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Alex O’Connor, the Net’s “Cosmic Skeptic”, describes himself as the most atheist person he knows. An impassioned and successful youtuber and podcaster when not at study as an Oxford philosophy and theology undergraduate, he is the most vehemently atheistic person I’ve listened to on the Net.

I have done so because he is so clearly one of a kind, a phenomenon whose psychology interests me more than his ideas with which he endeavours to puncture all over-confident belief. O’Connor is like a twenty first century excited Shelley at Oxford without the poetry but with the protests and causes which include Veganism – atheist Shelley was a vegetarian in case you weren’t aware.

Even at seventeen there was already a side of Alex (b. 1999) that for someone so young would seem remarkably savvy,   self-dramatizing, sophisticated and decided in his views – in his earliest youtubes, especially if wearing a Micky Mouse shirt, he looked like a child ready to scold the world. He has always given as good as he gets and more, often in torrents of words and at great speed. But now and again there emerges a more sensitive, vulnerable side, one that is even disarmingly candid enough to admit that despite himself and all the reason and logic he periodically briefly fears hell, his “hell blips”, an interesting point on which I comment later.

But first for something that Alex would dismiss out of hand, something of forbidden, esoteric, invisible realms, namely what one can derive, and rather clearly, from his birth data which. Even without the desideratum of a birth time this still proves oddly eloquent with its information especially when one includes the modern input from asteroids.


Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Roger Scruton, A C Grayling and Madalyn Murray O’Hare (who said she liked a good fight and fighting God would be the ultimate) were all born under Aries as were Satanists like the poet Baudelaire and California’s Anton Le Vey (The Satanic Bible). The blood and guts, super-patriarchal sign of Aries was the same one that oversaw the age of Aries under which the scriptures of the Old Testament were forged, the same sign that much later produced the founder of the Salvation Army, General Booth.

Fast forward to today in which New Atheism is almost a product of Aries, and ….unsurprisingly….. we find that Alex O’Connor was born March 27th 1999 in Oxford, on 6 degrees of the fighting, head butting, crusading, psychologically rather patricidal or father rivalling sign of Aries, an inclination often crucial to the sign’s belief patterns at the archetypal level.

Whether believing or unbelieving, Aries is much inclined to fundamentalist, evangelical, crusading and literalistic treatment of issues. Thus the bible can readily assume the status of pure lie if the world was demonstrably not created in seven days, a perspective others could find as oddly alien as proposing a parable of Jesus is “untrue” because it fails to tell us the name of the sower who went out to sow and the day he did so.


Alex’s identity- giving Aries sun at 6 Aries is conjunct philosophy and religion planet, Jupiter at 9 degrees. Not so surprisingly since conjunctions are very for or against something, Alex has been studying philosophy and religion – to meet the enemy in its den so to speak!  It’s not such an odd choice for him because  at  3 Sagittarius, (the religion and philosophy sign  that traditionally Jupiter “rules”), contains the wounded healer Chiron.   This suggests despite some more or less permanent hurt around beliefs, Alex can still make mileage from it  given the planetoid’s  basically fortunate trine to the natal sun.

The sun being the identity and will, anything conjunct or aspecting it counts. Alex calls himself “Cosmic Skeptic”, so suitably asteroid Skepticus conjuncts his sun and his Jupiter from between them both at 7 Aries while the Alex name by which he is commonly known, falls at 6 Pisces exact semi-sextile his 6 degree Aries sun.

What the Cosmic Skeptic wants and loves is science. That he really does o is indicated by Scientia  at 29 of the birth sign  Aries being there on what’s called an anaretic degree indicative of a certain insatiability and/or dissatisfaction.  The situation is further problematized by the fact that Scientia is in out-of-sign conjunction with Saturn (the doubting, empirical,  scientific but also limiting factor in things) at 2 of practical Taurus. Science will not have  the  required answers in many instances.

It’s a reasonable assumption given the name O’Connor and the fact of being raised Catholic, that some kind of Irish background (even if strongly rejected like a James Joyce in revolt), is somewhere involved. If that’s the case, it would be well covered by the way that asteroid Ireland at 7 Libra happens to oppose (challenge) the sun and Skepticus while asteroid O’Connor at 8 Capricorn is in tension square to sun and Jupiter; so it looks as though Alex might well be opposed to, or opposed by, or in some kind of  tension with, family identity and legacy.

Unless Alex was born early or late in the day, the self-dramatizing Leo moon would have to have been more or less opposite Uranus, itself strong for him in its own sign Aquarius heightening any contrarian impulses. Indeed, at 15 Aquarius Uranus is on one of the six world points, helpful to the kind of wide, popular impact made. Uranus to any planet, but especially the moon, is common in gay charts, so whether or not Alex is gay, the aspect reflects the importance of the ever  tricky  gay theme for his anti-faith position.

Mars, Aries’ ruler, is at home in the chart within its other sign of affinity, Scorpio. From there at 11 degrees of that sign it’s opposed to Venus in its natural sign, Taurus, (though engaging what interests by house we can’t really guess without a birth time). The aspect nonetheless bespeaks the fixed, stubborn, tenacity in opposition to anyone or anything with possibly a quarrelsome, difficult relation with the opposite sex. The wide conjunction of Mars with Saturn could be, as Alex seems to be, a bit overworked, workaholic and /or obsessive.


Against this fighting warrior pattern of someone possibly trying to rival his father (who unlike the rest of the family we hear was atheist), there is almost another Alex, represented by a close tension/frustration square of Saturn to Neptune. This can be a sad and sorry, vulnerable and depressing, sometimes sickly aspect. Religiously it engages the strong doubt factor of Saturn which in this case is directed upon the kind of things Neptune represents – not least the mystical, the poetic, the mysterious and, some astrologers would say, Christ. There’s also some association with music and in his spare time apparently Alex pursues it.

Interestingly as I recently pointed out at the time there were rumours that Pope Francis doubts many things and even privately denies Christ’s divinity, a natal opposition of Saturn opposite Neptune in the Pope’s chart must be taken into account.

I won’t say all that strikes me about Alex’s pattern, but I will mention that the hell asteroid Hella is in Capricorn, the sign most inclined to be in fear of anything. But there is more to the confession of hell blip fears than just the astrological hint of it. It is arguably quite meaningful and could well be set against other stories of mental attempts to banish God from such as the philosopher Sartre and the radical feminist Mary Daly. And this has next to nothing to do with the religion as child abuse idea that Alex derives from his local Oxford hero Richard Dawkins.

Sartre is an interesting case because he didn’t carry heavy baggage from any Catholic upbringing, and almost uniquely for any atheist admitted in his autobiographical Les Mots, that when he was young Christ had appeared to him, but that he had turned away in irritated disgust (it’s not clear why but possibly because he felt he had been caught out burning the carpet with matches). Sartre admits that had his response been different his life might have been different. It’s not the quote  I want, but later in  the philosopher’s life and from the Net I do find Sartre quoted as saying “That God does not exist I cannot deny. That my whole being cries out for God I cannot forget”.


Like Sartre (and many others), Alex believes science has made God impossible. But really what has made God “impossible” is a type of science-associated western dualism whose starting point is misleadingly “objective” as though able  and   justified to stand apart from a deity that can be observed like a galaxy and grasped by so many facts and arguments. This    type of inquiry may take some people  some way, but divine truths are always more spiritually than intellectually discerned.

The widely accepted notion that God created something ex nihilo from nothing is misleading as some Jewish mystics (and St Teresa of Avila who had a vision of everything inside God) realized. If “nothing” could even exist it would be a rival to God. Any divine creation is thus necessarily within a prior formed womb-like space within deity. In this model of spiritual reality it has to be that people are   closer or less bound, nearer to or further from the sustaining God.

The reason that Reason does not permanently obliterate hell fears even while it can appear to abolish deity as an idea, is because God is already within the self and will forever be so, at least as regards the individual’s spiritual part (which God won’t destroy but only “quarantine” else he would not be the Creator, Lord of Life),  a quarantined separation that may be “forever” because the post-mortem, purely  spiritual realm are essentially timeless.

Given  the element of freewill possible within the temporal, material zone, the individual is only ever nearer or further in relation to God. The more reflective individual will intuit something of the sort. Hell is simply “outer darkness”, the darkest and furthest point away from the inclusive divine light. Early world myth is broadly agreed on the withdrawal of the Creator God from an imperfect/become evil world. The general human sense of rejection by, or distance from, a deity now only rather conditionally approached if at all,  is reflected in the way that the world Christianity originally entered, assumed the darkness and living death of Hades/Hell, was, except for a few heroes, the automatic fate of the majority.

The Christian hell is thus effectively God experienced as what mystics and visionaries experience divinity most essentially to be, namely (spiritual) fire, but in hell as nothing else, i.e. fire uncombined with the other elements that make life pleasant and possible. As theology of the Eastern churches has it, it is the same light that shines on the saved, torments the damned.

Anyone who has been off-put or plain embarrassed by the kind of supposedly knock down arguments for faith delivered by evangelists behaving like second hand car salesmen, may be pleased, amused or occasionally enlightened  by Alex’s tenacious dismissals and chop logic. But Alex himself can in turn also presume on listeners, try the patience and give a few uneasy feelings.


There is a troubling je ne sais quoi about Alex’s vehemence (albeit this is not always in evidence)  and will to demolish any and every contrary position for the sake of it. One feels at times it approaches the madness of Aries poet, Alfred De Vigny, whose hatred of God was such he wanted to burn churches down (Aries is a fire sign!). And there is a real risk of engaging madness when one insists, like the devil, the “father of lies” (Joh 8:44), on unacceptable levels of lie and libel like proclaiming the bible “corrupt from beginning to end” and religion “child abuse”.

All the historic ills and errors of religion admitted, such talk is simply to ignore the comfort and inspiration towards good that the bible and faith have given to many. Denying such things gets too close to  talking  Reason but writing the next instalment of  Le Vey’s Satanic Bible. And these wild declarations anyway profit from a Christian tolerance that especially Islamic society would never allow for similar religion-directed accusations.

To skate over these problems and endorse illusions as Alex sometimes does, risks calling good evil and evil good many consider to be at the heart of the unforgivable sin against the Spirit (Luk 12:10) or, to the extent there is a will to destroy faith and draw people, especially the young and confused, away from God, it approaches the great offence it would be better to be drowned in deep seas than to commit (Matt 18:6).

So, at this level and beyond the intellectual entertainment, the Alex phenomenon can convey an unhealthy vibe. And we can safely predict God and hell are not going to leave Alex at the waving of any rational wands. They will simply recur, possibly a little fainter with time (because as philosopher Simone Weil had it, if we are deaf, God is like a beggar who keeps returning until suddenly he doesn’t). They will recur because Alex is clear-minded and sensitive enough to register at unconscious levels where he stands with Ultimacy. Since everyone has some deeper consciousness of sorts,  Alex’s hell fear is the only,  yet in its way perfectly authentic, God consciousness or “conversation” with the divine that he can have and may always have as long as his protests  and ultra-empiricism endure.

Whether this type of  peculiar  individual “conversation”  would ever alter its disconcerting direction and tone I couldn’t  say, but to the extent Theotes (Godhead) at 10 of mutable Gemini makes what’s called opportunity sextile to beliefs planet Jupiter at 9 Aries, one can only affirm some species of opportunity exists.




Though any year can be called “memorable”, 2020 will undoubtedly be all of that because whatever emerges amid its turmoil, there will be real and marked change.

Clarity about the nature of the pressures building and the barriers passed might wait till the end of the year  and beyond, namely in the wake of an important conjunction at the Solstice on 21st December. However, significant conjunctions and factors precede 2020’s Solstice event and the movement towards change will be irrevocable and part of a larger turning of the ages, and life on the cusp.

Precisely when in astronomical terms the approximately 2100 years reign of one era gives way to another cannot be measured, but the end of 2020 and its December Solstice effectively serves as the nearest to a distinct celestial marker for entry into the age of Aquarius. It’s then that, following a total solar eclipse on the  14th December,  the generation chronometers, Jupiter and Saturn, make grand conjunction in air sign Aquarius. This is the first of an uninterrupted series of their conjunction across two hundred years of  in futuristic Aquarius and the air signs as opposed to earth signs which have been operative since the industrial revolution. The switch to air signals an inflow and consolidation of new interests, ideas and systems.

The inflow is unavoidable. Whether  it’s for  good or ill  depends on many things. Every incoming sign has its positives and negatives, though at its inception what’s ill may  not be  obvious. When any sign acquires an unfamiliar new strength, the sheer novelty can  seem the answer to everything unsatisfactory at the time and previously.

Way back in the seventies,  a new age figure, Sybil Leek, warned the coming age  might  shock many by being rather totalitarian.  It’s clearer now  that despite all the excited new age idealization of Aquarius in recent decades , society might soon find itself swept into unparalleled high tech arrangements supporting  super surveillance and limiting free speech.  As a sign and hence as an era, Aquarius has a dual Saturn/Uranus rulership, Senex et Puer, Age and Youth which need to cooperate. We have a taste of this issue in the increasing youth versus age conflict in politics, already well  exemplified in Thunberg versus Trump relation   Interestingly,  if her vision was  valid, the late Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon, warned of the advent of a false prophet antichrist,  who would function like a guru to especially crowds of youth.  Born under a super-cluster of Aquarian planets back in the sixties, this person would deceptively precede the true and full expression of Aquarian Utopianism in the long desired Millennium.


Be that as it may, positioned on the cusp of the eras as we now are, for whole populations like those of  Lebanon, Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq, Iran, France  etc, late 2019 already carried the flavour of 2020. It did so because the period was already in the shadow of 2020’s first of that year’s major conjunctions between the slow moving and portentous Saturn and Pluto. The pair finally conjoin exactly around mid January (the 12th) at 22 Capricorn. This is likely to be a time (though not necessarily to the day) of considerable tension political and/or economic or even natural disturbance and in some places  given also asteroid Ceres involved, food shortages.

A Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn reverberates in the area of especially politics, leadership, economics (and corporations)…the more so as 12th January is preceded by a solar eclipse on 26th Dec at 4 Capricorn, and a lunar eclipse on the 10th January at 20 Cancer, a water sign that may include a hint that disasters in the course of the year, and these will manifest,  will have some bias towards floods. (Eclipses engage themes that can work out across 6 months (lunar) and up to 12 months (solar) ).

Both these eclipses lock in the power of the conjunction, engage and challenge the very public and political nature of the Cancer/Capricorn axis  which, however, is not especially democratic in feeling. In fact, as part of the current narrative, democracy is on the decline in the West,  not least in America and Israel which will be considerably involved in major currents of the time that lead towards the more Aquarian era mode.  Governments and leaders can topple in 2020 and corruption, both real and imagined, be highlighted.

A major current of the times but negatively, is simply lies, deception, fake news  and whatever undermines things. It’s a trend assisted by the fact that  at the end of the Neptune-ruled Piscean era, since 2012 Neptune has been particularly strong  in its natural sign  and will remain there several years yet during this time of transition.  At its highest level Neptune is enlightened mystical insight,  compassion and service.  At its lowest octave  it is  just  ultra-permissiveness , lies and self-deception   as of the white person self-identified as black and ready  to accuse whoever  challenges it as a bigot. The candle flame rises brightest  before extinction and the strongest Neptunian effects for good or ill attend the era-cuspal situation.


Both America and Israel are mired in  the charges and counter charges of noisy factions. The December solar eclipse at 4 Capricorn opposite modern Israel’s Venus at 4 Cancer, looks like a demand upon Israel in 2020 to sort out everything from the extraordinary stalemate that has overtaken its leadership and voting arrangements to working out some definitive Middle East peace deal (a Venus issue). This could be along the lines of Trump’s grand design, or Macron’s threatened alternative if things don’t hurry up,  or some new alignment with  Arab Gulf states with which Israel has been in quiet negotiation in  late 2019. It may be relevant  the solar eclipse begins over Mecca  and crosses Muslim zones on its way to South India and East towards the Philippines,

Israel’s  year will likely see both war and peace.  Since nowadays Israel seems to be so often on alert in a semi-war state or  in ignored or minimally reported skirmishes with Iranian proxies, it’s hard to pinpoint when there might be outright war, but two seasons seem possible.   The month from the lunation of 23rd April at 3 Taurus which affects the nation’s ascendant and MC angles  and its moon could be  a trigger.  Hostilities might break out in August when that month’s lunation on the 19th makes conjunction with the national Mars in the nation’s destiny house while transiting Mars in bellicose Aries makes favourable, protective trine to the national Jupiter.

Given January’s lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer conjunct America’s Mercury at 22 Cancer, we can assume affairs of America are well in the spotlight, and divisively so in true Mercurial style, whether in relation to impeachment, Israel, China or anywhere. Also that Trump won’t enjoy too much peace and overwhelming success given his natal restrictive Saturn within calling distance at 23 Cancer. The general security of America could be at risk during 2020. In  June the eclipse of the  21st falls on one of the 6 world points (the same O degree Cancer,  natal sign of America, that preceded 9/11). Since at the time of the eclipse America’s Mercury is degree exact opposed by Pluto, this is not a mark of safety for that month and following. Extreme situations and decisions are possible.

I am not well versed in the astrology of American politics or the status of Trump’s main rivals, but my impression is that Trump, who will suffer more Pluto opposition in  July,  probably won’t gain second election….or…he will do so narrowly and it will be burdensome for him  and he likely wouldn’t finish his term.  One could apply various judgements here,  but  my deduction is made simply from the way  the lunation prior to the Nov 3rd election is in degree exact stress square to Trump’s natal Saturn. Then on 4th November, when presumably America has the result, transiting Saturn squares Trump’s Venus, ruler of his leadership house. Granted Saturn can be involved with the weight of office for winners and losers alike, but one needs plenty of positive stuff to accompany a real winning streak (admittedly, though, and rather importantly, there is a Jupiter trine to the Midheaven around the time, so perhaps he will gain second term after all, but as said not very happily so for him).

In Israel where embattled  Netanyahu may be correct that he is the object of a virtual coup, he is a little better placed than Trump. At any rate the January conjunction conjoins his natal Jupiter rather than his Saturn.  At the time of writing (early Dec 2019) it is expected Israel will go to a third election in probably March.  If Netanyahu can survive till then, things may go more in his favour, starting with a lunation in late February favourably trine his surprise-bringing Uranus followed by a full moon in March which at 19 Virgo conjuncts his leadership Midheaven. Admittedly this moon  is directly opposed by the transiting Neptune at 18 Pisces which is tricky, deceptive and even belongs to a few potential mysteries pending for Israel and its leader that I’ll revert to in conclusion.



Britain with its 19 Cancer moon in the nation’s important 1801 Union chart conjuncted by  January’s lunar eclipse, could remain well challenged not only by ongoing Brexit issues but Scotland’s desire to leave the union and divide Britain.

Dividing the nation or not, the royal family will continue to be swayed and weakened as living symbols of the British system. With the January conjunction’s degree in exact stress square to Prince Andrew’s 22 Aries Destiny/Reputation Midheaven, he may be expected to further squirm in 2020 and the Epstein scandal remain news at some level. And  since the lunar eclipse  hits exact on the Queen’s fated nodal axis,  the scandal affects her at a time she is already revising her role and deputizing.

The Andrew scandal broke with Pluto at 21 Capricorn, degree exact on the queen’s ascendant. It was a time some astrologers for some years had quietly speculated she might pass. That this did not occur nonetheless reflects the intense blow to the monarch and monarchy of what has  happened. No one and nothing emerges unscathed or unchanged from what for many can be a once in a lifetime  Pluto transit.

Traditionally the chart of a monarch was the chart  for a nation itself. On that basis at least, even if a clear Brexit break is not clearly shown for Jan 31st,  the fact that the monarch’s chart has the Saturn/Pluto conjunction so close to her ascendant is eloquent. In normal circumstances it would indicate a person’s isolation or going it alone. Alternatively here it could point to British independence as a theme for the year.

Meanwhile Australia, battered in late 2019 by massive fires, severe drought, record heatwaves   and also political issues with China, doesn’t look promised too much relief. The Dec 2019 eclipse  within  3 degrees of the national Saturn is hardly promising could be belt tightening for the people and demanding for the leaders. The nation has  nonetheless hopefully seen its very worst as regards fires (their  November peak in 2019  when many places were affected as opposed to the current greater concentration on New South Wales) corresponded to enlarging Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius conjuncting  Australia’s natal Jupiter in Sagittarius…. It  would be alarming if the conjunction should be read as opening a whole new cycle rather than marking a peak. The full moon of November 2019  at almost 20 Taurus  was closely conjunct Australia’s Taurus moon, general ruler of the home, and as this is natally conjunct Flammeus, the perennial  danger to rural  home properties from fire seems inscribed).

According to the  Australia chart I use (1) with its destiny and leadership Midheaven and hence its opposite IC point representing the land at 24 Capricorn/Cancer, the nation should feel some effects of January’s eclipse and conjunction. And since at the time of writing Sydney is threatened by encircling fires, it is not reassuring that the Jan eclipse  is closely conjunct asteroid Sydney in the national chart (19.40 Cancer). One must hope it means  re-think about the often careless planning and building  in the sprawling city.   With Pluto mid year hanging around the nation’s  Destiny/Reputation/Leadership point, Republicanism may well be re-ignited and the ruling party much challenged and  forced to be more pro-active on climate, water, food supply and safety issues if it is to retain power.

Since modern Ireland’s natal Mars at 20 Aries in its sector of land and history gets stress squared by both the Cancer eclipse and the Capricorn conjunction, Eire looks to be as threatened as its new nationalists/populists are warning it is. Forces, apparently globalist in the EU and assisted by dubious members of the Irish government, have encouraged the setting up of Direct Provision centres.  Despite Ireland’s  own desperate problems with homeless people living on its streets, the government is  bussing in refugees of a kind unlikely to integrate and  into unsuspecting,  unconsulted villages including remaining pockets of so far preserved Gaelic culture regions. It looks like the powers-that-be seek to undermine or abolish classic Irish identities perhaps as a test case for their policies elsewhere. And hate speech laws to be introduced in 2020 threaten to criminalize as “racism” nationalist protest resistance.

Plainly with Mars affected, many in Ireland will react with rage and with at  least 17% of the small country now composed of immigrants, by mid century the Irish, the only colonized nation in Europe, could become a minority in the land they waited centuries to reclaim. The historic evil of the Ulster Plantation policy now has its modern variation.  Europe, or at least the bureaucracy-ridden EU, is basically hostile to Irish interests, something  shown by the way Europa at 1 Taurus is in frustration stress square  relative to the otherwise fortune potential of the  freedom loving national Jupiter at 0 Aquarius. That this eloquent sign is no fluke is certified by the way England has its own perennial  alienation from Europe marked indicated by Europa in opposition to protesting, separative Uranus and involving the immigration and overseas affairs axis of the root 1066 chart for England. Brexit is fundamental to the English psychology and by the looks of it Irexit is or needs to be to Ireland’s!  That issue apart it is possible the Cancer eclipse carries a warning of floodings in Ireland during the year.

With Jupiter in its hidden twelfth house at 22 Capricorn, China will not be immune from what affects the rest of the world, especially economic in 2020, though  with Jupiter involved it can roll  with the punches better than some countries and might even  in over- confidence precipitate some of the problems .

One of the more important effects on Chinese life during the year will be linked to what happened on Dec 1st 2019 when new phone users were obliged to be subject to  the biometric revolution and its face scans. The nation is constantly increasing surveillance in harmony not least with its natal Mercury/Neptune conjunction. This is a difficult, secretive aspect behind much of the suspicion internationally of China’s meanings and motives. Interestingly, the conjunction is closely conjuncted by the asteroid Draco (Dragon), an echo of earlier  beliefs and a sign the nation is not as attuned to modern values as it maintains it is, nor tolerant of non dragon beliefs Christian or other – expressions like “Almighty God” are being blocked  from mobile  phone messages in China!

However, let’s note the following point apparently so far unmentioned by astrologers and relative to  recent problems around Hong Kong.  Modern  China’s ascendant angle defining the people, falls at 5 Aquarius where  it is in conjunction with its moon at 3 Aquarius and asteroid Hong Kong  at 4 Aquarius.

Use of asteroids in analysis is fairly recent, but to unpack  the message here let’s first realize that Communist China’s moon/ascendant conjunction is much, perhaps chiefly, involved with China’s long time  one child policy  and its sometimes forced abortions – the moon is a general symbol of mothers while mythically Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, has birth control and abortion associations. Given these factors in China’s pattern,  one could expect “motherland” and family possession are issues for all concerned  and that is the case with the Hong Kong issue.

With Hong Kong just inside the nation’s twelfth sector, (often associated in personal charts and medical astrology with the womb), the Mother country sees HK as part of itself. Since however asteroid Hong Kong is placed  in degree exact 150 degree quincunx aspect (a keyword for the aspect is “adjustments must be made”)  to the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus,  and in the mother sign of Cancer too, Hong Kongers  perceive any Chinese belonging in different, less dependent  terms. They favour the Uranian theme of freedom and independence, even protest and revolt. Ultimately both sides will need to compromise for the best possible outcome.

The HK troubles belong with the period starting from June 2019 when transiting Uranus at 4 and 5 Taurus (natal sign of HK leader, Carrie Lam, who is Taurus rigid and stubborn),  was making exact 90 degree stress square  to asteroid Hong Kong  in Aquarius.  Uranus continued on to 6 degrees then retrograded, and towards the end of 2019 with the success of the democracy movement in local elections and the intervention of Trump in support of democracy, Uranus was back at  a less overtly dangerous 3 Taurus. (2)

The tense square aspect to 4/5  degrees will repeat for the last time during March and first half April 2020. If  all parties can keep cool, the worst problems may be avoided for a while or more permanently; but one must always be ready for the shocks and surprises and openness to novelty  that are associated with Uranus. And  2020 is a difficult year. Theoretically, China with its sun in Libra should be a master of compromise and legal dealing, but factors within its pattern can work against this,  not least the mentioned Mercury/Neptune aspect which makes for distrust among negotiators. Different, perhaps  pragmatic attitudes from both sides might emerge in 2021 with Saturn across China’s ascendant and Hong Kong. Whatever  happens, it will not help China’s reputation in the world if it cannot acccept the element of Uranian individualism that will always characterize Hong Kong in relation to China.


The cycle of Saturn/Pluto, especially at its conjunction or opposition points, is always serious news – the beginning of WW1, the onset of the Great Depression, the beginning of the Cold War, anciently the sack of Rome, the expulsion of the Jews  from Spain (anti-Semitism can wax strong  in this  cycle) and the crucifixion of Christ, the list goes on. It is the severest, most testing, ruthless and “apocalyptic” of transits, one at times assuming a kind of God versus devil conflict, Saturn being an old symbol of Satan and Pluto a newer symbol of Creator/Destroyer.

Saturn is involved with structure, politics, tradition, Pluto with creative power, destruction and transformation. The meeting of these forces tears down and destroys, hopefully but not automatically to transform. Often savage nature joins in, and in his analysis of political and cultural cycles, Richard Tarnass notes a correlation of even Melville’s birth and publication of his Moby Dick, with the Saturn/Pluto cycle, the whale that attacks ship and man is a symbol of pitiless natural force. Hardships through nature like major food shortages such as preceded and facilitated the French Revolution can be another feature of the times.

The mentioned Irish dilemma which highlights new problems with a radical globalism, looks towards what could prove a feature of the year more widely and one enabling to any globalist juggernauts, namely a whole new global currency system in the wake of general economic collapse. The reason to suspect this is given by an important conjunction in July of (once again) Saturn and Pluto, but this time the fatal pair joined by the more optimistic, internationalist input of Jupiter. But again this happens in politically and materially minded Capricorn, and that’s a sign factor which could send reform in a ruthless direction.


A conjunction of these three planets within specifically Capricorn has not occurred since 1284. That was the year that the Republic of Venice launched the gold ducat that would be standard coinage for the next six centuries. Astrology is not wild forecasting but judgement from symbols and cycles. It would be surprising if some kind of economic revolution did not take place during 2020. Rendering the system more total, biometric or joined to some radical NWO 666 chip would come later, certainly not before the end of 2020’s Aquarian conjunction that seals in any push towards more Uranian, high tech and electronic trends.

That the July conjunction really should have global effects seems certified by the way it is preceded by a solar eclipse on June 21st on one of the six world points (in this case 0 Cancer – a point suitably eclipsed ahead of 9/11). Moreover a lunar eclipse on 5th June hits challengingly opposite the Vatican’s sun. Since the Vatican is an international institution and now under Pope Francis even a globalist-minded one but either way a body heavily involved in finances through the Vatican Bank, crisis would bring reforms its way. There look to be reverberations at once economic and religious for Vatican leadership over the six months from that eclipse. Altogether I think for several reasons June’s lunar eclipse could be a really important one for the Vatican..

Italy can hardly be dissociated from such events, and with a natal conjunction of Saturn at 23 Cancer and Venus at 21 (its Saturn inside the 9th house of religion and overseas affairs), Italy should be feeling the force of conjunction and eclipse. As indicated in my description of Italy astrologically, art is much involved in the nation’s Venus/Saturn in Cancer and it would be unsurprising if, given the eclipse and conjunction, there were not more Venice style challenges from nature to preservation of the national heritage along  with affirmation of national identity in the face of EU globalism.


Saturn/Pluto is weighty enough, but with shocks and revolutions Uranus transiting earthy Taurus during 2020 and for several years, it’s unlikely the momentum of earth moving quakes and disturbed patterns of season and weather will be dying down any time soon. The earth’s foundations are being, and will be further, shaken. Indeed, the pressing question (in line with the perennially “apocalyptic” concerns of Saturn/Pluto) is whether that also corresponds to actual “end of days” scenarios and the beginning of the so-called Tribulation period, itself sooner or later overseen by the NWO of 666.

There are undeniably some indications for such an historical tipping point like the fact that the medieval prophecy of St Malachy would have it the current Pope is the last in line, while in Israel  leading rabbis anticipate the soon re-building of the Jerusalem temple and the advent of the end of days Messiah. If that person appeared, Christians of prophetic persuasion would doubtless assume he was the Antichrist… If these same people were on earth to pass an opinion on the identity!

There is disagreement among students of the prophetic about whether any false prophet figure would emerge before or after the so-called Rapture of the believing prepared, often seen as signalling the beginning, or near approach, of the Tribulation period. However, consensus is for post Rapture. Regardless, the inbuilt perennial tension between Jewish and Christian understanding of the messianic appears wonderfully reflected in the way that in the foundation pattern for modern Israel, the Messiah asteroid  stands at 3 Taurus in challenging opposition to the Christ asteroid at 4 Scorpio. ( I maintainJesus was born under neither sign, but his  Venus/Neptune conjunction, so important in defining his messianic image and role, was at 3 and 4 Scorpio). On the astrology of Christ see


As to what is being said and believed in Israel, it is undoubtedly rather remarkable that over forty years ago the highly respected Rabbi Kaduri forecast that the Messiah would appear at a time of elections but no government, a cryptic claim…until 2019 when Israel’s politics became almost  exceptionally stalemated! It is a highly contested matter whether in the last years of his very long life Kaduri encountered the Messiah in dreams and declared he was Jesus, but decades ago he would not have implied as much in his strange prophecy.

Given the variety of contested expectations, is it possible to look for anything at all in terms of celestial signs for apocalyptic scenarios? For someone like myself who claims to have data still working today for the birth of Christ and for Christianity at the first Pentecost, there could and should be some indication of possible ending or major crisis. And if the false prophet were to appear, that should register on the chart for that person from the data for his birth if the late Jeane Dixon was as claimed able to register his birth in vision. I will say something about especially that option and also about an interesting, strange celestial phenomenon of April 2020 that could be symbolically relevant to speculations for 2020 as the year of the onset of Tribulation and the Great Lie.

Jeane Dixon’s 666 vision of her “Child from the East” makes for a compelling astrological picture for this person given all the inner (material, earthly) planets in the human sign of Aquarius but none of the spiritual outer, Trinitarian planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) in the sign although the  pattern’s Aquarian ruler, Uranus through its connections  has potential for great popularity and power, even if and while conveying ideas “human all  too human” that never arrive at the traditionally spiritual number 7. Add relevant asteroids and the picture is still more compelling as when one sees the pattern’s Christ asteroid degree conjuncting the Bethlehem Star of Jesus’ birth as though to occlude it. The pattern even seems to have worked and to be working as exampled in the article, “Malachy’s Last Pope Ringing Down the Curtain?”

It is as though the person existed, but I assumed that given the eclipse patterns of recent years helping build influence, if this person truly existed they would have to have appeared to the public before the end of 2019 at latest. Otherwise could I honestly see the emergence? My position has become like those Jerusalem rabbis expecting a Messiah but saying “he delays his arrival” and by now I have to suspect a fluke or Dixon being misguided….even though I must still concede a point or two. For example, it’s of interest that January’s conjunction at 22 Capricorn falls conjunct the Messiah asteroid at 21 Capricorn in the chart for Dixon’s “child from the East”.

If I could  be persuaded Dixon saw true and the birth data is still relevant, then I would say with confidence that this figure must appear in 2020 if only because the eclipses of 2027 seem eloquent for the end of a reign prophetically expected to be of seven years duration prior to the open return of Christ to the world. So, I step back puzzled, except there is the other observational mystery that could be relevant….plus the mystery around Israel and Netanyahu with which I conclude – if, by half way through the year events don’t oblige it, I shall delete these final paragraphs as irrelevant.


On April 3rd the rise and rise of Venus, the Morning Star is manfest towards and into the (to the naked eye) seven star constellation of Pleiades. It has been going on for centuries but in 2020 Venus is closer than it has been for over two centuries. This may not seem too significant if one doesn’t recognize certain symbolically related points. Marriages are of Venus, and “Morning Star”, a name of Venus, is a title of Jesus towards his church (Rev 22:16). He also addresses the church as the bearer of the 7 stars (Rev 1:16-20). Jesus and heaven have long been associated with the Pleiades (called the Seven Sisters back in the times Revelation was written) on account of just this imagery.

Biblically, 2 Pet 1:19, apparently referring to last things and Rapture expectation,             speaks of waiting till the dawn when “the morning star rises in your hearts”. It so happens that harmonious with this, in the birth chart for Christianity (the first Pentecost), asteroid Morgenstern (Ger.Morning Star) is at 1.10 of air sign Aquarius conjunct Hertz (Ger. heart) along with the birth time’s (9.15 am) Part of Destiny at O Aquarius.

This is moreover a cluster of factors being conjuncted on April 3rd by endings-associated Saturn at O Aquarius. Plainly it fits the biblical imagery of the morning star “rising” (air sign) in the heart at the last. Significantly too, since this morning star is  self-declared the root and descendant of David (Rev 22:16), one looks also for that. It is found in the way that at 1 Gemini, Racine (Fr. root) makes perfect favourable trine to Morgenstern at 1 Aquarius, while from the other end of Aquarius at 27, Davida (early asteroids were classified in feminine form) is in direct axis to the moon in royal Leo conjunct asteroid Church at 27 degrees. Clearly this fits the first Pentecost’s moon bride as Peter’s “chosen  nation, a royal priesthood” (1 Pet 2:9).`

Jesus was born with Jupiter (the Bethlehem Star) at 19.23 Pisces, sign of its ancient rulership and sign of the then incoming era. On 3rd and 4th April 2020, slow moving Neptune (modern co-ruler of Pisces) is rarely positioned on 19.20 and 19.23 Pisces. One could see the suggestion here of the Piscean era /age of grace at once fulfilled and ending and/or the meaning of Christ occluded. There are other interesting coincidences for this time that I relegate to note below (3).


Even if the just mentioned are valid connections and not mere flukes, I would of course never propose that they add up to a signature for the most extreme of events on that day.  Rather like eclipses whose themes unfold over time, major apparent “signs” can bespeak a general season of the event, the month or year. To acknowledge April 3 as a true sign would not run counter to any assumptions of those who believe that, whenever they might occur, apocalyptic events like Rapture or Tribulation would need to be associated, like crucifixion and resurrection at the inauguration of the era,  with one of the Jewish feasts.  (If one follows that line of speculation undeniably  there is, for example, some connection between April 3rd and 2020’s Pentecost season which among other things shows surprising Uranus on the degree of first Pentecost’s i.e. Christianity’s, Part of Marriage; the festival itself is preceded by a lunation conjunct  Christianity’s natal sun). 

I will however revert to Netanyahu, a person of destiny it might be said, and certainly according to another of the prophetically influential rabbis, the late Rabbi Schneerson of the Lubavitch movement.

Schneerson believed Netanyahu could hope to beat many enemies and hand the keys to the Messiah (a Messiah who takes Netanyahu’s place and solves the political deadlock?).  But interestingly, Schneerson  specifically said Netanyahu could stand against 119 enemies, just the number his rival Gantz is now saying Netanyahu has to deal with in the Knesset. So it’s a reasonable question: can we see something linking Israel’s embattled leader and the messianic theme in 2020?

The full moon of March 9th is at 19.37 Virgo  which is conjunct Netanyahu’s 18 Virgo career and reputation Midheaven…..Full moons tend to bring out what the new moon implied or promised. The previous new moon on Feb 23 falls at 4 Pisces trine Netanyahu’s Uranus. Given Uranus’ rulership in his chart, this can put Bibi in the news  without its necessarily having him  in jail or the pits at a time when, if held that month, elections might even work in his favour.

Netanyahu’s natal moon is at 19 Libra in his destiny, career sector. That admittedly isn’t too helpul in relation to 2020’s Pluto/Saturn conjunction and the  eclipses across Cancer/Capricorn. But they could just bespeak satisfactory ending, one that with relief  hands over the keys. Within conjunction of his natal moon is Masi (Messiah) at 16 Libra  but  also Achristou at 18 Libra (recall that prophetically minded Christians would regard any  new Jerusalem Messiah as antichrist). Might we be looking at some messianic developments as the year progresses and the new and that full moons register against natal and national patterns?

On  April 8th the full moon is on 18 Libra potentially sparking an (anti) messianic theme for Netanyahu.  The new moon falls on March 24th at 4 Aries i.e. it’s potently in relation to Israel’s 4 Leo moon and its 4 Cancer  Venus,  and then Netanyahu’s 4 Cancer Uranus.

The subsequent new moon on April 23rd then falls at 3 Taurus which is the degree of Masi (Messiah) in Israel’s chart. Does this mean anything? Likewise, what  might it mean that  late 2020’s solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius not only aspects  Israel’s Sun at 23 Taurus and opposes its Uranus at 24 Gemini, but trines Achristou  at 23 Aries? Will Netanyahu indeed have handed over some keys before the year is out?

It is beyond me and perhaps any astrology to know just what is involved here, but it does look as though amid the very real dramas of 2020 some kind of messianic theme could be an important part of the general upheavals.


1. The chart for Australia I use is the Chesleigh one for the beginning rather than the ending of the Federation  ceremony at 1pm. 1st Jan 1901 in Sydney.

2. In standard astrology one would not automatically expect the difference between 3 and 5 degrees to make such difference in affairs  and their timing as I claim to see. But to be technical here, asteroids are not representative of energies like planets. They are instead names and ideas acted upon  rather than acting, and even in personal charts the orbs for effect are small (up to only 2 degrees at most unless aspects with sun or moon are involved). It follows the transit of Uranus between 3 and 6 degrees Taurus should be able to register a lot of change in relation to   Hong Kong and appear to be doing so.

3. Additionally on April 3rd,  Pluto the death and transformations planet, is at 24.52 Capricorn  while Jupiter is at a close 24.48 of the same sign. At the first Pentecost, asteroid Anastasia (Resurrection) was at 24.30 Capricorn – in other words also in favourable aspect to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) on April 3rd . This itself is relevant because, natally, Jesus shows Morgenstern at 23.59, (virtually 24) Scorpio conjunct Coelum (heaven) at 24. Themes of resurrection and heaven thus join. I won’t say more than to notice that on April 3rd shocking, upsetting Uranus at 5.16 Taurus is not just conjunct Pentecost’s Fides (Faith) and Lamb (possibly relevant to signalling any marriage of the Lamb theme) but is stress square to Pentecost’s   5.06 Aquarius Achristou which given its regular associations I have come to assume functions as the Antichrist asteroid.