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I will paste below what I have sent this morning in Australia to the Noel Tyl site in America

Much could be said on this topic, especially given several charts used for modern France -the 4th republic with its 24 Aries Midheaven as opposed to 5th looks like it might be more relevant at this point. However and dramatically I would point out this.

I have long claimed to possess the true chart for Christianity at Pentecost in AD 30 and that it works down to the last asteroid and still works for events.

Today Uranus for accidents and disasters is at 2 Taurus 9 dangerously square Pentecost’s fiery 2.40 Leo ascendant.

I don’t know the exact time the still ongoing fire began, but I am seeing the TV reports this morning in Australia and today is the 16th. The sun is presently at 25.40 Aries. This means today it sufficiently comes to  conjunct Pentecost’s 26.57 Aries Venus in its tenth house of destiny/reputation, Venus being its ruler of the fourth of any property, art and any endings. Also, transiting   doom-laden Saturn at 23 Cap is conjunct Pentecost’s Neptune (the stained glass windows have been lost) and square the 23 Aries destiny Midheaven of Pentecost.

That this event occurs in the Holy Week before the Passover in sync this year with the Christian feast, looks like not just an event but an omen, an omen of the soon end of the Piscean Christian era itself, a subject which it seems is increasingly being reported by many in dreams.

I am not however going to get into date setting or speculations here re such as Second Advent or the Rapture, a real mystery which however I do see as arguably locked into symbolism and factors of the Pentecost chart from its inception. I will however say there is something  hurtful to me and rather shameful  in relation to the astrological community that none of its leaders, its magazines etc have,  over the years, been interested to feature or examine the chart for Christianity or indeed even for Christ. The latest gossip over Hollywood holds more importance. This isn’t good enough and against this failure I am confident of being proved right.

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It’s quite a question. Born last year, is Israel’s Red Heifer  likely to stay red and be the true and ritually perfect one whose ashes can be used in dedication of the anticipated third temple? There are some highly suggestive indications that the kosher true one has finally arrived  and I am surprised I never examined this more closely before to pass an opinion.  After all, the whole question is now almost inextricably tied in with the current mounting expectations of a Messiah for Israel and full blown apocalyptic expectations in some Christian circles  (partly addressed in my recent “Rabbi Kanievsky’s Messianic Purim 2019”  on this site.

Just what the Red Heifer is and does, touches on some sensitive points of doctrine and difference between Judaism and Christianity. The Red Heifer of Num 19, is a unique sacrifice within Judaism, a sin offering which takes place outside the city walls and is effectively a collective purification from sin and the greatest impurity of all which is death.

The mainstream rabbinic position is that Israel is living in a state of ritual impurity unless and until the Temple system of sacrifice is restored. The Christian position as outlined in especially  the Epistle to Hebrews and its Chap 10, is that Jesus made the sacrifice once and for all time for the sins of the world, rendering animal sacrifice unnecessary. Christians today seem divided  over whether any rebuilt temple that awaits its heifer is a positive move (a symbol and reminder of God to the world) or a signal/trigger of apocalyptic events since a false prophet or Antichrist will arrive to defile and stop the rituals of any new temple, or even a trigger to both possibilities.

One thing is rather clear amid differing beliefs. There is an affinity of sorts between the symbolism of Jesus and the Red Heifer. Jesus died, and the Red Heifer must uniquely die, outside the city walls and both are understood to die as radical sin offerings. Jesus “lamb of God” is as  much and possibly more the unique heifer, and both have been born under the sign of precision and perfection, of health and cure, Virgo, itself the ideal of the opposite sign, Pisces, sign of the  (approx. 2100 year) age  now declining and at its last gasps. For the astrology of Jesus, data that work for Jesus issue to this day, se

I will read this in two ways, first as a day chart and  where relevant  in relation to Israel, and second in relation to the regularly working data I claim to have for Christ. (See  Following   this I will have some things to say about the last Purim and “messianic” developments from that.

  • For the day of the Red’s birth (28.8.2018) we have no exact time or place, so I will follow custom and take the generalizing average of midday at Jerusalem. It  happens to be a potent choice, as the sun has just entered 5 Virgo where it conjoins asteroid JERUSALEM for that day while Jupiter, the religion and beliefs planet, conjuncts the ascendant (the point rising on the horizon). Also the chart’s  base angle (origins,  traditions) at 24 Leo manages to be near conjunct modern Israel’s TEMPEL  asteroid, an incidental relevance.
  • Surprising, revolutionary, unique Uranus is suitably placed in Taurus, sign of the bull and any heifers. It’s a sign, besides, long associated with Israel which in modern times was born under Taurus in 1948. Uranus is also perfectly trine Saturn, symbol both of any traditions and any guilt, and at 2 degrees Capricorn very strong in the sign of its rulership. By tradition Israel wants to purge guilt with this heifer.
  • The birth can be world relevant and sacrifice associated especially as CHIRON, the wounded healer planetoid, is at 1 degree of Aries, namely on one of the six world points. ( O Aries is such a point, but anything up to 1.30 degrees is counted as on that degree).
  • At 2 of Taurus, Uranus in tension square to asteroid REDDISH at 2 Leo, heightens controversy around the status and significance of the heifer and whether she will remain completely red as required, – which she likely will. Reddish in a fixed sign (fiery red Leo) favours remaining red!
  • That this birth seriously involves Israel and its religion is indicated by the way at 16 Scorpio Jupiter, the faith and beliefs factor, makes fortunate easy trine to asteroid ISRAEL at 16 Cancer and to Neptune, strong in the sign it rules, at 15 Pisces…incidentally sign of the outgoing era.
  • That involved, however indirectly, are matters concerning the Messiah, is indicated by the challenging and tense opposition of asteroid MASI (Ar. Messiah) to Pluto, the judgement, force majeure, even deity planet.
  • Asteroid COLPA (sin/guilt) at 4 Cancer happens to be conjunct modern Israel’s Venus at 4 Cancer. This is all the more significant if one takes the usual, most working chart for Israel which shows Venus in its ninth house of beliefs and religion. So religious Israel wants the purification of this sin offering.


I will now highlight the pattern of the day as it agrees and disagrees in connection with data for Jesus but either way suggests an element of destiny and involvement with many beliefs.

  • The sun is in Jesus’ sign of Virgo and at just 5 degrees it falls opposite his JACOBI possibly indicating difference with traditions of the sons of Jacob.
  • Mercury (any news) at 16 Leo conjuncts JERUSALEM in Jesus’ chart. The heifer is all about Jerusalem  and being just outside it.
  • Venus, strong in its own sign  at 20 Libra, conjuncts SALMON (a variant Solomon name) itself in suggestively easy and favourable trine to Jesus’ 19 Gemini TEMPEL (Ger. temple) asteroid. This has to reflect current desires to restore the temple of Solomon. (Solomon as SALOMIN was in Jesus’ fourth house of his origins and ancestry along with other biblical notables).
  • At 16 Scorpio, religion planet and Bethlehem star, Jupiter,  well and truly reflects the confusion and argument about the meanings and fate of any  third temple and sacrifices. It manages to conjunct SETHOS (Seth/Set/Satan) which is bookend conjuncted at 15 and 17 Scorpio respectively by MALUS (bad) and PALOMA (dove) which is like some devil and Holy Spirit contention over religious issues.
  • Uranus at 2 Taurus is opposite Jesus’ VERITAS (Truth) at 2 Scorpio, incidentally a natal position suggestive that truth about Jesus has a lot to do with death and the issue of his death and transformation, ideas which as we know is not ultimately in harmony with what the heifer represents.
  • Pluto at 19 Capricorn is hitting a conjunction of several asteroids in Jesus’s pattern including ABBE (Father). The issue of the heifer involves both Jewish and Christian beliefs around how much the Father can be contacted and worshipped and will forgive.

I think the above is enough to signify the Red Heifer’s birth is timely and relevant for many current beliefs and that she is the one most likely to stay the course fully red and prove the elect creature that let’s the temple be dedicated.

Meanwhile….and to continue the story and issues of Rabbi Kanievsky’s Messianic Purim….


Where Israel was concerned the real surprise and gift of the festival proved not to be a hidden, emerging Messiah but Trump’s recognition of the historic Golan as Israel and not just “occupied territory”.

This intervention was clear enough, but post Purim 2019 a measure of confusion (some of it a bit amusing in line with Purim’s carnival spirit) prevails. Indeed, I can hardly keep up with and understand it all. Poor Rabbi Kanievsky who I  now find has stated the Messiah was born last July, must have felt short changed by the events of the festival that were supposed to present the Messiah to a few before a greater revelation around the elections and Passover. (But if he were still an infant, could the messianic crown anyway even fit his head?!).

What Rabbi Kaviensky and his devotees have been left to absorb is the embarrassment of someone apparently taking him at his word and more. On the evening of Purim, a not totally unknown figure once deported from Israel, King Ra-El (aka Raymond Elwood b. June 9th 1968 in Illinois), was featured live stream on social media in English from Baja Mexico. The region is one  that Jews  have long inhabited and which has a kosher farm there that a time back announced it had produced a red heifer, though of course one from within Israel was always to be preferred and now lays claim.

Beneath a canopy blown by sea breezes, Ra-El swathed in Messianic garments arrived, a little  uncertainly  it seemed, to be anointed and crowned by the (returned?) prophet Elijah, as Son of David,  King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Son of a God who insists the world should acknowledge him. A cardinal of a masonic Catholic church has endorsed him as Israel’s and the world’s true Messiah.  Though obviously Ra-El is not this person nor the  Egyptian sun god Ra, nor the prophecied Antichrist either (the latter would have be more mesmerizing and seductive according to every dream of him reported), I did say in the Kaviensky article that the  pattern for Purim was somehow off and had a strange Christ/Antichrist savour.

So I wasn’t exactly wrong about that! And I must admit it’s interesting that Ra-El has his natal Pluto on the degree of Jesus’s sun, while his Jupiter is on the crucial Uranus, Regulus, Achristou conjunction of Jeane Dixon’s Antichrist. But that need only mean there is a connection of themes, someone claiming to be the  Messiah and being thought by some to be the Antichrist.

Regardless of such festive season distractions, there are rabbis expecting some Messiah for Passover.  It is anyway  set to be very special occasion this year because the Sanhedrin has declared its priests will perform a televised Passover sacrifice near to the Temple Mount. They will do so on the altar dedicated last December at Hannukah for use in the anticipated third temple. Clearly some leaders do anticipate a soon Messiah even though it won’t be Ra-El.

There are even people who have decided it’s Trump who is a, or the, Messiah (because he’s fulfilling a Cyrus-like role and could see a third temple built if his peace plan in the wake of Israel’s elections proves satisfactory). There are also fringe Christians who have decided Trump is not messianic but the Antichrist – previously there were, and still are, some Americans holding out for Obama as same! Others more numerous but not less radical, believe that between anticipated messiahs and Christs in the style of Ra-el, events are pointing to the near onset of the Tribulation (which if so would have to produce an Antichrist figure). Things are certainly hotting up in Jerusalem. Just how things are changing, events speeding up and people getting  impatient for the temple to be built and really soon can be gauged by this news article out only today.

There are regions into which astrology might be wiser not to stray, but for those who want something with a frisson, something can be conceded to the radicals. With shocking, revolutionary Uranus now entered stability and economics sign Taurus and painful wounded healer Chiron gone into aggressive Aries, both of them in March and staying for seven years, the duration of the Tribulation, this among other things would support the idea of major crises due before too long. There could be life-changing, painful crises that some might well call the Tribulation.

There is much reason to suppose that if mid East tensions don’t upset plans, with the Israeli elections, a highlighted Passover and the Trump peace plan expected to be made public, April and the whole Jewish new year month of Nisan from 5th April, could well prove a time to remember.





THERE’S ABUSE AND ABUSE: Thoughts post Jackson and Pell


I watched the Leaving Neverland saga and I am glad that despite a slow start I watched all of it. It was compelling and moving. I believed the stories of abuse as there were some very telling points and moments that could hardly be invented and feigned. They helped me better understand how abuse victims can suffer and react over time. [ Three weeks on I have doubts in light of new evidence about the two victims, Robson and Safechuck whose dates and more don’t correspond with established facts. I can only say they must be good actors and perhaps well read – Robson’s narrative is said to have been borrowed from a novel about paedophilia ]

Any abuse which as in the case of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, is continued over childhood years is  real and serious abuse. I am not surprised that it can be misunderstood by victims, be denied and lie buried only to return belatedly to trouble sleep like so much post traumatic stress disorder. It is even functioning like a virtual possession. Indeed, if one accepts the esoteric explanation of sex which would maintain there is a blending of soul bodies or auras, then the unreadied person of the child, has been entered and joined with by an unequal force in a way that stains the inner being and hurts development.

As against this, the plea that the perpetrator case could have been kind and generous in some ways, as Robson and Safechuck freely concede, is irrelevant;  irrelevant as in another direction is Macauley Culkin’s rush to Jackson’s  defence declaring nothing was  done to him in Neverland. That’s a situation one could attribute to the fact  that from the outset, child star Culkin would  strike Jackson  as more Hollywood, less pliable and cutey-innocent.

Be that as it may,  I find it  strange the public anyway ever idolized Jackson so long and as much as it did, never suspecting the singer with his ghost-like appearance might be another,  more sweet-talking Jimmy Saville. I could never feel easy about someone who dangles his child out of a window. But someone who issues an album like Bad and who keeps clutching his crotch in performance and who brings children on stage with him is surely trying, however unconsciously and despite himself, to admit to something out of kilter.

Anyway,  the main thing is that victims of abuse deserve our sympathies and socially we should all be more discerning and vigilant about who we put on a pedestal. But questions remain, and I feel we must also recognize there’s abuse and abuse if society is ever to manage this difficult issue properly.

Since people do suffer severe stress for all manner of negative life experiences like home robbery, murder of relatives, domestic violence (for which, they may currently receive less overt sympathy from society than sex abuse victims), what I have yet to understand is the alleged effects of what looks like another level and kind of abuse.

I don’t understand how and why there are victims who suffered some brief experience above the age of, say, twelve (Robson and Safechuck’s abuse began well before that ) which they claim, has overshadowed and half ruined their lives. They may claim this although the experience occurred  decades ago and maybe only once or twice, wasn’t rape or major intimacy and maybe lasted only a minute or two (as with cases the genitals got touched or somebody masturbated in front of somebody).

This is closer to some of the casting couch  #MeToo charges  or controversial tribal rituals which over the centuries some young people have been subject to without necessarily suffering the worst possible effects. So, if it’s not a case of making accusation for dubious motives, I would suspect something other or more than the purely sexual has got to be involved, something which perhaps modern law and its terminology might need to adjust in order to cover with greater accuracy and justice.


This is not a prelude to any topical defence of the disgraced Cardinal Pell (who seems to have suffered fall from  the heights about as great as Cardinal Wolsey centuries ago!). Like not a few people I do have doubts that he is guilty as charged for specifically something briefly occurring in a sacristy in 1996 according to only one witness. However, although such doubt, including from a non Catholic, is supposed to render me in the minds of abuse advocates friend of some party of ultimate cruel  bigotry and right wing reaction, the fact is  I am suspicious Pell might be guilty of other offences not taken up by the courts and reported as occurring in a swimming pool years ago.  But even if he is innocent of all such charges, the fact seems unavoidable that in the past he has been coldly dismissive of, possibly deceitful towards, traumatized persons making legitimate complaints. My  sympathies  for him are accordingly modified.

Even so…. in any circumstances I would still question whether there is any cause to have a person of Pell’s advanced age and in poor health registered lifelong as a dangerous sex offender for what, if true, were rare, brief failures long ago. Indeed, the failures are getting called “heinous crimes”, apparently so heinous that for some people no amount of punishment would be sufficient. Though it’s likely Pell will anyway die in jail unless appeal gets him out of it, the still suffering victims and their vocal supporters seem to imply years of imprisonment won’t do. They seem to imply the criminal should be locked up and the key thrown away, that he should certainly be imprisoned for life,( ideally executed if the laws would allow it), and then let him rot in hell. “Don’t forgive them” declares the human headline Senator Derryn Hinch of any abusers.

What levels of trauma support these kind of attitudes? I suggest it could be something along the lines of the “homosexual panic” reaction that once used to be allowed as a plea to excuse the manslaughter of gays who had the misfortune to make a pass to the wrong person. It was assumed the psyche couldn’t suffer the shock of being thought an object to any other man. While that idea was always controversial, I could more easily accept that harder to take would be the potential shattering of worlds, self-image and faith in a trusted person like a teacher, or a priest (seen as a power figure and often identified in children’s minds with God), suddenly become a threatening user. Here really is a basis for trauma with some lasting effects..But shouldn’t that be defined more as ”breach of trust crime’ than sex crime pure and simple?

The question can well be asked, especially in an age of supposed sexual freedom and “equality”; because as matters are and the law stands, behaviours are still getting the worst possible, dated, demeaning descriptions that only risk missing the point and confusing the sentencing. This is why Pell’s defence lawyer initially declared (but was forced to retract by the outcry from victims and the public), what Pell had done was “fairly vanilla”. But comparatively speaking he had a point given the  brute reality that all manner of modern crime is often lightly treated by courts(against the public will it must be said)  and we live amid a rather oversexed, porn-ridden popular culture. It seems that Pell,  apart from managing to raise his heavy garb to expose himself (which at least some adolescents might have thought derisively amusing – children do have their dirty jokes) and masturbating himself, he had briefly committed “oral rape”…. which means engaged some forced fellatio.

Of course the accused had no business to be forcing himself on anyone, especially not any young person in his general care; it would always be inexcusably wrong. But for the very short time long ago involved and in its broader socio-sexual context, was it exceptionally heinous, fit to refer to the accused subsequently in terms normally reserved to someone more like a serial killer or a socially dangerous pervert never to be let out of supervision?


Like it or not, fellatio, but admittedly not forced on the underaged, is  what one hears most men want when visiting prostitutes, while it’s the substance of a lot of porn and semi-public gay bath house activity.  And no one is going to be prosecuted for it. They won’t be because the laws changed and legal description of acts as “gross indecency” and “indecent exposure” etc were questioned. “Gross” and “indecent” for whom, when and why? Terminology was allowed almost to judge a case almost before it was heard, for example a  person naked in public for whatever reason  could be on trial for crime itself,  disgusting because, well, the word “indecent” was attached to it.

With this in mind one asks, no matter how inexcusable it  might be on the part of the active perpetrator and repulsive for the passive victim, should some briefly forced fellatio be regarded and treated as super-criminal “rape”?…..A female rape victim could be bloodied and battered, even left unconscious. If forced male fellatio could arrive at anything remotely similar, it would be specially criminal indeed, so why the emotive word “rape” as opposed to something more like “exploitation” of, or aggressive “self-imposition” upon, the innocent?


I don’t suggest justice should not be sought and pursued for sexual abuse and the Catholic church’s mismanagement of serially offending priests marks a serious scandal, but I do feel what I would call the victims of the “lesser” and most historic abuse need more and better counselling so that they are not suffering feelings of shock, shame, or betrayal over long periods of time and pressing for the severest possible sentencing in all cases. I shouldn’t wish to add to the burdens of those already feeling burdened, but there just might also be another factor people and the courts don’t like to stress to them.

Difficult though the task may be, and again needing active counselling support to manage, at least some degree of cure would come through just forgiveness. Forgiveness is ultimately something we all have to do or failure to achieve it rots the very bones and prolongs the suffering. As the longtime falsely charged and socially pilloried Lindy Chamberlain had it,  forgiveness is really almost more a letting go than anything. It’s admittedly something perhaps easier to do in the religious context where one is meant to believe “vengeance is mine, says the Lord” while serious offenders of the innocent are promised “better a millstone be put around their neck….” If that’s the fate of the unrepentant abuser, it should be easier to pardon and pass on in this life. But in a secular, materialist world it is possible to hang on, hoping for other outcomes and benefits which however will be found to have cured nothing in the long run.

It’s right and good the public should re-think Jackson at this time, but it may also be necessary to re-think a few laws and little questioned attitudes too in the light of the tricky Pell case.  If Pell does get out on appeal as he actually could, I hope there won’t be riots and Australia is left with a public so divided it borders on a Dreyfus case.  In the age of social media it is too easy to get carried away in waves of popular emotion and unexamined opinions.



I bought Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Shameless with the aim of reviewing it. The book sounded too radical to ignore with its call for a sexual “reformation” in the churches. Some of the pre-launch hype and the anticipation from conservatives was nonetheless misleading . I can report the book does not advocate the unlimited use of porn “ethically sourced” (amateur?) but says a few things about sexual imagery and its use that are rather more nuanced.

But it is true that in-between a wealth of stories and testimonies, in a quieter vein the author does virtually discard biblical and traditional  notions of “sexual purity”(equated with “rape culture”).  They are seen as unnecessary compared with the purity of just  sincerity and caring in consensual sex (free love one might say). This is something one can shamelessly enjoy without need for repentance or absolution because salvation is also about human flourishing not life wrecking . In short, there is something to this book of the  more abrasive, less spiritually inclined  Indecent Theology  from late queer theologian, Marcella Althaus-Reid, back in 2000.

The Shameless title owes more to an insistence that just as Jesus retained and displayed the scars of his crucifixion, we should not be ashamed to display our hurts. Which is what this book does…. full on.


Nadia is intriguing to watch and hear and you can do that here   But that the book is so full-on is why I find I can’t usefully review this offering in any conventional way. However valid its points, they emerge from within the expressions of an American cultural framework of extreme confession, emotion, group therapy, tears, hugs and kisses  that, for me, gets in the way.

This is a book about and for especially the walking wounded. It could leave non- Americans  feeling glad they weren’t raised in “the land of the free” where they might fall victim to often brutal, judgemental, incredibly gender-rigid, regimented, cultic forms of Christianity (rather in the style of the recent film Boy  Erased), plus  pressures from secular media and advertising. Combined, these can leave a person ashamed they are too fat, thin, ugly, sexually unfulfilled, effeminate, too mannish….the list goes on and on. But worst of all, it seems, is to be an abused, wrongly appreciated woman.

Though that could well be the case, I am neither a woman nor male feminist enough to be able to feel with the author in some areas like her current OTT project which involves collecting the purity rings of disappointed, disillusioned women to melt them down for a protest vagina sculpture.

Bolz-Weber would doubtless respond that sex itself is OTT and that one of the problems with preaching “purity” is that almost by definition sex cannot be only “pure”, it’s too irremediably earthy and messy. I accept the problem and in conclusion will be considering whether we have misunderstood what the biblical concept of sexual “purity” means and is intended to serve.  But keeping to  BW’s perspective, if, as her discourse implies,  sex is as good as anti-feminist feminist philosopher Camille Paglia’s “Dionysian swamp”, then plainly Bolz-Weber’s feminist religiosity  with its “rape culture” emphasis  sounds like it would be less keen to take on board elements of masculine protest, straight or gay, and allow it to resist or shape eros in the way Paglia considers is  almost necessary to life and culture.

So…after a few words about the author for those who don’t know her, I shall outline a more general picture of the church/sex problem that could apply almost anywhere. I shall conclude with what I think Nadia is overlooking and which is a possible facet of  any reformation, one that challenges both  her approach and the conservative, supposedly bible- based one of her sterner critics.



Though she has recently abandoned full time ministry for the lecture circuit and public theologian status, Nadia Bolz-Weber is by now celebrated as the swearing, heavily tattooed pastor or,  some have said  pastrix, of the House For all Saints and Sinners on Denver Colorado’s sin street and where her chief assistant was a drag queen.

Born 1969 and growing to  over six foot tall and feeling disfigured by Graves disease, Nadia  arrived at her pastoral office after a painful pilgrimage. It began amid childhood fundamentalist repressions, and was followed by a history of depression, youthful promiscuity leading to an abortion, alcoholism, drug addiction and  some involvement in wicca and at  one stage  careers as a female wrestler and a stand-up comic. She has been married, had two children (the son is gay) but divorced by mutual agreement in 2016 -the pair didn’t get on too well sexually – and she has found the comfort of  an erotically fulfilling lover since. A colourful, only-in- America person, if ever.

Also unusual in that unlike most sexual liberals in the church, Nadia, more or less, believes her bible as given (except on “purity”). She accepts the resurrection and miracles, though she has suitably kinky  ideas about the afterlife in which she imagines  dining with people she loathes like Harvey Weinstein! It’s a sort of penitential torture she has invented for herself via a universalism that  believes since everyone is “accepted” by God she must love just everyone (even Hitler and Stalin?). In this she is undoubtedly a heretic because though the bible regularly gets cited to support variously inclusive and exclusive views of salvation, nowhere does it proclaim everyone is saved.

It is relevant  Rev Nadia is a Lutheran pastor. Actually I’d say she’s ultra-Lutheran if only people beyond her denominational fold, (which despite protests hasn’t expelled her), could see it. Luther’s Table Talk is surprisingly frank and coarse.  On sex Luther could also be quite liberal, supporting divorce and if necessary even bigamous marriage in the case of a partner become totally incapacitated.  Moreover, at least initially and when he was still mind-blown with the revelation of grace over against a salvation worked or paid for, Luther’s rhetoric told people to go out and sin freely and come back again and again to repent it. In short, there was little notion of any cure for sin  or what later by the likes of Wesley would be called “sanctification”, the improvement of self and soul throughout life.


…..But here and with the reformist Lutheran legacy,  I can begin my general reflections because even the (sometimes) ascetical medieval church that Luther left behind, had an understanding that especially Protestant evangelicals have never absorbed, namely that there can be something in the order of “death by chastity”. (1)

It was a concept medievals inherited from the Greek doctor, Galen. Medieval Scholastic philosophers might expound their  weird but influential notions, like notoriously that masturbation was akin to murder (because it destroyed seed thought of pre-scientifically as whole homunculi) and  that “sodomy” was worse than rape (because rape was ‘natural” since offspring could result), but for the laity some priests accepted the inevitable. They   believed that for both sexes masturbation might be medically sanctioned to save lives.

I think one could say exponents of Christian chastity have not been so much totally wrong as seriously one-sided. They will declare everything that is harmful about sex like STDs, but they won’t concede the pitfalls of not having sex, like for example increased likelihood of prostrate cancer in men and low spirits or outright depression in both sexes. Medieval medicine was not so far from the mark.

Return of libido among the chronically depressed is often the proof that cure has begun. But if cure requires libido to return, where does this put Christians who can’t or according to some churches  supposedly shouldn’t, say, get remarried following divorce, or gays who should never have a lover, or almost anyone to whom stimulation or fantasy are forbidden?

I have written elsewhere about what can seem like “incoherence” in biblical sexual teachings   and one instance is St Paul’s notorious “better to marry than to burn”.  Is this truly  a helpful, meaningful statement? Marriage is a big, often expensive undertaking and like love itself not easily arranged. So can or should anyone enter it only to satisfy raging hormones? The very  idea seems to contradict the idealization of love elsewhere in the bible; and then it  isn’t envisaged for gays anyway whose needs are not even supposed to count but whose suppression of desire can be seen to have all sorts of negative effects.

Gays have been liable to be dismissed as mere pleasure seekers, “wankers” or masturbators because their sex serves “only” pleasure and not procreation. Yet if sex were not for pleasure,  why, as BW asks, does the female clitoris serve  nothing but pleasure and, I ask, why does modern medicine reveal to us that a foetus may be self-pleasuring in the womb? One can’t just diss pleasure as being automatically  sin in itself.

Before I move towards anything like a solution to the range of problems Nadia’s  rather free love values present us with , two points should be emphasized.


First is that though there can be improvements in sexual understanding and practice, there can be no complete solutions, so there can be no full “reformation”.  BW partly admits this herself, suggesting one can really only hope for a good as opposed to a perfect sex life. Even so, one feels Bolz-Weber wants perfect solutions, and  if  that’s the case  could  still use insights and warnings  of  the mentioned  Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae like, “the modern pursuit of self-realization has not led to sexual happiness, because assertions of selfhood merely release the moral chaos of libido”.

In an imperfect world, sex and love will never be perfect (or if sufficiently perfect insufficiently long lasting to quite satisfy). And this is the case no matter how many sex guides (or biblical counsels) the individual applies to it. But it’s this incompletion has always made  it easy to generate guilt and/or embarrassment and disappointment around the topic. Also a degree of confusion to the extent erotic experience takes people “out of themselves”….. but to quite where, for what and why? There are always quasi-metaphysical questions and unsurprisingly “God” is a word often accompanies orgasm.

It’s not a Protestant coping mechanism and Bolz-Weber is all of a Lutheran, but in traditionally Catholic countries, minor rituals like removing religious jewellry, turning crucifixes to the wall, blessing oneself afterwards etc  seem  designed to cover vague uncertainty over the  real status and meaning of sex. The sexually insatiable but moralizing novelist Victor Hugo would even put money in the nearest church box after every visit to a brothel.

All these actions speak to the unease with  activity not, however,  puritanically rejected as it might be further north.  (And It would be wrong to put all this down to a Judaeo-Christian legacy. From years ago I can’t cite the precise source – probably a study of historic Japanese homosexuality, Partings Before Dawn,  I recall  a Japanese  feeling remorse he expressed to the gods for on account of his use of a great number of youths).  In the Catholic cultures it was more a case of  accepting an “ethics of ambiguity”, even a Baudelarian “conscience dans le mal”, (conscience amid the wrong).

One of the core wrongs, at least as far as certain Jewish cleansing rituals were concerned, had always been that, in the case of male sperm touching the body, even as a result of wet dreams, death had touched the body. To the extent sex is about reproduction and not just pleasure, it hints at the need to overcome the universal blight or curse  of death and death is ritual impurity (in traditional Judaism to touch a corpse left one impure for days).



The second point that causes misunderstanding around sex and bolsters false hopes among preachers and moralists that the problems can be easily overcome with a will, or even be virtually ignored, is that despite what modern society and books like Shameless assume, not everyone is sex-hungry and repressed.

The phenomenon of what the French would call “les indifferents” is real enough. It applies to many famous people throughout history like the orator Cicero who amid the opportunities of ancient Rome wasn’t “much interested in those kind of things” or Mme de Pompadour who though happy to be Louis XV’s mistress preferred to run France for him than be active in bed. This was a chore she preferred to delegate to nubile young things like Louise O’ Murphy (immortalized by Boucher’s painting). And then we must absorb that even reputedly sexy people may not be that sexy – Pop icon Madonna has admitted she’d almost rather read in bed than have sex.

The existence, sometimes widespread, of the indifferent has always emboldened moralists to assume there isn’t or needn’t be any problem beyond one of rational ethics and mutual respect. (That seems to be the position of especially the Anglican clergy who have lived through various sexual revolutions without scarcely mentioning the sex subject in their sermons or statements!)

Looking at the sexual problem at the purely ethical level, which I don’t believe one can and should wholly do, it is easy enough to see what the bible is getting at. This is pure intentions and loyalties, good interpersonal relations with fellow humans and beyond them with God. Infidelity at this level bespeaks a failure to remain loyal, to keep promises, to see persons as persons as opposed to objects for passing pleasure. Infidelity is thus an attitude of coveting whatever and whoever we don’t have, or a desire to score or have power over others. And symbolically there can be failure to reflect the ideal of the perfect marriage of Christ with the church.

All this is fine as far as it goes in training sensibilities, making for general security and respect within society and it’s the general framework for any basically devout lifestyle. (Rather obviously prayer and riotous living don’t belong together!). In especially the OT, however, purely patriarchal notions of ownership and property (instinct of the age of Aries, the ultra-patriarchal sign under which it was written), may muddy the ideal which has never quite been able to manage difficult cases like the infidelities of those married against their will . What can get called “adultery” may be little more than a desperate will to realize one’s identity and find some love. Few of us would care like Dante to send Francesca da Rimini to the Inferno.


I am going to suggest that almost the core problem is the need  of quite a sizeable portion of the population (from horny youth to the masturbating geriatrics with which Simone de Beauvoir concludes La Veillesse, her depressing study of old age), to just have some sex, to need stimulation and orgasm as surely as some exercise is needed for health.  Idealists may wish otherwise, but love alone if it can be conveniently found, may not suffice to cover the lack of erotic excitement even if it’s also true that sex dissociated from love can also demoralize and increase loneliness.

Not being able to put erotic need neatly inside any framework from the social to the ethical or the spiritual, can cause all manner of confusion including among the devout. These  may be left to wonder how repentant they are meant to be about what might seem only necessary but which, (in the Catholicism which didn’t allow medieval style “medical” reasons for it), traditionally rendered it a subject for penance itself.  That perversely brilliant poem The Great Hunger from Patrick Kavanagh evokes the confusion from the Catholic and peasant position, “once a week  at least flesh must make its appearance…” but it’s all a confusion of a life “more lousy than savage”.

Much helped by St Augustine, the Genesis story of Onan has given rise to fantastic superstitions and horrors around masturbation (onanism) which, despite Augustine, is not even the real point of the story, which is Onan’s insulting and wilful refusal to do his sacred duty to preserve the family line.  (Gen 38:9).

Superficially, even words of Jesus might not seem helpful. In what can be made to sound like distressing impossible extremism, he is often interpreted as declaring that to look on a woman with desire at all is equal to adultery (IMatt 5:27), but the point is missed that Jesus’ subject is precisely the ten commandments and adultery, “woman” means married woman and looking at (more like having a mind to taking) someone else’s wife is to be understood morally equal to doing it. Intentions count and guide contact. Interiorization of the Law is the message not approving what would make for depopulation if no man ever allowed himself to feel anything.

And  surely on a normal basis we would not call all erotic pleasure and  fantasy a defiling misdirection of the will; it can just accompany relief of tension and in the young where imagery might be strongest, it may serve a sort of clarification of the kind of person and experience the individual is working towards. So in this area I am  rather  in agreement with Bolz-Weber who dissents from the religious culture which has sought to banish sexual thought and feeling as soon as they arise because this  can shut down feeling itself and create ignorance of one’s true character and needs. A very strict control of feelings risks creating either or both  such internalized guilt feelings about eros or idealistic expectations for its expression that paradoxically, as Nadia observes, it will not automatically help the adjustments of a Christian marriage at all.

One suspects too some of the periodically reported near sadism of some monks and nuns could have links to precisely a too icily efficient “taking custody” of mind and vision. Granted one could – just- maintain a radical self-correction is only in harmony with Jesus on if need be cutting off the hand or plucking out the eye to avoid sin. But not only does the expression of this counsel  belong with the violent idioms of  Jesus’ native Aramaic with its exclamations  like “cut off my nose if I don’t tell truth”, but the reference is to an obligation to  avoid whatever is absolutely, totally wrong for the individual in a way even Bolz-Weber   acknowledges  is  a  practical necessity as mentioned presently.

So how should one think about the less regimented  approach to impulse, and how does/should the more libidinous kind of spiritual person manage it?


At this point I am prepared to take a leaf out of the book of gay experience of recent decades because dangerous addiction to sex and sensation has been a problem for some within that community. A surprising discovery of various experiments has been that if one can give the sex addict  big  or “full body orgasm” (which I take it is something closer to what women rather than men typically experience at best)  once achieved, addiction is overcome and generally desire for sex diminishes.

In effect the method is a yin, tantric, Asian one, not a typically yang western one over-represented in  traditional Christianity and influenced by an ascetical strain within prior paganism. In this one fights impulse (and may even increase desire by doing so). By contrast, the tantric mode surrenders to desire in order to overcome and/or transform it.

There are variations upon this (the subject is a large one I can’t pursue here), but even in modern systems of  so-called “mindful masturbation”, it is often recommended to get away as far as possible from person imagery lest it be attaching. The stimulation then serves rather more to increase self-love, comfort and acceptance and as said any sex detached from love can finish problematic..

The idea of sex serving self-love and acceptance may nonetheless sound ungodly to some, but one must concede that even the bible teaches to love one’s neighbour as oneself. Loving the self is almost impossible where some measure of self-acceptance is not included in the package. To hate oneself, one’s body and its desires, the whole diable au corps, ( devil in the flesh) approach as opposed to thanking God for sensation, seems like a good recipe for some of the perversions associated with places of celibate life. Particularly if, for whatever reason, the person cannot hope to find love quickly or be with a partner, a more tantric way could function positively, especially within the context of an almost over-sexed, over-stimulated society where the sex theme is harder to avoid.

It should be stressed that BW, and I would agree with her, admits that there is such a thing as unacceptable sexual drives (such as towards children or animals) that must be cast out of mind ; but as regards sexual images more generally, art, porn or whatever, she opines each person must responsibly follow sense and conscience because, rather as with alcohol, some can do and benefit from what others can’t. As a former alcoholic, she herself  cannot touch even one glass of alcohol.  But she wouldn’t tell other not to; and similarly with many sexual images. If you know they serve only addiction, avoid them. (I would be inclined to add one would wish to avoid what, in the case of porn is a whole industry liable to exploit people much like the prostitution whose services you presumably wouldn’t wish to employ).                       ).


Finally here and despite all my inclination to liberal religious views on sex as attested by various articles on this site and my other McCleary’s Alternatives site, I am still left in disagreement with BW, and in a way that almost contradicts the whole enterprise. Basically, her position (like Althaus-Reid, the bisexual author of Indecent Theology who confessed to affairs with clergy including a bishop) is a “materialistic”, not a spiritual one. The problem with treating sex in total disregard of the so-called purity question, is you don’t just make love to people as bodies but to souls with which you can at some level be joined.

Ultimately the bible doesn’t quite make sense unless an esoteric theory (such as Jewish mysticism as in Kabbalah would anyway envisage) is brought in to explain it. Early Jewish society didn’t even celebrate marriages. Intercourse itself was the celebration. Consummation was the seal of marriage. And since two persons cannot literally become “one flesh” it must be considered – short of a case to poetic language – that understood is that what is mixed and joined by marriage are the soul bodies.

St Paul makes no sense at all, short of esoteric theory, when he tells the Corinthians not to join the spirit that dwells with in them, to a prostitute (1 Cor 6: 16-20). To go to a prostitute amounts to virtual marriage with that person. Where full penetrative orgasm has taken place between consenting parties, no such thing as a casual relation exists.  So far as I can see, what we call an affair or a fling is a form of marriage where biblical tradition is concerned. And if  the esoteric dimension is true then  this would be be a trans-cultural, trans-historical principle.

I am not quite sure how and to what extent this applies to any gay relations, but it may be the same, and this has been claimed .  In  A Special Illumination I cite the case of a particularly devout lesbian conflicted about her status  who was shocked to be told in vision by Jesus that in fact partners to a gay relation can and do become “one”.  The visionary couldn’t understand how this could be, and wasn’t told in what she took as a general warning against gay promiscuity as opposed to gay unions as such, but if it’s an esoteric matter of two souls united, all is immediately clear (2)

Ironically it was an early (Victorian/Edwardian) gay rights campaigner, Edward Carpenter, who was spiritual enough (as gays often are spiritual) to suggest there are never two people in a relation, there is always a third, namely God,  If this is so,  one can’t go where Nadia tends to lead, which is to just follow immediate sensed need, free love style, regardless of where God might intend to be, or , as in divorce, remove from.

Like Luther I don’t consider all divorce is wrong,  but I have to ask if the often reported acute strain on the system suffered by many people in the wake of divorce could well be linked to, beyond psychological effects, more spiritual ones of sundering what has been meshed and melded over time. Some people may be too extraverted and careless to consciously suffer such effects, but that doesn’t automatically signify some degree of joining and then separation has not occurred.


Even outside Christian religion, persons able to read auras and perceive the so-called astral body would attest to the clouded or distorted auras (often grey or muddy) of those who have lived promiscuously.

At any rate  Christians have to consider the possibility that, short of precisely the kind of “repentance”  Bolz-Weber deems unnecessary to  sex-helpful relating (and is Christianity quite itself without the call to  repentance or self-examination in the face of almost any subject?),  one must pass into the next life with other souls shadowing you. This is  something which may or may not be fortunate – for you or for them. (It might be  bit more painful than any of Nadia’s heavenly seats besides Harvey Weinstein!). That the apostle assumes the believing partner to a marriage sanctifies the unbelieving partner 1 Cor 7:14, itself again implies some doctrine of  purely spiritual effects).

According to the esoteric worldview (which I don’t say we must accept uncritically, but should keep in mind), it is even possible to establish a strong tie of souls by just intent, obsessive looking – a kind of Rasputin effect – a reason some say it is necessary to be careful around addictive porn.

For the nowadays returning tribe of exorcists, the problem, whether with porn addiction or promiscuous relations more generally, is they are said to  open up pathways to spiritual obsession if not outright possession, though this misfortune often comes out in the offspring of the guilty parties. To the extent it is attaching, sex and orgasm, which temporarily makes the aura detach from the body to join with another aura also outside the body, risks opening the body/soul portal to spiritual influences. On this understanding, sex which can be divine can  also be demonic. At best it is a foretaste of the paradise which the lovers of the Song of Songs anticipate from “within the fires of Yahweh”. (Song 8:3) and see my Solomon’s Tantric Song

Since  however  just about all sex falls short of that high ideal and is never got right, provided it is not morbid, an  element of  doubt, regret and repentance about the whole subject is natural and  could even  protect it and finish more healthy than “shameless” alternatives. What may look like easy adjustment in some individuals  may only be their way station to the next hook-up. And against the argument, one that I understand, that it can help rather than hinder adjustment  if couples live together to be sure they are fitted for greater commitment  (almost essential in borderline cases like persons of uncertain orientation), I have come to believe, what many Christians refuse to consider, namely that marriage by trial is not actually necessary because the  nature and possibilities of the relation  can be foreknown.

If the couple is really sexually fit and suited can be read in their compared birth patterns. Bribery of astrologers and various cheating of data have been known, but in India it is generally felt that the relative stability of marriages in contrast to the breakdown and almost frenetic instability of Western unions, owes something to the ability to read and match natal charts.

Like it or not, no one can have better sex than their birth stars show is possible for them. Many just don’t have the gift of eros and their expectations will fail no matter how much they try.   For example, always disappointed  in love Jennifer Aniston,  could not be encouraged to expect too much given that, as only one  thing within a difficult pattern, separative Uranus is opposite her relational Venus.

It’s a strange  opinion  from a pastor that even if people like her daughter will have numbers of affairs, at least they will have acquired more sexual knowledge and experience towards greater erotic fulfillment later. In theory, and occasionally in fact, this could seem justified, but  things don’t necessarily work out like that because there’s a fate and timing dimension that modifies.

I accept that the pastrix is sincere, has suffered and in her latest book highlights real problems needing attention in the churches of especially America. But I think she is ultimately too “materialistic” about sex and risks being, or making others, blasé about the whole “purity” problem.

That subject may need complete re- thinking and re-statement (it  doubtless  will increasingly receive attention in various ways  –  only  this week there are rumbles from the Sanhedrin  mixed with the expectations for  a third temple, declaring that the world is largely in a state of unacceptable  “sexual impurity” before God);  but whatever one’s take on the subject,  the purity theme doesn’t need  Nadia’s  rejection as something  virtually irrelevant to   management of  the spiritual life. It’s  a position she can only sustain by maintaining everyone is accepted just as they are and saved (as though they scarcely had  the dignity of agency!) and  were thus justified and enjoyed rights with God as much by  their scars and psycho-histories of pain as by faith.

I suspect that what is called “sexual purity” in the biblical tradition is linked to a system of quasi- occult/esoteric soul protection which may hold enough significance not to be too lightly dismissed in an age of rabid competition, experiment. and instant gratification…These days the rejection of this-worldly American values might represent the beginning of wisdom.


(1)  See         
(2)  Rollan McCleary, A Special Illumination, 2006, p.118





















My article Forecasting and Interpreting 2019  published on this site  on Jan 7th,  had a sub- section : The February Lunation, Peace and Toleration…Or?  In this I warned there was actually a possibility any arrangements the Pope might make in  the Middle East at the beginning of February could facilitate the emergence of an  Antichrist figure and concomitant moves towards a one world religion.

I knew the lunation of the 4th  conjuncted the birth sun of  an Antichrist figure as per the alleged vision of the later Catholic seeress , Jeane Dixon, back in 1962. This visionary also forecast efforts to establish a world religion through Rome –  though after the line of Popes had been brought to an end, an issue I don’t at this point care to discuss, especially as Dixon associated this with violence and assassination.

….But talk about relevance! On the day of the lunation the Pope did something Catholics have been variously shocked by and/or trying since  to explain away as not quite meaning what appeared to be the case. On the 4th, Pope Francis  signed a peace and fraternity document with the chief Imam of Sunni Islam, Ahmed-al-Tayeb .

It’s bad enough that the Imam’s beliefs and motives are deemed problematic. In Arabic –  but not in English like numbers of the more controversial modern statements out of Islam –  he is known to have approved the conservative Islamic stance that apostates should be executed, and  he has even refrained from condemning IS.   So this is serious given the Pope has often  been  criticized for the religious ecumenism which is nearly blind and scarcely protesting towards serious cases of Christian persecution in the world which is rarely worse than in Muslim majority societies.

However, the matter goes further.  It is with this same Imam that the Pope signs a document of peace  that is in blind contradiction of what Christians have called “The Great Commission” of globally preaching the gospel (Matt 28:19,20) declaring instead that God has willed the diversity of faiths and beliefs. This variation is  something which for Christianity has more to do with human imperfection and  a falling away from the Creator than anything….

This position says at once Goodbye to any Christian missions and  sells Christianity’s vocation and identity down the river while it also ignores the revealed, covenant name of Godas YHWH. All this  is however in harmony with certain odd past papal statements to the effect proselytizing (unless as wordless, example-filled radiant attraction)  is unacceptable.


The Pope’s remarkable betrayal of Christian fundamentals, which however only confirms  earlier points of controversy like declaring we  all worship the same God under different names and that believers’ claiming personal relation to Jesus is false or unnecessary, finally renders Pope Francis a virtual anti-Pope. But if so, that promptly raises other and radical questions regarding this person as St Malachy’s Last Pope. In brief parenthesis I must say something about the St Malachy Prophecy of the Popes….

This prophecy was given in the twelfth century by the Irish bishop of Armagh. It was and is believed to supply the 112 popes from Pope Celestine 11 with mottoes evoking them, till times of the end. Although the original is believed to have been in Irish, the fact that the prophecy was only printed and circulated from 1590 onwards and  in Latin, has led many to call it a forgery and/or that at least the mottoes attaching to the popes are so. And though some mottoes do seem to fit well enough for both before and after 1590,  it is quite possible influential Roman families seeking to make their candidates pope, forged the mottoes.

It was  nevertheless  generally accepted in Ireland and by St Bernard of Clairvaux with whom  Malachy was in close association, that the Irish bishop was a genuine prophet – he even forecast the day of his death.  Yet if the Prophecy of the Popes truly was from God as opposed to something more psychic (1) ,  one can’t help thinking   it would more likely just declare the number of popes to the end…..short of  Ezekiel’s elaborate description of the millennial temple which is given by a man(angel) at God’s command, the prophetic oracles of God tend to be direct and designed to edify rather than be super- intricate to satisfy curiosity.

The last pope is called just “Peter the Roman” and as bishop of Rome only. This at least fits with the papal character and behaviour so far. Francis perceives himself as Rome’s bishop and when possible walks around it and shops like a citizen. However, the rest  said about him doesn’t naturally fit someone  now at the point of behaving more like an Antipope.  Regarding the last Pontiff  it’s said:

In the final persecutions of the Holy Roman Church there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished, the city of the seven hills will be destroyed  and the dreadful judge will judge his people”.


If  at one level Francis fits with the humble and populist Peter the Roman image, he hardly fits the image of someone pasturing his flock amid tribulations –  It is increasingly complained that he scarcely defends or protests at all on behalf of his increasingly worldwide persecuted flock.

This contradiction belongs with others. The Dixon vision  didn’t have a Pope in power during the persecuting Antichrist’s rule but rather just before it at the end of the papal line.  Also the  prophecy corresponds to a thoroughly medieval, post Augustine, anti-chiliastic (anti- millennial) vision of what the last things constitute.  For the early church the last Judgement does not occur until after the Millennial rule of a returned Christ.  The church, the current pope and Rome cannot  last through till the Last Judgement! Many today would even maintain the believing prepared part of the church must be raptured before the disasters of the Tribulation period begin, a time in history overseen by the Antichrist and his Prophet who organizes a world faith and which ultimately engages  the actual war on any remaining and new Christians.

Speaking today and as a non Catholic, the mere fact that  the Malachy prophecy can speak of “The Holy Roman Church” when it becomes increasingly clear there is so much that is  unholy and corrupt about it and long has been,  increases scepticism. (This same Aquarian month   of the shocks, now has Pope Francis back from the Middle East and admitting to the sexual exploitation of nuns by priests, while  a major expose of homosexuality in the Vatican has been published – Frederic Martel’s In the Closet of the Vatican). Altogether  one could begin to perceive the institution in a light closer  to early Lutheran images of  the Babylonian Whore!

It’s arguably no compliment to Bishop Malachy that he was the first of the Irish saints to be canonized by Rome and basically because he helped put Ireland under papal rule which in turn facilitated English conquest and the destruction of Irish language and culture.  Malachy  was close friends with and promoted by the same St Bernard who preached the crusades, was behind the castration of the philospher Abelard, and who drew western Europe into extreme and unprecedented levels of Virgin cult in the wake of his having been fed drops of milk from the Virgin’s breast. Hardly the most reputable and trustworthy of figures!

Between them I should say Ss Malachy and Bernard were trouble-making false prophets, a sort of Jannes and Jambres   in the house of the Lord. Certainly their combined influence  never did Ireland much good – the benefits of  Roman influences upon the unfortunate nation and its church have been exaggerated.   Regardless,  I don’t think St Malachy’s prophecy is altogether false.  I suspect it’s part true, but it’s psychic, not directly from God but about as  likely to be true as the angels-obsessed Irish psychic Lorna Byrne’s forecast of some years back that saw Catholics worshipping at Mecca.


At the rate things are going under the as good as anti-pope Francis, Ms  Byrne’s Mecca vision may be neither untrue nor something for the too distant future. I don’t for one moment believe like some sensationalizing American Protestants, that Pope Francis is Revelation’s False Prophet. Common sense alone should suggest he is already too old to emerge in that role, and in any case, where is the messianic Antichrist he would promote?

However, if what has recently happened certifies the data I have for a false Messiah figure, then there are technical reasons to assume activity in relation to this person and what they represent will not now be greatly delayed. Events of this year could prove crucial with many surprises on the way that will seem or be apocalyptic.  As only one thing, there are rabbis in Jerusalem actively expecting the arrival of the Messiah this year. What can one say but that the times call for plenty of discernment!

I don’t mean to imply everything that could be called “psychic” is automatically false and  Witch of Endor-like under the guidance of familiar spirits bound to mislead.  What gets called psychism can be just a more developed form of regular human intuition and dreaming true. This  may or may not have spirit connection. But though “psychic” insight   may have its uses and the Irish, like Malachy, seem to have a high level of intuition, it should not be confused with outright prophetic revelation  which normally follows upon specific vocation to be a prophet. I should say the Malachy prophecy stands somewhere between intuition and revelation and could thus be a case of false spirit teaching to mislead and confuse us, especially as if one takes what is said at face value even about only “Peter the Roman”, immediately one is encouraged to disregard  all earliest Christian traditions on Last Things.




(this article has been slightly amended and added to 28/2/19

Outright prophecy is rare, a gift of the few. What is more possible is to highlight times that potentially mark crises and turning points for people and nations. So I shall consider the intriguing question: has Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of Israel’s leading mystical rabbis, likely seen something for the Feast of Purim (21st March, beginning evening of 20th)  which is also the spring Equinox (20th March)

I  certainly note something peculiar that could be relevant to this strange forecast.

The story is going around in Israel that an Orthodox youth who asked the rabbi about registering for citizenship in order to vote in this year’s elections, was told he needn’t bother as the Messiah would be here by the elections (April 9th).  The Messiah even “began” this last Sunday 20th Jan (i.e  in the shadow of the long  super moon, blood moon eclipse to which both Jews and Christians have attached much if different significance). The Messiah will “appear” at Purim  21 March) and “finish” (in apparently the sense of more fully appear or be established) at the elections (April 9th).

This may not sound like the most likely of scenarios, and it’s not as though modern Israel hasn’t already had a few messianic forecasts, albeit a bit more generalized than this date- precise one that haven’t delivered. (Being less date sensitive it was easier to suggest people hadn’t sufficiently prepared themselves to deserve the advent!)

There is nonetheless at least some reason to imagine something might happen and be behind this latest forecast….and not just because 20/21 March is celestially a bit unusual in its own right. It happens that the equinox (0 Aries, a world point for astrology) corresponds this year near to the time of an opposing full moon at 0.09 Libra, itself the third and last full moon in a sequence of Super Moons (when the moon is at perigee-nearest to earth, largest and brightest) that began with the 21st Jan eclipse.

In the data I have for Christ’s birth (see below) the O.O9 Libra Purim full moon is falling of all things this year at the feast of Esther conjunct asteroid Esther at 0.19 Libra –  albeit for some Christians Esther is seen not simply as historical but an allegory of the Church/Bride and her preparation which introduces all sorts of issues I won’t go into in this article.

Whatever pattern is shown at an equinox is important for coming months, and at almost any full moon people are het up, and perhaps at March’s some really will be.


Here’s what strikes me about the 20/ 21st and which in light of things pointed out in my recent article, Forecasting and Interpreting 2019   could be significant. Mercury is the fastest moving planet, but whether read for the Equinox or the full moon, for Greenwich or Jerusalem, Mercury will be apparent retrograde in the later minutes of 18 Pisces while  the following planets are at:

Venus             23 Aquarius
Mars                23  Taurus  (degree of Israel’s sun)
Jupiter           23  Sagittarius
Saturn           19  Capricorn

This won’t signify much to those who aren’t aware as I am of certain Christ/Antichrist potentials here that can’t be entirely overlooked.

I have long insisted that, radically developing the D’Occhieppo/Hughes astronomical thesis regarding the Bethlehem Star, I possess the true data for Christ’s birth and that they work to this day for Jesus events. As in the above mentioned article with  link, I pointed out how, once again, late last year the chart was working on cue, but how that this time I had also expected something to happen around last December’s so-called Christmas comet (46 P Wirtanen).

I couldn’t imagine quite what this might be, but as said in the article, I seemed to finish with the answer and rather dramatically (see article’s sub-section “Things  of 2018 but affecting 2019 and touching on an endings theme). I had originally been especially struck by the way the position of Mars at the comet’s brightest was close, to nearly minutes of a degree, to the position of the Bethlehem Star at Christ’s birth – natally this star was Jupiter at 19.23 of Pisces and in conjunction with Saturn at 18.35 of Pisces, itself the sign of the era the birth may be said to have introduced.

Although some misguided Christians who disapprove and don’t understand astrology are determined to have Christ born under a super fortunate Jupiter/Venus aspect, in fact many things, including the restrictions upon Jesus, the frequent opposition he encountered and his messianic sufferings, are necessarily indicated instead by restrictive Saturn conjunct Jupiter and opposite  his identity giving Sun…..

……With all this in mind,  I note that at the Equinox on the 20th  March and full moon on the 21st, Mercury (any news) at 18 Pisces  is conjunct Jesus’ natal Saturn of the era  conjuction. Also strong in its own sign, Capricorn, Saturn at 19 degrees makes an aspect to Jesus’ natal Jupiter (the Bethlehem Star).


That may or may not be just coincidence, but here’s more. On the same day Venus at 23 Aquarius is degree conjunct and Mars in Taurus  degree exact in aspect (tension square) and  Jupiter exact opportunity sextile the 23 Aquarius moon at the birth of “the Child from the East”, the false prophet, the Antichrist according to the late Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon. She alleged to have been granted vision of his birth back in the Middle East in 1962.

Mars conjunct 23 Taurus at Purim means it is conjunct modern Israel’s foundational sun at 23 Taurus.  At this degree the natal sun also happens to be natally  semi-sextile, a meetings aspect, to an asteroid Achristou  that  I have found over the years to have some relation to people on the dark side like the Beast himself, Aleister Crowley.  This is consequently a hint that at some point in its history there might be an occasion when Israel would have dealings with a false Messiah  figure and in relation to war and peace issues because Achristou is in the national sixth sector or armies and in bellicose Aries.

[It must however be stressed in parenthesis that strictly speaking , religious Jews expect two rather than one messiah, the more human “son of Joseph”, political figure and then a “son of David”, more regal  and priestly. Probably it is the Joseph Messiah that the Rabbi has in mind, especially as someone to appear before the elections, hence it’s the more Davidic figure who might seem more akin to Christianity’s anti-Messiah if and when he appeared]. The Joseph Messiah is set to die like any other mortal. In Christian theology Jesus, at any rate through his compassion and death fulfilled a Joseph type role, his second coming is understood to fulfil the more Davidic, millennial kingdom role].

That the period between Purim and Passover could well spring a few surprises on Israel is suggested by the fact shocks and surprises and novelty-bringing Uranus has entered a sign of no affinity where it could well upset many things, beginning 6th March.  Uranus will be there till mid 2026 ….. by which time perhaps Israel and nothing will be the same again. Suffering wounded healer, Chiron, will be in aggressive Aries around the same period (I can see some Christians immediately saying, they’re there the length of the Tribulation) . As Israel’s rising degree is 0 degrees Scorpio, this means its partnerships and open enemies, legal affairs ( treaties/covenants) point  in Taurus is to be transited in  March and its 3 degree Masi (Messiah asteroid) at 3 Taurus is conjuncted in May.

All this could add up to something if and when so many are anticipating major change in the religious sphere and even legal/political sphere too (Uranus across 2/3 Taurus could be involved with the peace plan.

While obviously Dixon could have been wrong about her figure of vision, it would be hard to imagine a more suggestive birth pattern  for him, especially when the name and place asteroids are added. And under a series of eclipses of the last two years I would even have expected this person, if he existed, to have already appeared, at very least to have considerably extended his range of influence in some circles. But perhaps finally 2019 is the time.

Personally, I would have thought around mid year and with the solar eclipse in Cancer (the person’s ascendant ) might have been more suitable for a (by now almost belated) full appearance of a Messianic claimant rather than the rabbi’s April elections time; but even for that time it can be conceded the April new moon (5th April and helping define the month from then) makes fortunate opportunity sextile to the sun of the figure of Dixon’s vision. This person might just make some strides then.

However, we have to consider that anything to do with Prime Minister Netanyahu is also important. Years ago the celebrated Rabbi Schneerson of the Chabad Lubavitcher movement, himself thought by some to be the Messiah, hoped and virtually forecast that Netanyahu would be handing the keys of Israel over to the Messiah in the wake of a long rule over Israel such as he has enjoyed. But the more immediate question is whether Netanyahu can even win the April election and could be free to give anything to anyone at all…plus how much anyone anywhere this year will be able to discern truth from false hood!

The mere fact that Jupiter this year  is at its strongest  in in its natural sign, Sagittarius, reflective of strong hopes and beliefs, but that it’s also periodically in affliction aspect to Neptune strong in its own sign Pisces, is harbinger of a great potential for deceptions, false hopes and delusions..


The election of 9th April is preceded on the 5th by a lunation at 15 Aries. This means it conjuncts the PM’s fated nodal axis at 16 Aries/Libra. The fact that the always more difficult south nodes natally conjuncts his Neptune, reflects that Bibi is surrounded by scandals at the same time as he is also associated with messianic national hopes and dreams. This is  because, positively, Neptune is charity, the highest ideals, dreams and visions, and to the extent any Messiah is a “dream of the ages”  the Messiah is Neptune.  Negatively, however, Neptune can be surrounded by scandal, lies, gossip and addictions.

Because at the time of April’s lunation prior to the election restrictive Saturn is conjunct the PM’s natal moon, the picture is not promising, even depressing and frustrating. But since Saturn is departing from conjunction with the natal moon, and Jupiter will be degree exact semi-sextile his natal Jupiter, it’s all very touch-and-go but possible he could still scrape through and then have struggles forming a new government. No doubt those who look forward to a Trump Peace Plan, a third temple, a Messiah, will hope he comes through, but his situation  is all part of the crises, marked tensions and cliffhangers of this year.

For a continuation of this story and what happened at Purim 2019  see on this site “The Stars of Israel’s Red Heifer”





In an era of equality, inclusiveness and globalism it can be almost un-PC to stress many kinds of difference. In the sphere of religion, Christianity is not immune from the charge of doing just that. It’s even seen as divisive to stress its traditionally claimed uniqueness; however, it can also be misleading to downplay the difference,  and helps nothing in the end.

Moreover….. it’s not possible to as good as pluck the planets with all their weight of symbolic meaning, out of the heavens to serve passing trends. And truth in this area is stranger than fiction and certainly archetypal enough.

If you wish to understand what Christianity and its difference is, the shortcut , the key  is quite simply its birth star which is identical with the planet that oversaw the birth of Jesus, namely the Bethlehem Star. This was Jupiter.


Jupiter evokes creation/salvation themes not least by just its cosmic status. With by far the greatest mass  of any planet in the solar system, it is believed to have been in some fashion involved in the formation of the solar system by its wanderings while it continues to function as a shield against the asteroids and comets  it absorbs so that life on earth is safer than otherwise.

To whatever extent the ancients understood Jupiter’s function (and they almost certainly didn’t), they intuited its status archetypally and deemed the planet basically fortunate, the principle of optimism.

Jupiter, the “lucky” kingly and/or priestly planet (kingly and priestly roles were often interchangeable in the ancient world), was associated with all kinds of plenty, mental and material. It ruled higher mind and education,  philosophy, vision, long journeys, especially quests, pilgrimages and missions opening the mind or enlarging knowledge. Discovery and Truth were its natural domain, along with related issues of freedom, justice, mercy, faith and hope.

More materially it represented not just bounty and wealth, but protection and recreation of all kinds and very much the benefit of fructifying rains that insure harvests, (a watery association amid Jupiter’s commoner fiery ones, but a reason the planet anciently “ruled” not just equine Sagittarius but oceanic Pisces).

Of course, negative expression was always possible as when largesse became excess, beliefs turned fanatic and rains became floods, but these variations on a theme required everything from actively bad attitude on the part of receiving mortals to a less fortunate interaction with other planets. But basically Jupiter was good news, favouring joy and even laughter.



Why people have considered Jupiter to be the Bethlehem star and proof that it had to have been so, is beyond present scope (1). But assuming the truth of this now widespread belief, Jupiter emerges as the most natural sign, forecast and star of Christianity.

It’s what Christianity is most essentially about, which is “gospel” (good news and the second chance) for everyone and everywhere in harmony with Jupiter’s internationalism and love of the foreign, even while paradoxically its universal message is what contributed to distinguish it from many religious systems  in their frequent dedication to local and tribal loyalties.

When making comparison with other belief systems   and insisting upon similarities in the interest of inter-faith ventures,  it’s not just problematic that, for example, some faiths like Buddhism and Jainism are “atheistic” or rather non-theistic, denying any doctrine of creation or creator (itself a sort of Jupiterian “king” and universal ruler theme  reflected in early Pantocrator depictions of Christ in Greek churches). At issue is that the entire practice and focus is different.

Christianity is based on faith and our “blessed hope” (Tit 2:13). Its hope theme thus renders it strongly  future orientated. Even the religion’s Last Supper is instituted as memorial until the kingdom comes. Buddhism and New Ageism like that of Eckbert Tolle, are organized above all towards living in the present moment, practicing psychological “mindfulness” as opposed to concentration upon God in various ways from devotion to study. (Christianity admittedly does also advise to be sufficiently in the here and now  and so “take no thought for the morrow”; but present focus of this kind exists within a larger, future kingdom focus and is only possible because of it).


Christianity as “gospel” (it means good news) and which entails the redemptive second chance, is most crucially based upon the forgiveness that links to a Jupiterian free pardon and salvation theme This itself is harmonious with Jupiter’s protective role that, saviour-like, takes into itself the cosmic blows that helps earth life to continue. (Some, perhaps taking symbolism too far, would even see Jupiter’s stripes as akin to the healing messianic stripes and bruises of Is 53:5).

But Christianity’s difference is even enlarged into absolute distinctiveness and separate vocation by the heavens of its other foundation date, Pentecost AD 30. This day links Jupiter in direct fortunate relation to both the day’s sun and its Uranus, the Aquarian planet (another gas planet like Jupiter) of absolute individualistic uniqueness and  breakaway novelty. The Uranian contact along with Jupiter’s associations, sometimes royal, sometime priestly  but either way with some sense of entitlement, chimes with ambitious statements of election and separate vocation like, “You are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people….(1 Pet 2:9).

Other religions are not so Jupiter based, or at most only secondarily. Other faiths are by contrast religions of Saturn, i.e. ways of works, or wheels of inexorable Law lived out in light of tradition.

Depending upon situation and perspective, Saturn will represent either God as the ruler of time, fate and Law – the biblical God the Father and “Ancient of Days” figure, or else as a shadow deity or even enemy of God, a dark, destroying Shiva or an accusing Satan. Either way entailed is an inexorable force that is not, like Jupiter, an intercessory one that allows for exceptions.

Based considerably upon Saturnian traditions of family or tribe, non Christian religions offer programmes of auto-salvation   and/or mental adjustment  which is why even the state of enlightenment  is less associated with vision giving Jupiter (called Guru or teacher in HInduism) than thinking Mercury, ruler of the brain.   Non-Christian systems work  to dissolve karma or inherited curses rather than receive as gift anything beyond law and custom.

Non-Christian religions are also essentially Saturnian in being fate and cycle ruled rather than  messianically/”regally” history-guiding.  This is the case with even Islam (which means submission, a Saturnian word) with its crescent lunar symbolism, because in celestial symbolism, what is lunar is what measures and times the cycles of Saturn, moon and Saturn having certain affinities.


It was suitably a Jupiter-ruled, Sagittarian, C.S.Lewis, who when asked what was distinctive about Christianity, correctly and simply answered “grace”. He might have added the democratic freedom of choice to receive or reject that grace.

It is usually the forces of Saturnian law and tradition which to this day will persecute Christianity (like currently government Buddhists in Vietnam beating Christians who don’t bow to Buddha, and Hindus attacking Christian churches and disrupting services deemed insults to their traditional deities). Here the democratic choice element in Christianity appears a threat to political authorities and all tradition.

Conjunctions are very for or against something depending on the factors involved. At Christ’s birth Jupiter conjuncted Saturn closely, an indicator of both close relation to the Ancient of the Day, the Father beyond this world, but potentially also conflict with tradition and ruling authorities here on earth, and even conflict with the devil believed to own the world.

Against the element of impersonal mathematical perfection in Saturn, everyone is either wrong or hasn’t done enough (and Saturn as Satan which means accuser, can always accuse souls of that!).

Among the many who believe Jupiter was the Bethlehem star, some believe Jupiter was conjunct the other good fortune indicator, Venus, rather than Saturn. If this had been the case Jesus would have been crowned messianic king in his lifetime, been inclined to wealth and successl. His gospel would have been akin to American Prosperity gospel and his love and mercy messages purely permissive as opposed to more conditional and striven for, because there is that  element even amid the Jupiterian embrace and second chances.

Born around the time the Roman empire opened itself to subsequently oppressive notions of its emperor himself being Jupiter, a divine “son”  or extension of God, Jesus’ gospel is most essentially the declaration that a new way is opened to contact with the otherwise remote, withdrawn and inexorable Creator God who is nonetheless Jesus’ Father and potentially that to others who tread the Jupiterian path of faith and belief.

What Christians will call “the dispensation of Grace”, the times of wide acceptance,  is identical with the age of Pisces now at its end. This fact is in turn  a key  to the present spiritual crisis, the general breakdown and confusion of the modern world  (see below) and the reaction of some believers in the face of that.   It should incidentally be  noted in connection to any endings theme and as one of the extremer examples of Jupiterian faith and hope, that some maintain that believing prepared followers of Christ must be “raptured”, to heaven before the full turmoil of apocalyptic era change is unleashed. Is this archetypal/prophetic?  Interestingly, Jupiter has a moon, the solar system’s largest, called Ganymede. This means it’s named in myth for the youth unexpectedly snatched to heaven and Jupiter’s banqueting table.


At the end of the Piscean era not only rather ominously, but appropriately, fish keep dying in the rivers and oceans in unprecedented numbers and waters keep  turning red fit for the plagues of Egypt, but there is confusion of belief.  Not least this crisis of belief is involved with  the whole notion of a distinct gospel and even forgiveness. Increasingly just anything and nothing are tolerated, while the elements of definition and doctrine favoured  under Jupiter  becomes suspect, dismissed as subversion or prejudice, if it is even permitted to speak.

It is an open question whether the biblical Millennium equates with the the age of Aquarius, sign of utopias. But what is certain is any era under that sign would not be “ruled” by Jupiter but rather jointly ruled in the style of Aquarius by Saturn, whose core is iron, and by Uranus, sign of lightening, electricity and sudden inspirations. All said and done, the Millennium ruled is by “a rod of iron” (Rev 12:5) but united in a universal awareness of God (Hab 2:14)

It is interesting that in the world’s great tribulation time of plague, disaster and breakdown that marks the end of an era that awaits the new dawn of another, it’s another kind of gospel, called an “eternal gospel”,  is conveyed by an angel, not any man, priest or prophet. Not Jupiterian,  scarcely a matter of choice and free will, inquiry or debate at all, it is simply a command to worship the God of creation ahead of the approaching judgement (Rev 14:6,7).

There is little question that what is most essentially and indelibly Christian is what symbolic shorthand can call “Jupiterian”. But at the end of the longtime Jupiter-related era, what is most distinctive becomes less clear to the world and even to Christians themselves who lose grip of the original sense of election and/or  vocational difference so strong at the first Pentecost. In its place arises  a confused, often illusory new age or secular human oneness of minimal spirituality and little faith,  often a case, as promised, of  individuals “having religion but denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:5).

Secularists will doubtless rejoice at the decline  of Christian influence and values, but nature, and especially religion and the collective unconscious, know no vacuum.     Increasingly, fake facts, news and information will and must take over as the Jupiterian Truth principle slips away towards free fall…. at the same time as Jupiter’s root associations continue to be strongly confirmed by events (2).

1)  Concerning the Bethlehem Star see  The Magi at Era’s End especially the op-ed section ” Proving an Historic Discovery and Answering Pope Benedict’s Question”  with its summary of leading facts. 
2) The Big Jesus and Jupiter Weekend


This article is called Christianity and the Jupiter Difference.  I maybe insufficiently emphasized that Jupiter describes the religion around Jesus almost more than Jesus  in himself. Jesus’ character is described more by Neptune, the other ruler of the Piscean sign that rules the era that begins around the time of Jesus’ birth.

Neptune is not least about dreams and mysticism and Jesus, especially as Messiah, is the “dream of the ages”.  He is also the person  “acquainted with sorrows” and “all compassion” and Neptune is certainly about sorrows, sacrifice, and charity. Neptune was not visible at the time of Jesus’ birth so for a long time Jupiter as his birth star coloured much description of him and at worst dehumanized him, seeing doctrine and Christ the King  at the expense of the more  human dimension admitted by Neptune. Films (ruled by Pisces/Neptune) have in modern times somewhat humanized Jesus away from the   regal figure much favoured by art and a Jupiterian king planet emphasis. Ultimately however one must combine the two perspectives.



For some, a highlight of this year’s Golden Globe awards was actor Christian Bale’s thanking Satan for inspiring his role  of Dick Cheney in the film Vice. Most of course regarded this as simply a joke but it wasn’t quite such an off the cuff joke given that Bale followed the statement up with a now recognized 666 hand sign.

While blame and praise have inevitably arisen from Christian and Satanistic quarters, ignored is that this was text book astrology stuff, the Aquarian from the Uranian sign of shocks, surprises and the unconventional being shocking for the sake of it… in this case perhaps for the hell of it…..  This means that also ignored was the oddity that  the acceptance speech attack on Cheney was an Aquarian born 30th January attacking another Aquarian born 30th Jan –  a matter of  hidden  affinities behind the real reason the actor ever obtained  the part!

Also  overlooked is that, along the lines of the old saying “speak of the devil and he appears”, the world that is entertained and bemused by a variation on an awards night theme of sometimes thanking God, may have witnessed something closer to unconscious invocation with relevance at this time.

There are at least  certain ironies here and not just someone with the name of  Christian thanking the devil. I’m not any expert on Dick Cheney who like too many politicians may not have been too admirable and attractive, but The Australian’s genial political writer, Greg Sheridan, a few days ago wrote an article (I can’t link to it here, it’s behind a pay wall) on just how “profoundly dishonest”, the film Vice is.

Sheridan who has had interviews and dealings with Cheney over the years, couldn’t recognize the man in the film or even some of the lead facts. He regards the film as part of the now “vice grip” of the hard  left on the arts generally and that favours mud-slinging and libellous treatment over legitimate criticism of anyone or anything one disagrees with.

So, as the devil is said to be “the father of lies” (Joh 8:44), perhaps Bale can well thank this being for helping him towards work in a merely  false and defamatory depiction!

However, as Aquarians are powerful trend-setters (like Mary Quant who created a revolution by just raising hem lines) and like singer Ed Sheeran liable to obtain levels of popular following incommensurate with their achievements, woe to our pleased-to-be-shocked world if soon it meets the Antichrist.

Many years ago the late seeress Jeane Dixon alleged she had been shown his birth in the Middle East (the early church believed this person was a Syrian) and this birth was under a unique line-up of the planets in Aquarius. The world would be massively deceived by this person whose philosophies would constitute a false anticipation of incoming Aquarian age values. Idolized by especially the young as a sort of guru, this person would ultimately declare himself God for all to worship.

There are reasons that  I needn’t go into not to dismiss this prophecy outright. Here I need only throw out the reminder “woe to those who laugh now” and suggest we beware people in the entertainment industry who publicly flirt with the dark side. It’s already been troublesome enough (See : Ariana Grande and the Dark Side   ) or should one  say baleful?






Most people will probably have heard or read someone going on about Jesus coming “soon”. However, “behold I come soon” (Rev 22:20) doesn’t sound terribly meaningful after two thousand years. But then it shouldn’t necessarily do so since the original meaning would anyway be more like “suddenly”, or coming quickly as a surprise. “Soon” nonetheless remains the overdone word from the mostly fringe world of Christian  end timers

But…. I can finally report what recently  registered with me as a real surprise, a change, a difference amounting almost to a challenge from this quarter that could  hold some significance. First however a little background.

From something between simple curiosity and a feeling  bordering on duty explained presently, I try to keep abreast of what people claim from  dreams, visions or assessments of world events in the light of biblical prophecies of “the end times”. One reason I do so is because as will be clear from various blog articles, I have a strong belief that no matter what the precise truth in this zone of many interpretations and controversies, we are living at a time of breakdown. Ours is the end, even dissolution  of an era, the Piscean, in which, suitably for the  oceans  and fishes symbolism of Pisces, even the fish in the seas are dying by the million while on terra firma  almost no definition of borders, gender, religion or or aesthetics  remains secure. The natural “mutability” of Pisces finishes in a postmodern relativity of most things sometimes bordering on chaos.

But there’s  a bit more to my pursuit of this subject. A sense almost of duty arises from the fact I make serious claim to have cracked the code and obtained the still working birth data of Jesus. (I had proof of their contemporary working relevance yet again in the run up to last Christmas as described in a soon  companion article to this on this site, ( Forecasting and Interpreting 2019 So I cannot be quite rid of the feeling that, having discovered what lay at the origins of the present era which begins around the time of Christ’s birth, I ought to have at least some clues for people about any timing  of its end….


I don’t mean by this that I should be able to pinpoint the day or hour of era-ending events, especially such as the so-called Rapture or the Second Advent which no one is supposed to know precisely anyway. I have never attempted to do much more than assess various times and claims,  highlight those that looked suggestive, or criticize the theories of those  locating crisis points at improbable, symbolically wrong times.

Since around 2014 when a rare tetrad of blood moons at four Jewish festivals triggered a mass of speculation about our situation within history, there have been an abundance of especially endings dreams. Usually the person does one of two things.  Some hide behind the over-used “soon” word feeling free to locate their prophetic event just anywhere, often  suggesting viewers take the matter to God for more light or to check if the dreamer  interpreted their symbols correctly. Truly a cop-out. Others will be all too painfully precise. The Rapture must occur on a Jewish festival, across Halloween, or – “urgent message” – it will even happen in a few days!

This kind of “exact”   forecasting is simply  irresponsible  – it reached unbelievable levels of irresponsibility in the case of the late Harold Camping who insisted he knew the day and time in 2011 and spent a fortune  promoting it on billboards across America. These are not prophets with a calling, they are mostly sensationalizing laypersons recording their dreams – some even crawl out of bed in their pyjamas to do this in preference to writing anything down or trying first to process what they imagine they  have experienced. (There is a distinctly amusing, entertaining  element to a lot of this fringe group interest!).


But over the years it has struck me one thing was needed and was singularly lacking for anything like  meaningful   forecasts of major  crises  like world war  or  apocalyse. Somebody, somewhere with strong prophetic urges  needed to nail their colours to the mast, declare and be prepared to risk declaring, and in God’s name if they felt such was the case,  that the end had been shown them to occur….. neither just  anytime “soon”,  nor exactly  tomorrow either,  but within the broad time frame of say  six months to  a year.  It is after all legitimate to declare a season of the end, even if day and time will be unknowable. If your  forecast is significant and true enough for  declaring to the world then it should be offered as testable, presented with a use-by date  only  negotiable  for some extreme reason like the repentance of Nineveh in the story of Jonah.

And sometimes prophets can be exact about times and seasons. The prophet Jeremiah forecast the Jews would be exiled in Babylon seventy years. Almost dismissed and forgotten when he died in refugee Egyptian obscurity, Jeremiah became an authority and entered the canon because of his plain as day seventy year prophecy.

It is remarkable that (so far as I know) in recent years not one single preacher or bible teacher of note and popularity who has been  emphasizing “signs of the times”, has ever ventured any really definitive general  time frame. Even those who have proposed  something of the kind, like suggesting seventy years from Israel’s foundation could prove significant, have still played safe and conceded  it might be that  eighty years is involved instead; and they haven’t claimed , even for such modest, elastic speculations, that God had guided them towards their assumptions.

With so many dreamers filling an avoidance and ignorance gap for the puzzled but curious Christian masses of especially America, you would think the preachers and teachers could at least have ventured a strong provisional guesstimate (though perhaps  it’s better for book promotions and interviews to remain tantalizingly indefinite?!). More to the point, if these really are the end times, one would imagine at some point  God might intervene to grant somebody a really distinct prophetic  insight into  the theme. In fact, on the basis of  Amos 3:7  “Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets”, it would be almost surprising if subjects as extreme as WW 111 or the Rapture were not  at least once  the  subject of a divine message to someone – a word, not a dream however accurate.

But now and finally a lone break occurs, and not to somebody  for whom previously the Rapture subject  was front and centre to any end times talks they gave, (which had more to do with the rebirth of Israel as a sign).


I must give credit where it’s due. It’s irrelevant  that  for certain reasons  Amir Tsarfati is not my favourite person in religious media of any persuasion and I don’t spend hours, as one easily could, listening to his rather lengthy but sometimes interestingly informative talks about what is going on in Israel and America behind the scenes. A well-connected Israeli Christian Jew, Tsarfati is hugely peripatetic, always somewhere in the world giving filmed talks to various Christian groups and for his Behold Israel organization. He is called a reputed bible teacher of twenty years experience. He is certainly a journalist for Israel’s Messianic Christian paper Kehila.

Tsarfati reckons to give insights or words from God for each coming year at the end of the year. For 2019 he reports no word from the Lord at the end of 2018… one. But it is one that strongly keeps sounding  within him and it’s “Finish well”.

Tsarfati doesn’t doubt what that means and what we are meant to understand by it, namely get ready  because 2019 is “it”, the end of the Christian race, the year of the Rapture itself.

At one level I’m inclined to say it hardly matters whether he’s right or wrong. What he has importantly done is, for a change, honestly expressed a belief, had the courage of his convictions and done what is by now virtually necessary if anyone is to take their bearings and this subject seriously:  provide an at once general but completely definite time frame  for fulfilment. He has presumed to state what no well known, established Christian voice has dared  to declare even while they endlessly comment on signs of the times.

So at this level it’s almost a relief, a breath of fresh air. Now that Tsarfati has said what he has, one feels it could be easier to let things actually for once be precisely fairly “soon” if they are to happen at all. And if they don’t, then it should be easier to imagine nothing will or was meant to occur so that believers can (short of the world being riven with obviously apocalyptic  quakes and chaos around the entry to  2020) , with good conscience, leave the subject for other generations before it finishes nothing but  a farce for silly dreamers in this generation.

That’s one level of response. But if Tsarfati has heard right, then of course it is rather serious and I should want to look carefully at what is going on in the heavens for some element of confirmation…..And it happens that before Christmas and Tsarfati’s announcement, I had reasons to wonder if Comet 46 P Wirtanen, which was generally getting called “the Christmas Comet” or even a return of the Bethlehem star itself, meant something. Without its being being the B Star itself, I realized there was some connection to it, and that  as such   it could be rather special and even function as  a  harbinger of endings. Why I would think  that  I will tackle along with other  matters in the companion article which examines features of 2019….not the easiest of years.




All years are memorable in their way, but 2019 could be demanding and dramatic.

I am not going to list possible events of 2019 in order but rather highlight and comment a few themes and hot spots. During the year, instead of keep writing articles on single issues in my usual way, I may just add to or modify this article.

The tone and interests of the year are signalled fairly early on and first with the solar eclipse of Jan 6th which is followed by a full red supermoon lunar eclipse on the 21st. This in turn is unusually the first of three supermoons (full moons at perigee, nearest to earth and looking brighter) all three landing strongly on O degrees of the three signs, Leo, Virgo and Libra, a promise of strong effects. [This article was written at the beginning of January, the fact that within 24 hours of the Jan 6th eclipse three strong quakes had occurred in Brazil, Iran and Indonesia looks like a promise of increased earth movement during the influence span of the eclipse]

February could be interesting to judge by its lunation (new moon) pattern. In fact, early in December I posted an article, Will February 2019 be Peace and Trump memorable?  which I said I would remove   if it became clear the roll -out of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” expected for February was cancelled.  It was  cancelled because Israel will go to the polls in April and Netanyahu asked Trump to postpone affairs till after the elections. So my article was removed at Christmas. (The latest on the Peace Deal as of Jan 3rd,  is that Trump has asked Netanyahu to base his campaign on  a Peace Deal Slogan. This means, or it does for certain end-timers, that the whole anticipated apocalyptic situation of “talking peace and security” but sudden destruction comes, could not be just a matter for mid year and after the elections, but  for almost half the year).

I don’t take back that I said February seemed a particularly suitable time for peace talks  and I still believe that the month from the Feb 4th lunation could well be eventful and signficant. I did point out affairs for Pope and Vatican could additionally or alternatively be highlighted and that was before I became aware that Pope Francis is now expected to visit and celebrate mass in UAE (and some have said Saudi) in February.

So, early in 2019 could be quite powerful for the rest of the year, and I will look more closely at the factors involved presently.


However, getting rather impatient about the constantly postponed peace plan arrangements, I did what I haven’t done for years but used rather efficiently to do, which is to ask the heavens (horary/question astrology) when they would finally take place.

I am out of practice and could be wrong, but I believe the standard timing principle pointed me to June, which if it did would make some sense. The timing  must now follow the April elections; and any negotiations under Gemini would hit a sensitive part of Israel’s chart and lead to plenty of argument and controversy over any division of the land. Gemini is  the sign of division, (it is also the mutable sign of changeable Trump!). And at the end of June and into early Cancer Israel’s Venus (peace) would be involved. A possible time to sign.

Sometimes one needs shortcuts like horary. I am not a practicing mundane (political) astrologer to juggle and compare numerous national charts to tease out when special action and crises may develop following the actions of certain leaders. Over the last few years in blogs I have strongly emphasized a difficult apocalyptic theme at a time many feel to be increasingly end- of-era, end-of-days type situations.

I don’t, because one couldn’t and shouldn’t, forecast absolute endings like the Rapture or Second Advent, but I am prepared to check out whether apocalyptic style events  that some people  are forecasting including  from dreams and visions) are at all likely within certain time frames. I think this is a proper job for astrologers. The Magi knew their stars but they also followed a forecast about a Jewish king in addition, and they subsequently listened to a dream to escape Herod. Astrology is sometimes collaborative, cross discipline work.


In considering end-of-era themes, I  am of course influenced by some information unique to myself, namely the data for Christ’s birth and the Pentecost foundation of Christianity. Let no one say I haven’t got these and that they don’t work because they efficiently do! I shall start these reflections on 2019 with this point, mentioning how the year ended and what I concluded the signs  might mean for 2019.

Around mid November (14th/15th/16th) there was a rash of reports about a professor accidentally coming across, earlier in the year in the ruins of  a Negev desert church, what is now theorized to be the earliest known depiction of Jesus in Israel, a youthful Jesus with curly hair. At the time of announcement, transiting Venus (anything to do with art) was conjuncting the conjunction of Isa (Ar.Jesus) with Christa at 25 Libra ( traditionally asteroids were registered in feminine form and the Christa asteroid always works for Christ).

In December, comet 46P Wirtanen was becoming brighter and getting called “The Christmas Comet” or even the Bethlehem Star itself returned. In some respects it was the Christmas Comet, because I saw that around the time of its greatest brightness (around the 16th)  when it could be seen by some with the naked eye, Mars would be conjuncting the degree of the Bethlehem Star (19 Pisces) at the same time as Mars’ higher octave, Pluto, a God/Creator image, was directly aspecting it from 19 Capricorn.

I couldn’t imagine what, if anything, this might mean, though it did occur to me ( as I wrote to an astrologer in England), given how inharmonious  fiery Mars is with the spirit of watery Pisces, there might be some message of an endings scenario kind like  the (Piscean) age soon to be cut off (Mars) by God as judge  (Pluto). But I could hardly have imagined what I subsequently almost fell over by accident on the Net, a report published 16 December, the day of greatest brightness and closest aspect to the B star degree. It concerned an alleged recent, alarming vision of Christ, one so intense  that it left the recipient trembling for  days.

It is only my reservations concerning elements of charismatic American religion and Charisma magazine, that prevents me affirming without a shadow of doubt that this has to be relevant and true for the Mars to B star event. Subsequently the strange and dramatic Christmas day announcement from a certain Amir Tsarfati in Israel ( considered in the shorter companion article to this “End timers talking “soon” and a sudden challenge“)  adds to the  impression of a major endings theme being indicated as waiting in the wings.

A few points from Jeremiah Johnson’s alleged vision of Christ (the Jeremias name in Christ’s chart was suitably aspected at the time of report), are noteworthy. This was the third Christ vision in Jeremiah J’s life but this time a very different one. Jesus appeared in a  form of “terrifying beauty” (one thinks of lines of Rilke!) his eyes like fire (Mars is fire). He  announced it must be understood  he is not only the all-forgiving lamb of Calvary, the universal intercessor, but will be returning as the Lion, destroyer of God’s enemies. (It’s relevant that the ideal of the impending Aquarian era is represented by  the opposite sign of Leo, the lion, and in the apocalypse Jesus is the Lion of Judah Rev 5:5). Today’s churches, Jesus declared, have by now created him  in their own image and are portraying him as one who loves and tolerates just about everyone for anything. This is false and he will be sending out people to speak for a God who is coming in judgement.

Could  this suggestion of what sounds like  virtual crisis in the relation of Christ and his  church, be relevant to any forecasts for 2019? It could be, but first and to avoid some almost inevitable misunderstanding, I will clarify what I think the visionary  message is likely about.



Lest some assume the alleged vision marked nothing but a projection onto Jesus of some fevered, fire and brimstone  sermon of a kind that can’t wait for God punish churches tolerating gays (a subject unmentioned in the vision), it’s worth  recalling  something from last  November. Ahead of the vision it sounds like just the sort of thing the Mars/Comet relation and the fiery  revelation could be declaring against in  modern Christianity  but that we’ll hear more of in 2019.

In late November, by huge majority, the Church of Sweden voted against a motion of the Swedish Democrats party that there should be a ban on Muslim calls to prayer throughout Sweden because it was an opportunity for people to discover “the love of Allah”. All doctrines of God and God’s  name apart, just the disloyalty  to the vast number of Christians now persecuted in Muslim majority countries, many of whom have their churches pulled down or damaged or refused building permits for, is shocking. As someone acidly remarked, would the Swedish church like to embrace the sharia that requires Christians to pay the old jiza taxes in order to be tolerated?

The Swedish church has not even been active to defend Christians attacked by Muslims in the nation’s migrant camps, nor to protest deportation of Christians back to danger zones for them while it imports large numbers of Muslims. The lack of the slightest evangelistic consciousness is almost unparalleled. Those Muslims who at great personal risk do convert, often do so because they are attracted to a deity specifically described as love – Allah is “merciful” but never Koranically described as love. Notoriously, the Church of Sweden  has been known to remove the Christian symbol of the cross from churches lest Muslims be offended. Here and throughout much of Scandinavia  Christianity is being similarly denied and re-invented (in Denmark there were emotional protests when it was suggested a atheist priest might stand down from his role). With this kind of ultra-Laodicean example in mind, we can turn to signs for the year in and out of the religious sphere though in some respects it will be a year for precisely religious issues.


The position by sign of the slower moving planets and the nature of eclipses are crucial in gaining an impression of affairs of a given year

Though Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, for almost the whole year will promote some optimism and good fortune for individuals, claims that 2019 will be difficult and gloomy (the pop press have highlighted the late blind seeress Baba Vanga to that effect) are likely to be correct. Both restrictive, limiting Saturn and heavy-handed, painful Pluto are in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn. This is heavy – difficult for politics and economics and difficult for countries strong in Capricorn  like Australia whose government will likely be shaken up by at least the impending election. (Like an omen for a difficult year, Australia’s celebrated new year’s fireworks display was almost prevented by a violent storm and persistent lightning).

Saturn and Pluto first conjunct in Jan 2020 but they make approaches to this in 2019. The related Saturn/Pluto cycle is associated with major wars. There will be plenty of sabre rattling if not outright war in 2019. A big question is what about America (see below) where  conflict is concerned (what America does affects the world),  and also what about the Capricorn country of Britain wading through the chaos of its Brexit issues? The latter nation is unlikely to reach any widely accepted, fully satisfactory conclusion under such influences as 2019 presents and in which the solar eclipse of July conjuncts the leadership and destiny Midheaven and degree exact opposes the national sun in one of the most used charts for UK (the 1801 chart). However, as this chart is especially associated with royalty ,there could be major changes in the royal sphere .

Disturbance, disruption, even chaos seem virtually guaranteed for quite a few places in the months from March by the way that at the time of Equinox (21st March) when the sun is on a world point at 0 Aries, this point is unusually opposed by a full supermoon from the opposite world point at 0 Libra.

One planet making major sign change in 2019 is Uranus which from early March is into Taurus for several years. Uranus shakes up everything and its airy qualities are disharmonious with the earth of Taurus and its security and fiscal issues. We can expect giddy economic effects and also in the property field where quite likely there will be more drops and burst bubbles. But economies can and will also be reformed under Uranus. There is likely to be increasingly less cash and, more electronic money or implanted chips (as in godless Sweden where the demand for the chip outstrips demand) from this year on. Indeed as Taurus is about security, electronic security via the  suggestively 666 style  microchip is rather  to be an expected development.

The important planetoid Chiron finally goes over from Pisces into Aries. The wounded healer is likely to increase, even aggressively, its complaints and accusations once in Aries. So movements like #MeToo and the Transgender movement will not be going away and may become more vocal and virulent. For the average person the relevance might be health services could be increasingly in crisis.

Beliefs and reportage will be in high and controversial focus during 2019. Jupiter is beliefs, religion, philosophy, publishing and justice. For Christianity there could be some revivalism, but given periodic afflictions from Neptune during the year, strange and confused beliefs and gurus and  confused, distorted reporting of them could well feature. Jupiter is a traveller and internationalist though not necessarily a globalist (it enjoys variety too much) but under affliction it may be assumed one-world globalist ideals will be at the forefront however unpopular with the masses. At another level Jupiter square Neptune virtually guarantees more and possibly even worse floods and tsunamis.


This question is almost like also asking another, namely will Israel experience real trouble in 2019 since with Trump having withdrawn troops in the Middle East in December 2018, even with a favourabale peace agreement possibly mid year, Israel could be left in the lurch against Russia, Turkey or whatever once America is no longer available. For end-timers that situation is redolent of prophecies of Ezekiel for “the latter days” and the attack from the north, the Gog and Magog war.

But the American trouble I would inquire about is serious trouble like national collapse through internal division, economic instability  or even a virtual wipe-out from sudden nuclear or EMP attack. Pluto usually means profound, demanding transformations, but it can also signal outright death and destruction. 2019 will undoubtedly be stressed and tested, but the more obvious time for disaster of the more ultimate kind (there are hardly any precedents to judge by!) would be in 2020. In that year Pluto is opposed for once in two and a half centuries to the national Mercury. This planet is both in and rules (if the birth time is correct) America’s eighth house of death.

In 2020 there is a lunar eclipse opposite America’s sun mid year, while near the end of 2020 a solar eclipse conjuncts the nation’s shock-delivering Uranus. So I would judge that if there is collapse, war and destruction affecting America during 2019, it would be only destruction Part One. During  2019 I am more inclined to expect troubles arrive in the shape of natural disasters like floods or mega quakes  than outright, total conflicts.

Though it follows that I don’t really see “imminent destruction” early in 2019  (wouldn’t Trump and America have to help establish a middle east peace later in the year first or, say, shocking Uranus need as in March to have crossed Ganymede, symbol of those suddenly snatched to heaven?), I will speculate in note about one imminence claim  as an example  of my stated principle of being  open to weighing the likelihood of prophecies in light of celestial signs.


The solar eclipse of January 6th which will colour effects for the whole year from that time, is at 15 Capricorn. This means it is opposite America’s natal 13 Cancer sun. With transiting Saturn at 12 degrees opposite the natal sun at the time of the eclipse and then Mars at 3 degrees Aries in affliction square to the national Venus (peace and prosperity) at nearly 3 Cancer, this combination is not a recipe for the  highest levels of  peace or prosperity during the year, it is rather restrictive and depressing.

“Heavy” is the word for this eclipse.  With Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the South Nodes in addition to Sun and Moon all in gloomy Capricorn, there is serious tension and rather fanatical adherence to one’s views and interests given that the eclipse falls at the gridlock midpoint of Saturn and Pluto in the heavens. Pluto however being degree exact at eclipse time on Jared Kushner’s natal sun suggests his highlighting and changing role during the year in relation to the Trump  peace plan of which he is a chief architect and negotiator.

Whether attacking or attacked (in say the South China Sea,) it looks like there would be more danger for America  in relation to what builds in China than from Russia (dangerous though Russia is). At any rate January’s eclipse at 15 Capricorn stands in affliction square to America’s natal China asteroid at 16 Libra. And this China, which itself is  near enough square to the national sun on a permanent basis, will always need only strong transits or an eclipse like January’s to hot things up.

I am uncertain whether one should perceive significance in the fact that in the Pentecost chart for Christianity, 15 Cancer, the degree opposed by January’s eclipse, is conjunct both Siri (one of the names for Syria) and Christianity’s Sun/Moon midpoint (a major destiny-defining point in a chart) itself conjunct Konig (King) at 16 degrees. Insofar as Christians look upon Syria and the prophecied destruction of its capital Damascus (no asteroid) as pivotal for the religion’s endtimes scenario,  it is perhaps relevant that the eclipse hits opposite in the way it does at this time. It could mean a destruction of Damascus falls within 2019 reverberating with many.

Overall I should say the January solar at 15 Capricorn bespeaks an important year for Christianity. The Sun/Moon midpoint is not just a destiny marker but is considered like the inner marriage. It is also conjunct Konig (King) and  opposite the asteroid Cortina (curtain or veil) – a time in which the soul could pass beyond the veil, be married to or see the king  in some fashion?   In June the new moon falls degree exact on Pentecost’s Saturn (limits and endings), while the full moon falls in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Centre often associated with events in religion.

While features of the January solar could be significant and taken as key for the whole  year,  popularly more interest is getting  directed upon the lunar eclipse later in the month. It looks more obviously  dramatic for those seeking “signs”! But the main difference between solars and lunars is the solar is more about new themes and conditions and it influences a year, lunars are more about things already established that need sorting out and it influences across six months.


There is no question but that the long, three hour lunar eclipse of 21st January highlights America. It is a super blood moon, i.e. a moon at perigee (nearest earth and larger to see and 30% brighter) and it tracks  across America and over specifically  Washington. And it’s the first of three supermoons on 0 degrees in the early months of the year suggesting powerful effects. Trump is surely highlighted in some fashion. He was born under a blood moon and this one occurs on the second anniversary of his inauguration.

America’s natal sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer. At the time of the eclipse, aggressive Mars is at 13 Aries and painful Saturn is at 13 Capricorn almost perfectly to the minute opposite America’s sun. [ Updating…. On the 17th January there were several minor but felt and noticeable quakes in a line across America, one near Washington, and the Trump Peace Plan was supposedly linked in Israel which it is now forecast to divide, which is highly prophetic if so ].  13 degrees in these signs are called “critical” or extra emphasized, strong. Mars set in this way in “square” to Saturn is an aspect of frustration and violence, Hitler was born under such.

With this square then afflicting America’s natal sun, at very least one would expect an uptick in internal conflict in the months following the eclipse, and possibly some serious natural disaster. Problems and crises around the border and the wall (a Saturnian theme) could well be set to continue or increase. But some issues could just get horribly stuck under blocking, delaying, frustrating Saturnian influences. This could be true for many nations though truer for America given its sun involved.

I don’t set too much by the so called Parts, including because they are very time sensitive and the chart of America’s birth is much disputed, but in the  fairly reliable (Scorpio rising) chart I use, at eclipse time, Mercury, the national ruler of the death house and placed within it, is conjuncted by the Part of Death. These kind of signs can make things look serious …..but… the eclipse itself at 0 Leo isn’t hitting any planet or very special point in America’s chart. So, despite everything, the effects could be mitigated, though the sombre defining quality of the year from the prior solar eclipse would suggest nothing can be radically mitigated.

What is more obviously affected by this lunar eclipse is Israel. The blood moon even falls on its New Year of Trees date for 2019. 0 Leo is close to israel’s destiny and leadership Midheaven angle and tension square to its ascendant, the body of the people, their self image and mythos. This fits with what we pretty well know for the six months from late January. Elections and various challenges to Prime Minister Netanyahu and very likely a destiny-shaping peace deal begun if not concluded within the period.

Also affected by the eclipse is the Pentecost chart for Christianity whose ascendant is conjuncted. The ascendant is the body and general self-image of the people. Negatively an eclipse here could put the members in continued and increased physical/material risk as unquestionably could be the case for Christians in Africa and Asia where underreported persecution is rapidly mounting. But in so far as the body of the people is “the bride of Christ”, the fact is that the eclipse hits Pentecost’s Joy at O Leo and Masi (Messiah) and the ascendant at 2 degree looks more positive . This happens while fortunate Jupiter exact trines the Christ asteroid and the natal marriage angle at 15 Aquarius, a world point and the degree of the February lunation which perhaps the eclipse is pointing to.

It would just be possible for hopeful minds to read this as an apocalyptic indicator, especially with shocking Uranus due to cross heaven-translated Ganymede during the six month period, but suggestive is not conclusive – I’ve seen reasonably suggestive before! It is the totality of surrounding issues and events in other related charts and  places that would render the pattern closer or not to being conclusive. As said, lunar eclipses are relevant for around six months. Those who anticipate a Rapture usually wish to see a Mid East peace deal done first, but that, it now seems, wouldn’t be for much before June. There is also the technical point on which I wouldn’t insist, that any return of Christ would likely involve the Christ planet Neptune in apparent retrograde, a sign of return,  which is a feature only of the second half of any year.(1)

I don’t know if it should be deemed relevant, but in my data for Christ, the lunar eclipse falls conjunct asteroid Reddish on 0 Leo and conjunct its conjunction with  Cohen (Jewish priest) with Regulus, the King Star at 1 Leo and surely all celestial shorthand for, “You are  a high priest for ever after the order of Melchizadek” (Heb 7:17) this priest being also “King of Salem” (Jerusalem) and disputed king of Israel in axis opposition to Israel at  0 degrees Aquarius. I think however it’s too much of a stretch to read a message to the effect a red moon heralds the messianic king (or the wrathful leonine Jesus of the above mentioned vision), but it’s not impossible.

Overall and despite the hoopla over the Supermoon eclipse and America, it’s  really the January solar and then also the July solar eclipse at 10 Cancer that seems more related to specifically America (sun at 13 Cancer) than January’s lunar. And that this July eclipse continues with any problems indicated by the January lunar, seems certified by the way  that disruptive, argumentative Mars is on the O Leo degree of January’s lunar for July’s solar.

The fated nodes in early July oppose Saturn in the heavens which is unhelpful and stressful but not directly affecting a point in the national chart. America can be in the news and suffering problems, setbacks. scandals,  but again the most extreme effects don’t seem  shown. Since the sun involves the leadership of a nation, an eclipse conjunct it involves the leadership. Trump would be at once highlighted and also challenged – which Trump is most of the time! – but in the wake of July’s eclipse perhaps with more serious consequence.


This lunation of February 4th in Aquarius and with Venus on a world point is interesting. 15 Aquarius is one of the six world points and it is on an axis with the opposite 15 Leo, deemed one of the zodiac’s most difficult degrees. The lunation will challengingly oppose the Vatican’s difficult Mars in its twelfth house of things hidden and often undermining. The Pope is due to visit  UAE during February and will celebrate mass there (and if he additionally visits Saudi as per an unconfirmed report it would  presumably be due to the liberalizing influence of Prince MBS although it is theoretically still forbidden to celebrate any non Muslim religion even in one’s own home)

It would be good if the Pope’s visit marks a real thaw for religious liberty (in neighbouring Turkey the first ever church in modern times where all church building has been restricted will begin construction in February), but by now the Pope is almost  suspect in this area. There are widespread Catholic complaints about his and the Vatican’s treatment of Christianity in China and other places where persecution now prevails. Almost disinterested in this, the uniquely Jesuit Pope Francis would appear, like Angela Merkel, to be a committed globalist interested in one-world government and even religion in the style of the Jesuit mystic, Teilhard de Chardin.

It is not flippant to wonder if this  Pope (the last according to the St Malachy prophecy) might not at this time, however unwittingly, facilitate the soon emergence of an Antichrist figure  to dominate the world.  A reason to suggest this unusual idea  is because the lunation falls within a degree conjunct the birth sun of the Antichrist according to the visions of a Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon, while the lunation occurs on the 4th February one day ahead of his alleged birthday (5.2.1962).


In the data for Christ, the whole zone of 14-17 Leo that the lunation opposes is highly sensitive. At 15 Leo is Shaim (which by the usual sound vibe reading of asteroids will equate with Shem or Name of the Lord, 16 is Jerusalem and 17 is Lucifer. Conjunctions are very agreed or opposed about something depending on what’s involved. The mentioned line-up is redolent of a vision of Zechariah (Zech 3:2) in which the Lord condemns Lucifer on the subject of Jerusalem because by divine choice the Name of the Lord dwells there. To the extent the Pope is not sympathetic to Israel’s claims to Jerusalem and a temple, while the Antichrist (who should at one point take Jerusalem and rule from there), would obviously not be favourable, the Leo/Aquarius axis reflects something very sensitive. Is it only by coincidence that at the time of the February lunation, Mars will be degree exact conjunct the position of the Achristou asteroid in the natal chart for modern Israel, an asteroid I find to function like an Antichrist factor in persons and issues involving the dark side?

At the same time  more positively and as already noted, the 15 Aquarius of the lunation is the position of the Christ asteroid and the unions/marriage angle of the Pentecost chart for Christianity. While that doesn’t automatically promise the Rapture, it would be surprising if there wasn’t quite a lot of thought directed to the idea that month, but alternatively or additionally to the subject of persecution. The seventh house is the sector of closest union but also greatest opponent on a sort of a Taming of the Shrew basis. And the subject of persecution is one people increasingly realize the Pope is not seeing or sees and mismanages.

So overall what I am saying is I think February 4th to March 6th lunation period sows seeds for events later in the year.  Assuming all goes to plan, it will be Aquarian style different  to have the Pope performing mass in Saudi Arabian peninsula, though rather than promote true toleration it may only facilitate strange later developments.

Dixon’s Antichrist, if he exists, could well emerge in the June/July period of the now likely peace roll out with the 10 Cancer eclipse near his ascendant. I don’t quite complement myself that growing impatient about this subject of the false Messiah, similarly to the issue of the peace plan I also cast a horary asking when he would appear (repeated  eclipses and factors to his birth pattern suggests he must be active in the world and could by now have appeared but cannot possibly be much longer held back.  For what it’s worth  given I am out of practice, the pattern via a different symbols turned up approximately the same answer as for the peace plan – in around  the June/July period. Since this person, if he exists, must confirm or strengthen a peace deal, perhaps it all makes sense. Even if it doesn’t, it looks as though 2019 will be a vital year, not least in the realm of religion.


1) Modern astrologers take Neptune, ruler of Pisces, sign of the current era, to be the Christ planet. At the time of year Jesus would have   left earth and the disciples questioned him regarding his return, Neptune had recently turned in apparent retrograde, retrogrades being a common indicator of persons and things returning when you ask questions as in horary astrology. Under the rules, any “return” of Christ ought to occur under a Neptune retrograde which nowadays means in the second half of any year. There is only one subtle argument against this, at least as regards the Rapture event. At this event as opposed to the Second Advent, Jesus does not touch the earth, only approach it and the clouds of heaven. One could therefore argue he is not fully returned and no symbolically retrograde Neptune need apply to the pattern.