hope could change and achieve greater theological sophistication over time, but the more important point is this. It is undesirable and even dangerous to legislate against whatever is genuinely held by conscience, which is what is now happening. The backbone of any society and any democratic system relies upon people living and arguing from conscience as the history of recent centuries in the West surely demonstrates.


The doctrines that leaders of LGBT have been promoting (and society including gay Christian groups has been imbibing when not half bullied or shamed into accepting) don’t necessarily correspond to what gays themselves want or believe.

A recent example was when that spoiled brat element in the character of singer Elton John was up in arms against, and even calling for boycott upon, the Italian gay fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana for questioning aspects of gay marriage as regards parenting. Gay actor Rupert Everett has likewise expressed severe reservations about gay parenting. If it were not for the issue of gay parenting I would myself be a more wholehearted supporter of gay marriage. It is solely a stress upon “equality” applied to homosexuality which has forced this aspect of affairs through the door of gay marriage. Personally I feel that if the sometimes toxic, laws-damaging obsession with equality/acceptance could be overcome (alas it seems too late), gay unions could be left to emerge as a more appropriate expression of the gay difference.

Short of a will almost to punish it is hard to understand what kind of persons gay or straight would wish to impose (as could now happen following certain Supreme Court decisions) on dissenting clergy the duty of marrying gay couples . Gay Christians of real  faith, those most likely to want a religious ceremony, would hardly wish to be joined amid the resentment and ill will involved. They ought surely to prefer to just live together and take it as a union anyway….in the early Old Testament cohabitation was marriage, there was no ceremony of the modern kind nor scarcely was there for many centuries of Christianity where like the Good Wife of Bath one just stood outside a church door for blessing. It’s only the legal details and personal rights like wills, taxes and so on make some kind of officialized union desirable.

 I am disheartened and appalled by the extent to which American establishment or just academic LGBT values and persons have dominated the gay world and influenced politics and laws besides. One can hardly get a word in as their egotism so reckons to dominate the whole field with megaphones. And they really are becoming, if they haven’t already become, just a materialistic, godless form of opposition to all religion, an apt vehicle of secularist agendas. Thin skinned they brook no criticism and so merely contribute to the kind of false liberalism in America and recently in England, that is even working towards calling any criticism of Islam “Islamophobia” and an indictable offence – in England one health worker was even stood down from work for daring to invite a Muslim to church, an act that was interpreted – in this day and age of ISIS executions as “bullying”! – as a case serious enough to go before a tribunal. So much for the healthy influence of American Political Correctness on the world. One cannot call some Christians merely hysterical for complaining that gays are contributing towards coming persecutions of the Antichrist! The situation is just very negative, read and describe it how one will.

Despite having a world first and published doctorate in gay spiritualities from any religion studies department anywhere, I have managed to be ignored and almost never mentioned or acknowledged by American gays whether secular or religious. I seriously regret this not because I am not “included” and “accepted”, but because I choose to believe I could have contributed something towards views that would have avoided the chronic polarization and damaging attitudes we currently witness. It’s too late now, and as I have written elsewhere, I long ago abandoned gay studies and research because of the indifference or opposition.

What I have done is retain my integrity. I am not convinced that in the face of what is happening American gay Christians are properly keeping theirs. They are called upon to protest.


Last night Aaron Klein, the bakery owner who declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, called me with the alarming news that an administrative judge had ruled that he and his wife Melissa will have to pay $135,000 to these two women for “emotional suffering.” Unbelievable! The Kleins have already had to close their Oregon bakery business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa and do not have this money to pay. Aaron said it would financially ruin their family and could cost them their home. They have done nothing wrong, and their lives, along with their five children, have been turned upside down by this persecution. You can’t call it anything else. This is wrong, and it’s happening right here in our own country. Liberal judges and officials siding with the LGBT crowd are trying to make a point with the undeserved punishment of this family. This is America—we should have the freedom to live by our sincerely held religious beliefs. It’s obvious who is really being discriminated against here.

I think we need to help the Kleins. First and foremost, continue to pray for them as this nightmare continues. Secondly, if you would like to donate something financially to help them and other Christians going through similar ordeals, go here to Samaritan’s Purse PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS-USA fund. We’re all in real danger if something isn’t done to put a stop to this kind of deliberate targeting and malicious treatment of Christians.

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