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I'm a published author writing here on a range of controversial themes some of which I still can't easily get to talk about publicly or have published. I'm currently living in rural S.E.Queensland, a beautiful and sub-tropical part of Australia. This blog continues with some of the issues dealt with on and off since '08 in Rollan's Censored Issues Blog.



According to Psalm 19:2 and referring to the heavens it is said: ”Day to day pours forth speech / and night to night declares knowledge”. (NRSV)

Christians and others who dismiss astrology outright won’t understand what that means,  nor appreciate how especially nowadays with modern techniques and recourse to name, place and concept asteroids, the skies can be made to speak and name people, situations and general fate patterns as in the case of the recent  Abraham  Accord Peace Treaty.

I touched on features of that event in the preceding article but can read further   for some points now that I have the crucial time for setting the relevant Event chart. My chief aim is to gauge how likely this treaty is to possess the kind of “prophetic” significance  which especially some Christians seek to give it in light of all the talk out of Jerusalem about a Messiah awaiting to appear.

According to an astrologer friend in California who watched the ceremony, for purposes of analysis  the correct  moment summarizing and symbolizing the whole event should be the time  those involved finished their signatures to the Accord and held them up to view. This was 1.37 PM EDT in Washington DC.


Simply as an Event chart for an epoch-making treaty (Trump’s long awaited “Deal of the Century”), the pattern  was strikingly apt under the rules. Though I will suggest there was and is a lot more than meets the eye, consider first just a few standard timed  chart basics.

  • “This moment now” is reflected by the fated Midheaven   point. It ‘s in Libra, sign of peace,  agreements and diplomacy. Mercury (any signatures) at 15 of Libra in the destiny sector is making helpful, fortunate trine to the 14  Gemini descendant angle (agreements, unions of persons or nations a bit divided in the style of Gemini).
  • Rising on the horizon at 14 degrees and with some connection to who is involved, is the sign of Sagittarius. This is sign of the foreign, of religion and philosophies (themes  ranging in the background of what is being agreed). This ascendant angle representing the environment and those involved in the event  is then conjuncted from 13 degrees by asteroid AMERICA. That nation via Trump and his son in law is obviously much involved!
  • The treaty is among other things a distinctly financial deal, and the Capricorn facilitator/negotiator, Jerad Kushner, is all of a business man. Suitably, and in Kushner’s own sign, there is a fortunate Jupiter in Capricorn conjuncting the event’s cusp of the second house of finances. From  there Jupiter is in looser conjunction within the money house to Saturn and Pluto, two factors signalling major transformations in the area of economics.
  • The treaty is very much predicated upon at least a postponement of Israel’s intended annexation of its long troubled but historically associated West Bank region. This is reflected in the way that Israel’s fourth house sector of anything to do with land and home  shows Mars in in its natural sign, Aries, and in its apparent retrograde (i.e. a going back upon the originally intended aim as regards territory).

Such then is the basic nature of the event and its accurate enough reflection through the pattern. But what about any more shadowy background themes,  anything from the new messianism  in Jerusalem  to promotion of a new Chrislam style religion that some suspect?  It must be said  suspicion in these areas  seems  warranted through some strange coincidences and possible  warnings starting with the Venus (peace and agreements) that in the previous article I pointed out was emphasized on the day but tricky.


  • Venus at 10 Leo in the eighth sector of secrets and transformations is conjunct asteroid Church. This bespeaks  how the treaty  can be linked to the plans of many, but especially Pope Francis, for a union of faiths, especially Abrahamic. But within the same sector, and conjunct the world point of 15 Leo, is  the asteroid Lie.  And  Conjunct Lie at 14 Leo is the apocalyptically and symbolically resonant  Babylon (the summation of false world economic and religious systems) dominated by Revelation’s false Messiah but due to be destroyed during the Tribulation period. (Rev, chaps 17 and 18).  Well….of astrology’s six world points, 15 Leo is deemed the most unfortunate!
  • The belief of Jerusalem rabbis that at this fated time the Messiah’s appearance is at hand and that there is already communication with him, is arguably implied by the way Masi (Messiah)  at 7 of religious Sagittarius in the twelfth sector of the hidden  is in direct tension square to Jerusalem  and in the communications sector besides  at 7 of mystical  Pisces . The latter  is sign of the star of Bethlehem and the outgoing era.
  • At 14 Gemini conjunct the chart’s unions-related  Descendant angle is  Koronis (Crown). This is what has been made by the Temple Institute and currently awaits to be placed on the assumed Messiah’s head  (During a season of  Corona virus perhaps?).
  • Within the Accord’s unions house at 24 Gemini are the fated nodes at 24 Gemini  Interestingly enough,  in my data for Christ  this point corresponds to the degree of Leroy (the King). If there is a false Messiah connection such agreements and disagreements between charts are only to be expected. Chart comparison is important…which leads to the point……
  • The Accord’s Venus-associated Midheaven at 2.34 Libra makes easy fortunate trine to the 2.45  Aquarius Mars of the most suggestive, likely chart for any false Messiah data such as I derive from a  famous  vision of the birth in 1962. In Revelation this leader arrives in white and on a white horse suggestive of peace, and receives a crown, but he has a bow and goes out to conquer  (Rev 6:2)  – the Tribulation is a time that peace is removed from the earth (Rev 6:4) all hopes of peace  and a strengthened  peace covenant despite.  The Accord’s 2 Libra Midheaven is, besides, conjunct an Aparicio at 3 Libra in the data for Jesus. Might the degree  belong with appearance to the world of another kind?
  • There is no explicit Antichrist asteroid, but over years and empirically I believe the  Achristou  asteroid  is  what I call its “astrospeak” version and works appropriately. If this is correct, then at the recent ceremony Achristou  was strongly placed. It is  in the religion sector more or less at the midpoint of the Sun and Midheaven itself and conjunct Isa (Jesus) there. Since conjunctions are very pro or contra something depending on the factors, there can be an implicit struggle here over  Christ (i.e. Anointed One, Messiah) as regards status and meaning.  The mentioned midpoint normally carries the meaning of advancement, successes. The fact that the Accord’s Mercury at 15 Libra fortunately trines the AC’s natal  sun would indeed make for facilitated aims if and when this leader appeared. The Accord’s moon in Leo itself conjuncts the AC’s significant conjunction  of his ruling planet Uranus with the fixed star of royalty and rule, Regulus along with Achristou.
  • The asteroid Theotes (God, Godhead) is descriptively placed at 27 Aries conjunct the day’s Mars strong in Aries, likewise at 27 degrees and likewise in apparent retrograde within the sector of origins, home and inheritance. I have already mentioned re the ceremony’s Mars in the previous article. The meaning of the asteroid here  rather suggests God seen as defender of the Torah position which regards the land as covenant related, not something that can be given away or permanently sold (Lev 25:23) as per popular two state solutions.  Some critics of the treaty accordingly do regard it as a betrayal. That its arrangements could be seen as controversial and undermining, is suggested by the way that asteroid Israel  stands at 24 Scorpio in the twelfth sector of loss, hidden enemies and and things hidden, in opposition to modern Israel’s natal sun at 23 Taurus.
  • One of the greatest tests but possible achievements of the treaty could concern the temple mount and the now much desired construction of the third temple there with all the messianic issues this entails. At any rate, with Pax (Peace) at 16 Cancer opposite liberating Jupiter at 17 Capricorn but those two factors respectively in opportunity sextile and fortunate trine to Tempel at 16 Virgo,  this looks like an unavoidable subject of disputes and negotiations.

The fascination some Christians have around the Accord is linked  to the conviction among of those of Pre-Tribulation persuasion, that the AC cannot fully appear unless and until the Rapture has occurred.  It was because of the rabbinic rumours   from Jerusalem about a Messiah  that this year’s recent Feast of Trumpets engaged such intense expectation as a likely time of Rapture. A major issue for both astrology and theology is involved here.

Astrology is almost more efficient at predicting what is hoped to manifest but then doesn’t  and can’t happen rather than what absolutely will. Astrology always indicates what is possible at a given time for people and nations…. because not just anything is always possible. If  the Rapture were to occur this week, as a minimum time-frame requirement there would need to be signs and symbols registering in the chart for Christianity  for extreme confusion, even chaos on earth. Also desirable would be some indication of “marriage”   which the Rapture also is.  Such signs were absent from the patterns and prior lunation for the church for this year’s Feast of Trumpets.. One could safely predict disappointment for the watchers whose notion of celestial signs is derived from the  misleading system they call “Christian Astronomy”….If you want to judge things and speculate according to the skies, use traditional astrology or just desist.

Theologically, too, people  have also  confused themselves with expectations around fulfilment of  the Jewish   festivals. Since the main events of Jesus’ life and death are associated with the Jewish   spring festivals which fall close together (even in the case of Pentecost with its 50 day separation from First Fruits),  the assumption is the remaining three autumn festivals, beginning with Trumpets, finish the salvation process.  Since however the spring festivals are so close together, why decide Rapture should occur at Trumpets and the remaining two festivals seven years later, post Tribulation?  It is more logical and plausible that Trumpets should be fulfilled at any second advent open return of Jesus to earth and thus the last three festivals be fulfilled, like those of the first advent, in quick succession.

Both recent expectations and their disappointment were predictable enough astrologically as I warned a few people and indicated last article,  and it is lamentable Christians cut themselves off from the uses of astrology to their own hurt. Will  believers next object to the Magi? I am not going to start predicting dates for the day and hour of something anyway said to be unknown to all but God. But I will   concede the possibility  of a messianic  appearance to the world before the year is out (which in theory means a Rapture event could and even should occur before that).  There is at least one chaos and “marriage” time frame would yet allow for the possibility this year. While this fact guarantees nothing,  awareness of its  existence does help avoid the out of control kind of speculation that brings prophecy and visions into disrepute.




This 15th September, an  Abraham Accord peace treaty is to be signed in the White House normalizing relations between Israel and the UAE. It  is likely to be as historic for Mid East affairs and beyond them as generally assumed. Already (Sept 12) Bahrain promises to join what will clearly be a major new diplomatic movement. Several nations have recently promised to set up embassies in Jerusalem.

As I will indicate, the celestial signs are exact and telling to a notable degree, and that includes for religion which interposes in this development quite apart from any immediate political and economic issues. As only one thing, the treaty cannot but help facilitate the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative favoured by Pope Francis and represented in work on the Abrahamic Faiths Centre for Jews, Muslims and Christians  due for completion in UAE in 2022.

This year September 15th (anyway a significant date for reasons presently), is like a Messianic moment in itself. Just before the Feast of Trumpets opens the secular year across 17th/18th September, this time for the first time in two millennia, the reconstituted Sanhedrin is applying to have the shofar blown on the Temple Mount.

And this is suitable in its way  given the extent of Messianic expectation in Jerusalem’s rabbinic circles. Last month   Israel’s Radio 2000 aired a three hour programme featuring rabbis discussing messianic imminence with one rabbi claiming to be in communication with the Messiah who only waits the right divine moment to appear.  Recently according to Rabbi  Shalom Arush,  this year’s Feast of Trumpets should be the last one  to be celebrated without the Messiah who will appear “this year” i.e. any time Jewish year September 2020  to September 2021 but possibly, he allows,  soon and within this  current Gregorian year.

Albeit  for different reasons, some Christian circles likewise see prophetic signs and possibilities, not least helped by all the talk and even posters touting “peace and security” in relation to this momentous treaty.  From a prophetic perspective undeniably it is  a time of sudden reversal  “when they shall say peace and security sudden destruction comes”. (1 Thess 5:3) that is  associated with teachings on the so-called Rapture of the believing prepared of the church and/or the outbreak of  Ezekiel’s Gog/Magog war of “the latter days”. Especially those who believe the False Christ cannot  appear prior to the Rapture event, are inclined to regard any treaty as  the treaty, or precursor to a treaty/ covenant the Antichrist will confirm or strengthen “with many” (Dan 9:27)…..And then the reputation of Gerard Kushner as a possible facilitator of new messianic moves is not exactly helped by his office address on Fifth Avenue being 666!


Be that as it may, as already said, 15th September engages telling celestial signs to a notable degree. Some salient points are these:

  • This year the sun at 23 Virgo on Sep 15th  makes perfect trine to Israel’s 23 Taurus natal sun. Israel does and will regard the agreement as fortunate, which in some respects it is for it, but not fully.
  • On the 15th,  Venus (anything  peace) falls at 10 Leo. This means it is at perfect midpoint of Israel’s natal 10 Gemini Mercury (any treaty/agreement) and its Neptune (dreams, and ideals, not least spiritual and messianic), at 10 Libra.
  • But Venus at midpoint Mercury/Neptune is given in the standard Ebertin system as a formula for deception. It looks like some things are not understood or disclosed in the arrangements, not least as regards the two state solution and division of the land. (Israel’s Mercury in Gemini makes for divisions of many kinds, even though under the Torah Israel is not supposed to be divided up or bargained for). Also, Trump being more pragmatic and as a Gemini more dual and changeable  than his supporters care to admit, it seems likely now that  America will be selling the UAE S35 Stealth fighter jets which is not ideal from Israel’s usually strong defence position.
  • Venus at 10 Leo on the 15th is not just at a difficult natal midpoint but is in degree perfect tension and denial square to revolutionary, shocking Uranus currently at 10 Taurus. This treaty can hit a few roadblocks and surprises!
  • It’s worth noting that news of the forthcoming treaty was announced on August 13th. At that time  Venus (peace) at 5 Cancer was suitably conjunct Israel’s natal 4.49 Cancer Venus, while Mercury (any news and signings on) at 16 Leo was degree exact on Israel’s destiny house Saturn (blocks and difficulties).


Some Christians  perceive the deal as  momentous either because it could be, or lead to, the treaty/covenant of the mentioned  Antichrist (False Messiah)  or else because, like Pope Francis, they regard the so-called Abraham Accord as leading to a Chrislam-style union of faiths. Just this is possible given the erratic, changeable beliefs of this Pope now seen by many traditionalist Catholics as an Anti-Pope especially after his controversial abandonment  of Chinese Catholics into the hands of the CCP.

It seems that  Francis, at least privately, is prepared to question everything from miracles to the resurrection and divinity of Christ; so it belongs to the picture he admits to believe everyone worships the same deity under different names and should join as brethren (He scarcely seems aware of or protests the situation of Christians and other minorities in Muslim majority countries).

  • Remarkably, on the 15th Sept the sun at 23 Virgo conjuncts  Christianity’s (i.e. First Pentecost in AD 30 ) 23 Virgo asteroid Abramson, itself conjunct Abramenko (son of Abraham) at 24 Virgo.  Definitions, meanings and covenant issues re Abraham and the original Abrahamic covenant (Gen 15) come under the spotlight.
  • Also at Christianity’s 23 Virgo degree which the sun conjuncts on the 15th,  is Olia (oil, a national symbol of Israel and a symbol of peace) yet also  Eris (strife), perhaps peace leading to strife?
  • On the 15th  warlike Mars, but a Mars in its apparent retrograde, is in perfect fortunate trine from 27 Aries to Israel’s Jupiter at 27 Sagittarius. If Israel were attacked from outside in the wake of this agreement, Israel would win because those who strike first in relation to Mars retrograde, lose. (Students of the prophetic might relate this to any Gog/Magog wars and threats of same).

The 15th September has further significance in its own right. As regards the chart of Jesus, whose true birthday falls on 15th September, (see ) the sun on the 15th this year conjuncts his natal conjunction of Fama (fame) with Flammario (shocking, controversial fame). But more to the point is that on the 15th Neptune, a, or the, messianic planet, falls at 19.27 Pisces, i.e. almost perfectly challengingly opposite the 19.23 Pisces position of Jupiter, the Bethlehem Star, at Jesus’ birth. We are at the end of the just over two millennia, Piscean era’s “dispensation of grace” something that only the favouring and  forgiveness  of Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces) could ever quite represent.

If I have the correct  suggestive  data of the Antichrist  (taken from an alleged vision of 1962), then the  Christ asteroid at 19.53 Pisces falls in the other Messiah’s sector of religion and philosophy challengingly opposite the Bethlehem Star. So the 15th looks towards events and issues around the historical and doctrinal  status of Jesus that a new Messiah’s appearance would raise.


For many, the immediate aftermath of the treaty will be a lot of practical and business arrangements, while the post ceremony White House is set to be under perhaps less than peaceful “siege” by radical groups. This demo is said to extend  from the  Feast of Trumpets  on the 17th for 50 days  till just after the US election in early November.

Due however to the fact there will have been so much talk about “peace and safety”, some prophetic enthusiasts will be expecting  – and it’s clear from the Net and Youtubes that they are –  extreme effects and reversals, everything  from war to the Rapture itself. Since the skies can reflect what people are thinking as much as what actually occurs, it is relevant that at Trumpets  Jupiter at 17 Capricorn is conjunct the 17  Capricorn position of Anastasia (resurrection) at the morning of the resurrection. And the Rapture event is effectively a resurrection one whether for the believers living or dead.

All levels of belief and unbelief on this subject apart, it must be said any Trumpets this year as trigger to the time of Tribulation and  apocalypse  is not – astrologically at least- too likely. (Even the  pattern for the Equinox on the 23rd is more suggestive, and in the way of patterns at Equinox, its relations to Christianity’s chart promises an eventful time for the church between then and the 21st December solstice with its Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that some regard as the  onset of the new age).   For a start, for Trumpets there don’t look to be  sufficient signs of the surely necessarily accompanying crisis and chaos, nor of the  “marriage”  – which of a kind any Rapture event also is.

Biblically, the subject of this apocalypse-triggering event of Rapture is introduced by “Behold I show you a mystery” (1 Cor 15:51). And mysteries are of Scorpio, as are extreme transformations. Both the  moon and the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint, the most fortunate point in any chart, fell in Scorpio early Easter Sunday  AD 30.

If it should be that this year of  already so many crises and problems is the gateway to apocalypse itself, then the most likely time frame would be October/November under Scorpio with patterns that do bespeak the possibility of wars, various extremes and  possible chaos.




Almost no preaching in the world can be more distinctive and in your face than the American Evangelical variety .

At this time of division in America’s history when many are dreaming and forecasting apocalypse and the concomitant need to preach repentance for a supposed last time to a guilty nation, (See  previous Covid  article on this site),  it’s worthwhile considering what typically does and will get preached.

If there’s any truth in such as  the gone viral Dana Coverstone prophecy of the progressive destruction of America from this northern autumn onwards, then it’s said  the end times declarations to be preached will this time occasion only unprecedented indifference and sometimes persecution. In which case it’s worth considering how and  why that could be. At least some of the time, the preachers might be to blame.  I suggest the anticipated audience  reception problem is based on issues that go a long way back in American life but which remain mostly unexamined.


The least attractive and spiritually enlightened of the Reformers who gave Protestantism to the world was surely Jean Calvin (1509- 1564). More in the spirit of  sect than religion the man was tyrannical, a merciless critic, mocker or opponent to the point of public humiliation of anyone who presumed to question him and his system. Recreations from dancing to card playing were banned, theatre and   music were disfavoured – no music save psalms without instruments was acceptable. Free Geneva became a virtual police state and prison house under his watch.

Although American Protestantism is diverse and owes to a variety of independents and Baptists (who were originally strong for separation of church and state), American Evangelicalism has been broadly influenced by Calvinist Presbytery. It arrived with especially Scottish and Ulster Protestant immigrants, who held ideas and manifested character foundational for the American way and its  values.  American religion  carries all the hallmarks of a Calvinistic legacy right down to even the often wildly aggressive, critical tone towards dissenters that Calvin’s sub-Christian style encouraged from the outset.  Everyone out of line risks being declared a heretic, a blasphemer, a snake, a Jezebel and being persecuted in the end. The language is so fierce that to survive it one needs to become impervious with the result that when real criticism is justified, it is liable to run like water off a duck’s back and nothing is truly learned or corrected.

Also encouraged from the getgo as a sign of divine blessing and predestination was the novel belief (developed to the point of decadence in modern American Christianity) that  financial and vocational success would be in evidence. Today one can even hear people saying they are, or feel, too poor to go to church in America. It’s embarrassing to be there where you are almost shamed into openly keep on  giving. I  appreciate that America may be currently threatened by a degree of neo-communist, neo-Marxist undermining factions, but for too long the willingness to abominate the very word and thought of “socialism” (which to many outside America often means little more than a society with the adequate safety nets and health care America is short on), has been neurotic and hysterical. It is anyway somewhat inconsistent with biblical principles like Christ’s workers in the vineyard parable (Matt 20 1-16).  There was certainly a socialist side to Jesus and the long association of American Christians with the right, often hard right, raises serious questions..

There is more. What is at once broadly “calvinistic” but still mostly unexamined, unacknowledged but  increasingly less acceptable to people today are the following points.

  1.  Like Calvin’s Geneva, today’s Evangelical Gospel seems increasingly to represent a measure of policing, a socio-political, kingdom now, imposition that people instinctively resist. It will cite  the  words “occupy till I come” (Luk 19. 11-27) from a parable about wise investment  rather than  socio/political arrangements. The evangelical gospel seems no longer inclusive of the liberal democracy Protestantism is often regarded as helping to birth in the West.  Evangelicalism appears to lack interest in a democracy which does not serve its own interests and is not in line with “God’s Word” – i.e. policies which do as the Bible, or the Bible as interpreted by the sect, requires. In short, no one should be allowed to go to hell by their own route as Voltaire of the Enlightenment reaction would have it, a sentiment nonetheless in line with biblical laissez-faire type statements like Revelation’s “Let the evildoer do evil still…”.(Rev 22:11). Thus health care arrangements that might help a broad range of the disadvantaged can be wrecked because sensitive “Calvinistic” consciences could never tolerate their taxes include support for anything like birth control or whatever they might not assent to. And contrary views of anything can be shamelessly blocked and censored on a regular basis.   No need to elaborate here, but as a non American Christian with a few original views, I can testify to experience from the evangelical camp of some underhand opposition, refusal to permit legitimate debate, reply or self defence, in short dealings one can experience as little better than  the workings of some in-group mafia.
  2.  The clannish, sect-ridden fundamentalist/evangelical mindset leads to the position     that no one (as in the early church) can be defined as Christian because they assent to simply the Apostle’s creed. The believer, convert or penitent is expected to become a “Bible Believing Christian” (usually a bible in the antiquated KJV version that cover for translation errors  through its style ), which means they accept the total inerrancy of “God’s Word”, which they will be constantly reading as  almost the only sacrament of the new life and the only real guide to  almost anything. Ironically, the Bible itself doesn’t entirely support  this inerrancy principle. The “Logos (Word) of God” is Jesus himself who says the scriptures are read in vain if he isn’t found there. (Joh 5:39). Plainly  Jesus  isn’t  found  nor meant to be found in every single line. There are occasional blemishes (possibly even a providential warning against bibliolatry) like the call of one Psalmist in Ps 137 to smash Babylonian children against the rocks, and there’s St Paul as a man of his times overdoing things about women in the occasional statement that even the fundamentalist conveniently ignores. The totally inerrant “God’s Word” is a fiction, a paper pope, an object of bibliolatry. People today naturally turn away from the kind of potential mind trap involved.  Those who don’t, may give themselves half a lifetime of difficulty trying to squeeze belief and rules of conduct into some impossible biblical parallel when reading a few commentaries, (or even a few writers contemporary of the biblical ones to gain a few perspectives), might serve understanding and avoid hypocrisy rather better
  3.  The doctrine of hell can be emphasized to the point it contradicts the Bible itself and produces dismissive incredulity that then doesn’t wait around to hear more. It is undeniable Jesus speaks of hell and of a need to be reborn, while Mark’s’ gospel near its end includes the statement that those who disbelieve are condemned – or damned according to your translation (Mk. 16:16). This is not however justification for the extremer, unthinking declarations from  preachers that  no one not born again will ever enter heaven but are trapped in hell – forever. It’s a kind of fatalism that belongs with the spirit of Calvin’s extreme predestinationism, and if it were true the greater part of the world’s population since time began would be damned. Instead, we find St Paul in pagan Athens allowing some scope to spiritual insight on the part of a famous pagan Greek poet and declaring “the former times”  God overlooked but now he calls all to repent (Acts 17:30). Those former times and sins could hardly be overlooked if even the ignorant are automatically condemned to perdition. That some persons might  choose and serve Christ in their ignorance seems implied by the parable of the sheep and goats (Matt 25:31-46). The evangelist Billy Graham though strong on the second birth imperative,  was in trouble with conservatives for allowing that possibility.  A hint that pagans might be saved with the hell zone functioning as a kind of purgatory, is suggested by statements like Luk 12:59 regarding the management of justice: “you will never get out until you have paid the last penny”. Be all this at it may, at the Last Judgement of all souls who have ever lived, a judgement to which believers in Christ are not subject, it is stated souls are judged by their works (Rev 20:11) and are either found or not found in the Book of Life according to certain deeds.   For Christianity right belief and true repentance certainly matter, but in the last resort inscrutable divine will determines the fate of souls. On hell I  have put some relevant thoughts in the article. Greg Sheridan’s ‘God is Good for You‘: A Major Book with a Fatal Flaw”
  4.   Before today’s evangelical preacher opens his mouth, or opens it and starts on about the evil of “alternative lifestyles”, much of today’s audience has switched off in response to what is by now felt to be an entrenched “homophobia”. The assumption that such is involved is often correct and reaches again into some longstanding Calvinistic style  hypocrisy in this area. Because  St Paul in Romans 1, probably referring to recreational bisexuality, spoke of men exchanging the natural way, and because the bible is the perfect guide to just everything, it is assumed no one could ever be born same sex  orientated.  Accordingly the evangelical idea is that gays either should not exist (it’s only ever a “lifestyle” to be rejected like old clothes), or if improbably it does exist, it should be banned and possess no rights – including because divine wrath would descend upon the people or nation that did tolerate it. Originally, evangelical America acted as though gays indeed didn’t exist and looked the other way, or even tacitly approved, the bullying and discriminations including the laws that meant relatives of gays could ignore their wills or refuse hospital visiting rights to  gays not legally related to a dying partner. Originally gays were only ever “fornicators”. As soon as gay unions or marriage was proposed, this greater conformity to regular lifestyles with changes to law was portrayed as equally or more immoral, a rebellion against God – only the born again really have the right to be married and to define that state!  Once gays have rights at law, evangelicals are liable to protest they are being persecuted or discriminated against. Just sometimes Christians are so, (America, as a politician’s wife once said to me, is the land “where everybody persecutes everyone else in the end”), and I don’t write from any position that gives unqualified approval to all LGBTQ claims and actions. Nor do I suggest the  whole gay subject is not a complex one theologically with issues beyond present scope. But the evangelical position on this subject has been somewhere between hypocritical and ignorant; it’s undemocratic and society knows it. And it doesn’t need superstitious preaching to the effect because the White House was once illuminated with rainbow colours the nation is open to apocalyptic judgement.  This sort of thing brings Christianity into disrepute and so much ignorance an d hypocrisy has surrounded this subject one feels some serious repentance and re-education is  required to address this subject properly at all, let alone speak of any end times Sodom.
  5. Something similar applies to the treatment of women and especially the abortion issue. Recently America’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, evangelical style, declared that abortion is not a personal right. Not and Never? I am not about to say that abortion is a good thing, still  less that its legalization to the point of partial birth abortion should be celebrated in lights above New York. Nor will I deny that abortion for sex  selective or career advancement  has  become a serious widespread abuse in America. However, it is also highly questionable to deny that any human right can ever be involved. Outside the Calvinist shadow where  privacy means next to nothing, the late Barbara Bush, a practicing Episcopalian, opined abortion is a very private decision.  Surely in cases like extreme handicap that could render the life of the child and its parents between difficult and hellish, it is a private issue and a sensible judgement can be made in harmony with doctors?  Right to life and Pro Life sits oddly with a bible whose Old  Testament is very free as regards the taking of life.  And still today when medicine is vastly improved over previous centuries, still births and miscarriages happen all the time and there is no divine intervention in the course of nature here. Life is precious, but not infinitely so or without exception.  God is quite prepared to kill “the cherished offspring of their [the unrighteous] womb” (Hos 9:16). Pro Life is often accompanied by protests against the capital punishment the OT takes for granted as an aspect of justice. But no. The evangelicals know the score better than any bible they reckon to cherish. A woman who has an abortion might as well sacrifice to and worship Moloch. A woman who has an abortion has as good as done murder (as in another area, have persons who have favoured termination of life for some chronic locked in syndrome case). America, which we may agree has many wrongs to its name, not least scandalously high murder rates of adults (why aren’t pro life evangelicals for gun control?), is told it is faced with divine judgement especially on account of abortion. It’s a kind of “cherchez la femme” idea projected onto the religious/prophetic sphere, and again people turn away in disgust. People sense the hypocrisy. If you are Pro Life without exception, sign up to adopt an extremely handicapped child. Be prepared to devote yourself lifelong to the cause in that way….or else modify your judgements from the Calvinistic absurdities!
  6.   Although undeniably porn is another modern drug with potential to distort lives and values and buying into it is like supporting the sex industry itself, there is a kind of evangelical preaching which, like  Ray Comfort’s, is designed to make people feel uncomfortable and which is unrealistic about the least stirrings of the flesh. If you look into the spontaneous comments that for example youtubes produce, you will begin to wonder about all the  guilt and angst over “impurity”,   uncontrollable repeated sins etc which plainly has some preachers  frequently pronouncing upon while  believers are worried about their salvation and sanity. Though less common today and more dismissed, it is apparent that some evangelists are  somewhat prepared to exploit emotions in the area of what some would regard dirty little secrets – except that Calvinistic attitudes cannot allow anything dirty or pure to be private and will discuss it from the roof tops. Instead of a few sentences, one pastor has recently entered a nine part series on  Youtube on the M subject. Another has offered a video on the status of M among married couples.  Please!  “Purity” in these kind of church circles gets defined especially against an absolute, unthinking use of Jesus’ words about looking upon a woman to lust being as good as adultery (Matt 5:28). Jesus is internalizing the Ten Commandments and in terms of intentionality . But the fact remains one commits adultery with other people’s spouses. It’s a matter of coveting and wishing to and/or aiming to possess them. To assume any erotic feeling towards any woman was implied would be as controversial as to assume the same Sermon in dealing with violence and murder seriously means that merely to call someone a “fool” (a wrong translation the subject is potentially murderous abusive attitudes towards minority persons) risks hell .  (The other purity source is St Paul on rejecting “the flesh”, an expression so wide and embracing everything beyond lust  from theft to arguments that it might be better to speak of “the lower nature”). But evangelicalism is so atomistic it can barely allow reasonable generalization. Sex however is about the only subject evangelicalism will generalize, so it follows that Jesus and Paul must be referring to almost all and any erotic feeling or image  – it used to be that American fundamentalists protested against nudes in art galleries. If this extended, generalizing application were valid, it’s amazing evangelicals can’t see it might run the risk of producing gays by default as all and every feeling got detached from interest and desire for the opposite sex!  Alternatively  it could produce something like St Augustine’s frustration with the spontaneous, uncontrolled nature of the male organ seen as a rebel against God. This encourages  a sex- hating  prejudice  which then leaves even a morning stiffness an attack of the devil or something evil.  In the normal way of things, not all sexual fantasy and/or auto-eroticism is  unnatural or even undesirable (some stimulation is believed to serve a health function preventing such as prostrate problems in men). For those with spiritual, ethical revulsion against that inconvenient fact, it’s probably true to say that masturbation, common throughout the animal kingdom (and assuming its fully neurotic association for humans only in eighteenth century  theories), has or should have the status of biblical attitudes to wine – something  whose real status rather depends.  Wine will support everything from holy communion to alcoholism and various in betweens like health and relaxation. And as experts are realizing, auto-eroticism can anyway be engaged in controlled ways and be minimally  or non-visual in emphasis as per a few  Tantric-influenced techniques applied in this area. If one still  wanted to make the subject a  major spiritual issue,  criticism might be  better directed to the esoteric level as it sometimes is against  yogas, namely their possible effects upon the aura  from  spirits. But this consideration is precisely esoteric/occult, a subject beyond present scope but one the Calvinistic mind anyway dismisses.

I am sure that faced with the unsatisfactory picture  of preaching-to-repentance  given here many would say greater spiritual depth was required. There is no need to deny that. But recalling that the children of this world can be wiser in their generation than the children of light (Luk 16:8), simply more wisdom and even common sense might be useful. Added to which, for truth and relevance today, any would-be apocalyptic preaching could do worse than grab person-in-the-street attention by stressing we are living at the end of the Piscean era. This is  equivalent to St Paul’s “dispensation of grace” which followed upon the often misunderstood OT with its “Lord God of Armies”,  and which belonged with the blood and fire, military, super-patriarchal age of Aries. The Piscean age began around the time Jesus was born and it tis is now bordering the Aquarian age whose utopianism is suggestive of the prophesied Millennium ideal.. However, to the Calvinistic mindset such useful  points like much else don’t count, indeed Christians have long been so opposed to astrology that even before Calvin there were believers to state with Origen that the Magi  themselves were merely devil worshippers…… These days it’s a miracle if anything like Christian truth  ever gets out. Sympathetic audience connection hardly matters to some preachers who almost feel themselves more relevant and successful if they are unsuccessful and rejected.





Recently a couple of events stirred and confused some religious circles in a way quite unnecessary if  Christians knew and accepted two very  basic traditional  principles of the  astrology they demonize. It’s relevant to  speak of this before dealing with some peculiar facts as they appear to relate to the Covid 19 pandemic and its interpretation as an event.

  • Contrary to expectations, July 1st proved no turning point for Israel and various prophetic expectations because Trump did not as expected announce his go-ahead approval for  Israel’s annexation of the West Bank.
  • Earlier, on 25th June, a certain Kentucky Pastor, Dana Coverstone, went viral on the  Net with a “Brace Yourself” message to the churches of especially America. This arose from plausible, persuasively presented vision of very hard times beginning September, with riots, fires, sickness,  virtual civil war and,   starting  November, utter chaos including financial, and foreign intervention, dire situations against which people needed to stock up.  This revelation was delivered without the comforting promise of Rapture type deliverance for the believing prepared that in practically all chaos and invasion visions of the kind in recent years usually accompanies such forecasts.


Significantly, both mentioned disappointments to popular expectations  fell under what’s called Mercury’s apparent retrograde, a regular three week period notorious for confusion, mis and disinformation, failed promises and delays. I don ‘t say this means  Coverstone’s dreams were necessarily quite   false – his earlier dreams for this year with its virus are attested  for and have  come true – but  one should still check and re-consider things at these Mercury times. As regards July 1st, suitably it was always unlikely Trump would or could make a statement of lasting consequences under the retrograde (ending July 12th). If he had, more than usual trouble would have attended it.

[ For the signs of what has since eventuated in the Abraham Accord of  Aug 13th and postponing any annexation, see later in the second half of this article ]

However sincere, Coverstone  presently risks seeming like an incarnation of Mercury retrograde itself for an element of contradiction. (His actual  birth data is not flattering for accuracy but Mercury in his Aquarian sign on a world point bespeaks the gone-viral status ) He has had a webpage devoted to the post tribulation Rapture theory, but when a concerned pre-tribber contacted him about his vision asking did he believe in pre-trib Rapture, he replied “I do”.  And a few days after the first  video  Coverstone put out another  In this he affirms he is pre-trib – except he believes in a bit of persecution for Christians before it.  But from this later Youtube offering, just why  Christians and their forecast repentance-preaching might engage “persecution” later this year constitutes some prophecy  arguably a little tainted by an element of unexamined  evangelical fantasy, an important point beyond present scope but which I touch on in note (1).

Interestingly, and a good example of a familiar “reversal” tendency at Mercury’s turning, when Mercury changed to apparent direct, a visionary called Watchwoman who these last months has been insisting on the imminence of the Rapture  (which she had half suspected for Pentecost), posted report of an angelic appearance followed by a divine dream giving her to understand that Coverstone was describing Tribulation time events that would occur post Rapture.  A day later she had posted a dream of how a Russian invasion could occur shortly before the Rapture or just possibly simultaneously with it, this claim attributed to a vision of two years ago not fully understood at the time. Well….no doubt anything is possible!

This is not atypical of the large modern prophecy scene in America, especially where the fate of Trump is concerned. He is seen being victorious in the next election, or assassinated, struck ill or legally charged (Coverstone doesn’t even know where Trump is in November as it seems government has collapsed by then and no elections seems implied).  It can’t all be true, still less from God – something Americans are too inclined to claim for strong impressions! I’ll reserve for a note  a scriptural example of when a forecast can engage a contradiction and is conditional, but it’s the exception (2).

Some visionaries are patently sincere and original, others seem to borrow, perhaps unconsciously, from others and change things  following the tide of events. But Magi foresaw Christ’s birth. At the very least some informed astrology could help supply a bit of objectivity as regards likely timing of events or even the probability of their happening at all outside  the realm of dreams. I will now look at the Day of the Lord belief.


Some visionaries regard Covid 19 as a judgement, warning and/or anticipation of apocalyptic endings and the so-called Rapture (harpazo – snatching away). This should mark the termination of the current era and the “dispensation of grace” (equivalent, astrologers would say, to the age of the much believing and  forgiving Pisces). If they are not coincidences, the following rather peculiar facts are suggestive for the supposed  connection of the Virus with the  end of the current age.

To the extent any Rapture event precedes, even introduces, a period of Tribulation which is the “Wrath” or absence of God in which evil is unchecked, (a condition to which believers are said not to be appointed  –  1 Thess  9,10 ),  it follows that any Rapture has to be simultaneous with or  near to the “Day of the Lord”. For the Hebrew prophets a “Day of the Lord” was not good news but rather Judgement (Amos 5:18). Paul says this Day will come “like a thief in the night” (I Thess 5:2), an imagery elsewhere associated with Rapture and apocalypse.

American churches which are more concerned than most with apocalyptic prospects, have descended into much argument about pre, mid  or post Tribulation or pre-wrath Rapture scenarios. But if one can just simply understand re “The Day of the Lord” it would seem evident that the majority pre-tribber faction is nearest to the original understanding. The subject is complex, but St Paul’s teaching on Rapture, especially to the Thessalonians, was much involved in assuring the latter that they had not been left to judgement because the “Day of the Lord” had not occurred. If it had, the False Messiah antichrist would have been revealed.

The whole concept of Rapture/Resurrection is so potentially pivotal for history  it ought to be shown in some manner on the highly descriptive, still working data for Christianity from its AD 30 birth. And arguably it is, beginning with the following strange cluster of factors via asteroids in the sign of Pisces, sign of the era and lodged in Christianity’s eighth sector of death and transformation.

Improbably and unexpectedly I find there:

Hemera   (Day)  19  Pisces 43

Ishii          (Lord)  20  Pisces 18

Babylon              20  Pisces 30

Remarkably, a precise connection of Lord/Ishi  with Jesus is even suggested by the fact that at Jesus’ birth (see ) his identity-giving sun was almost perfectly opposite Lord from 20 Virgo 14 and with Lord near enough opposite The Part of Redemption which conjuncts Jesus’ sun from 20 Virgo 9.  (There may or may not be significance in the fact that both Hemera and Covid  have the number 19 attached to them).

Conjunctions are very pro or against something depending on their factors’ intrinsic nature, so that Babylon being closely conjunct Lord could well be significant, especially in any end times contexts and bespeaking enmity. Babylon, which is a multivalent symbol, has been associated over time with everything from the Papacy to America but is really a system: all those political, religious and economic systems which are  wealthy, oppressive, opposed to God and liable to persecute any opponents.

Since the “Marriage of the Lamb” is closely linked to the judgements on Babylon of Rev 18, if you believe that America is a, or the, economic arm of “Babylon”, then it would make sense, in line with some visionaries today, that the “Day of the Lord” should occur around the time of an attack upon America that leads on to this “Babylon’s” downfall.


Now for the possible Covid connection some visionaries and dreamers assume.

When I wrote last year about prospects for 2020, I stressed a general turmoil, upheaval and radical changes political and economic and perhaps wars. This was in line with the various portentous eclipses and heavy conjunctions, but I did not foresee plague and virus as such.  Conjunctions of  especially Saturn and Pluto, but even Jupiter with Pluto, can nonetheless bring death, not least by war. Viruses however have more to do with

a) Neptune in its negative manifestation and

b) Mars for the actual spread of infection.

It happens  that both these virus-relevant planets are strong in 2020 because both are strengthened in their own signs, Pisces and Aries respectively.

If you want to read about the dates and astrology of the virus, here is one link (in which following some slowdown of infection  the astrologer suspects a second wave in October But in this article, thinking presumably of Pluto ‘s death associations, against custom he suggests Pluto is any virus. I agree with the consensus view that Neptune is virus  which leads me to this point.


The Virus was declared a pandemic by WHO on the 11th  March at whatever time.  Accordingly this date supplies at least one, and a major, chart pattern for the virus. And if I take a UT time for the day from an ephemeris, this shows Neptune to be……  20.52 Pisces. In other words it’s at what we saw is that sensitive 20 degrees of Pisces, itself opposite the 20 Virgo of Christ’s birth, which is thus highlighted.

Viruses have come and gone across history, but not regularly on this point on the zodiac.  There is accordingly the hint of a potential link of some kind or another of the virus to Christ and “Day of the Lord” issues. Also of interest, on that same March 11 announcement, Uranus the stirrer, the shocking and novelty bringing planet that I warned last year would be involved in the upset and overturn of many things this year, was at  4.08 Taurus. This means it was  conjunct from 4.54 Taurus, with Christianity’s natal Part of Imprisonment/ Sorrow.  Management of the Virus would be experienced by many like a novel  form of restriction and depression; places of worship would even be closed down and  hymn singing forbidden (an ominously anti-religious move given the way some demos or swimming pools were tolerated). 4.37 Taurus contains the hell asteroid in the data for Jesus.


Neptune’s position on 11th March is likely significant more by way of general  symbolism than for some more precise timing picture towards any “Day of the Lord”.  One has to reckon this because neither an outer planet like Neptune, still less any asteroid, will normally be helpful in terms of timing events unless backed up by factors,  especially transit triggers from the inner visible planets.

I  hesitate  to pursue assessment of  possibilities for crisis and ending type scenarios for this year. [ but see  Part Twp below for a recent attempt – Aug 4th]   What’s certain is it is not inappropriate for astrologers or anyone to imagine extreme happenings and reversals for this year and into next. And though some of the would-be visionaries can be exasperating, it is almost inevitable that  in absorbing the chaos around us, many will see and grasp something.   Such people are not necessarily mad and to be dismissed outright. Even if you  baulk at overtly prophetic visionary claims, there is the collective unconscious to factor in.  But a bit of objectifying astro wisdom about  what amid the claims is most probable and improbable could always help.



If the widely held pre-trib doctrine (as opposed to mid-trib, post-trib and pre-wrath variations) and visions of its “soon”  fulfilment  are correct, then the following is the nearest to an acid test from the standpoint of heavenly signs for it. This constitutes  informed speculation, not prophecy, but I shall indicate why (as from the early August of this writing) there would likely have to be a six months time frame  for it at max and probably less.

In January 2021  the World Economic Forum meets in Davos, Switzerland, to see to some kind of global Re-Set. This is symbolically timely because at the December solstice (a world point) close on Christmas 2020, the great generational chronometers, Jupiter and Saturn will have   conjuncted in the sign of the new incoming era Aquarius. Though no one can measure exactly when the age of Pisces (equivalent to St Paul’s “dispensation of grace”) gives way to Utopian (arguably Millennial) Aquarius, most are agreed the December Solstice Aquarius conjunction is the nearest general marker, for the once in approx  2100 year era change.

Davos and January is followed by February and transits of all of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and a lunation in that sign at 23 degrees. This is the degree of the moon of the birth of the Antichrist – if he exists and his birth was truly witnessed in vision back in 1962  for which however there’s a good chance. Rather like rabbis in Jerusalem who have spoken of the Messiah delaying his imminent arrival in our times, I have seen opportunities come and go for the birth pattern to the point I have seriously doubted it signifies and should be considered. However that pattern is expressively unique, very suitable and not easily dismissed… and……in 2027 there is an annular  eclipse on 23 Aquarius, degree of the February 2021 lunation .

From February 2021 to some time later in 2027 into 2028 (solar eclipses are effective for a year) is 7 years. This is the given time span of the Tribulation under the influence of the AC in especially its second half. Solar eclipses are traditionally ominous for world leaders. If the pre-trib theory is true, the believing prepared of the church would need to have “disappeared” before the AC is manifested and any NWO anticipating the Mark  became a serious reality.  From Feb 2021 with his pattern so emphasized the AC could forge ahead, either because the January Reset will bring him forward, or even events prior to Davos have already done so making him influential for that meeting and ready to rise rapidly after it. One or the other.


I am not going to do what I can’t do and many would say shouldn’t do anyway, which is to set dates. But I can point to suggestive time frames from mid August onwards.

This is possible not least because I claim to possess a still working efficient birth pattern for Christianity from the first Pentecost, and under the usual rules it has angles, ruler planets, sensitive degrees etc which have relevance to timing and any endings themes. Thus Harold Camping who notoriously spent millions advertising a false Rapture date in 2011, had his natal sun in affliction to the endings-linked angle and opposite the chart’s leading planet for endings (i.e. marital Venus, in cardinal  Aries for any quick endings and ruler of Libra, an air sign – the sort of symbolic fit for ideas like sudden aerial Rapture/ wedding as characterizing any ending).

Since astrology does follow rules, however flexibly, and since (despite the Bethlehem Star being Jupiter) Neptune is now almost universally recognized as the Jesus planet and does signal in that capacity, something is implied here. It is highly unlikely such an extreme event as any “Return” of Christ would occur under Neptune direct as opposed to in apparent retrograde.

The retrograde happens every year in its second half from around second half June to late November or early December. For a start this would mean  that Passover (nor automatically Pentecost either), could ever be the season if you assume as many do that since the main events of Jesus’ life corresponded to Jewish feasts, the Rapture should do so too.

The only reason to question the rule  of retrograde in this case might be to emphasize that at the hidden secret Rapture as opposed to the end of Tribulation appearance to the whole world, Jesus only approaches earth as near as the clouds; he does not set foot on earth, so perhaps would not have completely “returned”. But unless you care to stress that point, in which case Harpazo can be in  January or February ’21, it looks like any “Return” in 2020 with its admitted seeming convergence of signs, would need to have occurred before December and this year’s 29th Nov  Neptune direct.


A little used traditional method of gauging world trends for three month periods is from Ingress charts. These are set for the time the sun is at equinox and solstice points. The Ingress pattern for 23rd  September seems highly significant in some way or other for its links to the pattern for Christianity; and clearly some Christians are going to take this time seriously – I have noticed  calls for intense continuous prayer for  22nd Sept,

The list of celestial signs that make for significance are : Mercury at 25 Libra is between Christianity’s endings angle and its Part of the Hour of Marriage (and Part of Divorce as though echoing themes of the Ten Virgins parable).  The fated nodes fortunately trine the endings angle from Gemini (sign the Church was born under). Mars (ruler of the church’s destiny section) at 26 Aries is conjunct the natal ruler of the endings sector. Saturn affliction squares the Mars which could make for stress and tension for many. Neptune at 19.14 Pisces conjunts the 19. 42 of the Hemera (i.e.Day of the earlier mentioned Hemera/Ishi conjunction), while it challengingly opposes the 19.14 Virgo of Jesus’ sun, a good time to ring down any curtain on the same Piscean age Jesus has always overshadowed.

Despite this suggestiveness, celestial patterns always run against the problem of “level”.  Thus something like ending can be registered here, but obviously there is a difference between an ending and the ending for something, though the more tie-ins, the stronger, more likely the message and concrete action ensuing. The Ingress chart could be showing an intense period of obsession for the entire time between late September and December. We know that such is already virtually guaranteed by the likes of those gone viral forecasts of Coverstone for especially early November and all the religious feeling that will centre around the American elections – if they take place.

The time of Ingress is nonetheless peculiar. It would almost do in its own right as a pattern for a harpazo exit, except that  few will, or would want to believe that. They are already decided in their minds that it’s a few days earlier at the Feast of Trumpets (18th/19th Sept, is the clincher. Despite the moon at Trumpets being in (for Christianity) endings-associated Libra,  it can’t be said the pattern is notably suggestive. It corresponds to a new moon which at 25 Virgo is at the degree of Messier (Harvester) at Jesus’ birth, but not otherwise hugely significant for the church chart, though I could note as regards Messier,  the enigmatic Coverstone in one of his more recent dreams does forecast a great harvest (revival kind) for September.


Remember that the Coverstone vision and similar from others, considers all of Sept, Oct and Nov difficult, significant months with things getting progressively worse in especially America and people should prepare. Some (I am not sure  how or why), believe that implied is that the Rapture occurs during the forecast troubles of September, while others believe that early November’s disasters simply omit the deliverance theme for that period and are more a warning to those who will be left behind (it doesn’t quite fit with telling the church to “Brace yourselves”.

Regardless… far as I can see, two periods  do stand out between now (early August) and the end of November when Neptune turns direct. These are:

a) the month (a lunation period from August 19th   to   September 17th  ( i.e  just before Trumpets), and then

b) the period around early November so highlighted by  the Coverstone vision. It is  bracketed by the important lunation of  16th October relevant up till Nov 15th when another lunation I won’t go into at 23 Scorpio, opposes Israel’s sun where at very least it could have significance for yet another election currently believed to be very likely for November.


The lunation that gives themes for the four weeks from Aug 19th   has its moon is at 26.25 Leo. This is meaningful.

At the birth of Christianity, the moon was at 27.03 of royal Leo, and even before I knew asteroid positions for remote dates, I was sure this moon was the royal bride/church (1 Pet 2:9), a belief justified by years later finding that this same  moon is conjuncted by asteroid Church at 26.57 Leo.

In Christianity’s foundation  pattern the Father  who declares the time of marriage is Abbe.  He is at 27 Leo 14 and  he gives the bride to the surprising, delayed Groom who is natally opposite at 28 Aquarius 57…… Rather amazingly, this Groom  asteroid is even  challengingly opposite Wake at 28.39 Leo, which is redolent of the whole theme of needing to be awake for the sudden advent  of the Groom. Clearly then, any time this part of the natal pattern is highlighted is an important time to watch for developments within the church.

At  the mid August lunation, Mars in Aries at 25.01 hits challengingly opposite Christianity’s Part of the Hour of Marriage  and a range of factors  the natal pattern  shows between 23 and 27 Libra that connect to ending and marriage themes and even possibly suddenly being up into the air, for reasons already given. This lunation at 26 Leo is also opposite Christianity’s Fini (Fr. Finished, finite) asteroid at 25 of shocking Aquarius. We know this asteroid reflects events – it was involved with the unexpected historic departure from the Vatican of Pope Benedict.

Overall I think it’s safe to say that  while August’s lunation need not herald ultimate ending, it is likely to be fairly pivotal,  an end to something or someone and probably a time of heightened expectation towards the apocalyptic, the marriage/deliverance of church, especially now that it is being so seriously persecuted in many parts of the world from China and N Korea to even India and Nigeria.


All this is terribly suggestive, but since with or without any input from a Mars trigger, lunations have occurred at 26 Leo across history, again this pattern is not in itself conclusive prophecy….however at this point in time and with repeated prophecies from Jerusalem about a coming Messiah, (Rabbi Glazerson says a September arrival is supposedly in the Bible Codes, a system I don’t endorse), there is the question who and what else might be affected under this potent lunation. [As of 23rd Aug, the Rabbi Rav Dayan Elgrok has said from Jerusalem  that the coming September Feast of Trumpets will be the last before the Messiah appears.  And in line with such expectations negotiations are going ahead to have the Shofar blown at the festival from the Temple Mount area for the first time since the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD ]

The September/Trumpets  lunation happens to oppose Israel’s Tempel (sic) asteroid in the house of the nation’s much disputed land and Temple Mount area. So anything from questions and agreements to wars could occur over these matters  –  and that could even be the main thing in August following the raising of an Israeli flag on the Temple Mount at the end of July on Israel’s traditionally difficult to tragedy linked  9th of Av date. The August  lunation conjuncts Israel’s destiny house Mars, ruler of its house of the military, so this is an on-the-edge situation. [Sept 17 – note that the signing ceremonies for the peace accord on the 15th  was shortly followed up by a rocket attack on Israel from Gaza ]

But the August lunation also conjuncts the chart for the AC who is expected to manifest to the world once the church would be out of the way. 26 Leo conjuncts, potentially touching off, all of that person’s chart ruler (Uranus), Regulus the fixed star of power, royalty and fame, and the asteroid Achristou  which I find has an association with occultism and the dark side. Before the public, or just behind the scenes, he could make strides at this time.[During August Israel media featured re prominent rabbis expecting a soon messianc appearance ]

Where’s Trump?  Given the various fates that get attached to him by would-be prophets, and given his absence from Coverstone’s November scenario, it could be meaningful that the mid August lunation falls conjunct Trump’s ascendant from the twelfth house of hidden enemies. It’s anyway an ascendant which contains a Mars a Mars conjunct it from the twelfth. This is a  combination containing a  hint of  danger and violence to the person.  In November Coverstone foresees total breakdown with no real government managing affairs. If true, the origins of that situation could go back to events of the  lunation period that starts 19th August.


The  lunation of Oct 16th which is effective till Nov 15th  has to be significant if dire forecasts for November are valid, but also because, like August’s lunation hitting on Christianity’s moon/church conjunction, this lunation is instead conjunct the religion’s ending angle. Since any chart’s ending angle at another octave determines the sector involved with property issues, it could be we are only looking at a period when attacks  upon  church property increase; but obviously some kind of end is possible. And I cannot overlook that at the beginning of  November, Mercury at 26 Libra is  pointing to a cluster of ending factors for the Church chart. And there is more, of which presently, but  we maybe need to look at another point first, namely what is potentially shown for America and war at this time?

Astrologically this  involves the question of the position of warlike Mars in war sign Aries at this time and following heavy eclipse factors this year like the last lunar one directly opposite America’s sun. On 1st and 2nd November Mars is at 16 Aries, though not as one might suppose exactly opposite an important factor like America’s natal Saturn in Libra at 14 degrees. (Mars doesn’t have to be exact in that way, but for truly momentous events such  would be likely and could be ominous that the prior lunation will have tension squared America’s Mercury, ruler of the national sector of death for the chart I use.  Also of relevance to the picture is that  Mars at this time is in apparent retrograde.

A relevant, well-established rule is that whoever starts a war under Mars in  apparent retrograde will lose.  Any enemies of America  should therefore be or finish disadvantaged, not victors in apparent charge, as per the Coverstone vision. Except.….it’s true that after America’s Mars having been direct since national foundation, it has in recent years turned retrograde by what’s called symbolic progression. That would indicate loss of power, some military vulnerability and disadvantage. So, if November is violent, in the long term we could be looking at a lose/lose situation for all concerned.


An irony attaches to the Coverstone vision of a chaotic, invaded America. There are some signs early November  could actually correspond to the kind of deliverance event the pastor omits and which some  of his defenders maintain he simply wasn’t shown rather than it’s absent because it represents false  hope. …..  Such an omission is actually possible because on Nov 1st and 2nd, Mercury is on 26 Libra which engages the whole endings and marriage theme in Christianity’s pattern.

It is of course possible in the usual way with matters of “level” that one is looking at  strong hope and expectation rather than reality; but there is this peculiarity to the picture. Shocking, surprising Uranus in on 8 Taurus at the time. The  foundation chart for America that   I  and many use, has  8.35 Taurus on its descendant angle, (the cusp both of marriage and open enemies psychologically on some Taming of the Shrew basis). Just this placement of surprising Uranus would allow the symbolism of a “marriage” of sorts at the time of conflict and invasion. Especially as for Christianity, its natal Part of Marriage is at 8.28 Taurus a position Uranus won’t conjunct again unless briefly in March ’21, for 84 years. That some attack and/or marriage could well be involved, is suggested by the way the just prior Halloween full moon of Oct 31st falls on 8.38 Taurus. By tradition the period of the full moon onwards clarifies or brings to a head what the new moon implied. And with the sun also opposite Uranus around this time, expect any shocks.

[  Possibly of real significance in all this is a  youtube from Aug 1st that I have only belatedly seen, but which could resolve contradictions started by Coverstone and would seem to render the period from 31st Oct to Nov 2nd very sensitive  I would  note it is the rarest of  dreams  which like this suggests, as seems reasonable enough to do, a time frame (3 months)  as  opposed to giving none at all or more rarely and  improbably and against the rules,  supplying  an exact date and time  ] 

One of the reasons Rapture doctrine has always been so elusive and confusing  is because the Venus that is its “ruler” for  the subject, is natally “afflicted” by Neptune at 23 Capricorn (along with Anastasia meaning Resurrection which the Rapture also is for deceased believers).  Positively Neptune is Jesus and compassion and highest ideals. Negatively any Neptune affliction creates anything from hyper-mystery to lies and any AC type deception. In early November Pluto, the death, creation and destruction planet is at  22 Capricorn, stirring up the natal Neptune. If anything like Rapture occurred it would certainly produce mystery and deceptive coverage!


If  the pre-tribulation Rapture has validity, things are by now at a point it can be given a real test and a shelf life and “soon” cannot be indefinitely applied to it. A pre-trib rapture would not mean much unless it occurred prior to implementation of a new global system virtually now guaranteed to develop in the new year. Between economies and vaccines and in the wake of new era conjunctions plus signs for the AC, any deliverance would presumably need to occur before that  new beginning.

Some would hope and  imagine the harpazo could await till Pentecost 2021 and so occur as they imagine on a feast day.  It’s obviously possible, but it’s questionable. Pentecost in 2021 falls on May 23rd. After, rather than before that on the 26th May, an eclipse falls opposite Christianity’s natal sun which must be relevant to something. But in 2021 Neptune does not go direct till near the end of June and Uranus has gone past its rare contacts with the Part of Marriage.  For various reasons I would be more inclined to see the signs for around next Pentecost as almost more befitting the pursuit and/or regrouping of the left behind than any expectant believers.

So… informed speculation is  that the expectant have till February if they are content to exclude the Neptune retrograde factor; or  they have some time before the end of November if they do not factor that in. Again I would recommend the  above mentioned   youtube of Aug 1st (see sub-section  Marriage amid or from Danger  ) as deserving attention, perhaps overcoming Coverstone confusion and rendering the end Oct, beginning November period the most sensitive time.

There is no pattern, prophecy of speculation in this area which to my knowledge resolves every possible requirement – if we understand the requirements aright.  Thus there do seem to be references to summer and grinding at the mill which bespeaks marriage around the season of harvest and Pentecost (Matt 24:40. But since the same forecast sees some in the field, some in bed, that bespeaks an event that could occur over different time zones and continents and so could be given to any season. St  Paul’s sudden Rapture takes place following a declaration concerning “peace and security” (1Thess 5:2). What lull could be meant? Some consider this involves Israel and the Peace Treaty, others a  pause in the progression of the current virus.

[  It is now conceivable Aug 13th’s announcement of the peace and safety invoking Abraham agreement of involving Israel, Trump and the UAE  introduces that lull…..That the latest agreement IS major can be gauged by the signs.   Venus (anything peace) was conjunct  modern  Israel’s foundational Venus, Mercury (any deal/ agreement) was conjunct the degree of Israel’s Saturn in Leo (by tradition always tricky), which is in Israel’s destiny sector, while Mars was conjunct Israel’s interesting conjunction of the asteroids Abramenko  with Achristou which last over the years I have seen seems to work as an Antichrist associated indicator. Need I spell out the arrangement is significant but doesn’t necessarily bode well ]

There is no guarantee about the plausible connection to Jewish feasts in this case which if  a valid  belief could anyway compromise the element of surprise and immanency. To the extent one could see hints of a northern autumn open return of Christ to earth, reading back seven years from that could favour a harpazo event  at some time in autumn rather than summer; but, as said, nothing will be absolutely conclusive – would it be a surprise otherwise?

However, I don’t doubt with a subject like this that it would be clear enough as a pattern in the heavens after the event. The most one can offer otherwise is the most credible, probable time frames and I think the above does that as far as is possible.  Even the magi, themselves evidently sometimes influenced by dreams, probably only knew a general time frame for Jesus’ birth even though it is possible with hindsight  to see with accuracy the precise data for the birth. What is certain is that we stand at the very end of an era and nothing will be quite the same again.


Unless one would insist it was  the most unusual of coincidences, the following is as near to confirmation as could be hoped for of what I suggest in this article. My source is the following youtube   starting around 10 mins in which covers the person’s story of years long puzzle over the site of their Rapture vision and finally recently discovering   re the Dallas Rapture picture which prompts his further puzzlement over the why and when of discovery which he addresses to God. I quickly made the following comment in the Reply section……

I have further news to this confirmation and the Dallas picture. As soon as I heard it was painted in 1974, though I should have preferred an exact date within the year, I guessed I would find something and I did. The matter will be clearer if you read especially the second part of this recent article of mine “Covid SIgns and Symbols – Perhaps” in which I define not the day but the necessary time frame for any Rapture if the pre-trib doctrine will ever now be valid. See. For most of 1974 into November, the planet of extremes, shocks surprises and the future was prophetically back and forth over the 23 – 27 Libra range that contains the sensitive degrees for anything to do with marriages and endings for Christianity. I am satisfied we have both arrived at a truth by different routes. Also of interest is that I find asteroid Dallas, not known, seen or named at the time of the birth of the church, was conjunct Neptune which, depending on the octave of reference, is anything from mysteries, such as the Rapture necessarily is, to Jesus.


  1.  It soon becomes apparent that the persecution-invoking repentance preaching will be much against abortion and “alternative lifestyles”, in short America treated principally  and narrowly  as a Sodom and Gomorrah awaiting its end.  True there’s an excess of abortion in America while LGBTQ  can be variously over the top and as meanly  litigious as some Christians trying to legislate for an imagined City of God. The abortion scandal isn’t grounds to condemn  as virtual murderers or devotees of Moloch all those who ever had some extreme and rational ground for a serious decision. Nor is there justification  to dismiss as unrepentant “lifestyle” the conviction of any gay person who realized their orientation was such meaningfully. Too many gays have been thrown out of homes, discriminated against and suicided for American evangelicals not themselves to be  repenting and learning more instead of rendering gays the black sheep sealing America’s judgement.  With extreme literalists like Coverstone, almost anything  can finish defended on a Calvinistic basis  as “God’s Word” ignoring that “God’s Word” means primarily Christ himself, not the scripture which will sometimes need interpretative revision.

          2. . In 1 Sam 23  King David consults the high priestly oracle about whether his enemy            Saul would come down to where he was in Keilah. God’s e reply is that  yesSaul will.                 David then inquires will the men of Keilah hand him over to Saul and the answer is                   yes.  David’s response is to leave Keilah with his men. When Saul learns that David                  has    left Keilah he gives up on his expeditionary plans.  So Saul didn’t come to Keilah           as God had said. Was the prophecy false? In practice the reality seems to be as years               ago the late Catholic seeress Jeane Dixon insisted, forecasts are of two kinds. Most                   have a conditional element, will describe what is developing at the time  and there is               scope for the person(s) addressed to change the situation. Only at the level of  divine             “vision” which is above intuition or dreams, must the prophecy occur, the only                           variable being the time line, the  hardest thing for the visionary to read – it is often like           looking down a corridor of time and guessing a proportion of the length as marking                the event.





   An “annular” solar eclipse

I shall touch first on what look like two world-involving eclipses, a solar (on the 20th June) and a lunar , a blood moon (on the 5th July) before turning to a topic with some connection to them. This is the increasing anticipation and prediction, popular in especially America, concerning an apocalyptic style ending, the so-called Rapture/Harpazo of the believing prepared members of the church. No matter what precisely is involved, and eclipses won’t herald only one thing, there is a strange, noteworthy connection between these two subjects that’s worth examining.

At the time of writing (17th June) we are in the shadow of an important solar eclipse on the 20th, that runs across Africa, the Middle East, India and China. This is then followed by a lunar eclipse (July 5th) visible over much of America. Eclipse paths matter. Already there are reports of skirmishes between India and China and heightened tension between N and S Korea, while in the Middle East plans of Israel’s PM Netanyahu to annex at least part of the West Bank region on July 1st, is creating waves and raising temperatures in Middle Eastern countries.

As to America, we know it’s already in strife half way to civil war. It is challenging, but not exactly helpful, that the lunar eclipse falls degree exact opposite the nation’s foundational sun while angry Mars at the time is exacerbatingly tension to the national Jupiter.

A more  freakish oddity of this eclipse, one of more occult potential and  possibly relevant given current reports of  satanic symbols displayed around Seattle and Washington state,  is that at  13.38 Capricorn the eclipse is almost perfectly opposite 13.34 Cancer. This is the position of the often pagan, satanic and Antichrist associated  Dog Star, Sirius, itself conjunct the ascendant of the False Messiah’s birth if that was correctly seen in vision by the late Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon. (Dixon maintained acceptance and promotion of the False Messiah, born in the Middle East, not America – thus not Obama! – would be much due to America).

Solar eclipse path

Eclipses tend to sign and function this way. In their shadow up to a week or two in advance their themes can be emerging. Solar eclipses are however more prone to introduce new issues, lunars to highlight existing issues to be sorted out. Solars may have influence up to a year, lunars six months, and lunars are more likely to see effects sooner – they are like glorified full moons heating up minds and issues.

What the issues chiefly are can’t always be gauged from the eclipse and its path alone (which is what Christians, who normally deny all claims of astrology to truth, would like to do with such celestial signs). Also important is where the eclipse hits in the pattern of a nation or person’s birth…. For example it is relevant that at a time Israel looks soon to be involved in partial West Bank annexation plans that engage everything from Trump peace plan issues to hereditary biblical land claims, that the solar eclipse hits exact to the degree on the cusp of Israel’s ninth sector of religion and belief. From there it is also near enough conjunct the national Venus (any Shalom or Peace)…something which could be hard to achieve with a transiting restrictive Saturn at the time of eclipse in tension to the national chart’s rising angle affecting all citizens!

Significantly, the solar eclipse falls on a solstice or world point, but it’s a world point which is also the sign of America’s foundation – Cancer. This immediately makes for some kind of link to the following lunar eclipse. The last time a solar eclipse hit the Cancer world point was in 2001. Back then it took two months for the message to become clear which it did when the red planet of war, Mars, hit the eclipse degree in September that year.

But eclipses don’t keep hitting the Cancer world point, and in fact the eclipse of June 20th is a rarity. Being an “annular”, sun-ringed as opposed to the total solar eclipse of 2001, it is almost misplaced – it would be more natural appearing earlier or later in a given year. I gather there are a number of technical factors that render this eclipse genuinely special and rare so that much can be speculated for it.

Given the evidence of the solar and lunar eclipses of June/July it would be surprising if before long there wasn’t something as major as economic crash and financial reset beginning in or affecting especially America. [19th June – I  should have mentioned as a matter of course an uptick in frequency and/or intensity of quakes as likely for the year’s second half – this morning we have report of a massive 7.4 shake off the coast of N Zealand].   But other extremes like even the onset of war cannot be ruled out; in fact I’d say it was all but guaranteed save that with an exceptional five planets in apparent retrograde at the time of eclipse, this could lessen things into protracted argument, negotiation and muddle. But to note is that if violence and hostilities do break out they could do so earlier rather than later.

I mentioned how a transit of Mars on the eclipse point in 2011 timed for 9/11. For action what might Mars afflicting the Cancer eclipse point from another world point, bellicose, Mars-ruled Aries, on the 28th and 29th June, reflect? Something or nothing?


It’s now time to turn to the tricky subject of the Rapture many increasingly anticipate as they observe prophetically suggestive “signs” increase and converge. As it happens, at least superficially, the end of June provides a highly suggestive time for their expectations or at least as per many reported dreams. In recent years alleged visions often involve a message that the ascent of Rapture occurs almost simultaneously with the descent of bombs upon America and the outbreak of war.

So here’s the possible formula for that idea. A heavy eclipse in the sign of America and on a world point gets followed up at month’s end by a world point transit of Mars and at a time that the moon, timer of events, is in Libra, an air sign of flight and also any marriage.

Before anything else I must say there’s a reason why I don’t feel any thinking persons especially Christians need dismiss this endings idea outright and automatically. Despite problems of translation and interpretation which have made it seem Jesus forecast apocalypse in his lifetime, in fact he told the disciples he would be with them till the end of the age/era (aion). This may be taken as equivalent to St Paul’s era of grace and astrology’s age of Pisces (with whose symbols the gospels are replete). And an astrological era lasts around 2100 years. So this and certain others signs do bespeak a possible ending, however pictured. In many places the faith is declining or seriously persecuted. Jesus foresaw a decline, not a triumph, of faith at the time of his return (Luk 18.8). Even medieval and Catholic prophecy like that of St Malachy on the Popes would make the present Pope the last in the Vatican line.

The time of Christ’s pre Tribulation hidden return (Rapture) as opposed to his post Tribulation open return (Parousia or Second Coming) is said to be unknowable. “No one knows the day nor the hour” (Matt 24:36) is often quoted. This saying may however reference not the hidden, secret Rapture outlined by St Paul in Thessalonians but the absolute end of the world. At any rate there is some confusion in that there are seemingly contrary statements to the effect believers should be ready and prepared so that they won’t be ignorant of the day or even the hour of coming (Rev 3:8).

It would seem at least the general “season” of the event could be known; and certainly there have not, especially in recent years, been any lack of persons declaring a “soon” event or even a precise date that disappoints and proves someone a false prophet.

So there is a special question here. Magi (astrologers) were involved with and anticipating Jesus’ birth which approximately inaugurates the now waning Piscean era. Could and should astrology offer any perspectives on the subject of an ending? I will explain how and why it can ….somewhat. Its answer may be incomplete but it can still function as some guide and also correction to OTT claims and speculations.

Every person, nation and institution, if their birth time can be established, has a natal pattern. Every natal pattern carries some indications of the person or institution’s demise, (easy, hard, fast, slow, situation of burial etc) especially via the eight sector of death and transformation and the fourth sector which covers any endings. And then some transits will be suggestive, like in the case of a sick elderly person Saturn across their rising angle at birth almost guarantees their death.

It follows that it would always be possible to speculate about the Rapture doctrine of the church astrologically to the extent it is only the same as inquiring about the religion’s ending….about which we can know something given a the birth time.

I’ll not try to justify use of astrology or exactitude of birth time having written of these matters elsewhere, but sufficient to say the highly descriptive, still working chart for Christianity confirms it was born around 9.15 am on 28th May Julian of AD 30. In harmony with record cloven/divided tongues of fire, and speaking in tongues, the Sun was in the divisive language sign of Gemini, fiery dramatic Leo was rising on the horizon with Uranus, planet symbol of the Spirit, ascending. So…what about endings?

Relevant here and even suggestively so for Rapture hope being in early Christian DNA, and lodged in some collective Christian unconscious, is the following. For the first Pentecost birth of Christianity we see for example:

1) Any ending for this religion should be very sudden and potentially marriage-related because the ruler of the endings house, Venus (any marriage), is in a cardinal (fast) sign, Aries, in the destiny house.

2) The asteroid Fini (finish/finite) is positioned in the house of marriage conjunct The Part of Kingdom and in the shocks and novelty sign of Aquarius. It is also loosely conjunct Groom for a shocking midnight arriving Groom as per the parable.

3) The ruler of the faith’s death house is Neptune, ruler of Pisces, sign of the era and of any mysteries and disappearances. It is closely conjunct Anastasia (resurrection) and the Rapture event is resurrection linked, taking both the living and the dead.

4) The fourth sector of endings contains graphic indications like the Part of the Hour of Marriage conjunct the Part of Divorce This seems oddly redolent of ideas like the Ten Bridesmaids parable, five of whom are not ready. Horne is one of the asteroids within the house suggestive of the archangel’s horn or last trump.

5) It is noticeable that asteroid Schwanden (Disappear) albeit not seen or named at the time, nonetheless exactly aspects the sensitive to any endings 4th house sector cusp.

Particularly in relation to what upon its occurrence would be something unprecedented in history, unfortunately we can’t look back for examples (unless perhaps the undated translation of Elijah!). One can only point out time frames or seasons when more than usually relevant factors come together tgo indicate, shock, endings, transformation etc. An eclipse on, say, only the Fini (finished/finite) asteroid would not by itself be a pointer even though that same asteroid was significantly involved and on the Pentecost chart for the surprise resignation of Pope Benedict.

Level of manifestation is always a problem for prediction. In the previous article about the Pentecost season (which I have cancelled as too detailed and likely to detract from this article), I mentioned how one year some distinctly suggestive Rapture aspects were present at a time of high expectation (produced by the speculation of writers on blood moons at Jewish festivals) corresponded to the release of a Hollywood film about Rapture. The event occurred, but not at the level some might have hoped!

[The rest of this article was originally taken up with the variety of different ways people date Pentecost and what has been speculated for Pentecost this year and I am  cutting this as it makes things too long and possibly confusing ]




Alex O’Connor, the Net’s “Cosmic Skeptic”, describes himself as the most atheist person he knows. An impassioned and successful youtuber and podcaster when not at study as an Oxford philosophy and theology undergraduate, he is the most vehemently atheistic person I’ve listened to on the Net.

I have done so because he is so clearly one of a kind, a phenomenon whose psychology interests me more than his ideas with which he endeavours to puncture all over-confident belief. O’Connor is like a twenty first century excited Shelley at Oxford without the poetry but with the protests and causes which include Veganism – atheist Shelley was a vegetarian in case you weren’t aware.

Even at seventeen there was already a side of Alex (b. 1999) that for someone so young would seem remarkably savvy,   self-dramatizing, sophisticated and decided in his views – in his earliest youtubes, especially if wearing a Micky Mouse shirt, he looked like a child ready to scold the world. He has always given as good as he gets and more, often in torrents of words and at great speed. But now and again there emerges a more sensitive, vulnerable side, one that is even disarmingly candid enough to admit that despite himself and all the reason and logic he periodically briefly fears hell, his “hell blips”, an interesting point on which I comment later.

But first for something that Alex would dismiss out of hand, something of forbidden, esoteric, invisible realms, namely what one can derive, and rather clearly, from his birth data. Even without the desideratum of a birth time this still proves oddly eloquent with its information, especially when one includes the modern input from asteroids.


Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Roger Scruton, A C Grayling and Madalyn Murray O’Hare (who said she liked a good fight and fighting God would be the ultimate) were all born under Aries as were Satanists like the poet Baudelaire and California’s Anton Le Vey (The Satanic Bible). The blood and guts, super-patriarchal sign of Aries was the same one that oversaw the age of Aries under which the scriptures of the Old Testament were forged, the same sign that much later produced the founder of the Salvation Army, General Booth.

Fast forward to today in which New Atheism is almost a product of Aries, and ….unsurprisingly….. we find that Alex O’Connor was born March 27th 1999 in Oxford, on 6 degrees of the fighting, head butting, crusading, psychologically rather patricidal or father rivalling sign of Aries, an inclination often crucial to the sign’s belief patterns at the archetypal level.

Whether believing or unbelieving, Aries is much inclined to fundamentalist, evangelical, crusading and literalistic treatment of issues. Thus the bible can readily assume the status of pure lie if the world was demonstrably not created in seven days, a perspective others could find as oddly alien as proposing a parable of Jesus is “untrue” because it fails to tell us the name of the sower who went out to sow and the day he did so.


Alex’s identity- giving Aries sun at 6 Aries is conjunct philosophy and religion planet, Jupiter at 9 degrees. Not so surprisingly, since conjunctions are very for or against something, Alex has been studying philosophy and religion – to meet the enemy in its den so to speak!  It’s not such an odd choice for him because  at  3 Sagittarius, (the religion and philosophy sign  that traditionally Jupiter “rules”), contains the wounded healer Chiron.   This suggests despite some more or less permanent hurt around beliefs, Alex can still make mileage from it  given the planetoid’s  basically fortunate trine to the natal sun.

The sun being the identity and will, anything conjunct or aspecting it counts. Alex calls himself “Cosmic Skeptic”, so suitably asteroid Skepticus conjuncts his sun and his Jupiter from between them both at 7 Aries while the Alex name by which he is commonly known, falls at 6 Pisces exact semi-sextile his 6 degree Aries sun.

What the Cosmic Skeptic wants and loves is science. That he really does o is indicated by Scientia  at 29 of the birth sign  Aries being there on what’s called an anaretic degree indicative of a certain insatiability and/or dissatisfaction.  The situation is further problematized by the fact that Scientia is in out-of-sign conjunction with Saturn (the doubting, empirical,  scientific but also limiting factor in things) at 2 of practical Taurus. Science will not have  the  required answers in many instances.

It’s a reasonable assumption given the name O’Connor and the fact of being raised Catholic, that some kind of Irish background (even if strongly rejected like a James Joyce in revolt), is somewhere involved. If that’s the case, it would be well covered by the way that asteroid Ireland at 7 Libra happens to oppose (challenge) the sun and Skepticus, while asteroid O’Connor at 8 Capricorn is in tension square to sun and Jupiter; so it looks as though Alex might well be opposed to, or opposed by, or in some kind of  tension with, family identity and legacy.

Unless Alex was born early or late in the day, the self-dramatizing Leo moon would have to have been more or less opposite Uranus, itself strong for him in its own sign Aquarius heightening any contrarian impulses. Indeed, at 15 Aquarius Uranus is on one of the six world points, helpful to the kind of wide, popular impact made. Uranus to any planet, but especially the moon, is common in gay charts, so whether or not Alex is gay, the aspect reflects the importance of the ever  tricky  gay theme for his anti-faith position.

Mars, Aries’ ruler, is at home in the chart within its other sign of affinity, Scorpio. From there at 11 degrees of that sign it’s opposed to Venus in its natural sign, Taurus, (though engaging what interests by house we can’t really guess without a birth time). The aspect nonetheless bespeaks the fixed, stubborn, tenacity in opposition to anyone or anything with possibly a quarrelsome, difficult relation with the opposite sex. The wide conjunction of Mars with Saturn could be, as Alex seems to be, a bit overworked, workaholic and /or obsessive.


Against this fighting warrior pattern of someone possibly trying to rival his father (who unlike the rest of the family we hear was atheist), there is almost another Alex, represented by a close tension/frustration square of Saturn to Neptune. This can be a sad and sorry, vulnerable and depressing, sometimes sickly aspect. Religiously it engages the strong doubt factor of Saturn which in this case is directed upon the kind of things Neptune represents – not least the mystical, the poetic, the mysterious and, some astrologers would say, Christ. There’s also some association with music and in his spare time apparently Alex pursues it.

Interestingly as I recently pointed out at the time there were rumours that Pope Francis doubts many things and even privately denies Christ’s divinity, a natal opposition of Saturn opposite Neptune in the Pope’s chart must be taken into account.

I won’t say all that strikes me about Alex’s pattern, but I will mention that the hell asteroid Hella is in Capricorn, the sign most inclined to be in fear of anything. But there is more to the confession of hell blip fears than just the astrological hint of it. It is arguably quite meaningful and could well be set against other stories of mental attempts to banish God from such as the philosopher Sartre and the radical feminist Mary Daly. And this has next to nothing to do with the religion as child abuse idea that Alex derives from his local Oxford hero Richard Dawkins.

Sartre is an interesting case because he didn’t carry heavy baggage from any Catholic upbringing, and almost uniquely for any atheist admitted in his autobiographical Les Mots, that when he was young Christ had appeared to him, but that he had turned away in irritated disgust (it’s not clear why so, but possibly because he felt he had been caught out burning the carpet with matches). Sartre admits that had his response been different his life might have been different. It’s not the quote  I want, but later in  the philosopher’s life and from the Net I do find Sartre quoted as saying “That God does not exist I cannot deny. That my whole being cries out for God I cannot forget”.


Like Sartre (and many others), Alex believes science has made God impossible. But really what has made God “impossible” is a type of science-associated western dualism whose starting point is misleadingly “objective” as though able  and   justified to stand apart from a deity that can be observed like a galaxy and grasped by so many facts and arguments. This    type of inquiry may take some people  some way, but divine truths are always more spiritually than intellectually discerned.

The widely accepted notion that God created something ex nihilo from nothing is misleading as some Jewish mystics (and St Teresa of Avila who had a vision of everything inside God) realized. If “nothing” could even exist it would be a rival to God. Any divine creation is thus necessarily within a prior formed womb-like space within deity. In this model of spiritual reality it has to be that people are   closer or less bound, nearer to or further from the sustaining God.

The reason that Reason does not permanently obliterate hell fears even while it can appear to abolish deity as an idea, is because God is already within the self and will forever be so, at least as regards the individual’s spiritual part (which God won’t destroy but only “quarantine” else he would not be the Creator, Lord of Life),  a quarantined separation that may be “forever” because the post-mortem, purely  spiritual realm are essentially timeless.

Given  the element of freewill possible within the temporal, material zone, the individual is only ever nearer or further in relation to God. The more reflective individual will intuit something of the sort. Hell is simply “outer darkness”, the darkest and furthest point away from the inclusive divine light. Early world myth is broadly agreed on the withdrawal of the Creator God from an imperfect/become evil world. The general human sense of rejection by, or distance from, a deity now only rather conditionally approached if at all,  is reflected in the way that the world Christianity originally entered, assumed the darkness and living death of Hades/Hell, was, except for a few heroes, the automatic fate of the majority.

The Christian hell is thus effectively God experienced as what mystics and visionaries experience divinity most essentially to be, namely (spiritual) fire, but in hell as nothing else, i.e. fire uncombined with the other elements that make life pleasant and possible. As theology of the Eastern churches has it, it is the same light that shines on the saved, torments the damned.

Anyone who has been off-put or plain embarrassed by the kind of supposedly knock down arguments for faith delivered by evangelists behaving like second hand car salesmen, may be pleased, amused or occasionally enlightened  by Alex’s tenacious dismissals and chop logic. But Alex himself can in turn also presume on listeners, try the patience and give a few uneasy feelings.


There is a troubling je ne sais quoi about Alex’s vehemence (albeit this is not always in evidence)  and will to demolish any and every contrary position for the sake of it. One feels at times it approaches the madness of Aries poet, Alfred De Vigny, whose hatred of God was such he wanted to burn churches down (Aries is a fire sign!). And there is a real risk of engaging madness when one insists, like the devil, the “father of lies” (Joh 8:44), on unacceptable levels of lie and libel like proclaiming the bible “corrupt from beginning to end” and religion “child abuse”.

All the historic ills and errors of religion admitted, such talk is simply to ignore the comfort and inspiration towards good that the bible and faith have given to many. Denying such things gets too close to  talking  Reason but writing the next instalment of  Le Vey’s Satanic Bible. And these wild declarations anyway profit from a Christian tolerance that especially Islamic society would never allow for similar religion-directed accusations.

To skate over these problems and endorse illusions as Alex sometimes does, risks calling good evil and evil good many consider to be at the heart of the unforgivable sin against the Spirit (Luk 12:10) or, to the extent there is a will to destroy faith and draw people, especially the young and confused, away from God, it approaches the great offence it would be better to be drowned in deep seas than to commit (Matt 18:6).

So, at this level and beyond the intellectual entertainment, the Alex phenomenon can convey an unhealthy vibe. And we can safely predict God and hell are not going to leave Alex at the waving of any rational wands. They will simply recur, possibly a little fainter with time (because as philosopher Simone Weil had it, if we are deaf, God is like a beggar who keeps returning until suddenly he doesn’t). They will recur because Alex is clear-minded and sensitive enough to register at unconscious levels where he stands with Ultimacy. Since everyone has some deeper consciousness of sorts,  Alex’s hell fear is the only,  yet in its way perfectly authentic, God consciousness or “conversation” with the divine that he can have and may always have as long as his protests  and ultra-empiricism endure.

Whether this type of  peculiar  individual “conversation”  would ever alter its disconcerting direction and tone I couldn’t  say, but to the extent Theotes (Godhead) at 10 of mutable Gemini makes what’s called opportunity sextile to beliefs planet Jupiter at 9 Aries, one can only affirm some species of opportunity exists.




Though any year can be called “memorable”, 2020 will undoubtedly be all of that because whatever emerges amid its turmoil, there will be real and marked change.

Clarity about the nature of the pressures building and the barriers passed might wait till the end of the year  and beyond, namely in the wake of an important conjunction at the Solstice on 21st December. However, significant conjunctions and factors precede 2020’s Solstice event and the movement towards change will be irrevocable and part of a larger turning of the ages, and life on the cusp.

Precisely when in astronomical terms the approximately 2100 years reign of one era gives way to another cannot be measured, but the end of 2020 and its December Solstice effectively serves as the nearest to a distinct celestial marker for entry into the age of Aquarius. It’s then that, following a total solar eclipse on the  14th December,  the generation chronometers, Jupiter and Saturn, make grand conjunction in air sign Aquarius. This is the first of an uninterrupted series of their conjunction across two hundred years of  in futuristic Aquarius and the air signs as opposed to earth signs which have been operative since the industrial revolution. The switch to air signals an inflow and consolidation of new interests, ideas and systems.

The inflow is unavoidable. Whether  it’s for  good or ill  depends on many things. Every incoming sign has its positives and negatives, though at its inception what’s ill may  not be  obvious. When any sign acquires an unfamiliar new strength, the sheer novelty can  seem the answer to everything unsatisfactory at the time and previously.

Way back in the seventies,  a new age figure, Sybil Leek, warned the coming age  might  shock many by being rather totalitarian.  It’s clearer now  that despite all the excited new age idealization of Aquarius in recent decades , society might soon find itself swept into unparalleled high tech arrangements supporting  super surveillance and limiting free speech.  As a sign and hence as an era, Aquarius has a dual Saturn/Uranus rulership, Senex et Puer, Age and Youth which need to cooperate. We have a taste of this issue in the increasing youth versus age conflict in politics, already well  exemplified in Thunberg versus Trump relation   Interestingly,  if her vision was  valid, the late Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon, warned of the advent of a false prophet antichrist,  who would function like a guru to especially crowds of youth.  Born under a super-cluster of Aquarian planets back in the sixties, this person would deceptively precede the true and full expression of Aquarian Utopianism in the long desired Millennium.


Be that as it may, positioned on the cusp of the eras as we now are, for whole populations like those of  Lebanon, Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq, Iran, France  etc, late 2019 already carried the flavour of 2020. It did so because the period was already in the shadow of 2020’s first of that year’s major conjunctions between the slow moving and portentous Saturn and Pluto. The pair finally conjoin exactly around mid January (the 12th) at 22 Capricorn. This is likely to be a time (though not necessarily to the day) of considerable tension political and/or economic or even natural disturbance and in some places  given also asteroid Ceres involved, food shortages.

A Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn reverberates in the area of especially politics, leadership, economics (and corporations)…the more so as 12th January is preceded by a solar eclipse on 26th Dec at 4 Capricorn, and a lunar eclipse on the 10th January at 20 Cancer, a water sign that may include a hint that disasters in the course of the year, and these will manifest,  will have some bias towards floods. (Eclipses engage themes that can work out across 6 months (lunar) and up to 12 months (solar) ).

Both these eclipses lock in the power of the conjunction, engage and challenge the very public and political nature of the Cancer/Capricorn axis  which, however, is not especially democratic in feeling. In fact, as part of the current narrative, democracy is on the decline in the West,  not least in America and Israel which will be considerably involved in major currents of the time that lead towards the more Aquarian era mode.  Governments and leaders can topple in 2020 and corruption, both real and imagined, be highlighted.

A major current of the times but negatively, is simply lies, deception, fake news  and whatever undermines things. It’s a trend assisted by the fact that  at the end of the Neptune-ruled Piscean era, since 2012 Neptune has been particularly strong  in its natural sign  and will remain there several years yet during this time of transition.  At its highest level Neptune is enlightened mystical insight,  compassion and service.  At its lowest octave  it is  just  ultra-permissiveness , lies and self-deception   as of the white person self-identified as black and ready  to accuse whoever  challenges it as a bigot. The candle flame rises brightest  before extinction and the strongest Neptunian effects for good or ill attend the era-cuspal situation.


Both America and Israel are mired in  the charges and counter charges of noisy factions. The December solar eclipse at 4 Capricorn opposite modern Israel’s Venus at 4 Cancer, looks like a demand upon Israel in 2020 to sort out everything from the extraordinary stalemate that has overtaken its leadership and voting arrangements to working out some definitive Middle East peace deal (a Venus issue). This could be along the lines of Trump’s grand design, or Macron’s threatened alternative if things don’t hurry up,  or some new alignment with  Arab Gulf states with which Israel has been in quiet negotiation in  late 2019. It may be relevant  the solar eclipse begins over Mecca  and crosses Muslim zones on its way to South India and East towards the Philippines,

Israel’s  year will likely see both war and peace.  Since nowadays Israel seems to be so often on alert in a semi-war state or  in ignored or minimally reported skirmishes with Iranian proxies, it’s hard to pinpoint when there might be outright war, but two seasons seem possible.   The month from the lunation of 23rd April at 3 Taurus which affects the nation’s ascendant and MC angles  and its moon could be  a trigger.  Hostilities might break out in August when that month’s lunation on the 19th makes conjunction with the national Mars in the nation’s destiny house while transiting Mars in bellicose Aries makes favourable, protective trine to the national Jupiter.

Given January’s lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer conjunct America’s Mercury at 22 Cancer, we can assume affairs of America are well in the spotlight, and divisively so in true Mercurial style, whether in relation to impeachment, Israel, China or anywhere. Also that Trump won’t enjoy too much peace and overwhelming success given his natal restrictive Saturn within calling distance at 23 Cancer. The general security of America could be at risk during 2020. In  June the eclipse of the  21st falls on one of the 6 world points (the same O degree Cancer,  natal sign of America, that preceded 9/11). Since at the time of the eclipse America’s Mercury is degree exact opposed by Pluto, this is not a mark of safety for that month and following. Extreme situations and decisions are possible.

I am not well versed in the astrology of American politics or the status of Trump’s main rivals, but my impression is that Trump, who will suffer more Pluto opposition in  July,  probably won’t gain second election….or…he will do so narrowly and it will be burdensome for him  and he likely wouldn’t finish his term.  One could apply various judgements here,  but  my deduction is made simply from the way  the lunation prior to the Nov 3rd election is in degree exact stress square to Trump’s natal Saturn. Then on 4th November, when presumably America has the result, transiting Saturn squares Trump’s Venus, ruler of his leadership house. Granted Saturn can be involved with the weight of office for winners and losers alike, but one needs plenty of positive stuff to accompany a real winning streak (admittedly, though, and rather importantly, there is a Jupiter trine to the Midheaven around the time, so perhaps he will gain second term after all, but as said not very happily so for him).

In Israel where embattled  Netanyahu may be correct that he is the object of a virtual coup, he is a little better placed than Trump. At any rate the January conjunction conjoins his natal Jupiter rather than his Saturn.  At the time of writing (early Dec 2019) it is expected Israel will go to a third election in probably March.  If Netanyahu can survive till then, things may go more in his favour, starting with a lunation in late February favourably trine his surprise-bringing Uranus followed by a full moon in March which at 19 Virgo conjuncts his leadership Midheaven. Admittedly this moon  is directly opposed by the transiting Neptune at 18 Pisces which is tricky, deceptive and even belongs to a few potential mysteries pending for Israel and its leader that I’ll revert to in conclusion.



Britain with its 19 Cancer moon in the nation’s important 1801 Union chart conjuncted by  January’s lunar eclipse, could remain well challenged not only by ongoing Brexit issues but Scotland’s desire to leave the union and divide Britain.

Dividing the nation or not, the royal family will continue to be swayed and weakened as living symbols of the British system. With the January conjunction’s degree in exact stress square to Prince Andrew’s 22 Aries Destiny/Reputation Midheaven, he may be expected to further squirm in 2020 and the Epstein scandal remain news at some level. And  since the lunar eclipse  hits exact on the Queen’s fated nodal axis,  the scandal affects her at a time she is already revising her role and deputizing.

The Andrew scandal broke with Pluto at 21 Capricorn, degree exact on the queen’s ascendant. It was a time some astrologers for some years had quietly speculated she might pass. That this did not occur nonetheless reflects the intense blow to the monarch and monarchy of what has  happened. No one and nothing emerges unscathed or unchanged from what for many can be a once in a lifetime  Pluto transit.

Traditionally the chart of a monarch was the chart  for a nation itself. On that basis at least, even if a clear Brexit break is not clearly shown for Jan 31st,  the fact that the monarch’s chart has the Saturn/Pluto conjunction so close to her ascendant is eloquent. In normal circumstances it would indicate a person’s isolation or going it alone. Alternatively here it could point to British independence as a theme for the year.

Meanwhile Australia, battered in late 2019 by massive fires, severe drought, record heatwaves   and also political issues with China, doesn’t look promised too much relief. The Dec 2019 eclipse  within  3 degrees of the national Saturn is hardly promising could be belt tightening for the people and demanding for the leaders. The nation has  nonetheless hopefully seen its very worst as regards fires (their  November peak in 2019  when many places were affected as opposed to the current greater concentration on New South Wales) corresponded to enlarging Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius conjuncting  Australia’s natal Jupiter in Sagittarius…. It  would be alarming if the conjunction should be read as opening a whole new cycle rather than marking a peak. The full moon of November 2019  at almost 20 Taurus  was closely conjunct Australia’s Taurus moon, general ruler of the home, and as this is natally conjunct Flammeus, the perennial  danger to rural  home properties from fire seems inscribed).

According to the  Australia chart I use (1) with its destiny and leadership Midheaven and hence its opposite IC point representing the land at 24 Capricorn/Cancer, the nation should feel some effects of January’s eclipse and conjunction. And since at the time of writing Sydney is threatened by encircling fires, it is not reassuring that the Jan eclipse  is closely conjunct asteroid Sydney in the national chart (19.40 Cancer). One must hope it means  re-think about the often careless planning and building  in the sprawling city.   With Pluto mid year hanging around the nation’s  Destiny/Reputation/Leadership point, Republicanism may well be re-ignited and the ruling party much challenged and  forced to be more pro-active on climate, water, food supply and safety issues if it is to retain power.

Since modern Ireland’s natal Mars at 20 Aries in its sector of land and history gets stress squared by both the Cancer eclipse and the Capricorn conjunction, Eire looks to be as threatened as its new nationalists/populists are warning it is. Forces, apparently globalist in the EU and assisted by dubious members of the Irish government, have encouraged the setting up of Direct Provision centres.  Despite Ireland’s  own desperate problems with homeless people living on its streets, the government is  bussing in refugees of a kind unlikely to integrate and  into unsuspecting,  unconsulted villages including remaining pockets of so far preserved Gaelic culture regions. It looks like the powers-that-be seek to undermine or abolish classic Irish identities perhaps as a test case for their policies elsewhere. And hate speech laws to be introduced in 2020 threaten to criminalize as “racism” nationalist protest resistance.

Plainly with Mars affected, many in Ireland will react with rage and with at  least 17% of the small country now composed of immigrants, by mid century the Irish, the only colonized nation in Europe, could become a minority in the land they waited centuries to reclaim. The historic evil of the Ulster Plantation policy now has its modern variation.  Europe, or at least the bureaucracy-ridden EU, is basically hostile to Irish interests, something  shown by the way Europa at 1 Taurus is in frustration stress square  relative to the otherwise fortune potential of the  freedom loving national Jupiter at 0 Aquarius. That this eloquent sign is no fluke is certified by the way England has its own perennial  alienation from Europe marked indicated by Europa in opposition to protesting, separative Uranus and involving the immigration and overseas affairs axis of the root 1066 chart for England. Brexit is fundamental to the English psychology and by the looks of it Irexit is or needs to be to Ireland’s!  That issue apart it is possible the Cancer eclipse carries a warning of floodings in Ireland during the year.

With Jupiter in its hidden twelfth house at 22 Capricorn, China will not be immune from what affects the rest of the world, especially economic in 2020, though  with Jupiter involved it can roll  with the punches better than some countries and might even  in over- confidence precipitate some of the problems .

One of the more important effects on Chinese life during the year will be linked to what happened on Dec 1st 2019 when new phone users were obliged to be subject to  the biometric revolution and its face scans. The nation is constantly increasing surveillance in harmony not least with its natal Mercury/Neptune conjunction. This is a difficult, secretive aspect behind much of the suspicion internationally of China’s meanings and motives. Interestingly, the conjunction is closely conjuncted by the asteroid Draco (Dragon), an echo of earlier  beliefs and a sign the nation is not as attuned to modern values as it maintains it is, nor tolerant of non dragon beliefs Christian or other – expressions like “Almighty God” are being blocked  from mobile  phone messages in China!

However, let’s note the following point apparently so far unmentioned by astrologers and relative to  recent problems around Hong Kong.  Modern  China’s ascendant angle defining the people, falls at 5 Aquarius where  it is in conjunction with its moon at 3 Aquarius and asteroid Hong Kong  at 4 Aquarius.

Use of asteroids in analysis is fairly recent, but to unpack  the message here let’s first realize that Communist China’s moon/ascendant conjunction is much, perhaps chiefly, involved with China’s long time  one child policy  and its sometimes forced abortions – the moon is a general symbol of mothers while mythically Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, has birth control and abortion associations. Given these factors in China’s pattern,  one could expect “motherland” and family possession are issues for all concerned  and that is the case with the Hong Kong issue.

With Hong Kong just inside the nation’s twelfth sector, (often associated in personal charts and medical astrology with the womb), the Mother country sees HK as part of itself. Since however asteroid Hong Kong is placed  in degree exact 150 degree quincunx aspect (a keyword for the aspect is “adjustments must be made”)  to the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus,  and in the mother sign of Cancer too, Hong Kongers  perceive any Chinese belonging in different, less dependent  terms. They favour the Uranian theme of freedom and independence, even protest and revolt. Ultimately both sides will need to compromise for the best possible outcome.

The HK troubles belong with the period starting from June 2019 when transiting Uranus at 4 and 5 Taurus (natal sign of HK leader, Carrie Lam, who is Taurus rigid and stubborn),  was making exact 90 degree stress square  to asteroid Hong Kong  in Aquarius.  Uranus continued on to 6 degrees then retrograded, and towards the end of 2019 with the success of the democracy movement in local elections and the intervention of Trump in support of democracy, Uranus was back at  a less overtly dangerous 3 Taurus. (2)

The tense square aspect to 4/5  degrees will repeat for the last time during March and first half April 2020. If  all parties can keep cool, the worst problems may be avoided for a while or more permanently; but one must always be ready for the shocks and surprises and openness to novelty  that are associated with Uranus. And  2020 is a difficult year. Theoretically, China with its sun in Libra should be a master of compromise and legal dealing, but factors within its pattern can work against this,  not least the mentioned Mercury/Neptune aspect which makes for distrust among negotiators. Different, perhaps  pragmatic attitudes from both sides might emerge in 2021 with Saturn across China’s ascendant and Hong Kong. Whatever  happens, it will not help China’s reputation in the world if it cannot acccept the element of Uranian individualism that will always characterize Hong Kong in relation to China.


The cycle of Saturn/Pluto, especially at its conjunction or opposition points, is always serious news – the beginning of WW1, the onset of the Great Depression, the beginning of the Cold War, anciently the sack of Rome, the expulsion of the Jews  from Spain (anti-Semitism can wax strong  in this  cycle) and the crucifixion of Christ, the list goes on. It is the severest, most testing, ruthless and “apocalyptic” of transits, one at times assuming a kind of God versus devil conflict, Saturn being an old symbol of Satan and Pluto a newer symbol of Creator/Destroyer.

Saturn is involved with structure, politics, tradition, Pluto with creative power, destruction and transformation. The meeting of these forces tears down and destroys, hopefully but not automatically to transform. Often savage nature joins in, and in his analysis of political and cultural cycles, Richard Tarnass notes a correlation of even Melville’s birth and publication of his Moby Dick, with the Saturn/Pluto cycle, the whale that attacks ship and man is a symbol of pitiless natural force. Hardships through nature like major food shortages such as preceded and facilitated the French Revolution can be another feature of the times.

The mentioned Irish dilemma which highlights new problems with a radical globalism, looks towards what could prove a feature of the year more widely and one enabling to any globalist juggernauts, namely a whole new global currency system in the wake of general economic collapse. The reason to suspect this is given by an important conjunction in July of (once again) Saturn and Pluto, but this time the fatal pair joined by the more optimistic, internationalist input of Jupiter. But again this happens in politically and materially minded Capricorn, and that’s a sign factor which could send reform in a ruthless direction.


A line -up of these three planets within specifically Capricorn has not occurred since 1284. That was the year that the Republic of Venice launched the gold ducat that would be standard coinage for the next six centuries. Astrology is not wild forecasting but judgement from symbols and cycles. It would be surprising if some kind of economic revolution did not take place during 2020. Rendering the system more total, biometric or joined to some radical NWO 666 chip would come later, certainly not before the end of 2020’s Aquarian conjunction that seals in any push towards more Uranian, high tech and electronic trends.

That the July conjunction really should have global effects seems certified by the way it is preceded by a solar eclipse on June 21st on one of the six world points (in this case 0 Cancer – a point suitably eclipsed ahead of 9/11). Moreover a lunar eclipse on 5th June hits challengingly opposite the Vatican’s sun. Since the Vatican is an international institution and now under Pope Francis even a globalist-minded one but either way a body heavily involved in finances through the Vatican Bank, crisis would bring reforms its way. There look to be reverberations at once economic and religious for Vatican leadership over the six months from that eclipse. Altogether I think for several reasons June’s lunar eclipse could be a really important one for the Vatican..

Italy can hardly be dissociated from such events, and with a natal conjunction of Saturn at 23 Cancer and Venus at 21 (its Saturn inside the 9th house of religion and overseas affairs), Italy should be feeling the force of conjunction and eclipse. As indicated in my description of Italy astrologically, art is much involved in the nation’s Venus/Saturn in Cancer and it would be unsurprising if, given the eclipse and conjunction, there were not more Venice style challenges from nature to preservation of the national heritage along  with affirmation of national identity in the face of EU globalism.


Saturn/Pluto is weighty enough, but with shocks and revolutions Uranus transiting earthy Taurus during 2020 and for several years, it’s unlikely the momentum of earth moving quakes and disturbed patterns of season and weather will be dying down any time soon. The earth’s foundations are being, and will be further, shaken. Indeed, the pressing question (in line with the perennially “apocalyptic” concerns of Saturn/Pluto) is whether that also corresponds to actual “end of days” scenarios and the beginning of the so-called Tribulation period, itself sooner or later overseen by the NWO of 666.

There are undeniably some indications for such an historical tipping point like the fact that the medieval prophecy of St Malachy would have it the current Pope is the last in line, while in Israel  leading rabbis anticipate the soon re-building of the Jerusalem temple and the advent of the end of days Messiah. If that person appeared, Christians of prophetic persuasion would doubtless assume he was the Antichrist… If these same people were on earth to pass an opinion on the identity!

There is disagreement among students of the prophetic about whether any false prophet figure would emerge before or after the so-called Rapture of the believing prepared, often seen as signalling the beginning, or near approach, of the Tribulation period. However, consensus is for post Rapture. Regardless, the inbuilt perennial tension between Jewish and Christian understanding of the messianic appears wonderfully reflected in the way that in the foundation pattern for modern Israel, the Messiah asteroid  stands at 3 Taurus in challenging opposition to the Christ asteroid at 4 Scorpio. ( I maintainJesus was born under neither sign, but his  Venus/Neptune conjunction, so important in defining his messianic image and role, was at 3 and 4 Scorpio). On the astrology of Christ see


As to what is being said and believed in Israel, it is undoubtedly rather remarkable that over forty years ago the highly respected Rabbi Kaduri forecast that the Messiah would appear at a time of elections but no government, a cryptic claim…until 2019 when Israel’s politics became almost  exceptionally stalemated! It is a highly contested matter whether in the last years of his very long life Kaduri encountered the Messiah in dreams and declared he was Jesus, but decades ago he would not have implied as much in his strange prophecy.

Given the variety of contested expectations, is it possible to look for anything at all in terms of celestial signs for apocalyptic scenarios? For someone like myself who claims to have data still working today for the birth of Christ and for Christianity at the first Pentecost, there could and should be some indication of possible ending or major crisis. And if the false prophet were to appear, that should register on the chart for that person from the data for his birth if the late Jeane Dixon was as claimed able to register his birth in vision. I will say something about especially that option and also about an interesting, strange celestial phenomenon of April 2020 that could be symbolically relevant to speculations for 2020 as the year of the onset of Tribulation and the Great Lie.

Jeane Dixon’s 666 vision of her “Child from the East” makes for a compelling astrological picture for this person given all the inner (material, earthly) planets in the human sign of Aquarius but none of the spiritual outer, Trinitarian planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) in the sign although the  pattern’s Aquarian ruler, Uranus through its connections  has potential for great popularity and power, even if and while conveying ideas “human all  too human” that never arrive at the traditionally spiritual number 7. Add relevant asteroids and the picture is still more compelling as when one sees the pattern’s Christ asteroid degree conjuncting the Bethlehem Star of Jesus’ birth as though to occlude it. The pattern even seems to have worked and to be working as exampled in the article, “Malachy’s Last Pope Ringing Down the Curtain?”

It is as though the person existed, but I assumed that given the eclipse patterns of recent years helping build influence, if this person truly existed they would have to have appeared to the public before the end of 2019 at latest. Otherwise could I honestly see the emergence? My position has become like those Jerusalem rabbis expecting a Messiah but saying “he delays his arrival” and by now I have to suspect a fluke or Dixon being misguided….even though I must still concede a point or two. For example, it’s of interest that January’s conjunction at 22 Capricorn falls conjunct the Messiah asteroid at 21 Capricorn in the chart for Dixon’s “child from the East”.

If I could  be persuaded Dixon saw true and the birth data is still relevant, then I would say with confidence that this figure must appear in 2020 if only because the eclipses of 2027 seem eloquent for the end of a reign prophetically expected to be of seven years duration prior to the open return of Christ to the world. So, I step back puzzled, except there is the other observational mystery that could be relevant….plus the mystery around Israel and Netanyahu with which I conclude – if, by half way through the year events don’t oblige it, I shall delete these final paragraphs as irrelevant.


I will revert to Netanyahu, a person of destiny it might be said, and certainly according to another of the prophetically influential rabbis, the late Rabbi Schneerson of the Lubavitch movement.

Schneerson believed Netanyahu could hope to beat many enemies and hand the keys to the Messiah (a Messiah who takes Netanyahu’s place and solves the political deadlock?).  But interestingly, Schneerson  specifically said Netanyahu could stand against 119 enemies, just the number his rival Gantz is now saying Netanyahu has to deal with in the Knesset. So it’s a reasonable question: can we see something linking Israel’s embattled leader and the messianic theme in 2020?

The full moon of March 9th is at 19.37 Virgo  which is conjunct Netanyahu’s 18 Virgo career and reputation Midheaven…..Full moons tend to bring out what the new moon implied or promised. The previous new moon on Feb 23 falls at 4 Pisces trine Netanyahu’s Uranus. Given Uranus’ rulership in his chart, this can put Bibi in the news  without its necessarily having him  in jail or the pits at a time when, if held that month, elections might even work in his favour.

Netanyahu’s natal moon is at 19 Libra in his destiny, career sector. That admittedly isn’t too helpul in relation to 2020’s Pluto/Saturn conjunction and the  eclipses across Cancer/Capricorn. But they could just bespeak satisfactory ending, one that with relief  hands over the keys. Within conjunction of his natal moon is Masi (Messiah) at 16 Libra  but  also Achristou at 18 Libra (recall that prophetically minded Christians would regard any  new Jerusalem Messiah as antichrist). Might we be looking at some messianic developments as the year progresses and the new and that full moons register against natal and national patterns?

[  April 25th  The period between the full moon and the end of the lunation month  has seen Bibi retain power and make way for a unity government. A Libran compromise fulfilled but no sign of any Messiah yet ]

The subsequent new moon on April 23rd then falls at 3 Taurus which is the degree of Masi (Messiah) in Israel’s chart. Does this mean anything? Likewise, what  might it mean that  late 2020’s solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius not only aspects  Israel’s Sun at 23 Taurus and opposes its Uranus at 24 Gemini, but trines Achristou  at 23 Aries? Will Netanyahu indeed have handed over some keys before the year is out?

It is beyond me and perhaps any astrology to know just what is involved here, but it does look as though amid the very real dramas of 2020 some kind of messianic theme could be an important part of the general upheavals.


1. The chart for Australia I use is the Chesleigh one for the beginning rather than the ending of the Federation  ceremony at 1pm. 1st Jan 1901 in Sydney.

2. In standard astrology one would not automatically expect the difference between 3 and 5 degrees to make such difference in affairs  and their timing as I claim to see. But to be technical here, asteroids are not representative of energies like planets. They are instead names and ideas acted upon  rather than acting, and even in personal charts the orbs for effect are small (up to only 2 degrees at most unless aspects with sun or moon are involved). It follows the transit of Uranus between 3 and 6 degrees Taurus should be able to register a lot of change in relation to   Hong Kong and appear to be doing so.

3. Additionally on April 3rd,  Pluto the death and transformations planet, is at 24.52 Capricorn  while Jupiter is at a close 24.48 of the same sign. At the first Pentecost, asteroid Anastasia (Resurrection) was at 24.30 Capricorn – in other words also in favourable aspect to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) on April 3rd . This itself is relevant because, natally, Jesus shows Morgenstern at 23.59, (virtually 24) Scorpio conjunct Coelum (heaven) at 24. Themes of resurrection and heaven thus join. I won’t say more than to notice that on April 3rd shocking, upsetting Uranus at 5.16 Taurus is not just conjunct Pentecost’s Fides (Faith) and Lamb (possibly relevant to signalling any marriage of the Lamb theme) but is stress square to Pentecost’s   5.06 Aquarius Achristou which given its regular associations I have come to assume functions as the Antichrist asteroid.



Way back in the seventies, the Catholic Seeress, Jeane Dixon, alleged a vision was given her in St Matthew’s Cathedral Washington of the disciples as the signs of the zodiac. Rather as in the art of Bulgaria’s Rila Monastery portrayed above, Christ reigns in the centre of a zodiac. Dixon subsequently believed the basics of astrology was something all Christians should know and such would eventually be taught in schools.

I can’t prove Dixon ever had the vision and knowledge claimed, but I have my reasons to say that if she wasn’t right, one feels she ought to have been.

There really are major reasons why Christians need, even badly, to assimilate a few astrological principles; and it’s anyway beyond high time they were rid of the erroneous, vehemently held, conversation stopping view, not shared by many rabbis nor many Catholics (Dixon was taught astrology by a Jesuit priest), that astrology belongs with the biblically verboten “divination” (Deut 18:10). Isn’t it at least a hint of something that Magi (ancient astrologers) were associated with Jesus’ birth?

So before going further let’s immediately state that astrology (much of which as we know it didn’t even exist in the times of the prophets who condemned the omen astrology of moon gazing) most essentially was and is a study of cycles along the lines of Ecclesiastes’ talk of recurrent history and appropriate times to act (Eccl 3:1-8).

This is a wisdom based on observation which has nothing to do either with random factors as in the use of divinatory cards, nor establishing spirit contacts. (In some respects it can be like reading a train time table!). Astrology is, as Jung recognized, an ancient and core system of psychology. But it’s one being constantly updated and since Jung’s death name, place and idea asteroid have graced astrology in sometimes breathtakingly accurate ways.

However…. this isn’t some apologia or proof for astrology in itself but rather a notice about how it can and should legitimately function as a supplement to religious faith. And this is in some areas a lot because, if rightly understood and used, it could shut down some of the more fruitless, perennial theological and pastoral arguments that occupy minds and supply some needed objectivity in situations where people may be so troubled they can hardly know anything beyond the enveloping emotion that clouds judgement.

The following statements obviously simplify for those not in this field, but the following are the sort of questions astrology can answer, and I am of course talking about astrology beyond sun signs. Though these can tell you something, strictly speaking a birth time, place and all planets are necessary for the proper reading of natal data.

Question: Isn’t astrology all about “fate” which Christians say doesn’t govern our lives, in which case why should we need astrology when surely the Bible can tell us enough already?

Answer: Though we do have choices, the basic shape and span of a life is unquestionably subject to “fate” and cycles as surely as the gifts and career of a scientist are not those of a musician. There are things to know about a life that are indeed extra-biblical as surely as the hidden message of the gifts of the Magi which forecast a particular destiny – the death of Jesus was as fated under eloquently exact planetary transits as his birth (See “The Magi at Era’s End”, especially its op-ed article section “Proving an historic discovery”    ( If you think you need nothing but the Bible, consider the confusion on some subjects that Christians using only the bible have arrived at without astrology. A common but erroneous view is that Jesus taught his soon return when in fact on more than one occasion he refers to the aion (age or era). What is the age or era  (Matt 28:20) that he is with the disciples on earth for?

The answer is the astrological age of Pisces, or age of grace that began around the time of Jesus’ birth and must last around 2100 years. Nowadays it is hard for prophecy-believing Christians to speak of the end of days at all, it has been preached so many times sensationally and falsely it has become almost redundant. Yet is should be apparent the end of the current age and the advent of the new Aquarian age (which corresponds to the biblical Millennium) are mysteries Christians simply haven’t understood and not least through lack of astrological understanding even of the most basic symbolism (see for example what I  say about Ezekiel, Millennium and Aquarian age in this article . But the mere fact that Jesus’ birth is a subject for Magi (astrologers) should have alerted Christians to an understanding the religion will include astrological symbolism and cycles and that the subject can’t be so evil it would have been better if Magi had never come to Jesus’ birth as Bishop St John Chrysostom so wildly proclaimed in the fourth century.

Question: So what is my general direction and purpose in life, my so-called “Fate”? Can you do as well or better than intuition and prayer?   

Answer: People believe God should or will tell them about their lives and God may. But like it or not, you won’t be having a full interview with God about your life, (though you may receive hints which you might then be tempted to doubt). Your natal chart, especially through factors like its Midheaven, tenth house and its ruler can supply you some objective pointers to your talents and life options. There are no exceptions for believers. Charts of believers from Popes to Preachers will indicate the religious direction of their life and career.

Question: Can you shed light on why some people claim to hear from God much of the time and I don’t?

Answer: While this is complex and there could be several answers (everything from the matter of innate spiritual talents to one’s spiritual state – you might be in sin condition) on a long term basis, an important element is what your sun and moon were doing at birth. If your sun (the will, the core self) is positively aspected, you will, or will think, like St Teresa of Avila you hear from God a great deal. If the main aspects are to the moon you will “hear” more indirectly, through ritual, music, feelings and intuitions. The status of Jupiter (faith) and Saturn (doubt) also count. (If you fear you are hearing from the devil you might need to see how the asteroids Lucifer, the devil as light, and Malin the devil as darkness, work within your pattern). Evangelical Christianity which has affinities for especially persons strong in fire signs, can cause needless anxiety and self-doubt by expecting people to keep hearing from Jesus to the point many pretend or kid themselves they hear messages they never heard and weren’t meant to.

Question: Do you presume to judge why was this or that prayer was not answered when I felt it should have been or a healing miracle didn’t reach a devout friend when they had faith for it and power manifestly touched others at the time. 

Answer: As Ecclesiastes tells you, there’s a time for everything under the sun. It’s useful to know when that time is. Good things like miracles only happen in harmony with good aspects and transits in the sky to your natal pattern. Likewise, bad things, including delays, only occur under hard aspects. Especially Jupiter accompanies blessings. Especially Saturn accompanies frustrations. An answer to prayer deferred is not an answer denied.

Question: Even if astrology can tell me something about life, surely it can’t tell me anything about God in relation to life and my understanding?

Answer. In some respects it can. And it may even help you understand the little understood Trinity and its interaction a little better. The outermost planets, commonly associated with transcendence and generational influences, at another octave reflect (in their highest manifestation) the Trinity. Jesus equals Neptune. Uranus is the Spirit and Pluto the Creator and Judge/Destroyer. For example, Jesus’ declaration that any sins against himself can be forgiven but none against the Holy Spirit (Mk 3:28-30), has strange echoes in the notably forgiving, compassionate, quasi permissive outlook of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, sign of the age of Grace, as opposed to the perfectionist, absolutist rather unforgiving mind of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. Pluto transits can deliver people sufferings of Job type experiences in which one either dies or is profoundly transformed….

…..This subject belongs with the earlier one about healing and miracles. For example, one astrologer studying patterns of healing told me of how a terminal cancer patient who had asked Jesus to heal him was healed and allegedly saw Jesus enter his ward with transiting Neptune, the Christ planet, exactly on his destiny Midheaven. The still working chart for the birth of Christianity at Pentecost AD 30 shows Uranus (the Spirit) rising conjunct the horizon in fiery Leo at 9.15 am. (This can be known as the birth time was roughly given in the bible as necessarily after 9 am).

Question: Can we hope to avoid what feels and looks, whether humanly or astrologically, like the “bad luck” Christians are not supposed to believe in and some imagine is all that astrology deals in anyway.

Answer: There’s no doubt some people and their birth patterns are more fortunate and opportunity-bringing than others (think if you like about Jesus’ parable of the talents). Christians are not immune from problems and to be frank, astrologers are used to the unofficial visits to them of Christians lamenting God seems to have abandoned them. It happens under Saturn and/or Pluto transits as the late Sybil Leek noted years ago. It was behind St John of the Cross’s celebrated “dark night of the soul”. In the long term, the way to overcome the seriously, recurrently negative in a life is to locate its centre and work with it, perhaps invert it. If one sees a drug addict’s chart with, say, a dangerous twelfth house of hidden enemies and trapped conditions, almost certainly their cure and adjustment will be involved with working with social services, prisoners, addicts that belong with the twelfth house. You have choices, especially as regards level, but there is a degree of fate from the natal chart – just as you are born an extravert or introvert and nothing will change that essential – and it is not for Christians to call this observable root pattern, occult delusion.

Question: Are you suggesting astrology can find me my soul mate?

Answer: If it can’t find you your soul mate it can tell you who isn’t that and whether a pair are well suited, not least sexually. Christians who don’t approve contemporary mores ought to be interested in a system which can show sexual needs and romantic types so that there’s no need to keep sleeping around before marriage or divorcing after it to be sure you’ve landed Mr or Mrs Right. From head to toe, basic turn ons or off or lack of same are indicated from the birth chart. When and where the system isn’t compromised for financial reasons, the relative stability of Indian marriages has been attributed to widespread recourse to study of the couple’s affinity for marriage by horoscopes. Also as regards the vexed issue of homosexuality, it is possible to read whether a person is likely to be that way orientated. The matter is complex, but arguably the few conversion cure claims as regards orientation owe something to what is called an afflicted Neptune aspect which can manifest as highly changeable, addictive, confused and potentially bisexual. There aren’t just gay aspects but revelatory gay asteroids and a Part of Homosexuality telling the core truth of orientation which like Jesus’ so-called “eunuchs” is “from the womb”. Jesus like certain ancient astrologers stands alone in assuming something like an innate sexual difference exists.

All  of the above only touches on a big subject and something I have not covered is the major subject of how different sun signs and birth patterns incline people towards different types of beliefs and emphases in religion. I deal with this in my The Astrology of Beliefs     

I have also not covered, but somewhat do in the mentioned book, how theology itself is coloured by the astrological factor. Much that may seem alien to us today in especially the OT as it relates to women and war is considerably explained by the different values and psychology of a sign and era.  The age of Aries which precedes the age of Pisces/ age of grace, shares in the often hyper-patriarchal and bellicose  characteristics of Aries whose ideal is in the opposite sign, Libra, sign of Laws and peace, just as Pisces looks towards Jesus who was born under VIrgo. The ideal of the coming Aquarian age is Leo and Revelation pictures Jesus as the returned Lion of Judah.





I had been wondering if and when we might hear some religious speculation or declaration on the historic Australian fires and drought which currently are very dangerous and the worst on record. (Ten years ago the ever controversial  Pastor Danny Nalliah made out that Victoria’s Black Saturday fires were a consequence of the state undoing its abortion laws).

Disaster of all kinds is a regular part of life in an imperfect (Christians might say “fallen”) world. But really exceptional disasters do present special questions and it is biblical enough to inquire if the appropriate collective response should be serious self-examination, repentance  and/or re-dedication towards God. It’s more an OT idea than a NT one,  but only because the OT is more embedded in a national history and consciousness; but that doesn’t mean the issue is totally unbiblical and Christians need never consider it.

What I hadn’t anticipated was that first into the field with a rather predictable reaction to events, would be that most controversial of battering rams, Israel Folau.  He cruised in ahead of all and any churches to declare that legislating gay marriage and permitting the “murder” of abortion in NSW had brought down God’s judgement which, if there wasn’t repentance soon, would soon become more severe. (He incidentally ignored that as regards the fires, numbers had been started not by nature or “acts of God” but youthful delinquents!).

Public reaction to Folau was similarly predictable as also to the shortly following declaration of Sonshine Coast Baptist Church at Caloundra (on the affected Sunshine Coast). Its billboard cited 2 Chronicles 6:26  on a  connection between national sin and drought. Public response was that these people didn’t get it about Christ or the bible. The Pentecostal (Hill Song version) Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, declared Folau to be “appallingly insensitive” and “unhelpful” – Hillsong always   aims to be more helpful than theological and is not disposed to explore either life’s mysteries or tragedies. It’s the church of Justin Bieber.


I am going to suggest that the truth in this sad and difficult matter could be,  as in so many things in life, somewhere in between what’s getting so wildly declared.

So, no, I am not about to say that I believe God is punishing Australia for legislating gay marriage – the nation is anyway one of the last nations of the west to legislate for it, so what about all those other nations? Likewise NSW was one of the last strongholds of a strict abortion law, and while I don’t say abortion is a good thing, I’d agree with Jordan Peterson that it’s not good “but it’s not that simple”. Christians can’t and shouldn’t call all abortion “murder” and impose laws that not even all Christians are in agreement about.

All this said, it’s possible, and churches should have the discernment to at least allow the possibility, that through events God might actually  be speaking to a highly secular, unbelieving, often corrupt, materialistic and violent Australia, nationally a classic example of those people  “who forget God”.

In fact, Australia has so far dismissed the Christian legacy that scarcely one person in authority (including Hill Song Morrison) or media has the guts or loyalty to protest the horrors of persecution of Christians across much of Asia and Africa, choosing instead the soft PC option of women’s or gay or Muslim rights as though in sheer numbers and ferocity there could be much comparison. (If you doubt the assertion, here is one recent article taken at random:

When God’s word is neither proclaimed nor heard, God may use anyone or anything to declare it. When the Pharisees try to silence Jesus’ disciples he tells them he won’t because otherwise the stones would cry out (Luk 19:40). As I indicated earlier this year, Israel Folau under the influence of a strange, religion swapping father  is a bit of an ill- informed nutter on many issues ); but if Folau can make Australia talk about divine judgment, it’s conceivable God might use him to say the unsayable and unpalatable truth. But what truth is that?


It is to misunderstand or misrepresent the Christian gospel to suggest that the perfect Creator will normally deal with imperfect humanity other than (to superficial view) negatively, i.e. apart from issues of judgement. The gospel, which modifies this situation,  is precisely  gospel (good news) in light of  a  Christ overcoming and mediating the automatic human separation from  God who is seen as having basically withdrawn from his creation. ( This incidentally is a situation widely assumed in world myth to the point it seems  to be some kind of collective memory and archetypal ). All the so-called punishments and judgements of God can be considered simply degrees of separation from God who, in the face of sin, increasingly  abandons what basic protection is allowed to attach to nature and life .

If you doubt this point because you assume Jesus only ever says nice, comforting things, consider Jesus’ response to disasters like the tower of Siloam (Luk 13:14). It only makes full sense in the context of biblical assumptions about a well-nigh universal, death-invoking separation from God. “Do you think they were worse offenders than all the others living in Jerusalem? No, I tell you but unless you repent , you will all perish as they did”. The point is everyone lives under a universal curse which makes for disasters and sweeps people away, and in the context of which the only proper response is an attitude of sufficient repentance to avoid worse.  As Ps 50:22 has it:
“Mark this, then, you who forget God, or I will tear you apart, and there will be no one to deliver.”

Prayer, (which many never even try to practice, abstract meditation having taken its place for many), right beliefs and attitudes alone give the perfect God, so to speak, “excuse” to bring blessing or protection on the imperfect. God throws no thunderbolts like Zeus; God is simply absent – hell itself is the absence of God.

Finally I must say there is one further  “prophetic”, speculative way of reading present conditions. True it’s again no great comfort to  those suffering in the immediate (and I don’t say we shouldn’t be sympathetic to them as victims of a collective fate), but it would at least make Australia seem less singled out!

The possibility is that at the end of the (around 2100 year Piscean) era inaugurated around the time of Christ’s birth, what is happening is part of a more worldwide, gradual meltdown towards the birth pangs that through apocalyptic horrors like the Tribulation of Revelation the next era is birthed. Moreover, by singular irony, aspects of the whole gay issue have an unexpected connection to adequate understanding and interpretation of that possibility. It’s a connection that would be unimagined by Folau and    his fans who should nonetheless for his and their sake try to absorb them.  Apocalypse as a gay issue





If report is true, according to news from Rome quickly taken up by especially traditional Catholics and released on the 9th of this month through La Repubblica, Pope Francis does not believe in the divinity of Christ.

Here’s one report

It may be that Eugenio Scalfari, the pontiff’s long time  journalist friend, has misreported and exaggerated what got said in the course of private, unrecorded conversation. Scalfari who founded La Repubblica is an elderly (95yr) atheist. The Vatican has described Scalfari’s claim as a “personal and free interpretation” of what was said…

…But this does not constitute  the more complete rebuttal that might have been expected from the institution which regularly works to cover for the by now almost routine puzzles and gaffes deriving from Francis. For example, a year or so ago Scalfari reported the Pope did not believe in hell, another claim the Vatican rejected, though perhaps more accurately so as it’s known the Pope does believe in the devil. But why for years now has Francis been interviewed (now for the ninth time)  by someone liable to misreport?  Are these “errors” a means of giving  leaks that convey the real Francis’s credo?

With the latest controversy, traditionalist Catholics feel they have found serious confirmation of their opinion Francis is simply an anti-Pope who should step down. While we may not have the full truth in this case –  and in fairness Francis has referred to Christ as “true man and true God” as in a Christmas Eve homily of 2013 –  it’s still likely here that “there’s no smoke without fire”.


Pope Francis is, uniquely for his position, a Jesuit, and the direction of modern Jesuit thought like that of Teilhard de Chardin has long been suspect of various heretical,  universalist  and materialist/Marxist doctrinal swerves. This has been seen in South American Liberation theology and troubling policies like the excessive compromises with communist China. Traditionalist surprise about, for example, papal openness to  Fr  James Martin, himself an American Jesuit, and LGBTQ claims fails to take into account how this development may  well owe something to the neo-marxist basis of Queer (as opposed to gay) theory and theology (1).  Regardless, years ago Jesuit writer, Fr Malachi Martin, (d.1999) exposed not only many Vatican irregularities but accused fellow Jesuits of lack of adequate belief in Christ’s divinity.

A low or confused papal Christology would only be consistent with another earlier Francis controversy in which an audience was told that claims to any personal or direct relations with Christ are “dangerous temptations”. For Francis, the way to communicate with God is through the church, or perhaps he really meant Mary because qualities and attributes of divinity are liable to be directed by him away from Christ and onto Mary. He even told natural disaster victims in the Philippines they could take their pain to her calling her “Mum”.

That Francis’ beliefs would need to be ultra-flexible and “imaginative” on issues like divinity and Sonship is almost guaranteed by his unexpected and radical rapprochement with world religions, especially the agreement made earlier this year with Ahmed-al-Tayeb, the leading Imam of Sunni Islam. I regarded this as odd and commented on it critically earlier this year. (See St Malachy’s Last Pope ringing down the curtain?”

This October’s Amazon Synod at the Vatican has itself raised controversy with the Pope attending a ceremony in which indigenous people worshipped the Earth goddess, Pachamama, a figure to whom they regularly sacrifice as a true and living deity rather than treat as just a symbol.

If there is truth in the charges of papal heresy, it’s unlikely the Pope Francis totally rejects Jesus’ divinity. By the sound of it Francis holds a highly original and ultimately unbiblical version of it which renders Christ wholly and only man while on earth, but lets him be divine before and/or after life. This cannot however be called strictly Christian. To the extent such belief would confound distinct notions of a unique eternal Sonship, it is even biblically associated with Antichrist teaching. “This is the antichrist, the one who denies the father and the son” (1 Joh 2:18)

Christians are supposed to believe, and Francis maybe doesn’t, that Christ is “the image of the invisible God, the firstborn (or pre-eminent) of all creation for in him all things in heaven and on earth were created….for in him the whole fullness of God was pleased to dwell….( 1 Col 15, 19 ).

Belief in divine incarnation has always constituted a mystery, one rendered unnecessarily difficult through its various definitions against Greek philosophy; but it can be more consistently and plausibly described in other terms (as in even two of my metaphysical poems “The Hidden God” and “A Divine Rejection” )


The trouble with this latest controversy around papal beliefs is that no matter what the precise truth of it, its existence and widespread broadcast creates uncertainty and confusion in the world, and even in the churches, which can be biblically illiterate in a secular age.

I have never bought into the  sensational claims of those would-be visionaries who go to youtube and elsewhere to declare that Pope Francis is the Antichrist or the False Prophet who supports that person’s cult, but I would concede that this theoretically last Pope according to the prophecy of St Malachy, could be preparing the way to a/the false messiah and the coming of the great lie.

If Christians weren’t so opposed to and dismissive of anything astrological it would be rather clearer to them what is going on and that includes  traditionalist Catholics who never liked the trends begun by Pope John the XX111 and his Vatican   council. There is a connection between back then and now. Once again a free-wheeling Sagittarian has assumed the top job and this time with truly global and historic effects given a natal sun conjunct the Galactic Centre (important for events in religion) and at the end of the approx 2100 year long Piscean era which began around the time of Christ’s birth and is rather obviously identical with St Paul’s “dispensation of grace”.

Things are coming to a climax. As with the earlier case of the February agreement with the Imam and world religious leaders, the celestial signs point to the significance of this latest development  along the way to collapse. For example…

First, to mention Francis’ own pattern, he was born with a not altogether helpful for a Pope aspect of Neptune opposite restrictive, sceptical Saturn. Positively Neptune is anything to do with Christ, ideals, compassion and mysticism while negatively it is confusion, lies and addictions. As to when the Francis news was launched….

  • On 9th October transiting Neptune at 16.33 Virgo was almost perfectly conjunct Francis’ natal 16.30 Saturn in Virgo releasing and reflecting distortions, misunderstanding and whatever about Christ.
  • The sun that day was at 15 Libra. This meant that for Christianity (as represented by the Pentecost chart for Christianity’s birth in AD 30) the sun was suitably conjunct Bischoff (Ger. Bishop). Society would receive a report about a notable bishop – Francis calls himself “Bishop of Rome” in preference to Pope.
  • I have no exact time for release, but the moon was almost certainly in late Aquarius to supply shocks and surprises, and also perhaps to conjunct the late Aquarian factors of the pattern most likely to indicate the Antichrist as mentioned in my February article cited above.
  • In Revelation, the second Beast or prophet of the Antichrist is one who speaks like a dragon (Rev 13: 11). Interestingly, on Oct 9th Jupiter, strong in its own sign of Sagittarius, sign of religion and doctrines, at 19 degrees was conjunct asteroid Drago (Dragon) in the chart for Christianity. This would suggest facilitation of an Antichrist doctrine – if Francis is guilty as charged. The dragon always threatens the church. In the chart for Christ’s birth, and in line with the way conjunctions are either very for or against something, asteroids Church and Drago are conjunct at 8 Taurus. Their ongoing argument was, as it were, released by the challenging way that on 9th October Mercury (any news) was at 8 Scorpio.
  •  It’s ironic and almost amusing but the sort of thing that helps certify astrology, that the Pope was reported to say amid the controversy that he likes creating some confusion (because it’s creative). He shouldn’t do this as biblically it’s said God is not a God of confusion, but we may accept Francis was telling the truth here. Natally he has the confusion asteroid  Chaos in often confused and confusing Pisces at 11 degrees which means in perfect opportunity aspect to his natal Mercury (any media or newspapers) at 11 Capricorn in his house of the audience.


Taken altogether this latest piece of papal controversy is an event that belongs with surprising, controversial Uranus in Taurus. This month at 5 Taurus, Uranus sets up tension square to Achristou at 5 Aquarius in the Pentecost/Christianity chart. I have found Achristou to work like “astrospeak” for dark side and antichrist issues.

Francis’ own Achristou asteroid is conjunct his Mars in Libra at 19 and 20 respectively. This week the full moon opposite there at 20 Aries attends and may possibly enlarge upon the controversy.

As said, conjunctions are very for and against something. One can hope that Achristou is not an Antichrist factor and that Francis would sooner oppose than support any Antichrist doctrine. But from now on it will be an uphill battle for Catholics, especially traditionalists, not to believe something is going wrong with the papacy.

And for those of us who are not Catholics, it can only seem ever more peculiar that Catholics choose to remain with a branch of Christianity they recognize to be so exceptionally scandal ridden, confused and even traitorous (as in the case of China’s Catholics, betrayed into communist hands by the same pontiff that should be defending them). Beyond a certain point, to stay around risks being undermined and contaminated and the relevant prophetic principle is always “Come out of her my people lest you partake in her sins…and suffer her plagues” (Rev 18:4).

NOTE  1)  I have stressed in various articles like The Muddle of Christopher Yuan’s Holy Sexuality ( that non-essentialist, materialist queer theory and theology is inconsistent with Christianity in a way revisionist gay theory and theology need not be.  It would be ironic but not unexpected from a Jesuit background if papal acceptance of LGBTQ increasingly inclined to Queer.

Two poems about Pope Francis:
Pope Francis’ Heaven for All
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