My article Forecasting and Interpreting 2019  published on this site  on Jan 7th,  had a sub- section : The February Lunation, Peace and Toleration…Or?  In this I warned there was actually a possibility any arrangements the Pope might make in  the Middle East at the beginning of February could facilitate the emergence of an  Antichrist figure and concomitant moves towards a one world religion.

I knew the lunation of the 4th  conjuncted the birth sun of  an Antichrist figure as per the alleged vision of the late Catholic seeress , Jeane Dixon, back in 1962. This visionary also forecast efforts to establish a world religion through Rome –  though after the line of Popes had been brought to an end, an issue I don’t at this point care to discuss, especially as Dixon associated this with violence and assassination.

….But talk about relevance! On the very day of the lunation, the Pope did something Catholics have been variously shocked by and/or trying since  to explain away as not quite meaning what appeared to be the case. On the 4th, Pope Francis  signed a peace and fraternity document with the chief Imam of Sunni Islam, Ahmed-al-Tayeb .

It’s bad enough that the Imam’s beliefs and motives are deemed problematic. In Arabic –  but not in English like numbers of the more controversial modern statements out of Islam –  he is known to have approved the conservative Islamic stance that apostates should be executed, and  he has even refrained from condemning IS.   So this is serious given the Pope has often  been  criticized for the religious ecumenism which is nearly blind and scarcely protesting towards serious cases of Christian persecution in the world which is rarely worse than in Muslim majority societies.

However, the matter goes further.  It is with this same Imam that the Pope signs a document of peace  that is in blind contradiction of what Christians have called “The Great Commission” of globally preaching the gospel (Matt 28:19,20) declaring instead that God has willed the diversity of faiths and beliefs. This variation is  something which for Christianity has more to do with human imperfection and  a falling away from the Creator than anything….

This position says at once Goodbye to any Christian missions and  sells Christianity’s vocation and identity down the river while it also ignores the revealed, covenant name of God as YHWH. All this  is however in harmony with certain odd past papal statements to the effect proselytizing (unless as wordless, example-filled radiant attraction)  is unacceptable.


The Pope’s remarkable betrayal of Christian fundamentals, which however only confirms  earlier points of controversy like declaring we  all worship the same God under different names and that believers’ claiming personal relation to Jesus is false or unnecessary, finally renders Pope Francis a virtual anti-Pope. But if so, that promptly raises other and radical questions regarding this person as St Malachy’s Last Pope. In brief parenthesis I must say something about the St Malachy Prophecy of the Popes….

This prophecy was given in the twelfth century by the Irish bishop of Armagh. It was and is believed to supply the 112 popes from Pope Celestine 11 with mottoes evoking them, till times of the end. Although the original is believed to have been in Gaelige (Irish), the fact that the prophecy was only printed and circulated from 1590 onwards and  in Latin, has led many to call it a forgery and/or at least  that  the mottoes attaching to the popes are so. And though some mottoes do seem to fit well enough for both before and after 1590,  it is quite possible influential Roman families seeking to make their candidates pope, forged the mottoes.

It was  nevertheless  generally accepted in Ireland and by St Bernard of Clairvaux with whom  Malachy was in close association, that the Irish bishop was a genuine prophet – he even forecast the day of his death.  Yet if the Prophecy of the Popes truly was from God as opposed to something more psychic (1) ,  one can’t help thinking   it would more likely just declare the number of popes to the end…..Short of  Ezekiel’s elaborate description of the millennial temple which is given by a man(angel) at God’s command, the prophetic oracles of God tend to be direct and designed to edify rather than be super- intricate to satisfy curiosity.

The last pope is called just “Peter the Roman” and as bishop of Rome only. This at least fits with the papal character and behaviour so far. Francis perceives himself as Rome’s bishop and when possible walks around it and shops like a citizen. However, the rest  said about him doesn’t naturally fit someone  now at the point of behaving more like an Antipope.  Regarding the last Pontiff  it’s said:

In the final persecutions of the Holy Roman Church there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished, the city of the seven hills will be destroyed  and the dreadful judge will judge his people”.


If  at one level Francis fits with the humble and populist Peter the Roman image, he hardly fits the image of someone pasturing his flock amid tribulations –  It is increasingly complained that he scarcely defends or protests at all on behalf of his increasingly worldwide persecuted flock.

This contradiction belongs with others. The Dixon vision  didn’t have a Pope in power during the persecuting Antichrist’s rule but rather just before it at the end of the papal line.  Also the  prophecy corresponds to a thoroughly medieval, post Augustine, anti-chiliastic (anti- millennial) vision of what the last things constitute.  For the early church the last Judgement does not occur until after the Millennial rule of a returned Christ.  The church, the current pope and Rome cannot  last through till the Last Judgement! Many today would even maintain the believing prepared part of the church must be raptured before the disasters of the Tribulation period begin, a time in history overseen by the Antichrist and his Prophet who organizes a world faith and which ultimately engages  the actual war on any remaining and new Christians.

Speaking today and as a non Catholic, the mere fact that  the Malachy prophecy can speak of “The Holy Roman Church” when it becomes increasingly clear there is so much that is  unholy and corrupt about it and long has been,  increases scepticism. (This same Aquarian month   of the shocks, now has Pope Francis back from the Middle East and admitting to the sexual exploitation of nuns by priests, while  a major expose of homosexuality in the Vatican has been published – Frederic Martel’s In the Closet of the Vatican). Altogether  one could begin to perceive the institution in a light closer  to early Lutheran images of  the Babylonian Whore!

It’s arguably no compliment to Bishop Malachy that he was the first of the Irish saints to be canonized by Rome and basically because he helped put Ireland under papal rule which in turn facilitated English conquest and the destruction of Irish language and culture.  Malachy  was close friends with and promoted by the same St Bernard who preached the crusades, was behind the castration of the philospher Abelard, and who drew western Europe into extreme and unprecedented levels of Virgin cult in the wake of his having been fed drops of milk from the Virgin’s breast. Hardly the most reputable and trustworthy of figures!

Between them I should say Ss Malachy and Bernard were trouble-making false prophets, a sort of Jannes and Jambres   in the house of the Lord. Certainly their combined influence  never did Ireland much good – the benefits of  Roman influences upon the unfortunate nation and its church have been exaggerated.   Regardless,  I don’t think St Malachy’s prophecy is altogether false.  I suspect it’s part true, but it’s psychic, not directly from God but about as  likely to be true as the angels-obsessed Irish psychic Lorna Byrne’s forecast of some years back that saw Catholics worshipping at Mecca.


At the rate things are going under the as good as anti-pope Francis, Ms  Byrne’s Mecca vision may be neither untrue nor something for the too distant future. I don’t for one moment believe like some sensationalizing American Protestants, that Pope Francis is Revelation’s False Prophet. Common sense alone should suggest he is already too old to emerge in that role, and in any case, where is the messianic Antichrist he would promote?

However, if what has recently happened certifies the data I have for a false Messiah figure, then there are technical reasons to assume activity in relation to this person and what they represent will not now be greatly delayed. Events of this year could prove crucial with many surprises on the way that will seem or be apocalyptic.  As only one thing, there are rabbis in Jerusalem actively expecting the arrival of the Messiah this year. What can one say but that the times call for plenty of discernment!

I don't mean to imply everything that could be called "psychic" is automatically false and  Witch of Endor-like under the guidance of familiar spirits bound to mislead.  What gets called psychism can be just a more developed form of regular human intuition and dreaming true. This  may or may not have spirit connection. But though "psychic" insight   may have its uses and the Irish, like Malachy, seem to have a high level of intuition, it should not be confused with outright prophetic revelation  which normally follows upon specific vocation to be a prophet. I should say the Malachy prophecy stands somewhere between intuition and revelation and could thus be a case of false spirit teaching to mislead and confuse us, especially as if one takes what is said at face value even about only "Peter the Roman", immediately one is encouraged to disregard  all earliest Christian traditions on Last Things.



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