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July’s Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon Eclipse on the 27th is a stand-out. Not surprisingly it has gathered to itself some extreme associations even to its being called by some the Apocalypse Eclipse. Here are some facts to consider in assessment.

While whole centuries may go by without a cycle of total lunar eclipse blood moons, this century is richer in blood moons – it has witnessed a tetrad of them earlier this decade in 2014 and 2015 but….

  • This July’s blood moon is the longest this century – totality is 1 hr 43 minutes
  • This July’s moon is a supermoon i.e. at perigee (nearest to earth)
  • This July’s moon is conjunct Mars also at perigee
  • The perigee of Mars will be the second closest to earth in sixty thousand years
  • This July’s blood moon will probably be super red. It is conjunct Mars, and Mars the red planet has just begun to be enveloped by an unprecedented dust storm. Mars is due to be nearly twice as bright as Jupiter at the eclipse.
  • This July’s blood moon follows a few days after the 19th when all the planets will be one side of the sun and a cluster of asteroids is gathered between Earth and Mars.
  • This July’s blood moon eclipse is bracketed by two (partial) solar eclipses, a fortnight either side. (Normally a lunar eclipse falls a fortnight before or after a solar eclipse).


But does any of this amount to anything like in addition the  “prophetic” sign some see?

Undeniably the Bible does appear to forecast a blood moon prior to and as harbinger of apocalypse (Acts 2:20, Joel 2:31). It  also speaks of “fire and drifting smoke”, believed to be a reference to volcanic activity but possibly also something like the widespread wild fires recently  and presently in evidence.

Since in Jewish tradition and idiom the portentous sounding “moon turned to blood” may signify no more than a lunar eclipse (which Jewish astrology rates as more important for affairs of Israel and wars than solar eclipses), and since major blood moons though exceptional are not impossibly rare, any pre-apocalypse eclipse would need to be very special….But you can argue July’s blood moon is this.

  • This July’s total blood moon culminates over Jerusalem (this decade’s earlier tetrad of blood moons occurred on Jewish festivals).
  • This July’s blood moon occurs on the Jewish festival of the grape harvest which is redolent of various apocalyptic images “Thrust in your sickle and reap….for the harvest of the earth is ripe” (Rev 14: 14-16).
  • This July’s blood moon is the last long lunar eclipse of the era. An aion or era lasts somewhere between 2000 and 2100 years. The Piscean era (whose imagery runs through the gospels and which effectively constitutes the bible’s “age of grace”) began around the time of Christ’s birth. It is now due to end, a reason it could be said Christianity is in such trouble at present and faith declines as Jesus appears to predict (Luk 18:8).
  • This July’s blood moon occurs on what rabbis and some Christians regard as Israel’s prophetically pivotal, messianically relevant seventieth year, the year of the hoped for Middle East Peace Treaty and drives towards building of a third Jewish temple. (Suggestive for a soon Peace Treaty is the way at the eclipse asteroid Israel  conjuncts the national Venus (peace) to within minutes of a degree, while its four degrees of Cancer looks to the 4 degrees of Aquarius/Leo  of the eclipse.
  • Consistent with the possibility of a season of shocks, surprises and extreme events such as apocalypse watchers look for, the blood moon’s sign  is shocks and surprises sign, Aquarius. The eclipse is rendered a virtual firecracker by the fact it is not only conjunct aggressive Mars but in tension aspect (square) the shocks planet, Uranus and conjunct the moon’s south nodes which traditionally enjoys some association with situations of finishing or exiting.
  • A Star of David pattern among the planets precedes the Full Moon at the new moon partial solar eclipse on 13th July. Traditionally full moons enlarge on, fulfil or clarify what new moons are about, something  Christians and astrologers are ignoring in this important case. By every implication the fate of Israel is strongly indicated. But though I accept the main planets do form the Star of David as per astrologer Heather Ensworth’s reading,  I would also stress the sun/moon on July 13th’s eclipse  don’t belong to this formation; they are opposite Pluto which means the solar eclipse bespeaks considerable intensity and turmoil for coming months.


At the level of possible sign, much error has already surrounded the blood moons, not least because those Christians like Mark Biltz and John Hagee who pronounce on them either discount astrology totally or substitute for it a faulty, largely imaginary “Christian astronomy” that the Magi would never have recognized.

It can be argued (not least because of the involvement of the Temple asteroid) that the blood moon tetrad which received doomsday and Armageddon type ruminations,  reflected what this decade has been an evolving Jewish identity and spirituality, concern around the status of Jerusalem (now declared) and the movement (growing) towards the next temple, issues this next eclipse might bring to a head.

This July’s blood moon is also potentially significant (as a sign) given how it appears to relate to other data such as for the foundation of modern Israel and for Christianity as taken from its Pentecost birth date and time in 30 AD and data for the Antichrist if vision once rightly saw concerning this. For these further and needed but more astrological perspectives, see the longer article on McCleary’s Alternatives, “Peace, Jerusalem and a 2018 Turning Point”.


Speculation of any kind in this direction assumes that apocalypse means something and is actually possible. Many, including Christians, will protest no one should even be considering apocalypse and citing the book of Revelation as any pointer to modern and celestial affairs because that book was composed late in the first century and codified Christian persecution under Nero and/or Domitian. (You can read this sort of thing in the recent Revelations, by scholarly popularizer, Elaine Pagels).

Among hints that this is not the case, is that Revelation improbably forecasts that all the world will gaze upon events in the streets of Jerusalem, (Rev 11:9) plainly impossible before modern technology. Overall I think we can say that Revelation struggles to describe in pre-modern language a world due to suffer the effects of a world war to end all world wars. This leads naturally to what can be said in conclusion.


If you believe the blood moon is a sign, specifically of apocalyptic onset, then if traditional and ongoing experience as regards lunar eclipses  counts for anything, what is forecast must be manifested within six months. That’s the use-by date of any lunar eclipse. This means the end of January next year is the deadline – though practically and in this case given the expectations of Israel’s seventieth year to factor in, say the end of this year. However……I am bound to say that this eclipse is so long and strong some astrologers have said its relevance is more akin to a solar eclipse and its effect can be felt for more than six months. But obviously it won’t be effective as any sign for more than a year.

Though in the way that any full moon can be disturbing, it’s possible this blood moon could be witness to anything from street riots to earth movements; but it’s unlikely, even if its chief message is genuinely apocalyptic, that it would produce that crisis to the day or even the end of the month. Eclipses with their themes don’t work that way. [See Note Below ]  Moreover, since Mars at the time of eclipse is in what is called its apparent retrograde, any potential violence at the time could actually be muted. The eclipse could  even accompany a Mid East Peace Treaty however shaky. But the weeks and months following could witness more extreme scenarios, and in any case, just generally the future is not exactly bright.

It is noteworthy and relevant that coming times must undergo the increasing influence of the Saturn/Pluto cycle. This is truly the worst. Jesus was crucified on its opposition; major wars like the Thirty Years War in Europe, WW1 and WW11 have been shadowed by it. There’s a God versus the devil quality to it.

Any WW111, which the times of apocalypse and its Tribulation period could be thought to describe, would very likely be linked to effects of that cycle more than others. This renders it legitimate to think of the blood moon as a general harbinger of troubled times, apocalyptic…or other. The mere fact we now have Saturn transiting its own earth sign, Capricorn, does not bode well for quakes. The strongest recorded  quake (the 9.5 Valdivia in Chile in 1960) occurred under Saturn in Capricorn.

Whatever, for anything like apocalyptic scenarios it looks like a case of now or never, “now” looking to be overall a “best”, almost a Grand Central Station, time for signs. But we can still  somewhat test this blood moon’s status as sign.


Since  apocalypse is also the birth pangs of the earth and the messiah’s approach, if those harbingers of apocalypse, quakes, volcanoes, fires and floods, especially in tandem, continue and/or increase from now on, the eclipse is more likely to be  a sign that points to ultimate crisis. If quakes, volcanoes, fires and floods now abate, crisis is less likely to be signalled.

As said, a lunar eclipse has six months to manifest its main message (or in this case some astrologers would say a bit more that that). If the sign truly is apocalyptic and stage one of the crisis really  is set to begin (many Christians would claim stage one would be the so-called Rapture) then it will do so, or it won’t do so, but it will be apparent one way of another ….soon.


Definitely eclipses don’t have to manifest their chief message on the day. They normally deliver most when a transiting factor warms up the eclipse degree. Example: On June 21 2001 an eclipse hit on a world point (O Cancer) and degree zone relevant to America (whose Venus is at 2 Cancer). When war-like Mars conjuncted  0 Cancer on 9/11 the Twin Towers were struck..

It follows that some aspect within the next 6 months would need to relate to the blood moon’s 4 Aquarius. One such time would be the whole second half of August when the nodes transit opposite that degree. Another such would be end September when Mars hits the area.  It should be clear this is not prophecy, not date setting, it’s merely a possible time frame, the location of a potential.