Just to look at, July’s partial lunar eclipse in 2019’s year of six rather than four eclipses will be a bit odd  –  dark at the top, light at the bottom and, though it’s not a blood moon as such, reddish at the side. It certainly invites speculation about signs and omens which hasn’t been lacking, and this has rather detracted from the possible importance of the solar eclipse on the 2nd which I shall briefly treat of later.

Does July’s  lunar eclipse over Jerusalem mark any turning point to be experienced over the next few months with everything on the table for Israel from war to peace deals and, for the church  (St  Paul’s other, extended, Israel), upheaval with  anything from a collapsing papacy to the so-called Rapture? Such are the questions raised by multiple expectations.



Rabbinic tradition is less astrology-shy than Christianity. Despite the gospel birth narratives and the Magi, Christians mostly reject astrology outright. It’s a presumption paid for again and again in false imaginings about “times and seasons” along with the nuisance value of false date settings directed on events, not least apocalyptic. Even if and when it can do nothing more, astrology, essentially a study of cycles and symbols, can help indicate whether forecasts are plausibly significant and more or less likely to manifest at a predicted time – in other words act as a speculation filter.

For the rabbis, lunar eclipses are judged more significant for Israel than solar eclipses. Blood moon eclipses often presage war and upheaval for Israel, so are not wholly welcome. Solar eclipses are said to have more association with the Gentiles.

Traditional rabbinic lore has not prevented a recent spate of unexpected Christian (which usually means Gentile) astrology-free, speculation around the significance for Christians and the world of an only partial lunar eclipse (ie. not a blood moon) on July 16th above Jerusalem.

Undeniably and by the standard astrology Christians aren’t using, the pattern for the eclipse moment above Jerusalem looks heavy for Israel for three main reasons. 1) Pluto opposite Moon on the angles inclines to turmoil (outside the Mid East it could easily make for quakes), 2) Venus (any peace or peace treaty) opposite Saturn would indicate either no treaty or one much challenged or delayed and less than  truly ideal overall if passed, while 3) Uranus on the ascendant has some association with the disruptions of war. This Uranus is afflicted by bellicose Mars which renders aggression more probable and liable  to be sudden in the surprising, sparking  way of Uranus. Of the possible significance for Christians I will turn later.

First one needs to understand what kind of significance eclipses have and why July’s lunar, almost despite its modest partial self, suggests some interesting significance…. at least ironically but perhaps more if you believe in fate and reading it. And about that I’d best clear up some misconceptions ….


Many Christians and some Jews dismiss astrology as dealing in impersonal, pagan “fate” or biblically forbidden “divination”. Neither is the case. Through celestial signs persons and nations are normally only fated to be presented certain choices and possibilities rather than any single, iron-clad destiny. The nearest to absolute fate and timing is most associated with Saturn, especially for the sick and elderly. Saturn over a natal ascendant angle (the body) could signify almost certain death, though sometimes even with Saturn there are choices (like Jesus who in Gethsemane and under an impossible Pluto/Saturn opposition could, he said, have called angels to deliver him).

An astrology corresponding to biblically forbidden “divination” would have to be looking at moon and stars and uttering forecasts by intuition or mediumship, i.e.”skygazing”. This would be is a better translation than “astrology”, especially as astrology as we know it today scarcely existed in the times of those like Jeremiah and Isaiah who denounced it. Standard astrology is based on observation of what occurs under regular cycles and assumes with Ecclesiastes that “what has been, will be”. (Ecc 1:9). ( Christians who presume to ask God for confirmations of their prophetic dreams from a number in Strong’s Concordance, which then gives them a word, are vastly nearer to “divination” and tarot reading than anyone practicing astrology!).


Using certain techniques like diurnals, it’s sometimes possible to describe and time events to the day, and even theologically something of the sort should be feasible given that, as per Ps 139, every day of our lives are divinely known and written in advance – again the bible does not support the notion of totally free and open life paths. There is freedom and free will within limits; but no planet, or transit automatically means only one thing.


Great confusion in religious circles has ensued from misunderstanding what eclipses signify . Much got written and preached concerning just the blood moons across Jewish festivals, Passover and Tabernacles, in 2014 and 15. They were taken as a sign of apocalypse since disappointed. People like the charmingly inimitable Brother Chooch who has been awaiting Rapture since 1986 but more seriously since the blood moons, are still wondering what the moons  could have meant. And not unreasonably so because, historically, undeniably sequences of festival blood moons (only nine in two millennia) have corresponded to turning points in Jewish history.

But of course, that is the first point. Jewish astrologers assume that lunar eclipses are more vital for Jewry. At that rate lunars would reflect the fate of Christianity more indirectly or secondarily and it’s solars one should be looking at. Also, for anyone or anything, general process in some area of life could be as vital as any single event.

A classic example of muddling Jewish and Christian concerns is the way bestselling Christian Blood Moon commentators have made out the blood moons of AD 32 and 33 cover the crucifixion and the birth of the church. They don’t, not least because Jesus was crucified and the church founded in AD 30. This is certifiable for multiple reasons including that AD 30 gives a forty year generation span to the fall of Jerusalem, the forty years that Josephus records the temple sacrifices were not accepted with the normal signs. AD 32 and 33 surely describe rather the growing split and turmoil in Judaism (main issue) caused by Christianity and St Paul’s conversion leading to a split and the new religion’s dispersion abroad when restrictions upon the faith began to fall (secondary issue ).


Really to understand eclipses (and astrology at all), one should think in terms of interlocking patterns and wheels within wheels. Eclipses are only one fact, if an important one, of what happens. By standard principles, wherever an eclipse falls in a national or personal chart, a light is shone. Either a new theme enters (solar eclipse) or an existing situation needs attention and resolution (Iunar eclipse).

Solars can work out over a year, lunars around six months. To judge what the eclipse is pointing to, unless special independent features accompany it, (like, say, conjuncting an important fixed star), you do best to read it against other factors, at very least the natal chart of a person or nation. Also, and before getting carried away with wild predictions, you should be aware that though the most relevant event or theme may manifest on the day of the eclipse or just before or after (it’s often a good time for wild weather or quakes!), that’s not guaranteed. Things might wait a few weeks or months until some transit awakens the eclipse pattern as happened with America’s 9/11 crisis foreshadowed in the prior June solar eclipse but which it took a major transit to release.


The first blood moon eclipse of the important and rare 2014/15 series fell at 25 Libra. This hit within modern Israel’s house/sector of the unconscious, hidden and spiritual things. The moon made positive aspect in one direction to Uranus at 24 Gemini, ruler of Israel’s fourth sector of  land and inheritance, and in the other to asteroid Tempel (Ger Temple) at 25 Aquarius in the nation’s “house” of land and inheritance.

What’s called an expansive, fortunate grand trine was thus set up between the eclipse’s revolutionary Uranus and Tempel with its historical associations. The message, perhaps not obvious at the time and near impossible to predict, was that the mind/unconscious of Israel would become, as it has since continuously become, more insistent upon claims to its land and for a third temple on it, a movement spearheaded by Rabbi Glick.

Changes in Israel were underway, an evolution to a more spiritual, less secular Israel but significantly, in October 2014 and following the next festival blood moon, Rabbi Glick was shot at point blank range but miraculously recovered. It was like a promise the temple issue was unstoppable. The next blood moon fell conjunct Israel’s Neptune. Neptune is any dream and for Jews the dream of ages, the Messiah so messianic hope would increase and has been continuously doing so now.

But because ultimately lunar eclipses aren’t just about Jews but apply somewhat everywhere to everyone, the first in the 2014/5 series at 25 Libra significantly hit the birth pattern for Christianity at the first Pentecost. It hit where it applied to the natal pattern’s endings theme (more about that presently). And this is why, and because what people think and not just do, can be reflected astrologically, the apocalyptic theme assumed new and unprecedented significance among especially American Christians.

In the deeply ironic, multi-level way that astrology can work, even if Brother Chooch didn’t get caught up by the angels, the Rapture did (sort of) occur on cue in the northern autumn. Many were awakened to the theme by the October near blood moon launch of Left Behind, a Hollywood movie about the Rapture. Almost amusingly, the premiere took place on the day the sun conjuncted Pentecost’s Trombke (Pol.Trumpet) asteroid within Christianity’s endings sign of airy Libra.

To prove it exists and for the benefit of those who know some astrology, here is the chart for the foundation of Christianity. But I need only describe the most basic point which is what the pattern indicates about endings. Birth time is as per the bible. Peter speaks of the third hour of the day (meaning 9 AM), but as he had no watch it was actually around 9.15 am with fire sign Leo rising, (not and never the waters of Cancer) and shocking, revolutionary, planetary sign of the Spirit, Uranus, conjuncting it.

  Click to enlarge. Anastasia between Neptune and Mars


But endings are primarily described by the fourth house (at the base of the chart). The sign of this sector is Libra, a cardinal (fast moving) air sign ruling a cardinal house. In turn, and harmonious with the idea a fiery dove descending, the endings house is “ruled” by Venus of the doves in again a cardinal sign (Aries) and in a cardinal house (the tenth).

In the chart of an individual we might say their final resting place could be rapidly arranged for, possibly in a time of war (Aries sign of the military) in a beautiful, probably elevated setting, mountain side or highest point of a cemetery.

In the chart of an institution with a known disposition to speak of ending ideally in resurrection and super-translation to  the heavens, we can allow room to the idea of something very fast, “in the twinkling or an eye” and up, up  in the air because there’s nowhere else to go. This is a stellar pattern with affinities for Brother Chooch’s “Rapture Bang Zone”! It’s also impossibly biblical too, because directly opposite the Arien Venus at the top of the pattern and which is like a  trigger for this ending, which is also the “Marriage of the Lamb” (Aries, the Ram/Lamb), are such factors as….. The Part of Fortune, The Part of The Hour of Marriage, the Part of Divorce and Luce (Light). It need hardly be said this is suggestive of scenarios like Matthew’s apocalyptic parable of the Ten Bridesmaids.

But there is still an inbuilt mystery, a potential misunderstanding, misinterpretation or just something tricky that attaches to this endings picture. This is  due to the chart position of Neptune. Well aspected and positively this planet  is mysteries, mysticism, compassion and even Christ, but negatively in some contexts  it’s lies, deception or plain confusion and there’s been more than enough confusion around Rapture and Second Advent.

Pentecost’s Neptune “afflicts” by tension square both the base of chart endings angle and the top of the chart’s destiny/reputation angle. We know this can reflect negative understanding  of the ending and a negative reputation – early Christians were maligned as child murderers, guilty of incest, cannibalism etc. And if the likes of Rapture occurred tomorrow chances are it wouldn’t be well understood but simply confuse! The endings angle also gives fair warning of the rise of  egregious date setters. It’s no accident that the impossible Harold Camping who wasted millions advertising a false Rapture date, was born with his Cancer sun in direct affliction aspect to Pentecost’s endings angle…. and opposite its Neptune.

Neptune nonetheless falls in Pentecost’s sixth house of health, healing and miracles, if any,  and it conjuncts  Mars which is terribly fitting.   Though there is a Trumpet asteroid, planet-wise any trumpet or loud voice such as is said to announce the resurrection/Rapture is symbolized by Mars. So we can’t ignore how Neptune conjunct Mars  is in this house of healing at 23 Capricorn conjunct asteroid Anastasia (Resurrection) at 24. With this we reach the nub of the issue…. July’s lunar  hits 24 Capricorn.  So…. does this humble eclipse above Jerusalem, site of the church’s birth, mean something, or nothing, or something in between to be aware of?


Given current events in the world like the threat of Middle East war, and given “apocalyptic” weather in many places, the lunar eclipse is increasingly seen as potentially significant, even extremely so for the fate of Christianity. It has begun to be seen as herald of the Rapture itself of (the believing prepared section of) the church who are translated while the believing dead are resurrected). This emphasis is what by almost an infection is catching on to the point of declaring that the Rapture must be on the 17th especially according to several insistent would-be female visionaries from New York to Sydney via London. Insisting on this single date plus the bizarre coiffure of one of them is enough to raise serious questions and radical doubts! (As regards the 17th, it can be noted Saturn is closest earth at that time and Pluto opposite the moon the date and a day or two either side  might well connect to some strong quaking and general turmoil).

The Rapture event, at any time it might occur, is widely understood to mark the end of the Church aion or age (roughly synonymous astrologically with the approx 2100 year age of Pisces that began around the time of Jesus’ birth), and it  would open the door to the appearance of a false prophet Antichrist and the period of Tribulation. The latter occupies the years immediately prior to Christ’s Second Advent to Jerusalem at the time of Armageddon and the Return or Second Advent. This would inaugurate the so-called Millennium, (itself suggestive of the utopian style themes of Aquarius).

Since major events for Christianity like the crucifixion, resurrection and Pentecost corresponded to Jewish feasts, many have supposed, (and certainly ardently supposed last Pentecost), that any Rapture event should occur at a Jewish feast. Undeniably there’s a plausible case from its symbolism to favour, in any year, especially Pentecost or failing that Trumpets in the autumn, as the fated end times/end-of-era feast.

Alternatively you can place the accent on the surprise element of Christ the bridegroom’s appearance and anticipate it at any time of the year. The only strong biblical clue to time and season is the indication it should  be at a time of talk of peace which is nonetheless surprised by sudden destruction (1 Thess 5:3) much as the bridegroom in the apocalyptic parable surprises the bridesmaids who are supposed to be watching and waiting. After the failure of what were some more than usually suggestive signs for major events around the last Pentecost, instead of silence and disappointment expectation has if anything redoubled and around a non festival month, namely July. Surely only the eclipse to Pentecost data could allow for and cover this sea-change in feelings of expectation.


Speculation about the significance of July seems to have been started by Pastor Paul Begley, a lively, tireless broadcasting and youtube figure that the secular press now and again approaches for hints and gems of possibly apocalyptic relevant signs. Three years ago Begley had a vision which included seeing a large 7/17 which he has since decided had to mean 17th of July in whatever year but now probably 2019. Others protesting they knew nothing of this have reported seeing the same numbers. Some of the expectation is getting seriously urgent even when July is not specifically mentioned as here (but note the questionable recourse to numbers proof!).

Begley at least has never forecast any Rapture for the 17th but only some kind of significance (as said, it’s Saturnian and might produce something negative like quaking).  He has also stressed the significance of the prior solar eclipse in light of especially mid East tensions. And here he can be allowed a  point and I shall briefly digress on the solar eclipse.

Recall for Jews solars are about the Gentile nations. Though I believe solars  demonstrably  affect Israel too, obviously July’s solar is plenty Gentile. As Begley rightly notes, the actual eclipse path is across South America and any astrologer would agree with him that this is likely to bring the issue around Venezuela to the fore and likely to a conclusion.  But the eclipse is also generally potent  for the USA regardless of the eclipse path.

At 10 Cancer it conjuncts America’s founding 13 Cancer putting the nation  in all of a spotlight. That’s if at the same time it doesn’t somewhat limit or “eclipse”  America’s  power, perhaps especially so in relation to Iran whose Sun at modern foundation was 11 Aries which means   in affliction square to America’s sun at 13 Cancer.  After two centuries and the natal Mars turned retrograde by what’s called progression,  American military force is not quite all it was.

Given that the solar eclipse  is guaranteed to stir America in some way,  August is one month that might prove significant as its mid month full moon falls  at 22 Aquarius. This is  interesting because 22 degrees could hit off  America’s difficult natal Mars at 21 Gemini that aspects its Neptune at 22 Virgo and  also  its natal Irani (from Iran) at 22 Leo, this at the same time as Saturn, arrived at 14 Capricorn,  sets   up tension square to America’s foundational 14  Libran Saturn. This makes for distinct pressures around a time  – full moon –  that people are liable to be het up.


So July’s solar has potency, but  as said, the 17th  July, one day following the lunar, has recently assumed  heightened  significance in some circles. It has done so  because admittedly it corresponds to a season in which the Trump Peace Plan’s talk of “peace and security” is being discussed (along with talk of peace with Korea) at the same time as the Mid East is on the boil. Thus, conceivably a Gog Magog war is in the offing  (as of July 3rd Iran has declared it could destroy Israel in 30 minutes and would attack Israel if America attacked Iran).  Such times could thus be imagined as manifesting the “sudden destruction” which according to the St Paul of Thessalonians, accompanies the Rapture event (1 Thess 5:3)…. But then, theoretically,  so could other times and dates within upcoming months.

Of interest is the  fact that currently Israel has no government….. Forty years ago the much revered late Rabbi Kaduri puzzled many by giving out a strange prophecy that the Messiah would be at the doors when there were elections but no government. It is only now that just that situation has occurred in Israel which must go to a second election in September in the hopes  a government can be formed. Of course, it depends what sort of Messiah you are expecting , but the situation is interesting for Jew and Christian alike.

However, if the present time is well and truly portentous, the test here for the astrologer is to ascertain  whether there is anything that distinguishes the July eclipse beyond the mentioned usual things  signalling endings. One necessarily asks because the brutal reality is that even if the eclipse seems suggestive, this July is hardly the first time in history a lunar eclipse has hit Christianity’s Neptune/Anastasia. The last time was in July 2000 and I don’t know what happened then either normally or with possible apocalyptic overtones. Probably not much!

This  wouldn’t automatically rule out  the extremer possibilities of 2019’s lunar, provided one could trace  either 1)  additional contacts  to the  Pentecost pattern by planets at the time of the eclipse and/or 2) significant  placement of the eclipse relative to what has  preceded and succeeds it, like the rare blood moons of  earlier this decade and soon changes in the celestial cycles mentioned presently. This could render the  weight to be given signs back in 2000.

It is not overwhelming evidence, but one can notice that at the time of eclipse Mercury (news, transport, connection) is conjunct  Pentecost”s ascendant (the body of believers). More to the point, Venus (love and marriages) at 15 Cancer is on Pentecost’s Sun/Moon midpoint, deemed a major destiny  point. Saturn at 16 Capricorn opposite Venus could bespeak separation for some  (Left behind type  effects). I also note that Neptune is at 18.33 Pisces, Saturn having been at 18.35 Pisces at the time of Christ’s birth. Might that be like a cutting off of the era?

One can’t place too much stress upon such coincidences. I have seen several suggestive prophetic patterns which don’t deliver, especially if one applies asteroids. These can be brilliantly descriptive for natal patterns, but since they are not multivalent symbols like planets nor whole energies either, their application is limited. Coincidences involving asteroids are significant when there are so many of them they become overwhelming against statistical probability. (My data for the birth of Christ and for the Church belong in that category or I would never promote them). So….for honesty’s sake I mention with caution and less than strong conviction that for the chart of the eclipse over Jerusalem one can see  Church 24 Taurus trine the eclipse and conjunct Trombka (Trumpet) 26 Taurus, conjunct Schwanden (disappear) 28 Taurus. Obviously this could be a Rapture forecast, but I don’t suggest counting on it!

But if I’m looking for significance while ignoring asteroids, I should want to see where July’s eclipse belong amid other cycles with which it interacts. And from this perspective I feel confident to take a compromise position that allows the lunar eclipse could signal something important and mark a major bridging period, a hinge for all that will take place fairly soon, with or without precisely such major interventions as Rapture and Antichrist, which however need not be discounted all things considered….things which could include the strange matter of the chart for Thessaloniki,  home of the church originally so crucial to the whole doctrine of Rapture. The eclipse packs Thessaloniki a wallop. I will put the evidence in note to avoid breaking  up the article and making it longer, but the strange coincidence could be important.. [1]


Apart from the fact  that Christian forecasters ignore to their disadvantage in proclaiming our times an “end times”, namely that we stand at the end of the Piscean era, this much is guaranteed.

2020 will be a year of massive change that releases the force of this  well into the future. It does so not only because with three heavy planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) conjuncting mid-year in political  and often politically ruthless Capricorn, expect major social change, especially political and economic. The economic change is further backed up by disruptive Uranus in Taurus where it entered this May for around 7 years (time span of the Tribulation if that’s soon relevant). But there will be change at many levels with the first of the generational Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in Aquarius in 2010. This is positively era defining.


With only one exception in 1980, which was a year important for technology, the generational, every twenty year Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions have occurred since 1842 in earth signs. Their introduction accompanied the development of Victorian society and the Industrial Revolution and the scientific/materialistic outlook. Finally in 2020 the conjunction will fall in Aquarius and the conjunctions occur for the next 140 years in air signs. This makes for affinity with and consolidation of the whole incoming age of Aquarius.

Christianity which was inaugurated around the time of Christ’s birth and the arrival of the age of the Fishes, will soon end or change radical direction with the new era. The inauguration of Aquarius could prove a painful birthing – simultaneous effects from the Pluto/Saturn cycle in Capricorn associated with major wars historically, could be violent and warlike.  A  false start by an Aquarian Antichrist is a possibility.


One Israeli rabbi observing many strange “miraculous” events in Israel and anticipating the soon arrival of the Jewish Messiah has recently stated “the Messiah is delayed”. If the highly suggestive data I possess for the Antichrist drawn from a reported vision of a 1962 birth in the Mid East are valid, then I could say the same for the false prophet. A series of eclipses which would normally assist career advances have hit the pattern but no one has appeared yet (though most prophecy buffs maintain this figure can only appear post-Rapture anyway). July’s solar eclipse has some relevance to that birth, but the last for the time being,  just as July’s lunar is the last eclipse directly relevant to the Pentecost data, for the time being anway.

The simple and obvious conclusion from any astrological standpoint is that while July 16th/17th may not immediately produce extreme effects, the season introduced from that time onwards is absolutely final for the Piscean era and thus  perhaps  Christianity in some fashion (even the current pope is supposedly the last according to the Prophecy of St Malachy). No doubt if nothing happens there will be Christians to anticipate Rapture but it is unlikely to be in quite the same way under the same conditions.

July 16th is effectively the bridging point to some notable dramatic changes. Either Brother Chooch will at last and before long be taken by the angels or he won’t; but soon no one and nothing will be quite the same again regardless.


Astrology assumes the power of sensitive degrees. Due to core essential being involved these will recur across centuries appearing when nations and cities are re-established or re-named. We don’t know when ancient Thessaloniki was founded, but there is a modern foundation: May 16th 1918 at 12.01 pm. It is virtually impossible that the pattern for this time would not bear marks from what originally contributed to make Thessaloniki famous across religious history and almost what it is now most remembered for. So at the time an eclipse suggestive to many for end times themes strikes, what connections do we see with Thessaloniki? – a pattern suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. I am using tight orbs of contact not more than one degree. Thessaloniki is to the left, data for Eclipse and/or first Pentecost to the right. Asteroids in italics. Mythic Ganymede snatched to heaven by Zeus/Jupiter is archetypal for any endings/Rapture theme so the contact is odd.

24 Taurus Sun                                        trine 24 Capricorn
Asc     25 Leo                                            conj 26 Leo Church (Pentecost)
Moon 8 Leo                                             conj 9 Leo
Mercury I Taurus                                    conj   0 Taurus Ganymede (Pentecost)
Mars     9 Leo                                             conj   8 Leo Moon
Jupiter 16 Gemini                                  opp   15 Sag Jupiter
conj  Part of Year of Death
conj Part of Faith and Hope ( Pentecost)
Saturn 9 Leo                                             conj   8 Leo Moon
Uranus 27 Aquarius                               opp   27 Leo Moon (Pentecost)
conj   28 Aqu Groom (Ascension)
Also, Thessaloniki Mars at 16 Virgo is square eclipse Jupiter and opposite 16 Pisces (Pentecost)

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