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July’s Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon Eclipse on the 27th is a stand-out. Not surprisingly it has gathered to itself some extreme associations even to its being called by some the Apocalypse Eclipse. Here are some facts to consider in assessment.

While whole centuries may go by without a cycle of total lunar eclipse blood moons, this century is richer in blood moons – it has witnessed a tetrad of them earlier this decade in 2014 and 2015 but….

  • This July’s blood moon is the longest this century – totality is 1 hr 43 minutes
  • This July’s moon is a supermoon i.e. at perigee (nearest to earth)
  • This July’s moon is conjunct Mars also at perigee
  • The perigee of Mars will be the second closest to earth in sixty thousand years
  • This July’s blood moon will probably be super red. It is conjunct Mars, and Mars the red planet has just begun to be enveloped by an unprecedented dust storm. Mars is due to be nearly twice as bright as Jupiter at the eclipse.
  • This July’s blood moon follows a few days after the 19th when all the planets will be one side of the sun and a cluster of asteroids is gathered between Earth and Mars.
  • This July’s blood moon eclipse is bracketed by two (partial) solar eclipses, a fortnight either side. (Normally a lunar eclipse falls a fortnight before or after a solar eclipse).


But does any of this amount to anything like in addition the  “prophetic” sign some see?

Undeniably the Bible does appear to forecast a blood moon prior to and as harbinger of apocalypse (Acts 2:20, Joel 2:31). It  also speaks of “fire and drifting smoke”, believed to be a reference to volcanic activity but possibly also something like the widespread wild fires recently  and presently in evidence.

Since in Jewish tradition and idiom the portentous sounding “moon turned to blood” may signify no more than a lunar eclipse (which Jewish astrology rates as more important for affairs of Israel and wars than solar eclipses), and since major blood moons though exceptional are not impossibly rare, any pre-apocalypse eclipse would need to be very special….But you can argue July’s blood moon is this.

  • This July’s total blood moon culminates over Jerusalem (this decade’s earlier tetrad of blood moons occurred on Jewish festivals).
  • This July’s blood moon occurs on the Jewish festival of the grape harvest which is redolent of various apocalyptic images “Thrust in your sickle and reap….for the harvest of the earth is ripe” (Rev 14: 14-16).
  • This July’s blood moon is the last long lunar eclipse of the era. An aion or era lasts somewhere between 2000 and 2100 years. The Piscean era (whose imagery runs through the gospels and which effectively constitutes the bible’s “age of grace”) began around the time of Christ’s birth. It is now due to end, a reason it could be said Christianity is in such trouble at present and faith declines as Jesus appears to predict (Luk 18:8).
  • This July’s blood moon occurs on what rabbis and some Christians regard as Israel’s prophetically pivotal, messianically relevant seventieth year, the year of the hoped for Middle East Peace Treaty and drives towards building of a third Jewish temple. (Suggestive for a soon Peace Treaty is the way at the eclipse asteroid Israel  conjuncts the national Venus (peace) to within minutes of a degree, while its four degrees of Cancer looks to the 4 degrees of Aquarius/Leo  of the eclipse.
  • Consistent with the possibility of a season of shocks, surprises and extreme events such as apocalypse watchers look for, the blood moon’s sign  is shocks and surprises sign, Aquarius. The eclipse is rendered a virtual firecracker by the fact it is not only conjunct aggressive Mars but in tension aspect (square) the shocks planet, Uranus and conjunct the moon’s south nodes which traditionally enjoys some association with situations of finishing or exiting.
  • A Star of David pattern among the planets precedes the Full Moon at the new moon partial solar eclipse on 13th July. Traditionally full moons enlarge on, fulfil or clarify what new moons are about, something  Christians and astrologers are ignoring in this important case. By every implication the fate of Israel is strongly indicated. But though I accept the main planets do form the Star of David as per astrologer Heather Ensworth’s reading,  I would also stress the sun/moon on July 13th’s eclipse  don’t belong to this formation; they are opposite Pluto which means the solar eclipse bespeaks considerable intensity and turmoil for coming months.


At the level of possible sign, much error has already surrounded the blood moons, not least because those Christians like Mark Biltz and John Hagee who pronounce on them either discount astrology totally or substitute for it a faulty, largely imaginary “Christian astronomy” that the Magi would never have recognized.

It can be argued (not least because of the involvement of the Temple asteroid) that the blood moon tetrad which received doomsday and Armageddon type ruminations,  reflected what this decade has been an evolving Jewish identity and spirituality, concern around the status of Jerusalem (now declared) and the movement (growing) towards the next temple, issues this next eclipse might bring to a head.

This July’s blood moon is also potentially significant (as a sign) given how it appears to relate to other data such as for the foundation of modern Israel and for Christianity as taken from its Pentecost birth date and time in 30 AD and data for the Antichrist if vision once rightly saw concerning this. For these further and needed but more astrological perspectives, see the longer article on McCleary’s Alternatives, “Peace, Jerusalem and a 2018 Turning Point”.


Speculation of any kind in this direction assumes that apocalypse means something and is actually possible. Many, including Christians, will protest no one should even be considering apocalypse and citing the book of Revelation as any pointer to modern and celestial affairs because that book was composed late in the first century and codified Christian persecution under Nero and/or Domitian. (You can read this sort of thing in the recent Revelations, by scholarly popularizer, Elaine Pagels).

Among hints that this is not the case, is that Revelation improbably forecasts that all the world will gaze upon events in the streets of Jerusalem, (Rev 11:9) plainly impossible before modern technology. Overall I think we can say that Revelation struggles to describe in pre-modern language a world due to suffer the effects of a world war to end all world wars. This leads naturally to what can be said in conclusion.


If you believe the blood moon is a sign, specifically of apocalyptic onset, then if traditional and ongoing experience as regards lunar eclipses  counts for anything, what is forecast must be manifested within six months. That’s the use-by date of any lunar eclipse. This means the end of January next year is the deadline – though practically and in this case given the expectations of Israel’s seventieth year to factor in, say the end of this year. However……I am bound to say that this eclipse is so long and strong some astrologers have said its relevance is more akin to a solar eclipse and its effect can be felt for more than six months. But obviously it won’t be effective as any sign for more than a year.

Though in the way that any full moon can be disturbing, it’s possible this blood moon could be witness to anything from street riots to earth movements; but it’s unlikely, even if its chief message is genuinely apocalyptic, that it would produce that crisis to the day or even the end of the month. Eclipses with their themes don’t work that way. [See Note Below ]  Moreover, since Mars at the time of eclipse is in what is called its apparent retrograde, any potential violence at the time could actually be muted. The eclipse could  even accompany a Mid East Peace Treaty however shaky. But the weeks and months following could witness more extreme scenarios, and in any case, just generally the future is not exactly bright.

It is noteworthy and relevant that coming times must undergo the increasing influence of the Saturn/Pluto cycle. This is truly the worst. Jesus was crucified on its opposition; major wars like the Thirty Years War in Europe, WW1 and WW11 have been shadowed by it. There’s a God versus the devil quality to it.

Any WW111, which the times of apocalypse and its Tribulation period could be thought to describe, would very likely be linked to effects of that cycle more than others. This renders it legitimate to think of the blood moon as a general harbinger of troubled times, apocalyptic…or other. The mere fact we now have Saturn transiting its own earth sign, Capricorn, does not bode well for quakes. The strongest recorded  quake (the 9.5 Valdivia in Chile in 1960) occurred under Saturn in Capricorn.

Whatever, for anything like apocalyptic scenarios it looks like a case of now or never, “now” looking to be overall a “best”, almost a Grand Central Station, time for signs. But we can still  somewhat test this blood moon’s status as sign.


Since  apocalypse is also the birth pangs of the earth and the messiah’s approach, if those harbingers of apocalypse, quakes, volcanoes, fires and floods, especially in tandem, continue and/or increase from now on, the eclipse is more likely to be  a sign that points to ultimate crisis. If quakes, volcanoes, fires and floods now abate, crisis is less likely to be signalled.

As said, a lunar eclipse has six months to manifest its main message (or in this case some astrologers would say a bit more that that). If the sign truly is apocalyptic and stage one of the crisis really  is set to begin (many Christians would claim stage one would be the so-called Rapture) then it will do so, or it won’t do so, but it will be apparent one way of another ….soon.


Definitely eclipses don’t have to manifest their chief message on the day. They normally deliver most when a transiting factor warms up the eclipse degree. Example: On June 21 2001 an eclipse hit on a world point (O Cancer) and degree zone relevant to America (whose Venus is at 2 Cancer). When war-like Mars conjuncted  0 Cancer on 9/11 the Twin Towers were struck..

It follows that some aspect within the next 6 months would need to relate to the blood moon’s 4 Aquarius. One such time would be the whole second half of August when the nodes transit opposite that degree. Another such would be end September when Mars hits the area.  It should be clear this is not prophecy, not date setting, it’s merely a possible time frame, the location of a potential.









Religion mostly deals in absolutes. Art, which is often in trouble with religion, deals in the grey areas. But both religion and art are joined in their connection to leading, life-governing symbols. This article will conduct the reader through a veritable labyrinth of symbols towards an unexpected, quasi-apocalyptic message with links past and present to a biblically celebrated  Greek city. Be patient to discover and arrive.

Later this year an arguably misnamed film, The Changing of the Gods, based on the work of Cosmos and Psyche by culture historian Richard Tarnass, should be making irrefutably clear how much events follow cycles. It will demonstrate what’s ignored by scientists and Christians (the latter despite the Magi and all the statements of Ecclesiastes to the effect was has been will be),  namely  that as many  people have long  known, the course of wars, revolutions and social change generally, really does follow distinct planetary patterns. And these engage specific symbols.

Symbols are distinctively one thing  or genus (like the Mars long associated with war and mayhem), but they are also multivalent, not just war but a gun and sword, and then they have  positive and negative expressions too as when Mars is associated with  courage and decisiveness and not just strife.

At this point in history we are moreover on the cusp of two ages – that of Pisces “ruled” by Neptune and that of Aquarius “ruled” by Uranus. Accordingly, if we are at all sensitive to the flow of events, we can observe and are experiencing an often confused, half merged, clashing overload of Neptunian and Uranian symbols and themes.

On the Piscean side we have the Neptunian victim, refugee, suffering, compassion, inclusivism at all costs, a certain domination by film, image and dreams, also lies and corruption, drugs and addiction, permissiveness and mysticism in all shapes and sizes, good and bad.

On the Aquarian side, there is an obsession with personal rights, autonomy, difference and gayness. There is a disposition to shock, to revolution or group action and thus recourse to social media, also to achieve “perfection “ (at least of bodies), a tendency to domination by technology and abstract dogmatism, an orientation to future trends and Utopias (more “perfection”).

There is no need to enumerate the potential for positive and negative expression within the signs and their trends. It should be obvious. Sometimes Neptune and Uranus seem to complement one another as when Neptune is nature and Uranus is society, sometimes they suggest absolute polarities as when Neptune is sleep and dream, and Uranus is wakefulness and inspiration,. It is these polarities, natural and social, sleep and awake, which are also biblically stressed polarities and with an odd connection to the issue of nudity that I shall be stressing here even as reaching into a sign of the times worth noting.

We can return to the point and related matters presently, but here is one of the relevant, symbolically loaded biblical statements which may not mean quite what it seems. And it is  problematic, not just for what it might be thought to imply about sex, shame and nudity, but because of its odd comparison, one we need to understand, of the Christ of the apocalypse with a thief. …… “See I am coming like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and is clothed, not going about naked and exposed to shame” (Rev 15:16).


Nudity is all of a mixed signals symbol. It is what especially postmodernists  might call a floating signifier. To many, even or especially in the permissive west, nudity signifies little more than having sex or being immodest or aggressively exhibitionist (as in streaking). Some laws may still treat nudity under the head of “indecent exposure” or “public nuisance”, a virtual crime (even if victimless) rather than anything that might involve art, a special statement or a lifestyle option. The fact is the condition proves  elusive when it comes to defining quite what it represents and does. Assumed to be sexual, for some it may seem less erotic than the effects produced by the behaviour of  an individual fully clothed.

Sociologically, the nothing-but-sex reaction is more in evidence where there is less gender equality and/or women are – as in Hollywood! – just objects to men. Thus in relatively egalitarian Scandinavia nudity is not a big deal with families sharing naked sauna. In other ages and climes, and famously in ancient Greece, it was rather men than women who had the right to be naked, (though not necessarily as an object for women who could be executed for observing the nude games!). And before the Christian West unexpectedly made something of a standard artistic fetish of the female nude, it was male nudity was more portrayed. Symbolically there was a  sort of natural correctness to this.  As in medieval alchemical art,  the male organ , anyway outside the body and thus quasi exposed,  is “solar” as against  the more hidden, “lunar” female genitals .

Where sex is not the sole association, nudity can symbolize protest and especially freedom from conventional personal and societal  images such as clothes impose. The purely legal or morals campaigner approach ignores that and risks compromising a type of sincerity and signification, including even biblically. St Francis did a holy striptease in the street in rejection of his father’s lifestyle and source of wealth as a cloth merchant and to make a point he  preached a sermon in the nude. The prophet Micah, who sounds like the nearest thing to a Jewish Diogenes (the Cynic Greek philosopher who lived naked in a tub) declares he will go stripped and naked and wailing like the jackals (Mic 1:8). Isaiah went about “naked” as a sign for three years (Is 20:2-4}. Quite how naked he was is not clear, but denying  his aristocratic status, it seems he went about slave-like at least buttocks bared as a warning of  impending captivity.


Signs and protests apart, Isaiah and Micah could hardly go far wrong because it is affirmed we are all naked before God anyway ( Heb 4: 13) and, at least symbolically, are even meant to be perhaps especially in relation to worship. In some paganism like wicca, nudity  is not symbolic but overt and in order, it’s believed, to free connection of the aura/soul body to the elements to increase spiritual power. It’s an idea that possibly obtained among Israel’s early school of the  prophets  given the statement that King Saul was thought to  be like the prophets because he had stripped off and lain naked like them  all night (1 Sam 19:24). The Rev Charles Kingsley (author of The Water Babies) was puzzled by the fact he felt more spiritual when unclothed.

Though most systems and persons are less radical than wiccans and less sensitive than KIngsley, and while nudity may have its spiritual uses, no religious  system outside  the Jains has deemed it essential. Even so and in Judaism, its priests, though dressed for temple service, must still go bare foot. Famously Moses must remove his shoes before the burning bush. Beyond just reverence, this is very likely to signify the humility and honesty of a symbolic nudity because, as any rabbi will tell you, the feet are often a biblical symbol/circumlocution for the genitals. It is even widely believed that Isaiah’s cherubim, whose wings cover their feet (Is 6:2), is circumlocution for covering their genitals….In which case, this begs the question why would God require a symbolic nudity for priests if the celestial realms of the cherubim have no room for an actual nudity  among those perfect, unfallen beings?

Though you could explore this difficult, sensitive subject through Jewish works like God’s Phallus by Howard Eilberg-Schwartz, in brief parenthesis I will supply one answer here and particularly as Christianity with its doctrine of God as Trinity has a special problem with, or clue to, the question if you at all accept as starting point what it took the pornographer Henry Miller to point out.  He opined that the  penis is like a Trinity symbol with its shaft and two testicles (1)  (He didn’t get theological about the female genitals, but one could theorize they represent either another version of the uniplural principle or else they symbolize earth, the  All that receives the divinity). What we do know of God is that, as per Ezekiel (Ez 1:27), below the waist he is pure (creative) fire. Sex and the genitals would always be a reflection of that. The lovers of the Song of Solomon are understood to be in the fires of Yah. And we may assume that in some form or other the angelic orders experience this fire – how else could the fallen angels of Genesis have intercourse with women on earth if they were totally sexless?

It follows that, almost as a point of what one could call erotic etiquette, i.e. from respect rather than shame, angelic beings closest to deity are seen as not presuming to expose themselves as though in rivalry to the prime source  – the likely reason they also cover their faces is not to rival the divine image). Even on the human plain some of the offence or shock of nudity can be involved with the fact the genitals do not so much belong to the principle of beauty with which the body gets identified as with a more alien, numinous element of power. This applies as much to the female as to the male and is presumably what is being conveyed, however grotesquely, by the peculiar medieval inclusion in churches of the Sheela-na-gig carvings, vestiges of ancient fertility goddesses. (But  note that as compared to the more naturalistic depiction of male nudity over the centuries, the Sheelas have, or draw attention to, an exaggerated, unnaturalistic  vulva probably  because the attempted power emphasis runs somewhat counter to what I have called the more hidden “lunar” aspect of female being).


Biblical Hebrew has a variety of words and expressions for naked and in translation,  sometimes even in Hebrew itself, it is not always perfectly clear what is meant. It could be anything from full nudity to merely being without over garment – situation would indicate.  Sometimes the use of nudity can be a precious circumlocution for having sex as in Leviticus where “uncovering the nakedness” means having intercourse, a fact that reminds us the Genesis curse on Ham who saw his (inebriated) father naked, is almost guaranteed to signify a case of incestuous shame rape.   However, the nearest root meaning if not translation of naked  is usually impoverishment, a certain lack or loss or absence of something, anything from personal power to wealth. Obviously the nakedness of Isaiah was involved with prophetic warning of coming defeat and reduction to slave status.

Yet if there can also be, as in some art forms  or the Song of Solomon, something glorious about the naked body, especially if it’s believed to be any “in the image” reflection of the divine, how can and does our floating significator manage also to be shameful? And is it, strictly speaking, sexually/erotically shameful after all? Obviously age, disease and obesity can ravage the body to the point it recalls the all too human “fallen” condition rather than anything sublime, but I don’t think that the  idea of shame is principally involved with  just that.

In a previous article on my  other site (See: Issues of Love, Sex and Biblical ‘Incoherence’  I mentioned that the bible implies a belief in the soul/aura – some passages don’t even make sense without assuming it. I suggest that loss of the aura’s visibility, its radiance around the body that a few psychically inclined persons can still observe, is what the original shame was believed to be. After all, without some loss of the kind happening, how would the Edenic couple sense and observe they were naked in the first place? “Who told you you were naked”? is indeed the question to be asked.

The philosopher Schopenhauer may also provide another clue here. He remarks somewhere that the shame of nudity is involved with the sense of mortality (such as the Genesis story very much points to). The genitals are no longer just part of a  bodily whole or a reminder of pleasure, but rather a reminder of the need to procreate against undesired death.

I should say too that if the aura is not observed, it becomes easier for people to forget that one makes love not just to bodies but souls; and then the body without  any apparent radiance is more obviously object and thus easily object of a dissociated lust that can embarrass and more.


So at this point we arrive at paradox. For some people in some contexts to be naked is to gain or regain something –  one’s being, one’s pure self (i.e.freed of social expectations and without the props and often false signals of clothes), and more in tune with a sensed (aurically based) connection to nature and the All. At the same time, this gain still suffers the effects of all that’s entailed on account of the soul/aura’s invisibility.  Even if the naked person may sufficiently reach  self harmoney, others not  appreciating this  may reduce the person to the status of object only or question their honesty, so that in society’s eyes, they are  regarded  as  merely rebellious, eccentric,  exhibitionist, perverted etc.

It is thus  a win/lose situation for the individual. Even so, above and beyond this and on the cultural plain, we almost certainly need to be rid of notions  many easily hold and the bible can be thought to point to, but doesn’t  automatically ,  that nudity is shameful or embarrassing per se, that it equates with sex only and lewdly so. Relevant here are words to the church of Laodicea in the book of Revelation. The church is the last addressed of seven churches of Asia Minor, and although the relevant community did exist and was still active to shape church policy into the fourth century,  the churches are often seen as symbolic and prophetic for church history with Laodicea representing  an end of  age decadent religiosity. Historically, Laodicea was a prosperous city famed for luxury goods including a precious eye salve. The church shared in the general prosperity. It also drank from the well-supplied but tepid, lukewarm waters of the region.

Accused of boasting of a wealth they feel renders them invulnerable “we have need of nothing”  (is it possible  these believers anticipate today’s prosperity gospel advocates?! )  the Laodiceans are told in reality they are “wretched, pitiable, blind, poor and naked”. They are counselled to buy gold from Christ  in order  to be truly rich, “and white robes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen and salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see” (Rev 3:18). What is the shame of nakedness best not seen? Plainly it’s what nudity had broadly symbolized in Hebrew, namely a degree of poverty or loss,  a state the Laodiceans fail to realize is theirs no matter how fashionably attired and materially wealthy they are. But why must they acquire white robes to hide the shame of what is their “naked” spiritual poverty in fact?



In Revelation the redeemed who are seen as like priests unto God (Rev5:10)  are said to wear white robes, doubtless because priests of the temple wore white robes. To be frank about it, heaven itself could  be dull and impoverished if the redeemed could never get beyond wearing a single garment, however precious, of one colour for all eternity! So the meaning is virtually guaranteed to be otherwise. The reason the priests wore white while their feet were bare was because their white robe represented the lost and to be reacquired radiance of the original, body-surrounding aura which of course could also be coloured but white is the source colour and light itself.

The bible, not least Revelation and apocalyptic themes, is saturated with temple symbolism and theology, though it is only recently  being acknowledged and studied quite how much so. We can now return to the earlier mentioned thief in the night passage. What does it mean to say Christ comes as a thief in the night (something he surely can’t be ) and so one needs to keep awake not to go about naked?

The answer is that Christ is being identified with the chief of the Temple guard composed of levite priests whose leader was called the thief. It was as good as sacrilege for selected priests to fall asleep on any night of duty. If they did, the shame of their failure risked being marked out by “the thief”, in effect a clothes thief , who set the offender’s robe alight so that to protect himself he would need to fling off his garment and flee the scene naked. All sorts of symbolism is involved here but most obviously fire represents the judgement and purifying force of deity and the priest is symbolically judged, sent to hell. And if we identify his ritual robe with the aura lost at the fall, then a second death or fall is imaged. I reserve to note another important way in which Christ is symbolically “thief” related. (2)

But we must also remember especially the following point of symbolism as regards sleeping and waking. No matter how pure, free, natural or healthy the nudity of any Christian St Francis, pagan Diogenes or poetic Walt Whitman might be at a certain level, symbolically (even or especially for traditional symbolic systems like astrology), nudity still equates as much as for Hebrew with some kind of loss, lack, even poverty (Francis and Diogenes were both devoted to it).


Symbols are multivalent and like notes they have octaves. It’s thus that, depending on the context, Neptune can signify not only poverty and nudity but film, dream or sleep – recall how much nudity features not only in film but dreams – it’s a commonplace people dream they are suddenly naked in public. It follows that nudity as linked to sleep and dream is also a lack of sorts in relation to its Uranian polarity of wakefulness. The latter can also be identified with knowledge, not like Neptune knowledge  of unconscious nature but conscious “enlightenment’ in relation to being, the more archetypal, utopian, celestial plan of things.

We can now better see what is happening with biblical and especially apocalyptic imagery. The state of nudity risks engaging a shame related less to eros and sex than symbolically the condition of sleep which is oblivious to and unprepared for what is to happen. It is confused slumber as against enlightenment, a kind of sleepwalking confusion that characterizes the end of the Neptunian age of Pisces which will suffer the Uranian shock of the coming Aquarian age (which can be equated with the biblical Millennium)   with its potential to fulfil among much else the Uranian concern with the improved, perfected body, biblically the immortal one  (it is also seen as snatched Ganymede-like to heaven, a thoroughly Uranian and air sign theme in itself).

In the classic, most cited statement regarding the end of age and the so-called Rapture event that precedes the end and disappears the believing prepared, St Paul to the Thessalonians makes the whole subject one of precisely day against night, being awake rather than asleep:

“But you beloved, are not in darkness for that day [the day of the Lord, the Rapture] to surprise you like a thief, for you are all children of the light and children of the day; we are not of the night or of darkness. So then let us not fall asleep as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober” ( I Thess 5:4-6).

Nothing of the naked/clothed polarity explicitly enters in Thessalonians and at one level it needn’t. The omission can  even seem positive  if one questions what is often felt to be a biblical penchant for anti eros and mere body shaming. But life is stranger than fiction and symbolism has almost autonomous powers, works in chains of association enforcing something like the Jungian compensation factor. Try to leave out the clothed/unclothed equation and what among other things does the end of the age produce but….nudity in or from of all places St Paul’s apocalypse-associated Thessaloniki?



Urban nudism names the practice, (or claim to be able to practice) a more public nudity. It is and remains more or less illegal, though laws may not be strongly applied in some places and times especially protests and festivals like the World Naked Bike Ride or Gay pride. In several countries it is more or less legal (Denmark and Netherlands, and actually legal in Spain where the freedom was locally curtailed after it was alleged prostitution in Barcelona was exploiting it – inevitably however it was mostly men were seen about town where they functioned as curios for tourists. Because what is Neptunian insinuates rather than rebels and organizes like Uranus, there never has been nor will be any aggressive or highly organized naked revolution akin to Gay Lib but there can be local trends and movements that favour greater freedom.

Harmonious with the symbolism so far mentioned and which includes the idea of poverty, we find urban nudism, the will or desire towards it, enjoys some association with societies either passing through major economic problems like Argentina, Spain and Greece, or societies more prosperous like California’s, but which include a partly ghettoed, less prosperous, alternative lifestyle minority such as gays in San Francisco or Berlin. I recall a TV interview with a Buenos Aires urban nudist who maintained that as he was anyway poor, unemployed and excluded, why not go naked when he had nothing to lose? In San Francisco the pioneer of urban nudism, Naked Guy Martinez, was a university student with radical leftist interests and little cash.


In politically troubled Greece and since 2014, apart from a celebration of the World Naked Bike Ride  in that year and the mayor himself posing nude in  support of gay rights and pride,  urban nudism is chiefly the property of the not so impoverished artist and architect, Giannis Maskidis (John Mask to his English language followers). Almost certainly it is under the cover of “art” and helped by something approaching a model’s body, that JM has got away without cover of clothes in a conservative society that nonetheless remembers and cherishes its more body free ancient past.

With events like World Naked Bike Ride and Gay Pride it’s collective and annual only, but with  JM it’s  individual and almost a case of “we see him here, we see him there, he’s mostly naked everywhere” – in parks, under Corinthian columns, draped on statues, posed on balconies, standing on church roofs, in front of altars and icons (though that may be photo-shopped), crawling around art galleries on a dog’s lead (does he want to reproduce  Diogenes the Dog?), riding a fairground carousel, doing just about everything but not riding the public transport  like a German youth in Berlin. GM’s programme started in his home town of Thessaloniki and spread to Athens and the Greek islands.

But  apart from holiday brochure-like suggesting “follow your myth in Greece”, is there any message? Is the chief aim, fame, freedom, art, health, political protest, a neo-pagan campaign, gay pride (JM is gay)? Gayness and its celebration is often accused of precisely exhibitionism or glorification of the body. To the extent that’s valid it would seem inevitable because if the esoteric formula is correct that gays are a female soul in a male body (or a male soul in a female one for lesbians), the body expresses and certifies who the person is more strongly than it does for others. For JM “art” seems the main justification if not quite the main aim. Pictures of nudity often alternate with images of architecture, some of them desolate and almost mournful like some of the comments such as on death being a companion on this or that day or the day requiring one live and suffer.

JM reports the priests hate him (unsurprisingly given that one pic is posed before an altar and extravagantly declares ‘religion spoils everything”!). But given how political, censorious and recently homophobic Orthodoxy – especially its Russian version can be – see my poem Icon World   – it is surprising, if wise, clergy have remained more critical than litigious. Orthodoxy is a liturgically exquisite but peculiarly static, monolithic,  unprophetic faith that relates almost more to icons and saints than God. And the way its icons deform the human body denying it all Solomonic or Renaissance glories, was perhaps bound by a massive act of psychic compensation, to produce alternatives at the first modern opportunity. But JM’s beliefs are odder than any icon – in one article I can’t and needn’t bother to retrace, he endorses a popular underground piece of neo-mythic philosophy that regards God as by chance excreting human beings rather than making any being “in his image”.



Although JM’s “protest” against the norms may have arisen from a walk in the park in 2013, it can be said to have been birthed, trialled and first  filmed for public consumption in 2014 when there were night walks on main roads and past restaurants of central Thessaloniki, evidently to test the waters and loosen up attitudes. Originally we see bag, clothes and camera carrying women supported the venture, something I wouldn’t explain by faghagism towards the two gays involved, but more likely something characteristically  Greek. Greece has never quite accepted contemporary feminism which was not long launched before the then Arianna Stassinopoulos produced The Famale Woman which stressed any reforms would need to be for an equality in difference  she saw under threat (as would often prove true). I suspect therefore that original support for JM has some connection to a local will to (re)assert threatened principles of phallos by the same society that anciently displayed herms at house entrances.

It is however a coincidence of symbols and their timing that I should wish to stress. It was observed that we are currently at the end of an era, the Piscean whose Neptunian range includes and even exaggerates like the last flare of a candle at era’s end, such things as image, film, photography vulnerability,sleep, the dream, what’s natural including nudity. So it is hard not to notice that the nude protest is birthed towards era’s end at night and at a time which due to a tetrad of blood moons of Jewish festivals in 2014 and 15 caused a particular obsession in some circles with precisely end of days, end of era speculations. (Although there was a lot of exaggeration and misinterpretation about this, I accept the blood moons were an element within larger patterns and cycles and considerably involved with the growing movement towards the building of a third Jewish temple, a potentially apocalyptic, end of days subject indeed).

With  so much involved, one cannot usually be either fully for or against nudity. (Unless you are a morals campaigner, solicitation and  commercial treatment of nudity are what seem most legally relevant).  However, “For everything there is a time/ season…..” says Ecclesiastes (Ecc 3:1) in what is almost a statement of astrological theory and its principle of cycles. In line with this  it easier to state  whether the kinds of nudity practiced and portrayed, advocated and tolerated are socially and culturally timely.


Curiously enough, what has begun in Thessaloniki, the same city to which St Paul conveyed secrets of the end of days, is in its way very timely, though more by way of a counter sign. It begins at night (“we are not of the night” says the apostle) and it progresses into the light of day when not as a game and  joke, through a struggle with “dog days’ including with thoughts of death and decay and a kind of meaninglessness which disbelief in deity (or any ideal one) engenders. The emphasis is at variance with futuristic  Uranian type concern with the perfected body, the body electric, the body of light or biblically the immortal and resurrected body that gets associated with the Thessalonian teaching of Rapture and the coming age.

As said, neither of the two letters to Thessalonians mentions nudity after the manner of Revelation, but they might as well do so  because we know that the asleep/awake polarity that haunts end of the age teachings naturally embraces the clothed/naked polarity also.

It would  be   misleading to present JM as  some kind of unique anti prophet. He belongs to and arises out of his times  and unknowingly enacts something within the collective unconscious  and between nudity and gayness  undeniably engages  Neptunian and Uranian themes to a degree  as do perhaps the parading and celebrating  citizens of Thessaloniki more generally. The Laodiceans that the Christ of Revelation accuses of a shameful nakedness were not literally naked and their species of nakedness was spiritual  rather than  material.

In the same way, arguably JM’s clerical critics in Thessaloniki and beyond it, could be deemed as naked as he himself is in relation to the times, which is to say both parties are half slumbering, unawakened to, or sleepwalking amid the events and ideals, symbols and beliefs including in relation to the body and attitudes to it that must change with  era’s. change. (If that sounds a  heavy put on  it seems undeniable that JM has  ignored all the big issues of his nation  –  the national debt, chronic unemployment, near destitute pensioners, the migrant flood, the wild fires, the weather  etc and it’s not much different with the highly conservative national church ).

So at one level and in the immediate, JM is the original, norms challenging individual,   sometimes arty, amusing  or just lurid he aims to be. At another level he is a new Everyman who at the end of the era, unconsciously enacts through a key site of Christian origins and prophecy, what is not done,  understood or anticipated  at a time that calls for heightened awareness and engagement.

I have long claimed to possess  the true and still working chart for Christianity (I.e. Pentecost AD 30).  The asteroid Thessalia,  the only possible and surely correct indicator for Thessaloniki  within the pattern is, of all things,  in shocking, surprising, “expect the unexpected”,  next era  Aquarius, and at that in the house of unions which is what the Rapture/Marriage of the Lamb is.  And there it’s  conjunct, as though in some sort of warning recalling the tone and message of Christ’s apocalyptic parables, The Part of Unpreparedness.  All this seems  curiously harmonious with  the apostle’s words  “therefore let us not sleep as others do , but let us watch.” (1 Thess 5:6).


1)  Some   would protest the pornographer’s daring symbolism is inexact because the three elements are not “equal”. Ironically I would insist the doctrine of absolute, geometrical Trinitarian equality which is St Augustine’s and which ultimately split West from East, is misleading. Greek theology, more in line with biblical statements, teaches something closer to semi-subordinationism with both Son and Spirit issuing from the One, a position which, as pointed out in various of my books and writings has implications for how deity, creation and sexuality are to be understood.

2)  Another reason that the Christ of Revelation is the night “thief” is because of his associations with Mercury, traditionally planetary symbol of the thief. The occultist Mme Blavatsky was the first to call Jesus Mercury outright and basically because like pagan Mercury he is described as mediator, healer and the go-between in relation to heaven and earth. As it happens however, and despite the fact that messianic Jupiter was “his star”, technically Mercury “rules” Jesus birth because with a Virgo sun and Gemini rising, the ruling factor is necessarily Mercury. These matters are covered in my Testament of the Magi: Mysteries of the Birth and Life of Christ, . This is the only astrological study, a radical development of the respected D’Occhieppo/Hughes theory of the birth, which proves itself again and again. It still uniquely works to register Christ issues across history to our times – in short, it’s material too hot for many inside or outside religion to handle and is insultingly ignored accordingly.

For further exploration of the theological and sexual see my  Solomon’s Tantric Song


Genesis: Paradise Lost. A brief review of the film

It took such a long time for my DVD of this film to arrive from America, it was a surprise it arrived at all. But between the hype and my expectations, finally seeing this film, which expresses a variety of more or less creationist views from people of faith who work and teach in science, was a bit of an anticlimax.

The so-called “animations” of creation and natural scenes were good and some meaningful points were made as regards certain unquestioned assumptions and prejudices of scientists; but overall the film with its slow start and slow reading of Genesis1 and then almost too fast for average absorption claims, made the kind of mistakes I had hoped it might be able to avoid.

It has to be understood, and thoughtful Christians like C.S.Lewis writing about science (as in The Magician’s Twin)  have understood, that there are two layers to any arguments about creation, design and the Creator. There is a basically philosophical argument about truth and whether or not the record indicates scientists have some unstated prejudices and are fudging the facts and then there are the more purely faith and spirituality related questions because what you believe about nature and God can colour your entire outlook on life.

It seems undeniable a lot of the creation/evolution dispute begins with Charles Lyell who aimed to dethrone Moses via a doctrine influencing Darwin of Uniformitarianism in nature applied to geology. He proposed  although it’s questionable, not completely provable and challenged by problems with carbon dating, that change follows the same rate always and everywhere and that change is super slow.

But to the extent there are challenging facts and untold stories, then these facts, which should be heard, can and will largely speak for themselves. They must be allowed to prompt, as they will do, questions which  lead into the realms of religious and metaphysical meaning. And in work lthis film undertakes, one disc (the main film) should have kept solely to the facts and the other two discs to discussion of related religious issues.

If however you mix throughout the  legitimate fact-based arguments with an emotional faith-linked one like suggesting persons who question the bible’s plain words on creation are rebels against God and/or lost, even if that were true and could be proved, you compromise credibility as regards your objectivity with the more verifiable facts. Especially so as, regardless of your precise beliefs, you still need to recognize that the bible you cite as authority, no matter how true, is still not a full blown science text book but often closer to poetry….

I was accordingly appalled to hear someone express the opinion that one must accept the Genesis account of creation literally because it is written in prose, not poetry and is therefore “history’. It shouldn’t need to be stated that a lot of poetry, even from Shakespeare, is precisely exalted prose, while the bible offers so many variations on a symbolic theme (like Daniel’s weeks of years) and Jesus states there are twelve hours in a day, that it is and always was seriously stretching things to insist that a Genesis day has to mean twenty four hours only.

What a lot of the bible does in its more poetic,  literary and symbol- ladem sections, is point towards facts, ideas and situations. A lot of it could reasonably be called generalization to be understood and accepted as such. A good example would be some writings of St Paul (who gets cited along with Genesis). Because how much beyond generalization can and should one accept St Paul even on religion?

A prime example of a statement one one could question but which is cited as absolute by some creationists, is the apostle’s reference in Romans 1:20,21 to the supposed existence for a universal conscience and a kind of inborn knowledge of God. Its  existence Paul believes leaves people “without excuse’”

The apostle’s assumption is, as it happens, the grounds some creationists have to condemn those who do not believe what they say. But while we can accept the reality of  a universal conscience,  the evidence frankly  does not exist, or else is very mixed and  weak, for any kind of universal knowledge/awareness of God. You can read Christian conversion stories where the person might say something to the effect they always had their doubts about their version of Asian Buddhism and suspected there was something more that they weren’t hearing; but others, from godless places like North Korea, can report being astonished to hear of any notion of God and creator. Such ideas had never crossed their minds. So at most one could speak of a universal capacity to accept belief in a deity, not Paul’s universal awareness.

Paul who himself admits we “see through a glass darkly” surely only generalizes and points to what is a sort of truth in this case. His idea of a universal awareness of a single deity might actually have owed something to Cicero on the subject of religion. Anyway, Paul was a man of his times and his problematic view of homosexuality, also in the questionable rhetoric of Romans 1, likewise shows some affinity for opinions and understandings of his time re sex plus some awareness of the advanced decadence of Roman imperial society, which had no notion of sexual orientation but did practice recreational bisexuality. If we take Paul to the letter on “homosexuality” (which creationists tend to do, linking defence of creation to opposition to gay rights and a variety of issues so that creationism becomes almost political), we stand to be misled and limited in outlook. Sometimes truth exists in grey areas we must see and respect. Jesus is self–described as Truth while the bible is by contrast “true” because it points to him and the Creator. Other ideas of truth risk becoming unhelpful bibliolatry.

I don’t consider Paradise Lost a completely lost wreck of a project. It includes some things that need to be said and known, but it was wrong and fails to the extent among the more scientific experts it brought in persons, evangelists, like Ray Comfort whom I had criticized in a previous article (Another Side to the Creation/Evolution Debate ) because their views belong to another order than the main one the film is supposed to address.

If you are an American by birth or like Comfort by adoption, then your familiarity with a type of evangelical extravagance might be more accepting of the hybrid this film is; but I think others might be less easy with it and even a little confused. A bold effort, almost daring in today’s religiously dismissive atmosphere,  but half marks only.

For my own and poetic treatment of the creation/evolution debate, see the mini-epic Raphael and Lucifer at

Also on the universality and otherwise of beliefs in God see  The Great Circle: Asia, David and God Consciousness



The run up to Easter 2018 sees the release of more than one religion-related film and not only the season but the dates of release are eloquent for what is involved.

The newest cinematic take on the Magdalene is Australian director Garth Davis’s film, Mary Magdalene premiered in Australia  on the 23rd and generally released on 30th March, Good Friday (world premiere was in London on Feb 26th on which I comment presently). Said to be visually impressive,  the film is not, it seems, controversial by reason of making the Magdalene Jesus’ wife nor the prostitute of non biblical tradition, but rather by endorsing and imagining her in the role of spiritual feminist and 13th apostle. Through her is conveyed some rather new age (or  end of age)  mysticism of the “unconditional” variety that can lend a forgiving, sympathetic ear to a vividly portrayed Judas. There is a lot of water, of mystical “letting go” and accepting in the film reflected in a framing sequence of a seemingly sinking yet surviving Magdalene.

The timing of the film is rather exquisite. The planet/symbol of truth is Jupiter. It is under its current transit of Scorpio, sign of sex and mysteries, that the truth has been coming out about Hollywood and sexual exploitation generally. On March 23rd and 30th, Jupiter stands on 22 of water sign, Scorpio. When it does this it is directly opposite asteroid MAGDALENA at 22 Taurus in the Pentecost 30 AD foundation pattern for Christianity. This challenging or just oppositional position not only invites to a revisionist re-thinking of the Magdalene in the manner of the current “apparent retrograde” of Jupiter and its watery sign, but warns that what is presented is also largely untrue to the person and her beliefs.

(If one were to take the Feb 26th London premiere that message is arguably stronger. Jupiter just inside 23 Scorpio is again opposite MAGDALENA at 22 Taurus.  At whatever was the time on that day, the moon in Cancer was is in the opposite sign from MAGDALENA in the chart for Jesus whose passivity in the film is reflected in a Venus exactly transiting his Jupiter/ Bethlehem star but in stress square to Mars in Sagittarius, sign of religion and philosophy, this well reflecting how the conclusion of the film as good as maintains any kind of organized religion is the enemy of what the Magdalene represents).


The premiere of the film, Paul, Apostle of Christ, falls on March 23rd (brought forward from the 28th). Those involved in the film, not least Jim Caviezel who starred as Jesus in The Passion of the Christ but in this film is Paul’s travel companion, Luke, hope much for the film.  Remarkable coincidence would suggest it can make a real impression at a time when faith is challenged and great figures in religion are either being  nostalgically remembered or longed for in the wake of especially the decease of America’s Billy Graham in February.


I wrote the following  before I learned of the premiere of the Magdalene film…..Correctly yet again, both my data for Pentecost AD 30 (the birth of Christianity) and name asteroids prove themselves remarkably able to register notable issues and events for the faith to this day .

On the 23rd March, the sun is bordering 3 degrees Aries. This is the degree, and within Pentecost’s ninth house of religion and distance travel (and thus anything “apostolic”) of Jupiter, planet of faith, preaching, religion and the Bethlehem Star.

(It also happens that March 23rd ‘s 3 Aries is  challengingly opposite the 3 degrees of Libra that rises at Caviezel’s birth. This factor times the premiere for the actor and gives him all of an audience for it, though unlikely with the acclaim he was bound to receive for his portrayal of Jesus given that his actor-friendly natal Jupiter is degree exact Jesus’ identity-giving birth sun) .

Shocking, extreme but crowd friendly Uranus on the day has just entered 27 degrees Aries. This means it’s just minutes of a degree past perfect conjunction with Christianity’s natal Venus at 26.57 Aries. (That natal Venus is itself conjunct the religion’s destiny, reputation and leadership Midheaven at almost 24 Aries). The contact is, I believe, involved with what seems to be the film’s rather Venusian theme of forgiveness and reconciliation that’s extreme. However this is not what is most striking in the pattern……

We next ask where is the reputation-affecting Venus itself on the day? Sure enough it is on 20 Aries. This suitably makes it conjunct both Pentecost’s LUKAS (Luke) at 20 Aries and its PAUL at just 21 Aries. And let’s note this pair stood at Pentecost in favourable sextile aspect to APOSTEL (apostle) at almost 20 Gemini.

The pair’s natal conjunction and then this March 23’s Venus conjunction to it (and within Pentecost’s travelling, missioning ninth house too), agree with the fact that Paul and Luke were fated to travel together on some wide ranging missions (witness the so-called “we” passages of Acts) and were together in Rome as portrayed in the film.


On the 23rdforce majeure factor, Pluto, is almost to the minute of a degree in stress square to Pentecost’s PAUL. I should say this reflects a persecution theme, the one-time persecution of Christians by Paul and then pagan persecution of Paul. Persecution is central and it is possible too that the film itself will be opposed because people don’t entirely like the person and/or his cinematic portrayal. Some argument over the film seems almost guaranteed by the way that additionally  Mars at 3 Capricorn stress squares the sun of the day.

Of some significance, but I am unsure quite what, Mercury at 16 Aries on the day is at stationary apparent retrograde. This could invite to re-thinking and re-examining Paul in the way retrogrades do retrace steps and rethink things; but the fact 16 Aries is conjunct such asteroids as VATICANA and CRUZ (cross) makes me wonder, especially with Caviezel praying the rosary to get through the film, if this won’t be a very Catholic kind of production as was The Passion in its way.

I have only read articles and seen a trailer and so can’t judge, and as this film will not apparently like The Passion have input from the interpretations and ideas of any Catholic visionaries, I asked myself quite what I meant by a “Catholic” film. I think it was this.


The theme in such cases  can be emotionally Christian, concerned primarily with a few black and white choices (in this film  between love and hate, forgiveness and vengeance) but with no especially “Judaeo-Christian” character to it. One anticipates little that’s suggestive of more intellectual or theological conflicts such as Paul’s story involves.

A “Catholic” art, even at its most sophisticated, carries with it little or no suggestion for Christians of Paul’s alternative jewishness, none of his sense of gentiles being the wild olive shoot grafted onto the tree of Israel (Rom 11:17,18). One almost never deals in historical religious development but as in Dante more like supposedly rationally derived timeless principles promoted by Aristotle and Aquinas, truths and emotions justified more by logic than dialectic. This risks the faith becoming precisely a kind of independent gentile “boasting above Israel”  against which the apostle warns.

Paul arrives at a more protesting if not Protestant, “amazing grace” set of beliefs through argument with a type of legalistic, Jewish background. As such Paul is a revolutionary, transitional figure who straddles two eras, (the ages of Aries and Pisces astrologically), helping to define the nature of the latter. Philosophically Paul belongs with the existentialist KIERKEGAARD who conjuncts him at Pentecost, in being against the status quo in religion and the world and defining beliefs against experience.

Great men make great mistakes and that includes Paul. People don’t stop calling Churchill great because he had a dark side and some of his decisions, especially as regards Ireland, were unfortunate and deadly. We may regret today that Paul could be myopic in relation to women and gays – even St Teresa of Avila complained to Jesus about Paul on women – but he was a man of his times. And it is because he was a protestor and reformer of many things that we are at least free to question him in turn as part of the whole spiritual and intellectual revolution he began.


As said, I think this film speaks to both a certain nostalgia and hope for great(er) leadership in religion. Possibly this is reflected at this season  in yet another coincidence – the fact that currently Neptune, chief significator for cinema, is at 14 Pisces, its own sign,  opposite Pentecost’s GRAHAM at 13 Virgo, an asteroid highlighted by a Venus conjunction on the day of his death (21st February). This could remind us that whatever his particular gifts, Billy Graham was not a figure quite like St Paul but very much his own person and of his own time, someone made possible by media who could be as much his persecutor as his supporter.

Across time the differences between a St Paul and a Billy Graham might be large, but the same pattern for Pentecost 30 AD will still register after two millennia for matters concerning them. Christians who demonize and dismiss astrology miss much that they should know of times past and present; and at the end of the era Christ’s birth may be said to have inaugurated, that’s unfortunate and serious.



…..For now it’s doing the next best thing. The Sweet Jesus Ice Cream franchise which began life in Toronto in 2015, is doing a roaring trade and expanding. That’s despite what should be warning signs to the wise that its Sweet’s T is an inverted cross while the E of its Jesus is formed in the lightning flash sign employed by the late Anton Le Vey to indicate Satanic associations – Satan fell from heaven like lightning.
The SJ sales pitch is openly profane and mocks Christianity in a way that should not be acceptable in a liberal democracy that proclaims equality, inclusion and tolerance et al for all peoples and beliefs and accordingly is down like a ton of bricks on anyone suspected of “Islamophobia” . (Here’s a Gatestone Institute article on how a much trumpeted ideal can become oppressive abuse in for example national media )
Plainly the SJ team has got a hefty, not so sweet dollop of Christianophobia in its mouth and at the very least fans of its trademark have no loyalty to or respect for the Christian faith and its legacy. Even if some find SJ humorous, unless you have a few problems you don’t compose ads (or buy what they offer) which tell you to eat the ice cream like it’s the Last Supper or suggest that if everyone has their cross to bear it won’t be hunger. Some of the ads with their adultized kids wearing or holding religious or occult symbols have been understandably thought twisted by critics.

I haven’t read of any notable church protests such as would be justified. I dare say in many instances clergy feel protests only give added publicity….in which case and in this instance, so what? Truth and justice must still be defended. But it may be Canadian churches don’t know how to protest, warn, affirm…or do anything much but move sidewards or backwards. The United Church of Canada has been several years debating whether Gretta Vosper (of Toronto like the ice cream) a self- declared atheist, should continue as a pastor. It’s also possible that at least some would-be liberal Christians find the whole thing amusing and too silly to trouble about, though in that case perhaps they should remember the saying, “Woe to those who laugh now”….and also the saying which precedes it.

Be that as it may, it is never advisable to play around with powerful symbols As the old saying goes, “Speak of the devil and he appears”. Those who desire or invoke 666 or just dislike Christians and Christianity enough to work up a dismissive hate vibe, may get just what they want….possibly even this year and later on by food shortages and last suppers too.
666 in 2018?
As widely reported in some circles, in early February (2nd or 3rd according to source ) the NYSE dropped 666 points. Then on the 5th the NYSE suffered its greatest single day crash/correction in history. What could make this occurrence more eerie is something that didn’t get mentioned, perhaps wasn’t known or had been long forgotten. It happens that early February (specifically the 5th ) is the date Washington’s late Catholic Seeress, Jeane Dixon, believed was the birth date of the Antichrist in 1962. She had supposedly witnessed the birth in what she deemed the most important vision of her life.
The Antichrist is one who initiates a new world order linked at some stage to a universal currency. Adding to weird coincidences, back in 1988 The Economist magazine in Britain forecast for heaven alone knows what reasons (I would speculate an astrological forecast was involved as one can’t easily explain it otherwise), that specifically 2018 would see the beginnings of a world currency called the Phoenix.

The name itself was appropriate in its way to the extent that for most of 2018 until into November, wealth related Jupiter is in Scorpio, sign of the phoenix, shared resources and various aspects of finance, and Phoenix is also an asteroid in the heavens. The latter will be transited in the birth chart of Dixon’s Antichrist, if he exists, in May, June and July.
Is it actually possible the signs of early February were like a forecast and warning omen of pending radical economic and other changes this year?
It might actually be that my article  Peace, Jerusalem and a 2018 Turning Point     has  seen and hit on  something. Whether you fancy ice cream or not, perhaps you should go there and check out what it says.
In any case you should begin to question the hip and hypocritical ways of the elites of Trudeau’s Canada. Though the same charge could be levelled at many in the West, the nation’s feminists are not protesting the various repressions of women in Muslim majority nations and haven’t supported their protests as in Iran recently; their gays are not protesting the repression and torture of gays in Muslim majority lands like Chechnya and Palestinian Gaza and West Bank; their Christians are not protesting the widespread persecution of Christians and minorities in many Muslim majority countries. In Pakistan, reportedly fifth worse persecutor of Christians in the world, Christian children are persecuted in the schools, their parents are deemed filthy infidels fit for only the most menial work and all risk being accused of blasphemy for almost anything, some like Asia Bibi left to rot in prison for years, periodically beaten by vicious guards, the police and laws help almost nothing…..Meanwhile western countries, desperate not to offend  (very) sensitive Muslim feelings, protest none of this but pontificate about “Islamophobia”. And the governments will uncritically fund and grant aid to oppressive societies.
The situation is one of  deception, lies, even cowardice, and should the Antichrist appear, that would be the time of the great and permitted delusion visited upon wilfully deluded people. (2 Thess 2:17). Dixon possibly included Canada in her understanding that  “America” would be largely responsible for promoting the figure of her vision to the world once he appeared. If Trudeau’s Canada wishes to entertain lies while stuffing itself on bad imagery ice cream, then it must do so, but it should be rather ashamed.
PS   The Milan Gucci Fashion Parade – Satan Chic?
If there are such things as omens, adding to 2018’s bizarrely occult  picture, February’s Gucci fashion show for the Milan Spring Fashion Week  has been called  nightmarish and creepy, as it included models carrying replicas of their severed heads, others parading with such as third eyes, horns and baby dragons!  See 




You can call the animated family friendly feature film The Star (premiered on the 17th Nov) a comedy if you wish, but intentionally or otherwise (and it is supported by various Christian groups who call it “faith based” and regard it as positive) it finishes closer to lampoon, a Jesus of the jokes performance.

The film’s poster improbably declares, “ït takes many tails to tell the greatest story ever”. Really?  The message of the comically retold Christmas narrative is to the effect the animals, especially an insistent donkey who Mary thinks just needs belly rubbing, are the true  heroes and wise guys of a story which it proposes for the minds of children, its chief audience, has never been either quite rightly told or understood…till now.

I don’t wish to be too harsh having only seen the trailer, but I feel this is enough to indicate that the effect if not the intention, can only be to sow doubt and almost to contribute in its season  to the war on Christmas in a cute way not easily opposed.

I can’t comment on the possible significance some early critics choose to see in various poster images and ads with a child in the manger who could be anything from a Christmas parcel, to an illuminated mutant or a pagan all-seeing eye. Some of this may be owing to hostile awareness that a notable new ager, Oprah Winfrey, is a voice in the film  (as is also the virtually new age preacher Joel Osteen). But  no critic can be called merely bigoted for sensing some blurring of facts and irreverence or just cheapening  is happening in a way  other faiths given the same treatment could be expected to protest or censor.

Ironically too, whether or not images for The Star  film distort, the film happens to be appearing at the same time as something of a scandal has broken out in England over Gregg’s Bakery posting an image, and offering a calendar, that includes the Magi worshipping at a manger which substitutes the Christ child for a pork roll – one could take that as anti-Christian (some might say anti-Semitic too). The company has apologized but meaninglessly since it seems the calendar goes on general sale next Monday anyway.


All this said, it remains undeniably the case that where especially the star of Bethlehem is concerned, the birth narratives have not been adequately understood even to this day, a situation which for some has been a pretext to dismiss the entire Christmas story as pious myth. Others have inquired into celestial phenomena and come up with various theories – one of the oddest yet popular being to declare the Bethlehem Star a Venus/Jupiter conjunction. It’s odd  since this bespeaks especially  lifestyles of the rich and famous and big money. The record breaking sale of da Vinci’s Salvador Mundi was suitably overseen by just this among other factors.

Long one of the most academically respectable theories about the star, and commended as plausible by the scholarly Pope Benedict, is the D’ Occhieppo and Hughes thesis that I have radically developed and with remarkable results. Especially with the addition of factors like asteroids and so-called Parts, the standard data will speak in terms the layperson can understand  (like the Part of Redemption conjunct Christ’s theme and identity giving sun). I claim the pattern is so accurate it registers Jesus associated events and issues for his reputation to this day……As it does for the film The Star which is and isn’t at all about the Star of Jesus’ birth.

Only this week I published an article on my other blog, McCleary’s Alternatives, about the mentioned auction of Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi painting demonstrating how rightly timed the auction was for its connections to the charts of both Leonardo and Jesus.     The time was plainly fated. But so arguably things also were for the premiere of The Star which has been put back from the 10th of November to the 17th and needed to be so to properly reflect itself. I note the following three points.

1) In astrology Neptune rules any film and so it is apprpriate a film about The Star is featured during the Christmas season which this year and on 17th November shows Neptune near stationary on 11 degrees of Pisces. This in Christ’s natus conjuncts asteroid Stern – German for star – the asteroids work across time in translingual ways.

2) Saturn (any restriction) unhelpfully for religion generally at this time, is in the religions and philosophies sign Sagittarius (which as the signs are multivalent at another octave can be about the animal realm and humour). Saturn is in that sign at 26 degrees. This means it is conjunct the Galactic Centre which enjoys a certain association with events in religion. I would suggest that in line with things Saturnian, neither religion, nor for that matter even the animal realm and humour, are being particularly well represented.

3) If the film had premiered on the 10th rather than the 17th, the theme-giving sun of the day would have conjuncted no expressively asteroid-conjuncted degree in Jesus’ birth pattern. As it is, on the 17th with the sun on 25/26 degrees of Scorpio, conjunction is made to natal Malin (Fr devil) which hints behind the laughs at the potentially undermining nature whether of the film or offensive  calendar.

I would likely see more connections if exceptionally at this time I was not encountering problems accessing data for asteroids which I would like to read for the 17th November. But sufficient to make the point here  that whenever there is anything of real relevance to Jesus and issues around him they will be eloquently present in the data I claim to possess for Christ. It’s a fact that can well be declared during what is in fact the wrong Christmas season as Jesus was born in September.

For a very different view on the star and the Magi, see The Magi at Era’s End: A Poem                                                        




“The gay marriage issue captures brilliantly how degraded the notion of equality has become. If you listen to government ministers and gay-rights campaigners, you will believe that gay marriage is all about equality, all about equal rights. It is referred to as “equal marriage”, to drum the point home. And of course, this means that anyone who criticizes gay marriage can be written off as a friend of inequality, and no one wants to be thought of in that way………Writing in the 1950s, the great liberal thinker Hannah Arendt said: “[The] right to free association, and therefore to discrimination, has greater validity than the principle of equality.” What she meant is that if freedom and equality were put to battle, we should cheer freedom rather than equality”.     (Journalist Brendan O’Neill in talk to the British House of Lords in 2013)


When Ireland went to referendum on same sex marriage in 2015, a leader of the No movement was a gay activist, Keith Mills. Like many people including even gays, he didn’t believe it is the function of same sex partners to be parents. It is actually possible to be gay and to hesitate, however reluctantly, in the face of what some gay activists are claiming and promoting and just how as in Australia.

I happened to be in Ireland at the time of the referendum campaign and what I saw on TV gave me a few misgivings I didn’t expect to have. It was too apparent the campaign was overly sentimental, blithely ignorant of a century or so of theory about who, what and why gays are who they are, and the laws were being chiefly treated as what atheist journalist Brendan O’Neill would call “therapy” (making gays feel good about themselves, healing wounds, preventing suicides) which it is not really the function of the laws to do. Something of the same is occurring here in Australia with activist actor Magda Szubanski getting emotional about love and toleration as though only tears could and should have authority in what is a complex, sensitive issue which will never just by itself heal wounds. Another similarity is the influence of big money and corporations like Qantas behind Yes

As an expert on aspects of the gay question (my doctorate on gay spiritualities published in UK as A Special Illumination was a world first from any religious studies dept and an associate of the Archbishop of Canterbury said it included probably the best survey of gay theology to date (, I suggested an article or interview with The Irish Times on the gay and other issues. I was told it would be considered but I was never as promised got back to despite a polite reminder. Though I believe the religion writer I had dealt with was just inconsiderate and indifferent, undeniably there have been complaints Irish media was strangely hostile to anyone questioning the marriage equality movement. Supporters of No felt intimidated under the force of the massive publicity given to Yes which it was said had been flooded with funds from American multimillionaire gay activist, Tim Gill.


The intimidation of No voters like the poor or irrelevant arguments proceeding from the Yes party should be noted. Too many gays are still victims, (sometimes even thrown out of their homes} but other gays, and they seem over represented in advocacy groups, can be little dictators, intent on having their way, refusing to be crossed or criticized. Two years on from Ireland and here in Australia even solicitors are claiming to feel intimidated if they express anything contrary to the ideal of marriage equality (“Solicitors afraid to speak out” The Australian 30.9.17), while a leading gay activist, Michael Barnett, is intemperately describing Australian Christian Lobby opponents as “murderers of children” and a church to which the member of a No campaign TV ad belongs has been threatened with violence. Such gays are a type that thinks of their community as so righteous and wronged none among them ever exploited inexperienced, sometimes homeless adolescents seeking affirmation and guidance, and never got them entangled in drugs and prostitution rather than love. Persons of that kind hide behind superficial individuals inside and outside their community who keep everything to sound bytes and chant mantras like “Love is Love”.

But since we do all want rights, could there really be any reason for a gay person to be against voting for marriage equality today? Actually there is; and no matter how much one might disagree with groups like The Coalition for Marriage about homosexuality per se, given the tide of events and the tenor of values in society there is some substance to No party claims about the dangers to freedom of speech, a parent’s right to choose, freedom of religion etc.

There is some drive at work that potentially undermines democracy in or through gay issues of which marriage equality is only the latest and perhaps strongest example. Politicians like Labour leader Bill Shorten have no right to say, and it’s even highly insulting, that what is being claimed on the No side is everything from “rubbish” to “cruelty”. That’s lies, ignorance or political opportunism speaking. It involves confusion about different types of rights as they apply to public and private spheres, and it involves what Brendan O’ Neill would call “phoney equality”, the type which allows no proper “discrimination” like the right of an institution or club to debar the plainly unqualified. (Gays demanding religious organizations must employ them regardless of their beliefs is rather like persons demanding on the basis of “equality” they must be entered to a music academy though they can’t and don’t wish to read music).


For over a century the first gay liberationists protested the rights of gays on the basis of their perceived difference from the norm but a difference that society needed and gays should work with. While plainly not all gays are Leonardo da Vinci or Alan Turing, there are qualities that sets them apart and which they and society are bound to recognize. Any equality should be about equality in difference. Gays, or at least their leaders, want to have their cake and eat it. They are happy to be seen as different, special and cutting edge and almost outside or above common laws and custom, yet they also demand to be seen and treated as completely same.

For a long time gay difference was called Uranian (including because German astrologers found Uranus strong in the birth patterns of gays). But it was generally accepted same sex orientation was somehow innate. It is conservative Christians and against Christ’s own teaching that some people are born different – the eunuch word could cover the nearest thing to gay in Jesus’ times – who like Queer theorists assume that orientation and gender are malleable. Queer theory is about identity without essence.

The Christians want the gays made straight, the Queer theorists, rather as in the Safe Schools programme, want the toleration and teaching of an endless chosen diversity and it is  the Safe Schools programme that  will almost certainly be imposed if the Yes campaign succeeds. And let no one mistake the fact the proposed change in the laws is “therapeutic” and an open sesame to many things beyond the immediate gay rights pretext. The Australian Psychology Society makes it clear enough that the marriage equality debate “is an opportunity” to discuss the varieties of sexual difference with children    Of course, there should be some kind of basic awareness among the young, but how much and at what age?   

I agree with anti-feminist feminist Camille Paglia in regretting how much the silly convolutions of French Queer theory with its false glamour has conquered academe. From there It has become the highly political advocate of gay causes and much else. It does so under a rainbow “diversity” and “inclusion” umbrella which is as undermining of all values as liberating and at times can be as totalitarian as the cultural Marxism to which it is linked and which positively relishes the upheaval and chaos of culture wars. You don’t easily oppose these dangerous and hypocritical people. Very recently in America a popular blogger mother who criticized Teen Vogue magazine for its bizarre advice to girls on being sodomized by boyfriends was banned from the same Twitter that lets through videos of child abuse.


In a sense, vocally conservative Christians by never originally giving gay identity or rights an inch and remaining unrepentant of all the bullying and discrimination they had turned a blind eye to, have brought the extremer, more wide-ranging,  secular, political and amoral Queer policies to the forefront. Between Christians insisting upon conversion cures and secularist Queers pushing the “choices”  and “inclusions” conservatives are sure anyone can and should make, one can finish between the devil and the deep blue sea where rights and sensible attitudes are concerned. And both parties  again seem blind to the extent at least some of the newer trans issue they are divided over is likely a culturally influenced one.

American culture especially has long held such rigid stereotyped gender divisions of a “me Tarzan, you Jane” type that if they diverge from them individuals cannot accept themselves as they are but believe they must be of the opposite sex. In California, of course and inevitably, there is already a trans kindergarten but even in Australia children under ten are receiving therapy and treatments for conditions that adolescence and more flexible cultural attitudes might alter with time.

For long centuries especially the eastern churches had ceremonies for the union of brethren which looks as though this at least sometimes covered for gay unions. (Ironically England first invaded Ireland to help stamp out the supposed evil of such unions!). There should have been and long ago a legal form of union for the same sex orientated but not called “marriage” which is to upset mainstream sensibilities and traditions unnecessarily while it is to accord gays a social sameness they don’t quite have, and perhaps don’t quite want and perhaps today won’t in many instances quite practice once the knot is tied.  Civil unions do of course already  exist which  gays in Australia can have recourse to, but whether from the religious or secular standpoint this is not a particularly distinctive, gay specific arrangement and attitudes towards unions among gays seems wrong. One Irish Yes voter said on TV about Australian issues that unions left him feeling only 80% equal. Which is ridiculous. What is needed is some rite that lets him feel 100% involved in society as  gay and responsible as such.

Indeed, author Douglas Murray, himself gay, has pertinently hoped that gays who married would observe the laws and have understanding as regards the meaning of adultery. Clearly he doubts too many fellow gays won’t have it. Homosexuality has only just emerged culturally from a twilight zone of often necessarily fleeting encounters which hasn’t been any preparation for more solid relating. When I think of the lifestyles of the more partying kind of gays (the only type conservative Christians seem to see), I can’t imagine how they would make responsible parents even though I do seriously believe many gays can make better parents than many straights today – too many seem to have lost the plot where children are concerned. But over the years I have observed part of being gay is usually a desire to be independent and not have offspring.

Obviously some gays, especially lesbians who perhaps have more difficulty than gay males recognizing or affirming their true orientation, will have had offspring and the laws must cover for this. But whether society should accept gay parentage as so normal as to be irrelevant to or almost encouraged by any reformed marriage laws is questionable. One can encounter the parent of four children who decides they must always have been gay really (though surely they must be bisexual?) to the point of abandoning their family for the same sex partner and there are thrice married persons with children from each marriage who suddenly decide they were always of the opposite sex. It is not unreasonable and should not be deemed semi-criminal under the laws to raise questions about what is getting accepted due to “diversity” and “equality” ideals which brook no hierarchy of values……similarly to “love” if love is never allowed to distinguish between its types of expression, marital, parental, filial etc which may be in contention and require choices if they are not to end up in hopeless subjectivity and selfishness.


Many would be shocked if they were aware just how inclusive queer is, including among those who pass for Christian like the late bisexual professor of Contextual Theology at Edinburgh University, Marcella Althaus-Reid, who dismissed the Ten Commandments as elitist and associated religious inspiration with adultery. This author of such books as Indecent Theology and The Queer God, wowed readers and audiences with talk of “Transcendence in Brothels”, “Mary Queer of Heaven and Mother of Faggots”, “French Kissing God”, “The Gospel and Inculturation: God the Sodomite; Leading God by a dog collar; “Find God in Dark Alleys” and much more of the kind.

I cite this profane craziness because it is a warning of how, when queers secular and religious say religion is safe under any changes they promote, it isn’t. It’s not that queer will abolish religion so much as it will offer, allow or encourage its own version of spirituality which can finish almost unrecognizable and unprecedented (unless as the prophet Jezebel of Ephesus in Revelation who teaches believers anything goes!). If there is identity without essence and in the post modern style and everything is anyway just “text”, then almost anything, including morally is admissible.

The corollary of this is that likewise every belief is acceptable, except whatever makes for any exclusive truth claim. What seems like mere paranoia from Christian lobbies is well enough supported by what has happened in England and Europe where diversity has produced a situation in which religious freedom is freedom to worship but not to endorse, promote or discuss one’s particular view without risk of legal intervention.

Jobs have been lost, court hours wasted arguing over whether Christians can wear a cross to work, needn’t bake a gay wedding cake, can offer to say a prayer for a patient, or even offer a non Christian a Christian book without its being “harassment”. And of course, no one is allowed to say they believe homosexuality is wrong. Arrests have pursued street preachers. I realize it could of course be irritating for gays to have whatever precisely St Paul may have meant about “homosexuality” (a word the bible does not contain), thrust at them. Surely it is not more of an inconvenience than living among people telling you you shouldn’t smoke or take too much alcohol? How sensitive are and should gays be, and are not some being spiteful to press charges in which people’s businesses and livelihoods are under threat ? It’s not the same as religion preventing you from getting a job or housing or, as in Russia or some Muslim societies suffering violence for who you are. (But noticeably gays like feminists have been extraordinary politically correct or plain cowardly in not criticizing Muslim societies while bullying the milder Christian ones). In democracies beliefs like opinions vary and must just be tolerated even when they displease. To  undermine  too freely and easily the  freedom of conscience principle is dangerous  even if and when you question the convictions involved.


Plainly Australia will soon go the way of England and much of Europe if it doesn’t put its foot down and perceive the very real secularist and Big Brother threat to religion and freedom of speech more generally occasioned by claims whose ultimate basis is in cultural Marxism and/or the related relativistic Queer theory. Already in recent weeks there has been the scandal of a Queensland Education proposal that children should not mention Jesus in a playground though (kind concession!) a Christmas card is OK, and now the scandal of a Sikh father in Qld bringing a sword to school because it’s his religious duty. That situation is then permitted (despite any weapon being absolutely prohibited in any school area anywhere) because provided it can be concealed beneath clothes it can be respected as a tradition.

In short, if religion poses as colourful tradition, rather in the way that LGBTQI can make inroads as identity politics, that is acceptable; but if it expresses itself as any idea, as doctrine, it risks serious disapproval, even legal action especially if it is Christian and associated with the host people who should always give down to the guest people. The post modern way is to banish all question of truth in favour of the rights of custom.

Though I believe conservative Christians have painted themselves into a corner and their theology is inadequate and not nearly as justified on the subject of difference as they imagine, I am forced to recognize the larger legal and political ramifications that their current position opens upon. Education, charity and adoption organizations all stand to be effected in the long run. Gays already enjoy a reasonably high level of acceptance within society. Unions without the marriage word could and should suffice and even be more meaningful.

Not all that glitters is gold. The equality demands that sound just and dominate the marriage equality push risk eroding truth and transparency in society and I refuse to support what makes for that erosion. Though I believe same sex partnerships should be acknowledged and legally supported in some fashion, I will not vote for gay marriage in its present form and I would warn well-meaning but arguably sentimental Christians and others who think it’s fair and trendy to vote for it: the effects of your action may come back to bite you.









There is a sure fire way to anticipate and judge if a person is a major candidate for the role of false, date setting prophet of the last things especially of the so-called Rapture, Great Disappearance or Snatching Away of the believing prepared. And it isn’t because of believing in the idea itself. Belief in a time when “one shall be taken and the other left” (Luk 17:36) and the (Last) Trump will sound (1 Cor 15:52) – an occurrence whose general season might be recognized though its precise day and hour cannot be known (Matt 24:36) – is something established from the first.

It is even an error in its own right to declare like many today that the doctrine of Rapture is wholly an invention of the early nineteenth century and especially a bible teacher, John Nelson Darby (1800 – 1882). However vaguely and unsystematically, the early church did always own some notion of being delivered, rather like Noah before the flood, from a time of extreme and final “Tribulation” upon earth under an Antichrist or false messiah. As Ephraem the Syrian had it c. 373 ….all saints and Elect of the Lord are gathered together before the tribulation which is about to come and are taken to the Lord, in order that they may not see at any time the confusion which overwhelms the world.


American Christianity has nonetheless been exceptional for its emphasis upon apocalypse (Seventh Day Adventism is a faith native to America); but this fits not simply the nation’s originally very Protestant and biblical faith roots but its entire orientation towards the future for which it plans and on which it speculates. Periodically Europe too has had apocalyptic concerns and theories; modern dispensationalism itself can even be traced back less to Nelson Darby than to a Renaissance era Jesuit and Portuguese source but the history of end times theory is not the concern here. I shall keep with three Americans who have confused or misled many and why.

The strange and pertinent fact is that not only can we know something about the end of Christianity (or at very least how the first Christians thought of its end) by looking at the time of the faith’s origin, but that if we do this it can be clearly seen how those who stand at variance with the original pattern are demonstrably the chief candidates to be false prophets on the theme.

An obvious and celebrated case is the shockingly perverse false prophet, Harold Camping (b.19th July 1921), who put millions into advertising a false Rapture date on bill boards across America and didn’t dream of compensating those who lost homes and businesses under his influence.

Lacking a specific birth time we can only know – but in this case only need to know – that Camping’s natal sun at somewhere between 25 and 26 of Cancer was in afflicting, inharmonious square (90 degrees) to the 26 degree Aries Venus which is sign and “ruler” for the whole strange issue of Christianity’s endings.

But not to run ahead of matters, how and why could this Venus ever be sign and ruler of this controversial question?


The birth time and chart of Christianity is rather easy to establish from its 30 AD Pentecost inception. Its pattern has been working across history and it still works. This is demonstrated in irrefutable detail in my Christianity’s Destiny, The First and Lasting Signs  and everyone could usefully know about it except that American Christians are great vilifiers of astrology while most astrologers tend to be New Agers disinterested in Christianity while publishing and media are too wise in their own eyes to believe astrology could register anything at all.

The Spirit descended on the first disciples some time around 9 am (Acts 2:15) according to St Peter’s sermon. Since clearly watery Cancer would not be rising over the horizon it becomes obvious that the time had to be a little past 9 am with fiery Leo beginning to rise followed by extreme and revolutionary Uranus in conjunction with such asteroids as Isa (Jesus) Charis (Grace) Coelum (heaven) and Aeternitas (Eternity) and Semper (for ever). In an era without clocks the apostle’s “third hour “  had to be around 9.15 am with 2 Leo rising. And this supplies the pattern that works for the religion to this day. Conjunct the event’s Midheaven (destiny point) event was Venus, sign of doves itself conjunct Columbia (dove), in fiery, cardinal Aries. The Spirit is like a fiery dove descending.

But endings and grave places are connected to a birth chart’s fourth house cusp. At Pentecost this cusp was bordering 23 and 24 Libra, an aerial, cardinal (fast moving) sign. The sector was ruled by the mentioned fiery Venus/dove in cardinal Aries.

This alone is suggestive of how believers will be inclined to believe their end must be : extremely sudden and likely up in the skies (the notion of actual disappearance is well covered by the way that Moon in royal Leo conjunct Church,  clear imagery for the royal bride, through this same  moon “rules” the sector of any disappearances).    But the fact that Venus is also squared by a conjunction of Neptune (any disappearance and mystery) with Mars (any violence and destruction) also fits the picture. It even agrees with the claim “behold I show you a mystery” but that this sudden, and confusion-inviting disappearance mystery could occur when the talk is of Venusian “peace and security/safety)” and  that despite this concern with peace destruction breaks out (1 Thess 5:3).


Edgar C Whisenant was born 25th September 1932 and wrote an American evangelical bestseller 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988.  He assumed the Rapture would take place in early September that year.  Whisenant’s Pluto at 23 Cancer (i.e.again from the sector of hidden enemies and what undermines that marked Camping ) affliction squared the 23/24 Libra endings point.

This makes interesting comparison with someone who without any heretical date setting nonetheless rather fortunately and lucratively touched a raw, chiefly American nerve writing Left Behind novels about Christianity’s End, Rapture, Tribulation and Antichrist. This was Tim LaHaye (b. 27 April 1926) who shows a Mars  conjunct fortunate Jupiter in Aquarius at 23 and 24 Aquarius respectively  making fortunate trine to that crucial endings point in Libra.  Likewise Nelson Darby set no dates but his natal Saturn to Venus trine from 23 Leo to 23 Sagittarius has the endings point of the Pentecost chart for its midpoint which must be considered positive.

But in some respects, the origin of modern date setting (though he did that reluctantly and began with a possible year rather than a day date) was William Miller (b.15 Feb 1782), founder of Seventh Day Adventism. With his Mars conjunct Pentecost’s destiny and endings Venus plus his sun and Uranus aspecting it his obsession with apocalypse is easy to understand. At the same time,  Miller’s natal Venus opposite Neptune would not assist clear thinking on a variety of subjects. But almost amusingly for someone associated with what came to be called “The Big Disappointment”, his restrictive and disappointment inclined Saturn was in organized religion sign Sagittarius, extreme at 29 degrees of the sign from where it conjuncts Pentecost’s Part of Illusion !


I don’t know the birth data of Scott Clark whose speculations about the Great Sign of September 23rd this year have led many to assume it could be a Rapture date. Though he doesn’t positively declare it to be such, it is possible that here is another false prophet whose suggestive speculations could disappoint many. But this time round the context is a bit different and it is worth mentioning. Indeed, the sign itself is worth understanding because it surely means and signals something even if not quite what is generally thought (limited views being helped by the fact that Christians foolishly reject as “divination” the same astrology and study of cycles that was crucial in even the birth of Christ, and  that the rabbis did not consider verboten and which could help interpretation.

The Great Sign of Sept 23rd is thought to correspond to features of the Great Sign in the heavens of Revelation 12 about the woman and the dragon and the snatching of the woman’s man child to the heavens – the woman being understood to be Israel who first gave birth to the church, not Mary and Jesus – Jesus was never suddenly snatched to heaven.

The problem with  interpretations following Scott is that it regards the woman (the constellation Virgo) as soon to be crowned with twelve stars (as per Revelation) when rarely – once in seven thousand years – three transiting planets join the two constellations of Virgo and Leo to make the nine visible fixed stars of Leo into twelve stars.

Since Virgo has always been considered to possess twelve stars crowning her at Berenice’s Lock, and because fixed stars and transiting planets are separate entities (and surely a whole constellation can’t anyway be another constellation’s crown!), it would seem there is no great sign. Except… another level there arguably is. What is being joined is an ancient zodiac beginning at Virgo and ending at Leo and such as was once used in Egypt. It has also been appropriated in recent times for so-called “biblical astronomy” and some believe as though on a heavenly frieze its length describes a kind of salvation history stretching across seven thousand years.

A case can therefore be made – and especially if one disposes of a range of astrological signs and data that Great Sign followers don’t know and include – that September 23rd’s sign could well be marking out a period of  completion or a new phase,  new beginnings.  And that could be for Christianity, Judaism or both. (While needless to say  if a Rapture occurred any time in the last months of 2017 that would be crisis-making; but other beginning and ending crises and phases could be precipitated by anything from a major Mid-East war to a go-ahead for building of the Third Temple).


The so-called Great American Eclipse of August 21st  has itself carried a heavy load of strange coincidences or apparent ones. This genuinely is a Great Eclipse because it is the first time since America was founded in 1776 that a total eclipse has crossed only America, a possible hint, especially as the maximum strength of any empire tends to be around two and half centuries (itself approximately a cycle of Pluto), that America will soon lose much influence if not fall altogether. But this is far from all.

For example, the path of totality began over Salem (a name for Jerusalem) in Oregon at the same time as the sun set above Jerusalem; and totality passed over Salems in six or seven US  states, (if it was seven that number is supposedly the number of perfection and completion). The 21st of August happens to be the day that 120 years previously the Zionist movement was founded bringing about the Jewish return to Israel.

According to Jewish tradition if a solar eclipse falls on the first day of the repentance month Elul (21st August this year), that spells upcoming misfortune for especially rulers of the East (could that involve Asia and North Korea?!). Totality began over the 33rd state and ended on the 33rd parallel and so it goes. This is without taking into consideration beyond geography and number symbolism, how the same eclipse has hit Mars in the birth chart of both modern Israel and PM Netanyahu, has also hit the moon conjunct Church in the birth chart of Christianity, and even hit the fixed star I of fame and power, Regulus, Uranus and Achristou in the birth pattern of the Antichrist – if that person exists – of the late seeress Jeane Dixon’s visions . This eclipse looks to be busy and major for world events!


Years ago and long before Scott Clark and Great Sign obsessions, I considered the latter part of 2017 as likely to be quite significant for world affairs. That was before I had even heard of what is now being seen as the year of convergence. i.e. the year in which different biblical definitions of a “generation” meet. The last apocalyptic generation is involved  …..if  the parable of the budding fig tree is rightly understood (Luk 13:16-19) with this year. 2017 year is 120 years (longest possible biblical generation) from 1897 and the foundation of Zionism, it’s seventy years since the UN declared for a state of Israel in 1947 and it’s fifty years (a Jubilee called a generation and a time of owed things returning) since 1967 and the Six Day War which returned East Jerusalem and more to Israel.

Sometimes there is prophecy; sometimes it’s just a case of “coming events cast their shadows” as the Chinese say and things are sensed within the so-called collective unconscious. While the Net is filling up with overly suggestible, over-sensitive people and a rash of new false prophets forecasting, and largely from dreams, everything from the time of the Rapture and the Tribulation to the Last Judgement, one must allow something to those who believe 2017 could be major in many ways, a turning point. Sometimes things are just in the air and are sensed.

Not because I know little but because I know quite a lot of facts that apocalypse watching  Christians don’t know and  take into account, I am not going to engage in the preciser kind of forecasts that are quite possible. I would only state that while we must and can reject false prophets, neither should we reject all signs, feelings and coincidences. Discernment is required in times when there are more than usual signs to take into account.

For interest, I shall conclude by presenting the riddle of a near gone viral youtube statement that takes emphasis upon the importance of this year to higher than usual levels of meaningful coincidence or whatever you care to call it. Here we leave behind the world of suggestible end of days dreamers that youtube has rather too many of at present. This is to make wide awake claims and though I don’t have the person’s data, it would seem that either he’s a crazy liar, a victim of remarkable coincidence or someone who without precise date setting is telling the truth.  Which is a serious matter if so.






The Celts are often credited with more second sight than the average. To the extent that’s true, it’s unsurprising that those who can really claim gifts of a psychic nature will be real standouts and rather spectacular like Co Clare’s Biddy Early historically who fascinated many from Lady Gregory to Mary Daly. One such standout today is Joe Cassidy.

Cassidy does not consider himself a psychic, rather a person with a strong sixth sense whose strength it took him a long time, illness and his father’s death to take seriously and turn into a career. It was a case of “difference”, (like being gay) and of fate rather than any vocation. And he doesn’t, like his son who inherits his father’s sensitivity, report assistance, shaman-style, from any animal totem familiar.

Cassidy’s life as a diviner and healer within modern Ireland is recorded through his own words in The Diviner, published by Penguins. It makes fascinating reading and plainly Joe, who is a person of sympathy and integrity has something going for him. It is impossible he and so many people from different walks of life are just lying about their changed health, houses, horses and situations generally. Nevertheless a few questions can be asked and some objectivity and surprising data can be obtained via another esoteric source, the astrological pattern unexamined so far as I know.


We know Cassidy’s birth date because he supplies it at the outset of his account. It was 25th March 1961 in Naas, Kildare but no time is given except at night when he was rushed to a Dublin hospital in danger of his life. A doctor said if he didn’t die he would be a vegetable for life but his mother went to church to ask God he would be saved. He was saved after some months in an incubator. As with many healers and shamans there are health problems and weaknesses. Cassidy is dyslexic like another “amazing” and controversial Irish psychic, Lorna Byrne (like Cassidy also born under Aries) who claims to see angels and the other world continuously.

Even without a birth time which I will show can be easily and plausibly determined for the night in question, there are some things we can expect to find and do. For a water diviner who detects “geopathic stress”, we would expect strong water sign input plus some strong earth input too. For a career healer we could expect some factor in the sixth house of health and healing. We would also expect to find one or all of the intuitive houses (the 4th, 8th and 12th somehow emphasized. All this we can see and coherently if we set the chart for around 10.15 pm or a bit later. (1)

At this time water sign Scorpio rises conjunct sensitive and mystical Neptune from where within the 12th house of the unconscious and dreams it sets up a powerful and fortunate grand trine to Mercury in one direction and Mars in the other. It does this in respectively the fourth “house” of houses, homes and the earth and the eighth house of the secret or occult. And there’s the added flourish of the planetoid, Chiron, the wounded healer, in the fourth house too making conjunction with Mercury – mind and understanding can be brought to bear on matters of healing.

I think there can be no question the right time should place Neptune in the twelfth house (which requires a birth around 10.15 pm or after), rather than rising in the first  including because the twelfth is a position many photographers share. Cassidy often speaks of either seeing people and events like so many photos in his head or requiring people to send him photos to work on for distance healing. Neptune is moreover naturally powerful in the twelfth its house of affinity and strong in Scorpio too. I would point out that my data for Christ likewise shows Neptune in Scorpio but in the sixth house of healing and sacrifice rather than the Cassidy’s twelfth. See Testament of the Magi

With so much work, often demanding work being done in homes, fields and farms it is unsurprising to find busy, earthy, Saturn in its natural sign, Capricorn, in out of sign conjunction with a fortunate Jupiter in surprising and oddball Aquarius.

Fortunate and peaceful Venus is in the sixth house of health and healing (as for Jesus) and patients do find Cassidy’s presence and his clinic unusually peaceful. Reflecting an unusual career and reputation, Uranus is within conjunction of the Midheaven of destiny, career and reputation and, if my time is correct, from within the ninth house of beliefs and religion too. This is something about which one can well comment in the context of Ireland’s beliefs and traditions because there looks to be something unusual and notable here. I shall broach the subject from its least controversial aspect first.


Cassidy, who takes money and originally with reluctance for services, has described himself as lacking a good business sense. This is true and belongs with his Jupiter, the planet of any religion, ruling his second house of money in erratic Aquarius – and in fact it was for a suitably eccentric reason that he first began taking money in good conscience at all.

A very “traditional nun” came for healing and to Cassidy’s embarrassment insisted on paying. Her rationale was Jesus didn’t work for nothing. He must have been paid to have afforded his bed and board, but anyway God has to be paid. This is tribute to Irish Catholic biblical illiteracy. Luke 8:3 records Jesus was accompanied by the twelve along with certain women, some apparently rich like the wife of Herod’s steward, Joanna, and whom it is said Jesus had healed. While this suggests financial support on perhaps an ongoing, appreciative “love offerings” basis, that this was far from everywhere and always available is indicated by Jesus’ complaint the Son of Man had nowhere to lay his head (Matt 8:20). So it was hardly a case for God regularly “getting something for what he did” and there is no recorded instance of Jesus or the apostles either directly accepting or charging for healings.


Since however Cassidy, even with his Scorpio Neptune, is not Jesus and he does need to live, what is more controversial is that the nun applied to him  for healing without apparently inquiring or caring what the source of his healing might be or to what ends the gifts are used – his work includes sometimes addressing assumed spirits of the dead and ghosts. These are witch of Endor type activities, biblically forbidden. (The nun’s role in the story is a bit like the situation which has Lorna Byrne, who advocates praying to your angel and the deity of almost any tradition and who  forecasts that one day Christians will be praying at Mecca, attending charismatic prayer services).

That there is some tension for Cassidy in relation to beliefs is well mapped by the way that his natal sun is in opposition to asteroid Church and perhaps more significantly and personally for him, his Venus in the health and healing house is in tension square to his moon in the ninth sectpr of religion and beliefs.

In light of this and especially as Cassidy tends to thank “the universe” rather than God for his gifts and life path, it is not unreasonable to consider what is least positive in an otherwise strong natal chart, namely a possible flaw which, if it isn’t a fluke, could be pointing to something. I am not about to suggest that Cassidy is anything but well intentioned, or that people have not been helped by him; but that he is not religious like his mother – his “difference” derives from his father’s line which used it less – may count for something in this case. Because the awkward fact remains that at the centre of the obviously divining-relevant grand trine in water stands Mercury (conjunct wounded healer Chiron) directly trine asteroid Lucifer, itself loosely conjunct Mars.

Neither Mercury nor Mars directly link to various possible deity asteroids like Theotes (Divinity/Godhead) or Isa (Jesus), so it’s not possible to suggest there is some kind of connection with Lucifer via struggle in service of deity which would be one way of reading the pattern. (There is if anything some similarity to the pattern of Lorna Byrne who shows Lucifer within conjunction of Mercury and exact trine Saturn ).

If it’s not a fluke, what might this awkward indication mean when so obviously both the medium and recipients of the telluric adjustments and bodily healings are not Satanists and only good appears to occur? It’s the kind of riddle I made some effort to unravel in much more detail in Temple Mysteries and Spiritual Efficiency when I analyse reported patterns of success and failure in healings and exorcisms.

While I think we must accept some healing capacity in people is natural and spiritually neutral (rather like the powers of intuition almost everyone has), in the case of frequent and spectacular cases of gifting a meaningful distinction  will often be made between outright, so-called divine healings and the rest. In the former something may be added, anything from new bodily tissues to spiritual gifts, while the latter healing has more to do with something being withdrawn like a growth disappearing.


Two details do rather dissociate Cassidy from divine healing. First he admits to be occasionally willing to “play” with his gifts like spooking people by telling then to turn off a mobile phone and to wait and they will hear it ring in a couple of minutes. If this is not tall stories it sounds like intervention from tricksy spirits. (Actually Casssidy says this helps keep him sane. Really?). Second he can feel some illnesses he treats; while this is not unknown of divine healers the kind of extremes indicated like sometimes being in agony and staggering about, is not on record so far as I know. It is also a little disconcerting, albeit Cassidy is not his son, that his son’s totem spirit familiar is a wolf, biblically on several occasions a symbol of the dangers of evil and wrong belief.

Lucifer is the being and principle who can masquerade as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14), deals in lies and deception, the thief who takes away rather than gives (Jn 8:44, 10:10). In order therefore to direct attention and praise away from the divine, what is Luciferean may simply withdraw the effects of what it has already interfered with and imposed.

There seems little doubt that extreme situations like battles and murder do leave psychic imprints on floors, walls and open land and sensitive persons can pick them up like air waves. Because evil spirits almost eat fear and are fear, they gather in accursed places. They are not ghosts of the deceased. As liars, the forces of evil simply assume the ghost role and need more to be outright exorcized to the deep rather than dismissed leaving them to wander elsewhere as they will.


The popular phenomenon that is Joe Cassidy, similarly to that of Lorna Byrne with her now large international following, is one that cannot be dissociated from the spiritual condition of contemporary Ireland at large. In many respects “holy” and long super-Catholic Ireland has been de-Christianized by everything from the indulgence of the Celtic Tiger years to revelations of clerical abuse and corruption so shockingly extreme they have produced an understandably disillusioned reaction. Unlike other European societies however, Ireland has become less secularist than broadly spiritual, New Age or even neo-pagan, a bit like post-Catholic James Joyce obsessed with numerology and omens.

Serving almost like gurus and prophets to the new mood and further encouraging it, are the likes of Cassidy and Byrne who without usually, or even at all, addressing the big questions, rely on the Universe or more angels than can be counted, to sort things out. But do they really and who do their mediums help?

I am aware than many exorcists would warn that dealing with spiritual forces of any occult nature regularly places binds upon future generations (to the biblical third and fourth generation). What seems to work out well on a temporary basis in one generation may not be any kind of blessing upon their grandchildren but rather the source of a whole variety of maladies and obsessions. Noticeably Cassidy, who believes his gifts are inherited, respects and wouldn’t interfere with any fairy thorn (they have a history of curses and disasters around them in Ireland). If he were an exorcist obviously he would seek to exorcize the apparent evil of the thorn, not tell people to just avoid and respect them (It speaks poorly for both average Irish Catholic teaching and authentic spiritual gifting that the problem of the thorns was not sorted out long ago!).  Somewhere something is wrong here in relation to spiritual power.

I concentrated upon Cassidy over Lorna Byrne because I can’t get clues to the latter’s birth time to see her chart well, but I do find some of her past forecasts like a coming Christian/Muslim merge credible. Chrislam is a real movement now in especially America and Pope Francis (who the St Malachy prophecy, almost more known and cited today by Protestants than Catholics, would claim Francis was the last Pope) is well on the way to Chrislam.

It is unwise to believe everything you read on the Net some of which would make out Pope Francis to be a  heretic who regards Christianity and Islam as similar. But even from an article like the following taken from the mainstream Italian press and a notable journalist,  , it is apparent that the Pope  may be moving  into uncharted waters in the wake of his predecessor John Paul 11’s kissing of a Koran, whose authority is too often used today to oppress Christians and other minorities in Muslim majority nations whose rights the Pope should be defending.

What is happening in religion is quite simply end of (Piscean) era confusion and decadence and Ireland now partakes in that after its own fashion. I have written about current spiritual issues and likely pending developments in various articles on McCleary’s Alternatives, most recently in Sense and Nonsense about the Signs of 2017 It’s a related but different subject  however. So too is Douglas Murray The Strange Death of Europe, a work that can hardly be recommended enough and which the present, very eccentric Pope needs to read for a reality check.

(1)  For the specialist....Lacking dates and times in the life to test for rectification purposes, a case can be made for birth at around 10. 15 pm with the last degrees of Leo on the Midheaven career angle and around 10.30 pm with early Virgo there. Leo is in accord with a famous career (late Leo conjunct Regulus the fame star) while Virgo is ruled by Mercury of the healer’s caduceus. About the only date I can use is the 4th Oct 2012 which the UK Book Depository lists as publication date for at any rate one edition of The Diviner. This date will supply some transiting aspects to late Leo. But it’s not enough to certify a time strongly. Either way the basic pattern is not upset by either time with whichever sign at the Midheaven. Venus remains in the healing house and Neptune remains in its house of affinity the 12th.















A new book by James Hughes Reho, Tantric  Jesus (published 27th Jan in America, 9th March in UK), is the only study I shall have characterized, if not exactly reviewed, after reading blurbs and net excerpts. Though I shall probably get round to reading the whole in due time, I don't feel a strong urge as this is less a work to absorb and critique at leisure than in all seriousness to warn against, even condemn without further ado.

Christian notions of the body as temple is the author’s reasonable enough starting point. For years and in the course of inquiries like Temple Mysteries and Spiritual Efficiency, Solomon’s Tantric Song and The Great Circle: Asia, David and God Consciousness,   and even in poetry like Jeremiah’s Loincloth: A Poem of Faith and Phallos (1), I have attempted to draw attention to an overly ignored biblical fact and its implications for a more “occult” or “magical” anthropology of the person. There exists what many systems call the aura or body electric and understanding concerning it does affect how we should read our bibles - like Ezekiel's out of body journey to Jerusalem. I have also pointed to implications of this for the understanding and management of sex and sexuality, something which in such as The Kosher Sutra Schmuley Boteach does more specifically for Jews. 

Even as a published author, even as a doctor of religious studies, and even as someone who lived many years and extensively travelled in Asia, I have usually been dismissed and ignored by good Christians if I have so much as tried to raise these issues and start conversations in groups, in magazines, anywhere. Publishing has been so closed to this line of thought I gave up on it and my above mentioned books have been indie issued.

Now that there is a book on the market from an (of course American) Episcopalian priest, a book so ultra-occult but also idolatrous it can describe and even promote visionary union with Hindu deities, there are Christians to rush out of the woodwork to compliment the priestly author. They declare his work a revolution in religion and theology, a basis of new interfaith, an advance in self realization etc etc.

No one points out that Durga with whom (after being lain upon by Ramakrishna and with Jesus looking on approvingly) Rev Reho has union so intense normal sex is like a handshake in comparison, is the goddess Kali herself. This figure is just about the most feared creature of the Hindu pantheon, the inspiration of some of the darkest, most deadly manifestations of Hinduism across time. The religion has, moreover, in recent years begun a new war upon Christianity in states like Orissa, physically attacking, even killing Christians at worship while police and the laws mostly ignore it. Tradition has it the apostle to India, Thomas, was himself martyred by the priests of Kali.

What Reho has done is equivalent to St Paul deciding against all and any evangelical imperatives to worship rather than reject the cult of Diana of the Ephesians or the early Christian martyrs deciding they would see truth after all in emperor worship. Reho represents the kind of thing early Christianity suspected and condemned in Gnosticism - much of this idolatry and peculiar rites masquerading as the truest initiated faith, a kind of confused, indulgent acceptance of most everything to the point of spiritual pollution. A rationale of its and certainly Reho's all-embracing claims belong with the old, via negativa “mystical” one. Because we can never fully, precisely know or describe God it follows that none of us have the complete truth either, hence other traditions, other gods, can help us and we can join with them.
The argument is as false and even absurd as maintaining because we can’t know everything about those nearest and dearest to us, we can’t really know them better than anyone else or at all. Yet the fact is we can - sufficiently - know them and we can and do name them. And in the Judaeo-Christian tradition one must name God aright; outside the revealed covenant name is the false, the illusionary, even the demonic. Boteach was of course right enough to insist as I would myself, that any recourse to something like Hindu/Buddhist techniques must divest them of their idolatrous associations.

Ignorant, disloyal Christians are the current plague of the churches in a time of crisis and persecution. The same kind of “Christians” like Matthew Fox who praise Reho’s revolution will also support Chrislam tendencies and make noisy protest for Muslim immigrants while they are shockingly silent on the chronic persecution of Christians in most Muslim majority countries. First things first is a principle simply not understood and adhered to. Christians are supposed to do good to all but first and especially the house of faith (Gal 6:10). This is not evidenced in current policies and attitudes which seek to be as perhaps the one world of the Antichrist.

That reference is not gratuitous. Arguably there is a sign of the times element to Reho’s production. Heavenly signs and symbolism, the astrology which was good enough for the Magi of the gospel but not the mindset of American Christians whether conservative or liberal, is another aspect of Christianity’s “occult”, unexamined dimensions. And according to astrology we stand at the end of the same era, Pisces, that Christ’s birth may be said to have introduced. 

Accordingly and in harmony with known features of the fatal last degree of the sign Pisces, the end of era will produce not the revolution perceived in Reho’s theories but the meltdown,  confusion, pollution, muddy waters, decadence and black magic of endings. Tantric Jesus is not good news for anyone or anything at this time.


1) All these titles are available on Amazon or from the Book Depository. The Jeremiah poem is at