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According to a popular American preacher, Greg Laurie, the unjustly imprisoned and brutally treated Iranian born American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini was released from the sheer horror of his Iranian jail “in God’s perfect time”.

Just what does and did this rather pat, easy kind of declaration in the context of serious suffering mean? Laurie of course didn’t elaborate but I can and shall because there is a way of having some clues as  regards times and timing of major events and how God may organize them. I had been anticipating a resolution to the Abedini affair before long by either release or death. The matter was rather clear ever since last September’s solar eclipse which fell on 20 Virgo, the degree of Adedini’s destiny related Saturn (if we can assume that Wikipedia is correct in supplying him a birth date of 7th May 1980 somewhere in Iran).

Since however at the time of the eclipse fortunate, grace-bringing Jupiter had entered Virgo, the sign of Saeed’s own Jupiter and favourable to his Taurus sun, on balance life and freedom seemed more likely than the dire alternative. With Jupiter moving where it was I had even been a little surprised we hadn’t heard more positive news earlier, but  what I didn’t know was that in the last few months since the relevant eclipse Saeed’s conditions had been improving  in anticipation he would be released – he was even been better fed and was putting on weight, something associated with Jupiter transits.  When Saeed was finally released, factors which would have been clearer and more predictable if the time and place of his birth were given, touched off his natal pattern including that the God-linked and transformative Pluto was fortunately trining the pastor’s sun and Jupiter was approaching conjunction his Saturn.


There is little question about the torture and abuse (including refusal of necessary  medication and being shackled and beaten) that the unfortunate Saaed suffered in his native land. An American citizen he had gone to Iran with its government permission to open an orphanage only to be deceitfully arrested as an enemy of state before he could fulfil his agreed mission. At last report, following release Saeed has been in Germany being examined and treated for his condition. Mystery nonetheless surrounds what his long suffering wife Nahgmeh regrets having reported under stress late last year  [though now on Jan 27th with her husband returned she has filed a Domestic Relations case, something which could lead to separation or divorce].

Nahgmeh has passionately advocated for her husband for the last three years but a few months ago admitted to suffering mental and physical abuse starting even before the marriage and this related in some undisclosed way to pornography. It seems that even jailed whatever these “demons” of her husband were they hadn’t quite left her spouse who could be abusive on the phone, so she wants prayer for restoring a marriage after the years of separation and misunderstanding.

All this is puzzling in the extreme, especially as to many Saeed has seemed and been the figure of a very saint and angel amid his patiently endured trials, a Christ figure even. In prison there were conversions to Christianity through his supposedly Christ-like influence. Indeed Nahgmeh herself had herself originally been attracted to Saeed including because when he worshipped she had seen a halo of light around him. It is interesting that the mentioned Saturn falls on what I would seriously claim (see below) is the degree of sun at Christ’s birth. Saeed’s destiny thus easily becomes Christ related. He is like a martyr crucified with Christ.

I won’t and can’t dogmatize, but looking again at the birth pattern I think we may have clues to what is going on.

For a start I think the peculiar conjunction at birth of Jupiter with Mars at 0 Virgo makes for and exaggerates passive/aggressive situations not least verbally and mentally because Virgo is a rather mind games sign. Enlarging Jupiter in relation to Mars tends to ramp up sexual desire (pornographer Marco Vassi who had sex daily for two hours had Jupiter conjunct Mars albeit  in another earth sign, the more goatish Capricorn). Yet paradoxically the same Mars/Jupiter aspect can be very crusading  and outgoing in religion because Jupiter is the religion/ faith planet. Take it that some of the religion-and-sex- problem with straying evangelists can  start precisely here – the person loves the faith and energetically proclaims it but they like sex too.

Mars/Jupiter in Virgo perhaps wants the sex rather less than some signs like Vassi’s Mars/Jupiter in Capricorn, but it still risks some of the masochism of Virgo; it could both give and suffer cruelty perhaps especially mentally. Moreover, given a quirky independent Aquarian moon disharmonious with his Taurus sun, Saeed could live with a few contradictions a bit more easily than some. For him it would just mark difference, not hypocrisy. Also from just his cultural background Saeed who has now [2nd Feb] dismissed as largely untrue claims his wife makes,  would probably expect to be more bossy and demanding with a spouse than would be considered quite correct in the West.


It sounds like Saaed could resent his wife, but if so for what reason when she was exhausting herself across America on his behalf as Saeed is quite prepared to admit (he calls her a hero)? Again I won’t dogmatize, but I think any resentment could be for a reason Saeed might not himself clearly recognize, know or  understand (especially in the American evangelical world with its narrowest possible treatment of sex and gender issues). Whatever, just hearing Saeed’s talk and tone put thoughts into my head that sent me to the birth chart and into this article.

In line with things stated in a two part article with revelations about many things perhaps especially Christians badly need to know (,  I wanted to see if by chance I would perceive any pattern of “afflicted” Neptune. I suitably and rather clearly could. In this instance Neptune was “square” ( approx 90 degrees) to Saturn. There are other possible patterns of affliction, but sufficient to observe here that one of the more notable persons to have a problematic Neptune was the poet Tennyson who wrote In Memoriam, that elegy and love song for the deceased youthful Hallam. You might need to go to Sufi Persian lyrics to find such beautiful poems to men again. (Modern Iran’s persecution of gays runs counter to established features of its cultural history in which “the beloved” in especially poetry was nearly always male). Though one needn’t read too much into it because the horror and loneliness  of Saeed’s prison situation would anyway make for attachment, but it is noticeable the pastor immediately becomes very attached to and weeps over the young American marine he at one time shares his incarceration with.

Wherever Neptune is difficult there are liable to be bisexual tendencies (not the same picture for gayness which is more definite) and to be frank about it, bisexually inclined husbands can also be quite dismissive of and even cruel to wives. We see it in Dickens (consider his natal chart and what the Copperfield, Steerforth bromance betrays) and in Oscar Wilde and Gauguin; and though we can’t know his horoscope, it looks as though the David who rated Jonathan above the love of women was pretty dismissive towards his wife Michal.

Also worth noting is that writer Andre Gide was prepared to swear that when Wilde spoke in Paris he saw him haloed. We have recently heard much about the late David Bowie who said, and then said he wasn’t, bisexual though under an afflicted Neptune he plainly was; and if he wasn’t haloed he was certain seductive of people in a myriad ways. A bisexual male rings in the changes and rarely fails to surprise inside or outside religion!

There’s an old, partly and sometimes true saying, “the stars incline, they do not compel”. I obviously cannot be certain and it would be helpful to know what kind of porn it was that drew Saeed, gay, straight, bi or sado/masochistic, but a quite likely explanation of the pastor’s problems is some American evangelical style repressed, unacknowledged bisexuality that is making him feel resentful, unfulfilled or awkward in marriage. If so it won’t be cured, it can only be managed in the best possible way. I suspect the troubled union would run more easily if like David with Jonathan there was a same sex friend somewhere in view and if the almost saintly Nahgmeh kept her husband on a very loose leash.

We can at least know that just this is pretty much what Saeed wants and expects. With his moon in Aquarius and his Venus in Gemini (, in other words in two particularly freedom and independence orientated signs, what he wants and likes in women is a certain free-wheeling, democratic style. Whatever Nagmeh’s own pattern may be, we know she has some potential towards this. It was unexpectedly broadminded of her to declare that advocating for her husband had made her more aware of the needs for everyone under God to be free, even if need be atheists to be atheists.


I fear however that the long suffering Nahgmeh has some poor connections in the circumstances. She even managed to be charmed and is extremely grateful to another afflicted Neptune personality, Barack Obama, who to follow a now widespread view has only done something if anything at all for Saeed belatedly and under extremes of pressure. Obama has too long shockingly underrated all Christian issues and problems. He has never helped Christians in their Mid East persecution by even letting the word “genocide” (that he applies to the smaller Yazidi minority) pass his lips though it would have been legally and otherwise helpful if he had. Obama has made shockingly weak compromises with an Iran almost laughing in his face. His one aim is if possible to defend and never offend or challenge Muslims for anything whatsoever.

Another unworthy or unhelpful associate/supporter of Nahgmeh’s is the ebullient if not bullying Franklin Graham whose sensationalizing, poorly researched statements on anything in the news helps brings Christians and Christianity into disrepute. He certainly won’t be helping Nahgmeh with any of the kind of problems I envisage as possible for her because his attitude towards gays and bisexuals is so totally uninformed and unenlightened he has even been praising the despicable President Putin under whose homophobic rule gays can even be tortured on the streets. Those at Charisma magazine who have an interest in the troubled Abedini couple might well want to exorcise any bisexual devil out of Saeed.


It really and truly is about time American Christianity in its evangelical and charismatic wings sorted itself out rather more on some themes. That includes even the astrology that was associated with Christ’s birth and that neither the Essenes nor the rabbis of the Talmud regarded as the forbidden practice that American Christians have unilaterally against tradition made it. (They do so because they consider it a form of the “divination” its measurements plainly aren’t any more than they have anything to do with the pre-astrological customs of sky reading omens which is what the prophets declare against – looking at the heavens like leaves in a tea cup and forecasting futures.

As said earlier I do believe the birth of Christ is something that can be known and his birth chart provably shown to be something that responds to Christ issues to this day. That same last eclipse that hit on both Saeed’s destiny Saturn and Christ’s natal sun and then this year’s eclipse conjunct the position of the Bethlehem Star were for me part of the promise that my own intolerable virtual imprisonment of sorts as a doctor of religious studies and author will finish after a whole cycle of Saturn (28 years) as far as the grail-like information regarding Christ’s birth is concerned. The full and true facts should be published in the US before this year is out and hopefully in September.

For many reasons that will surprise, the case will be so absolute, so difficult to refute, so different from all preceding it that it could finish a challenge to elements of American religion itself to the extent some new and renewed thinking will be required to absorb it. Meanwhile one must simply hope whatever precisely it is troubles the life of the Abedinis can be happily resolved now that the unfortunate pastor is out from his Iranian hell of conditions still endured by Christians and others and that just by itself raises questions about the wisdom of the kind of arrangements with Iran America under Obama has reckoned to make .