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Way back in the seventies, the Catholic Seeress, Jeane Dixon, alleged a vision was given her in St Matthew’s Cathedral Washington of the disciples as the signs of the zodiac. Rather as in the art of Bulgaria’s Rila Monastery portrayed above, Christ reigns in the centre of a zodiac. Dixon subsequently believed the basics of astrology was something all Christians should know and such would eventually be taught in schools.

I can’t prove Dixon ever had the vision and knowledge claimed, but I have my reasons to say that if she wasn’t right, one feels she ought to have been.

There really are major reasons why Christians need, even badly, to assimilate a few astrological principles; and it’s anyway beyond high time they were rid of the erroneous, vehemently held, conversation stopping view, not shared by many rabbis nor many Catholics (Dixon was taught astrology by a Jesuit priest), that astrology belongs with the biblically verboten “divination” (Deut 18:10). Isn’t it at least a hint of something that Magi (ancient astrologers) were associated with Jesus’ birth?

So before going further let’s immediately state that astrology (much of which as we know it didn’t even exist in the times of the prophets who condemned the omen astrology of moon gazing) most essentially was and is a study of cycles along the lines of Ecclesiastes’ talk of recurrent history and appropriate times to act (Eccl 3:1-8).

This is a wisdom based on observation which has nothing to do either with random factors as in the use of divinatory cards, nor establishing spirit contacts. (In some respects it can be like reading a train time table!). Astrology is, as Jung recognized, an ancient and core system of psychology. But it’s one being constantly updated and since Jung’s death name, place and idea asteroid have graced astrology in sometimes breathtakingly accurate ways.

However…. this isn’t some apologia or proof for astrology in itself but rather a notice about how it can and should legitimately function as a supplement to religious faith. And this is in some areas a lot because, if rightly understood and used, it could shut down some of the more fruitless, perennial theological and pastoral arguments that occupy minds and supply some needed objectivity in situations where people may be so troubled they can hardly know anything beyond the enveloping emotion that clouds judgement.

The following statements obviously simplify for those not in this field, but the following are the sort of questions astrology can answer, and I am of course talking about astrology beyond sun signs. Though these can tell you something, strictly speaking a birth time, place and all planets are necessary for the proper reading of natal data.

Question: Isn’t astrology all about “fate” which Christians say doesn’t govern our lives, in which case why should we need astrology when surely the Bible can tell us enough already?

Answer: Though we do have choices, the basic shape and span of a life is unquestionably subject to “fate” and cycles as surely as the gifts and career of a scientist are not those of a musician. There are things to know about a life that are indeed extra-biblical as surely as the hidden message of the gifts of the Magi which forecast a particular destiny – the death of Jesus was as fated under eloquently exact planetary transits as his birth (See “The Magi at Era’s End”, especially its op-ed article section “Proving an historic discovery”    (https://wp.me/p2v96G-ip). If you think you need nothing but the Bible, consider the confusion on some subjects that Christians using only the bible have arrived at without astrology. A common but erroneous view is that Jesus taught his soon return when in fact on more than one occasion he refers to the aion (age or era). What is the age or era  (Matt 28:20) that he is with the disciples on earth for?

The answer is the astrological age of Pisces, or age of grace that began around the time of Jesus’ birth and must last around 2100 years. Nowadays it is hard for prophecy-believing Christians to speak of the end of days at all, it has been preached so many times sensationally and falsely it has become almost redundant. Yet is should be apparent the end of the current age and the advent of the new Aquarian age (which corresponds to the biblical Millennium) are mysteries Christians simply haven’t understood and not least through lack of astrological understanding even of the most basic symbolism (see for example what I  say about Ezekiel, Millennium and Aquarian age in this article https://wp.me/p6Zhz7-4p) . But the mere fact that Jesus’ birth is a subject for Magi (astrologers) should have alerted Christians to an understanding the religion will include astrological symbolism and cycles and that the subject can’t be so evil it would have been better if Magi had never come to Jesus’ birth as Bishop St John Chrysostom so wildly proclaimed in the fourth century.

Question: So what is my general direction and purpose in life, my so-called “Fate”? Can you do as well or better than intuition and prayer?   

Answer: People believe God should or will tell them about their lives and God may. But like it or not, you won’t be having a full interview with God about your life, (though you may receive hints which you might then be tempted to doubt). Your natal chart, especially through factors like its Midheaven, tenth house and its ruler can supply you some objective pointers to your talents and life options. There are no exceptions for believers. Charts of believers from Popes to Preachers will indicate the religious direction of their life and career.

Question: Can you shed light on why some people claim to hear from God much of the time and I don’t?

Answer: While this is complex and there could be several answers (everything from the matter of innate spiritual talents to one’s spiritual state – you might be in sin condition) on a long term basis, an important element is what your sun and moon were doing at birth. If your sun (the will, the core self) is positively aspected, you will, or will think, like St Teresa of Avila you hear from God a great deal. If the main aspects are to the moon you will “hear” more indirectly, through ritual, music, feelings and intuitions. The status of Jupiter (faith) and Saturn (doubt) also count. (If you fear you are hearing from the devil you might need to see how the asteroids Lucifer, the devil as light, and Malin the devil as darkness, work within your pattern). Evangelical Christianity which has affinities for especially persons strong in fire signs, can cause needless anxiety and self-doubt by expecting people to keep hearing from Jesus to the point many pretend or kid themselves they hear messages they never heard and weren’t meant to.

Question: Do you presume to judge why was this or that prayer was not answered when I felt it should have been or a healing miracle didn’t reach a devout friend when they had faith for it and power manifestly touched others at the time. 

Answer: As Ecclesiastes tells you, there’s a time for everything under the sun. It’s useful to know when that time is. Good things like miracles only happen in harmony with good aspects and transits in the sky to your natal pattern. Likewise, bad things, including delays, only occur under hard aspects. Especially Jupiter accompanies blessings. Especially Saturn accompanies frustrations. An answer to prayer deferred is not an answer denied.

Question: Even if astrology can tell me something about life, surely it can’t tell me anything about God in relation to life and my understanding?

Answer. In some respects it can. And it may even help you understand the little understood Trinity and its interaction a little better. The outermost planets, commonly associated with transcendence and generational influences, at another octave reflect (in their highest manifestation) the Trinity. Jesus equals Neptune. Uranus is the Spirit and Pluto the Creator and Judge/Destroyer. For example, Jesus’ declaration that any sins against himself can be forgiven but none against the Holy Spirit (Mk 3:28-30), has strange echoes in the notably forgiving, compassionate, quasi permissive outlook of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, sign of the age of Grace, as opposed to the perfectionist, absolutist rather unforgiving mind of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. Pluto transits can deliver people sufferings of Job type experiences in which one either dies or is profoundly transformed….

…..This subject belongs with the earlier one about healing and miracles. For example, one astrologer studying patterns of healing told me of how a terminal cancer patient who had asked Jesus to heal him was healed and allegedly saw Jesus enter his ward with transiting Neptune, the Christ planet, exactly on his destiny Midheaven. The still working chart for the birth of Christianity at Pentecost AD 30 shows Uranus (the Spirit) rising conjunct the horizon in fiery Leo at 9.15 am. (This can be known as the birth time was roughly given in the bible as necessarily after 9 am).

Question: Can we hope to avoid what feels and looks, whether humanly or astrologically, like the “bad luck” Christians are not supposed to believe in and some imagine is all that astrology deals in anyway.

Answer: There’s no doubt some people and their birth patterns are more fortunate and opportunity-bringing than others (think if you like about Jesus’ parable of the talents). Christians are not immune from problems and to be frank, astrologers are used to the unofficial visits to them of Christians lamenting God seems to have abandoned them. It happens under Saturn and/or Pluto transits as the late Sybil Leek noted years ago. It was behind St John of the Cross’s celebrated “dark night of the soul”. In the long term, the way to overcome the seriously, recurrently negative in a life is to locate its centre and work with it, perhaps invert it. If one sees a drug addict’s chart with, say, a dangerous twelfth house of hidden enemies and trapped conditions, almost certainly their cure and adjustment will be involved with working with social services, prisoners, addicts that belong with the twelfth house. You have choices, especially as regards level, but there is a degree of fate from the natal chart – just as you are born an extravert or introvert and nothing will change that essential – and it is not for Christians to call this observable root pattern, occult delusion.

Question: Are you suggesting astrology can find me my soul mate?

Answer: If it can’t find you your soul mate it can tell you who isn’t that and whether a pair are well suited, not least sexually. Christians who don’t approve contemporary mores ought to be interested in a system which can show sexual needs and romantic types so that there’s no need to keep sleeping around before marriage or divorcing after it to be sure you’ve landed Mr or Mrs Right. From head to toe, basic turn ons or off or lack of same are indicated from the birth chart. When and where the system isn’t compromised for financial reasons, the relative stability of Indian marriages has been attributed to widespread recourse to study of the couple’s affinity for marriage by horoscopes. Also as regards the vexed issue of homosexuality, it is possible to read whether a person is likely to be that way orientated. The matter is complex, but arguably the few conversion cure claims as regards orientation owe something to what is called an afflicted Neptune aspect which can manifest as highly changeable, addictive, confused and potentially bisexual. There aren’t just gay aspects but revelatory gay asteroids and a Part of Homosexuality telling the core truth of orientation which like Jesus’ so-called “eunuchs” is “from the womb”. Jesus like certain ancient astrologers stands alone in assuming something like an innate sexual difference exists.

All  of the above only touches on a big subject and something I have not covered is the major subject of how different sun signs and birth patterns incline people towards different types of beliefs and emphases in religion. I deal with this in my The Astrology of Beliefs shorturl.at/fwKLX     

I have also not covered, but somewhat do in the mentioned book, how theology itself is coloured by the astrological factor. Much that may seem alien to us today in especially the OT as it relates to women and war is considerably explained by the different values and psychology of a sign and era.  The age of Aries which precedes the age of Pisces/ age of grace, shares in the often hyper-patriarchal and bellicose  characteristics of Aries whose ideal is in the opposite sign, Libra, sign of Laws and peace, just as Pisces looks towards Jesus who was born under VIrgo. The ideal of the coming Aquarian age is Leo and Revelation pictures Jesus as the returned Lion of Judah.






Germans have long referred to their Chancellor Angela Merkel as Mutti (Mummy) Merkel. The usage is in decline as it becomes clearer that Germany’s Great Mother may well be  compromising the nature and fate of Das Vaterland more than almost anyone since Hitler. Merkel’s peculiar, even reckless invitation to a no upper limits migration policy, which itself involved suspending EU asylum rules, takes some understanding.
Every society necessarily has its limits and borders and this particular welcome was advocated in the face of disturbing evidence (that a sometimes craven PC press and political elite try to suppress), that migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, who are not all genuine refugees, are hard to assimilate and behind record increases in crime and unemployment in Germany ( http://goo.gl/ev6Kak). Only in the face of major outcry and threat to her position  has Mutti, rather too late, modified her position a little. This year alone one and half million are likely to have streamed into Germany which could well amount to millions more added to the population when family unions have occurred.
Mutti is easier to understand if one looks at the Chancellor’s birth data (July 17, 1954, 6pm Hamburg. For chart see http://goo.gl/WYD3O0). The pattern even warns she is someone no one should let near politics if they care about national health and security. Even  if we disregard that the very political Saturn in her career house is conjunct the disaster bringing, demonic Black Moon Lilith, (a factor much used by continental astrologers),  the overall  picture bespeaks a degree of real eccentricity and muddle even though its Sun conjunct Uranus bespeaks high intelligence at some level.  Brilliant “Mad Shelley” was historically one of those who had the conjunction but he wasn’t a politician.  And Merkel’s sun/Uranus is additionally afflicted by a tricky square aspect to Neptune, itself on the destiny and career Midheaven defining her. It is also opposite asteroid Ahmed, a name of Mohammed and the nearest thing to an Islam asteroid, a faith whose nature and motivations she is unlikely to understand well given the aspect. The pattern might be fine for an artist (Shelley wrote The Revolt of Islam) , but not a nation’s leader. It’s another Sun square Neptune politician in the form of Obama is currently behind the fast fading influence, increasing confusion and contradictions of American policy.
It is a commonplace in astrology that leadership needs some of the rigour and decisiveness of Mars, Pluto or Saturn in positive aspect to the sun. It doesn’t need any aspect to Neptune, especially not in so-called affliction where it can register unclear, weak or dishonest aims. Neptune on the Midheaven, when not referring to the arts, can even warn of scandal and Merkel is in herself something of a scandal! Not least including just how controlling and undemocratic she can in reality be behind the smiles and looks of concern. The same Mars and Pluto which would be better positively supporting a leader’s sun (her Mars afflicts it by quincunx), instead aspect one another in Merkel’s pattern. This is the mark of the indefatigable but also controlling person who not only suspends EU asylum rules at will but doesn’t hesitate to tell the head of Facebook she wants the negatives regarding migrants and migration off the Net. The latter doesn’t suit her odd wishes and narratives, so they shouldn’t exist, free speech be damned. Heil die Mutti Merkel!
Arguably, though, the Merkel problem starts with the Sun in Cancer, sign of the mother,  rendered somewhat eccentric and extreme by the mentioned close conjunction with Uranus and strengthened by two other planets in this watery sign (a watery emphasis which helps Merkel open a few “floodgates”!).  Cancer often wants to mother the world itself and be like that icon of Cancerian America, the Statue of Liberty with its ”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” It’s just that, practically, there is the big difference (one that a leader without an afflicted Neptune might better realize!), that Germany is a relatively small country in contrast to the vast America which having controversially disposed of a sizeable portion of its indigenous population, suddenly found it could use the world’s weary to sustain its expanding borders and  economy.
If Cancer loves to mother, Neptune aims to be inclusive and flood-like dissolve boundaries, but the problem in our times of crisis is that Merkel’s Cancerian sun, encouraged towards a measure of self-deception by afflicted Neptune, is so ultra-inclusive that beyond her own country it is causing headaches for Europe more generally. It has already and inevitably encouraged increased migration to bordering countries less economically able or socially willing to absorb the massive influx.
With asteroid Europa in Merkel’s home/Heimat sector in affliction with divisive Mercury she doesn’t clearly see either what Europe truly is or needs and perhaps still less Germany – asteroid Germania is in degree exact negative quincunx aspect to Saturn in her career house. Thus  she divides opinion and people while with Mars in Sagittarius, sign of the foreign, she will fight for the foreigner almost more than for fellow citizens. And in harmony with her rising Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter, if and when she cares for people it must be as  Mother Bountiful lending grand gestures to whatever she does. Like Sagittarian crooner Frank Sinatra doling out massive tips to all on sundry or gifting dinner guests gold watches, Mutti won’t hide her charity under any bushel or do things by halves. Amusingly Mutti’s generous Jupiter even makes exact easy trine to asteroid Silly.
The  misguided almost permissively silly will-to-bounty  manages to overlook what is most essential in terms of the real needs it should address. Sometimes pushy, aggressive, mostly male migrants able to pay their way to criminal people smugglers, are being let in while the religious minorities most violently persecuted, (and in the case of Christians under threat to the point of annihilation of their whole culture and past too), are not being either specially helped or defended. They can even to be left behind and ignored,  pushed to the back of the queue because self-righteous secularism or postmodern forms of Christian morality cannot bring themselves to take sides  and assist according to any particular beliefs and needs.
Merkel’s Cancerian sun is ruled by the moon which some would therefore regard as the chief factor in the total pattern. For Merkel the moon is in individualistic, independent Aquarius  at 15 Leo, a world point…it’s helpful for leaders to have something on at least one of the six world points and the moon is Merkel’s sole WP contact. But this same moon is directly opposed to asteroid Theotes (God). Arguably this tells us that Merkel’s mothering is not the kind that would necessarily be approved by God…..in fact, to the extent the Bible right up to its last book does envisage distinct nations of peoples, simply swamping whole peoples with others beyond the strict call of meaningful compassion is way outside what Christian charity is about, to whom and how it is supposed to be administered. This is especially the case when, ironically, some migrants even despise the welcoming host as infidel and there have been cases anyone can  now see on video, of supposedly needy migrants tossing away food and water supplied by the infidel Red Cross https://goo.gl/cdWwN6 ).
It looks as though refugee behaviour of the kind reflects a view there is no charity to be received from the West but only dues or taxes (jiza) to be obtained from the infidel to  whom no gratitude is ever owed. (The Koran is opposed to friendship with unbelievers). In such contexts, which lend weight to popular and especially Hungarian opinion that some of the current migration is more like invasion, Merkel’s no limits charity is  shown for the vain gesture it is, little better than a new species of self-congratulatory, self-satisfied  religion substitute. In religious terms it might even be deemed an outrage; and though I don’t want to read too much into it, in the chart of someone already with the demonic Lilith in her career/destiny sector, I can’t help noticing that the two main asteroids of evil potential, Lucifer (the devil as light) and Malin (the devil as darkness) are unusually emphasized in the Chancellor’s chart.  Lucifer is emphasized by conjuncting the chart’s base angle (it thus involves what she does or thinks about the home base), and then Malin by exactly sextiling the chart’s Venus, ruler of her empty ninth sector of religion and beliefs.
Yet no matter how dangerous and disharmonious the charts of Merkel and the likewise afflicted Obama may be, they do expressively belong to and reflect our times in a special way. Afflicted Neptune in the leaders speaks to features of the Neptune ruled era of Pisces now drawing to its close.
The 29th degree of any sign is exaggerating and insatiable, extreme (for both good and evil) like the last flaring of a candle before extinction. There is no 29th degree of an era that can be measured with the precision applied to signs in  a birth chart, but there is little question we are at the last and  29th degree of the era all the same. And the fact is that 29 Pisces is deemed one of the worst if not the worst of degrees on the zodiac, long associated with death, murder, suicide, theft, loss, deception, drowning  and victimhood of all kinds as of the refugee.
The troubles in Syria have been on the rise for years now, but it is significant it was only earlier this year and following an eclipse on 29 Pisces that there has there been a marked increase in the deaths at sea and the entire refugee/migrant problem. And the crisis in Syria, Libya and elsewhere has not been adequately dealt with due to weak leadership accompanied by often perverse expressions of Piscean compassion and tolerance barely able or willing to distinguish between real refugee need and economic opportunism. Some of the blindness is furthered by loudly voiced and media accepted elements of socialist theory, (the Labour party was born under Pisces) which regards everyone as victims of material conditions, scarcely free moral agents or adherents to specific belief systems affecting their actions. While Its discourse can place the West on a permanent guilt and self blame trip, its will to forgive and include can finish by whitewashing or excusing even the unworthiest persons and societies.
It is of course the Christian or post-Christian nations that are most guilty of the current political mess because the declining era approximately began with Christ and Christianity’s birth. What we are witnessing is a certain decadence of the once Christian world which is wide open to the judgement that those who hate it would happily visit upon it. Whatever now happens, and the signs are hardly encouraging, I have little doubt that, given her pattern, the over-confident Merkel will in the long term be go down as a figure of infamy, a foolish betrayer of much and many.
(The following appalling and disturbing   article about the situation of Christians in relation to Turkey (most migrants to Germany are Turks)  should be compulsory reading for this half blind daughter of a Lutheran pastor and any of her supporters inside or outside the churches when they speak of “tolerance”, “freedom”, and that often meaningless expression used as a slur not a true description, “the far right”




….Or perhaps I mean heard but not acted upon. The Prince wants Muslim leaders for the sake of everyone to acknowledge and raise a voice, rather than remain (as they mostly and usually do) silent in the face of the persecution of minorities, especially Christians. ow.ly/DOU1C

More than one report has recently defined Christians as the most persecuted group in the world and the Prince correctly notes Muslim societies are over-represented in the tally of those nations which demonstrate discrimination and intolerance. (North Korea is worst).

You wouldn’t necessarily think such was the case from, for example, media reports. Here in Australia, (perhaps because its international TV news relies so heavily upon Al Jazeera as a source), we heard almost more about the small Yezidi minority than the many thousands of Christian suffering in Iraq. The UN provided shelter for them before any Christians for whom Christian aid agencies have been sending out desperate pleas.

The rights and safety of Christians are almost an afterthought for most western leaders and especially America’s President Obama who rarely speaks for them unless under massive pressure at home and he has almost rushed in to stress nobody is suffering more under IS than Muslims, which is not strictly true. Even if it were true, it is hardly something to propose so breezily when Christians are being raped, tortured and their children forced into marriages or sold as sex slaves. As  Majid Rafizadeh, president of Harvard’s International American Council of the Middle East has just said, “It is confounding to ponder why the mainstream media, President Barack Obama, and many other liberal political figures still remain silent about the increasing persecution of Christians in Islamic countries”. 

Only this last week there has been yet another horrific act of persecution against Christians in Pakistan, a regularly serious and gross offender in this area, though not even sweet Poster Child Nobel prize winning liberty advocate Malala will be telling you quite how much. She is brave and says good things but of the kind the West wants to hear, namely about the safety of women, not of religious beliefs.  A poor Christian couple, the wife pregnant, was battered and burned to death at the kiln where they were indentured labourers by a hysterical mob of over a thousand, screaming for their blood ( ow.ly/DShXH). This was because a rumour had gone out that the couple had thrown out pages of a Koran when the wife had been clearing their home following the recent death of her mother. Pakistan’s ever controversial anti-blasphemy laws themselves finish a kind of blasphemy against life, truth and justice as they allow any rumour to be floated but no charges to be laid against those falsely launching them or victim to ubiquitous vigilante violence. Pakistan, as some of its own leaders admit, is a deeply corrupt society. It looks as though it prefers pious persecution on almost any pretext to true reform.


What the Christian and liberal standpoint of the Prince and others might however be said to overlook is that silence itself, a refusal to approve what is going on in Iraq and elsewhere, is the charity and almost necessarily so given that there is nothing in the Koran that would notably encourage anyone to support minorities which are all liable to be deemed infidels. While it may be that the stronger controversial statements against Jews and Christians owe more to the Hadith (a collection of alleged sayings of Mohammed and his associates rather than the Koran itself), even so, it is stated in the Koran that Muslims should not be friends of infidels (3:28).

True and famously, there are numbers of verses which enjoin a respect and friendship of sorts for “people of the Book” (Jewish/Christian bible), but the problem, the loophole for fundamentalist extremism, is that what the people of the same Book assert, such as in the case of the Christians that they identify the Messiah with God, is denied and condemned (5:17) rendering them with the infidels in effect. It is also affirmed that Christians mostly do evil anyway (5:66)!

Ultimately, how could the average Muslim oppose on the behalf of dissidents what other Muslims are doing that spreads or defends the faith without before long being accused of apostasy and being ostracized? Those Muslims like the Grand Mufti of Syria who do believe in and advocate peace with toleration of non Muslims, have received great abuse from fellow Muslims – there have been death threats to himself and his sons. Conversion out (apostasy) is not permitted in the religion, and theoretically carries a death penalty.

Somali scholar Abdisaid Abdi Ismail’s recent book, The Rule of Apostasy In Islam: Is it True? has already occasioned him the rage of Muslims, death threats, separation from his family and he has been thrown out of hotels in Kenya and Uganda, a situation in extreme ironic contrast to the freedom and sometimes star treatment accorded such as the tiresomely impudent returned Muslim, Reza Aslan, who in America and the liberal West is free to criticize the gospels and Christianity in any publication he likes. The greatest charity Islam can show the infidel or convert is to let them, like Meriam Ibrahim earlier this year in South Sudan, leave the country, (be exiled). And as in the case of Pastors Saaed and Irani in highly intolerant Iran (whose conditions the Iran born Aslan never seems to protest), that may not happen. Or it won’t happen while a weak, temporizing,  quasi Muslim Obama exerts no strong pressures to get even imprisoned and tortured American citizens who are Christian out of the country.


Recently IS, no matter how much Muslims and others care to state they are not representative of “true” Islam, have been attempting to drive out and sometimes wipe out Christians from Iraq and Syria. They are given the options of conversion, paying religious tax (jizya), exile or execution. Interpretation and translation of scriptures are of course always hotly debated, but plainly IS feels they are doing what they do on a basis at least partly justified by such verses “slay all the unbelievers wherever you find them” 2:91 – which is only what Ottoman Turks did to half the population of Christian Armenia in 1915 in an act that inspired Hitler’s Final Solution. (That Turkey has never subsequently regretted this in the way wars usually are, is probably due to the belief  its behavior was religiously sanctioned). 5:33 rules to maim or crucify or banish those who make “war against God” or who “spread disorder” in their country.

Not that the minorities of Iraqi Christians and others like Yezidis and Mandaeans have been doing that. IS is exceeding its remit in this respect like the Ottomans before them, but even to say anything in favour of one’s alternative faith, especially to proselytize is dangerous. Indeed the latter is absolutely forbidden in most Muslim societies (it would in itself almost certainly be treated as “spreading disorder”). This is a situation which nevertheless and practically, is to deny normally accepted religious rights (not to say the human rights to “free speech” of Christians) extremely. The day when Christianity can be even described in Muslim countries by Christians themselves will be the day something like human rights might be said to exist there.

Christ’s disciples were told as almost his last words to them, to preach the word in the whole world. So a non-missionary church is scarcely a true church, certainly not any free one. Just recently an Egyptian Copt, one of a group of people in existence long before Islam, was sentenced to 6 years prison for merely “Liking” a Facebook page about a group of former Muslims. Even his Christian village was attacked by outraged Muslim fanatics. http://goo.gl/YRdWyN. In Saudi even private worship is banned to non Muslims, presumably because since the Koran describes infidels as impure and perverse (9:30 ) the very earth is polluted by their presence in Islam’s most sacred territory!

Plainly there is little scope for negotiation here! Under IS minorities generally have been targeted, including even Muslim ones, but as said, overall it is Christians who recently have borne the brunt of recent troubles while receiving least sympathy and attention for it – Prince Charles moreover stresses that the situation is particularly bad because Christianity is now being erased from its 2000 year homeland, a major tragedy in itself. (One might add that also tragic is that the Palestinians, for whom sympathy seems boundless in the liberal West, have been doing everything possible to rid even Bethlehem and Nazareth of Christians. And the West is naïve enough not to imagine or perceive that at least some Palestinians intend no peace whatsoever towards Israel (hear what they teach in their schools and broadcast on their radios!) but will agree to any division of the land, any new situation that facilitates the longer term aim of being rid of an Israel they don’t acknowledge can and should exist). Peace may be spoken of, but the West is blithely ignorant of how by the principle of takkiya, truth in dealings with infidels is not required so that the best sounding agreements and promises may mean nothing.


Prince Charles’ statement comes as a spanner thrown in the works of modern media which despite the current extent of exile and genocide for Christians in the Middle East is seriously under-emphasized by a secular and sometimes almost anti-Christian media which is concerned, perhaps selfishly, in keeping things quiet at home and shoring up liberal multicultural values at all costs by never asking or expecting Muslims like the Prince to face a few basic facts.

The facts are admittedly sometimes grave and bewildering for especially the more moderate Muslims some of them left reeling under the shock of offspring radicalized and disappeared, apparently for ever, to fight with IS. What perhaps for the first time they are being forced to absorb, is that essentially the faith they subscribe to is involved with the aim of a world domination achieved if necessary through force. The very appeal of IS is that it seems to be fulfilling that aim and that it is even engaging the last and apocalyptic war which will arise through Syria.

And although some will protest the Koran should be read more symbolically and allegorically, in most places where Islam is well established it is not and has not been so. So if there are indications that (some if not all) Jews are the children of apes (7.166) and according to the Hadith (Sayings) they are to be wiped out before the Last Judgement, all sorts of negative policies get justified. Meanwhile the Christians/infidels are to be subdued, tolerated if they pay taxes and show themselves submissive (9:29) because Islam is all about, indeed means “submission”.

There is a reason that Christians are the poor, mostly servants and road sweepers despised and exploited in Muslim nations like Pakistan and Eygpt, not able to rebuild churches, rarely able to get justice at law for the worst crimes against them. The discrimination is as good as mandated and is hardly ever challenged. Christians exist to be made dhimmis in a state of dhimmitude.  It is also hardly ever challenged either by a once Christian West which in its post Christian weakness (decadence) pours aid into the most relentlessly persecuting societies like Iran and Afghanistan for whom privately the aid is doubtless regarded as the jizya tax that infidels, whose day of reckoning awaits, ought to be handing over and therefore no more than is due. It is not perceived as any kind of charity for which to be grateful. Every concession liberals and interfaith Christians make, is liable not to be appreciated as tolerance but a step on the way to required submission.

Christians and Western liberals seem ignorant of how traditional Islam, a warrior religion if ever, divides the world up into dar-al- Islam and dar-al-harb, the house of war. Everywhere where Islam is not prevalent is “the house of war”. Peace is not what mainstream Islam is about except as indicating the final state of humanity submitted to Islam and Sharia law however long it takes. Muslims however don’t see themselves as aggressors but rather as warrior martyrs, victims, because they are told not to be the aggressors until they have pretexts and are victims in effect(2: 194). This is partly why Muslims complain and protest so much within non Muslim societies and as in Muslim Pakistan listen to every rumour They must have reasons to impose themselves, so reasons are sometimes found by almost any means.

Some Muslims understand the real meanings and know the score. It is why Ayaan Hirsi Ali abandoned Islam and has told Muslims they should do likewise and espouse either atheism or Christianity because the God of the latter suggests more by way of love. (Raised a Syrian Muslim, writer Wafa Sultan, goes so far as describe the religion she knew as not being one of love – A God who Hates is the title of one of her books). It was not least on account of its doctrine of forgiveness that at great risk “Son of Hamas”, Mosab Hassan Yousef, converted out to Christianity.


What’s certain, but Christians don’t seem to get the message, is that the name of Allah – now forbidden under Malaysian law to Christians as a word they may use for God – is not a name that can be considered identical with the God of the Bible, whose covenantally revealed name is YAHWEH/ Jehovah of whom Jesus is an expression. Some Christians and Muslims might wish or intend to worship the same in terms of a monotheistic oneness concept, but for Christians Allah cannot be God’s name. It represents a different principle and doctrine including the possibility of relation as opposed to solely worship and obedience, so that in a sense Muslims are correct to tell Christians not to use the Allah word. Islam believes in an absolute as opposed to a unitive, inclusive one (i.e.the biblical echod as opposed to the absolute singularity of yachid) and condemns any Trinitarian thought accordingly. (It calls it “polytheism” not inclusive one).

Muslims are also correct after a fashion in regarding what is happening as an end of times or end or era, situation. Many are persuaded to go to Syria because of certain Hadith (sayings) attributed to such as a companion of Mohammed, Abu Hurayreh, which seem to locate Syria as a site of last battles on the way to the renewed Muslim Caliphate and world domination.


It’s true we are at the end of the age of Pisces which Christ’s birth heralded. An across board spike in turmoil, suffering, death and martyrdom is to be expected as the world lives the equivalent of the last degree of the relevant sign. It is only in its coming-of-night context that one can begin to grasp what is happening to the persecuted Christian minorities across the Muslim world and why up to a point it is allowed to happen. IS itself might be said to fulfill prophecy like that of Christ, “Indeed an hour is coming when those who kill you will think that by doing it they are offering worship to God” (Joh 16:2).

IS will prosper, it will increase, it may even overrun Rome as per one Hadith, and be seen by many as bound to succeed, but it won’t. The end of the story will present many surprises.

It’s just a pity that meanwhile the West, which says and does so little in the face of the turmoil, fails to understand the  principles of the culture, religion and psychology it is dealing with and is shockingly disloyal to its Christian roots being too pragmatic, too  secular, selfish and interested in economic advantage to bother to protest abused Christian rights in any effective way with many nations like Korea and China and not just Muslim ones. Presently it regards this as strengthening the home base but it is merely fostering a weakness that will return on it and rend it. Good fortune depends upon attending to justice first.  The weakness and private sympathies of Obama particularly mark a disaster for the fortunes of Christians worldwide at a crucial moment of history and it is in this context that, if only to restore some balance and a moral one to public opinion and reporting, the intervention of Prince Charles is to be applauded.



Dr Michael Brown – insultingly and damagingly some would say – doesn’t believe anyone ever has the right to call themselves a “gay Christian”. He has written a book Can You Be Gay and Christian? to insist you can’t. He has also stressed the point in a recent (June 28th), much anticipated debate with Matthew Vines, author of God and the Gay Christian on Moody Radio.

My question is can Michael Brown be called a Christian, and should Christians like those of  Charisma News and Christian Post who give him space, interviews and general star billing as some kind of religious authority, despite his approval of even Uganda on homosexuality,  accept him as any voice of and for Christianity. The answer is yes if you care to approve ideas and trends you have no place as Christians to be doing.


I will briefly review some of the points made in the recent debate. Vines started from the position that while all the Bible’s rare references to same sex behaviour are negative, none are negative towards real relationship, to refuse the possibility of which can be seriously damaging to people. He might usefully have mentioned but didn’t, that the Leviticus ban, the core   issue along with Paul in Romans 1, was understood by the first century Jewish philosopher, Philo, to refer to pagan shrine prostitution (Philo, The Special Laws, III, VII, 40-42). It makes most sense if such is the case, and there’s little question that Paul, much influenced by the apocryphal Wisdom of Solomon in Romans 1, makes a close association of his unnatural sinners (whoever precisely they  are ) with pagan idolatry. Brown of course makes the Leviticus ruling a principle of universal natural law it is not presented as being and which much of the Torah including on sex never is – would Brown wish to campaign for raped women marrying their rapists, a ruling deeply involved with the most ancient  values quite irrelevant to Christians and even Jews today?

Brown proposed there is zero tolerance for and nothing positive said or indicated for same sex relations the length of the bible whose call is simply to deny oneself, not to affirm oneself.

Well, obviously we are meant to affirm and love ourselves (which some gays may have difficulty doing amid hostility) because the commandment is to love our neighbour as ourselves. So plainly there’s denial and denial to consider.

Brown compared the gay situation to that of the gospel’s rich young ruler who sadly denies discipleship to cling to his money. The comparison is false and misleading. Money is something one can be reasonably objective about if one tries. A person’s most instinctive, spontaneous sense of self and ability to relate is something very different, and personally I would say that beyond the romantic/erotic attraction Vines defends, being genuinely gay  engages an entire psychology and world view as any cultural studies can show. It’s not for the denying in the way Brown imagines.


Brown’s claim there is nothing gay positive the length of the bible is merest opinion. It doesn’t allow anyone else ( myself included as a gay scholar and theologian), their opinions to exist. In various of my books and in the article God and the Gay Gaps in Matthew Vines’s Vision (http://bit.ly/1izBz2C) I refer to everything from the plainly same sex attraction of David and Jonathan who have a covenant/marriage, through the unmarried Jeremiah and his ignored but real homoeroticism, to the more dangerous territory of Jesus and John (it’s Brown’s fellow Jewish Christians like Bishop Hugh Montefiore and Canon Paul  Oestereicher who have suggested Jesus’ humanity was probably “homosexual” by current standards) and Jesus’ teaching about “eunuchs” born differently. In the times of Christ eunuch didn’t automatically refer either to castrates or even celibates. So I don’t agree with even Vines that the Bible is negative about everything same sex.

Brown protests that no goodness of relation could justify the sin involved in anything gay. He bolsters this idea with the claim the Bible offers nothing but an Edenic pattern for sex and relating. Humanity is not created with their “parts” to fit other than heterosexually. And there’s no emotional or spiritual compatibility possible save between opposite sexes.

Even ignoring that many Christians today take Eden more as parable than history, what nonsense! Then, even ignoring as regards gay compatability potential that David’s love for Jonathan was self-declared to be above that for women, what we must affirm is that the design argument is as silly and irrelevant as claiming that because the mouth was made for eating it was not made for kissing also. And homosexuality is anyway not against or unknown to nature generally, it is simply a variation intelligent people should accept. But then Brown also contends that people (properly submitted to the Lord!) have left homosexuality behind. Change is possible.

To the last point Vines protests that Exodus and its former leader Alan Chambers would deny the cure claims though he personally accepts that some people do have a “fluid” sexuality but it should be clear enough most people don’t. He accepts that observed stability of orientation and its implications for relation is a rather modern issue. (I somewhat question this for reasons other than Brown – what were all the medieval church marriages of brethren about?).


For Brown, to suggest the relationship issue is modern is tantamount to accusing God of writing a bad bible oppressing us for centuries. It suggests Jesus didn’t understand orientation as we do (I would insist Jesus very much did realize there was a gay orientation even if Paul didn’t) and it places sex before all else as an identity in a purely modern way. And what about the claims that the likes of a man fixated on pre-teen girls could make if we concede to gay demands, asks Brown?

Here Brown is getting really ridiculous, though as regards the bad bible idea this is just fundamentalist and pedantic literalism at work. Brown’s Bible gets read like the Koran, every word direct from heaven. As there is no room for any cultural or personal or historical filters to the revelation.  The supposed plain sense is all that matters and interpretation scarcely exists. All that does exist is people defying and challenging the God-dictated Bible with their false opinions and self-affirmations….. But the Taliban could and do bring the same kind of charges against supposedly lax or liberal Muslims!

As to those Brown mentioned who could claim rights for their fixation on pre-teens, paedophiles in effect, let’s note (against the terrible fundamentalist libel that gay and paedophile is more or less the same thing) that paedophiles often turn out to be fathers of families or visitors of prostitutes. They are not fixated on youth to the exclusion of all else but just playing around with an alluring alternative.

Contrary to what Brown assumes, as I pointed out in the article prior to this, we DO have the right to challenge and argue with scripture, not totally dismiss and ignore it but meaningfully question it without being condemned as hopeless egotists or blasphemers. In Numbers 27 the daughters of Zelophehad challenge the justice of a Torah ruling and it is changed in their favour.  ( Rather along these lines, Jewish commentary on Torah I have, says that in the light of what we know and the great complexity of the subject, Leviticus on n  same-sex needs re-assessment, an issue taken to the leaders of the faith for special guidance).  In Acts 10: 14  we have Peter denying the call to change given in vision because it appears to go against scripture. We are supposed as per Revelation to hear “what the Spirit says to the churches (Rev 2:11) not just the bible. I have also pointed out that I believe some evidence of revelation on things gay today exists, but conservative Christianity isn’t even beginning to listen to it. Sola Scriptura mania stops its ears.


I won’t go further as regards the (uninspiring) debate. Instead I will comment a little upon the frustrating character of Michael Brown with its deceptive “this hurts me more than you” approach to his theme and which has him saying he has felt pain and wept at the pain of homosexuals….at the same time as he believes in zero tolerance for their opinions.  Facts like for example – and disgracefully to a Christian community – someone Vines knew was in danger even of going out in public once he had admitted to his orientation, still doesn’t leave Brown questioning whether his Koranic, Taliban-style attitude to bible,  (bibliolatry), truly works and makes for justice, righteousness and health. Suicides, breakdowns, depression, nothing moves Michael Brown. His Bible is necessarily as right as was the Inquisition’s Pope and Church.

People tend not to understand such a mentality and Christians who promote persons like Brown tend not to inquire into it, but I’m afraid  I do and must. I can moreover see a few things via that mode of analysis that is as much “abomination” to evangelical Christians as homosexuality itself, namely the astrology that despite Talmudic rabbis and Essenes on the subject they see unilaterally fit to condemn as forbidden “divination”.

Michael Brown who was born a Jew but became a Christian following a youthful career as drug addict, is a Piscean, the weeping “I’m in pain” kind. (Ironically his nadir, Matthew Vines, is also a Piscean as was John Boswell of the ground breaking Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality. At the end of the Piscean era, whose end Christians should be taking very seriously, Pisceans are having a big day out on the gay theme before the inevitably more individualized and gay friendly Aquarian era fully dawns).

Neptune “rules” Pisces and, afflicted, is major in the charts of addicts of any sign. I rightly guessed I would find Neptune afflicted at Brown’s birth, – the pattern is Neptune square Uranus and quincunx Sun in Pisces. Afflicted Neptune also inclines to muddled facts and major illusions such as Brown tends to display in his shocking lack of awareness of the kind of responsibilities he has for evangelical influences in Africa and Russia on gay issues. He sees himself as Pisceans often do, as kindly, sensitive, helpful.

The fact that Brown just can’t leave gay issues alone is involved with the fact he has the gay planet Uranus in positive trine aspect to his natal sun which could help make him very gay sympathetic….except that there are the Neptune afflictions and on the sexual level fluidity and bisexuality have much to do with these; so he feels a constant need to defend his borders lest the Piscean waters overflow, so to speak.

I don’t like to criticize Messianic (Christian) Jews as they can sometimes have a rough and alienated time of it (which itself might have taught Brown a few things about the gay situation) but Brown belongs to the crazy wing of Jewish Christian. There has been some association with sensations seeking Sid Roth who just recently has been promoting a Messianic rabbi who will improve your prayer efficiency by reciting things in Hebrew. Roth has even promoted supernatural kits to induce greater nearness to God and power while for the height of scandal and presumption which surely no gay Christian could reach, selling CDs to help you manage to speak in tongues properly! In short Roth is not far off Simon Magus himself. One should beware such people and the Browns who associate with them.

There is more one could say. I won’t however say more than I think it’s time Dr Brown either told himself, or the Christian community told him, to find some other subjects than the gay one to engage him. I am far from commending all that leaders of the gay community or even notable gay Christians say and do, but to avoid unnecessary spiritual and psychological damage, contributions like those of Brown should be opposed. It’s absolutely not good enough  to in effect excommunicate gays inside and outside the churches from  Christ and Christianity from the outset by declaring there’s a 100% heterosexual bible which they must accept or else.

It’s not only untrue about the Bible but it’s an offence to some people’s deepest sense of integrity as regards who and what they are. This is not the way of Christ who didn’t turn away the almost certainly gay centurion who wanted his “boy” cured, and it must not be presented as such. Some will never cope, a few from conservative  homes may at worst   go suicidal while Brown  smiles sweetly on and requests prayer support in his spiritual battle against gay “agendas”. But suppose he is himself a part of the spiritual problem,  preventing God’s word to this generation being  heard?

I accept that Brown has suffered some  merely scurrilous attacks from gay extremists that most of us would never approve, but to some extent he is too upsetting a figure not to  have invited  something of this.  The weeping Christian, the avuncular image, the martyr to truth I think Brown sees himself as being, in reality are scarcely more helpful than the Taliban imposing Sharia law for people’s best whether they see it as such or not. The tears don’t excuse the mistakes, I’m afraid. People do  get hurt and confused as Brown rattles eagerly on. And he does speak very fast.

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