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All years are memorable in their way, but 2019 could be demanding and dramatic.

I am not going to list possible events of 2019 in order but rather highlight and comment a few themes and hot spots. During the year, instead of keep writing articles on single issues in my usual way, I may just add to or modify this article.

The tone and interests of the year are signalled fairly early on and first with the solar eclipse of Jan 6th which is followed by a full red supermoon lunar eclipse on the 21st. This in turn is unusually the first of three supermoons (full moons at perigee, nearest to earth and looking brighter) all three landing strongly on O degrees of the three signs, Leo, Virgo and Libra, a promise of strong effects. [This article was written at the beginning of January, the fact that within 24 hours of the Jan 6th eclipse three strong quakes had occurred in Brazil, Iran and Indonesia looks like a promise of increased earth movement during the influence span of the eclipse]

February could be interesting to judge by its lunation (new moon) pattern. In fact, early in December I posted an article, Will February 2019 be Peace and Trump memorable?  which I said I would remove   if it became clear the roll -out of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” expected for February was cancelled.  It was  cancelled because Israel will go to the polls in April and Netanyahu asked Trump to postpone affairs till after the elections. So my article was removed at Christmas. [The latest on the Peace Deal as of Jan 3rd,  is that Trump has asked Netanyahu to base his campaign on  a Peace Deal Slogan. This means, or it does for certain end-timers, that the whole anticipated apocalyptic situation of “talking peace and security” but sudden destruction comes, could not be just a matter for mid year and after the elections]

[As of early Sept 2019, the again and again postponed peace plan is for revealing “immediately” after the election of 17th Sept which could be said to highlight the period around the Feast of Trumpets at month’s end]

I don’t take back that I said February seemed a particularly suitable time for peace talks  and I still believe that the month from the Feb 4th lunation could well be eventful and signficant. I did point out affairs for Pope and Vatican could additionally or alternatively be highlighted and that was before I became aware that Pope Francis is now expected to visit and celebrate mass in UAE (and some have said Saudi) in February.

So, early in 2019 could be quite powerful for the rest of the year, and I will look more closely at the factors involved presently.


In considering end-of-era themes, I  am of course influenced by some information unique to myself, namely the data for Christ’s birth and the Pentecost foundation of Christianity. Let no one say I haven’t got these and that they don’t work because they efficiently do! I shall start these reflections on 2019 with this point, mentioning how the year ended and what I concluded the signs  might mean for 2019.

Around mid November (14th/15th/16th) there was a rash of reports about a professor accidentally coming across, earlier in the year in the ruins of  a Negev desert church, what is now theorized to be the earliest known depiction of Jesus in Israel, a youthful Jesus with curly hair. At the time of announcement, transiting Venus (anything to do with art) was conjuncting the conjunction of Isa (Ar.Jesus) with Christa at 25 Libra ( traditionally asteroids were registered in feminine form and the Christa asteroid always works for Christ).

In December, comet 46P Wirtanen was becoming brighter and getting called “The Christmas Comet” or even the Bethlehem Star itself returned. In some respects it was the Christmas Comet, because I saw that around the time of its greatest brightness (around the 16th)  when it could be seen by some with the naked eye, Mars would be conjuncting the degree of the Bethlehem Star (19 Pisces) at the same time as Mars’ higher octave, Pluto, a God/Creator image, was directly aspecting it from 19 Capricorn.

I couldn’t imagine what, if anything, this might mean, though it did occur to me ( as I wrote to an astrologer in England), given how inharmonious  fiery Mars is with the spirit of watery Pisces, there might be some message of an endings scenario kind like  the (Piscean) age soon to be cut off (Mars) by God as judge  (Pluto). But I could hardly have imagined what I subsequently almost fell over by accident on the Net, a report published 16 December, the day of greatest brightness and closest aspect to the B star degree. It concerned an alleged recent, alarming vision of Christ, one so intense  that it left the recipient trembling for  days.

It is only my reservations concerning elements of charismatic American religion and Charisma magazine, that prevents me affirming without a shadow of doubt that this has to be relevant and true for the Mars to B star event. Subsequently the strange and dramatic Christmas day announcement from a certain Amir Tsarfati in Israel ( considered in the shorter companion article to this “End timers talking “soon” and a sudden challenge“)  adds to the  impression of a major endings theme being indicated as waiting in the wings.

A few points from Jeremiah Johnson’s alleged vision of Christ (the Jeremias name in Christ’s chart was suitably aspected at the time of report), are noteworthy. This was the third Christ vision in Jeremiah J’s life but this time a very different one. Jesus appeared in a  form of “terrifying beauty” (one thinks of lines of Rilke!) his eyes like fire (Mars is fire). He  announced it must be understood  he is not only the all-forgiving lamb of Calvary, the universal intercessor, but will be returning as the Lion, destroyer of God’s enemies. (It’s relevant that the ideal of the impending Aquarian era is represented by  the opposite sign of Leo, the lion, and in the apocalypse Jesus is the Lion of Judah Rev 5:5). Today’s churches, Jesus declared, have by now created him  in their own image and are portraying him as one who loves and tolerates just about everyone for anything. This is false and he will be sending out people to speak for a God who is coming in judgement.

Could  this suggestion of what sounds like  virtual crisis in the relation of Christ and his  church, be relevant to any forecasts for 2019? It could be, but first and to avoid some almost inevitable misunderstanding, I will clarify what I think the visionary  message is likely about.



Lest some assume the alleged vision marked nothing but a projection onto Jesus of some fevered, fire and brimstone  sermon of a kind that can’t wait for God punish churches tolerating gays (a subject unmentioned in the vision), it’s worth  recalling  something from last  November. Ahead of the vision it sounds like just the sort of thing the Mars/Comet relation and the fiery  revelation could be declaring against in  modern Christianity  but that we’ll hear more of in 2019.

In late November, by huge majority, the Church of Sweden voted against a motion of the Swedish Democrats party that there should be a ban on Muslim calls to prayer throughout Sweden because it was an opportunity for people to discover “the love of Allah”. All doctrines of God and God’s  name apart, just the disloyalty  to the vast number of Christians now persecuted in Muslim majority countries, many of whom have their churches pulled down or damaged or refused building permits for, is shocking. As someone acidly remarked, would the Swedish church like to embrace the sharia that requires Christians to pay the old jiza taxes in order to be tolerated?

The Swedish church has not even been active to defend Christians attacked by Muslims in the nation’s migrant camps, nor to protest deportation of Christians back to danger zones for them while it imports large numbers of Muslims. The lack of the slightest evangelistic consciousness is almost unparalleled. Those Muslims who at great personal risk do convert, often do so because they are attracted to a deity specifically described as love – Allah is “merciful” but never Koranically described as love. Notoriously, the Church of Sweden  has been known to remove the Christian symbol of the cross from churches lest Muslims be offended. Here and throughout much of Scandinavia  Christianity is being similarly denied and re-invented (in Denmark there were emotional protests when it was suggested a atheist priest might stand down from his role). With this kind of ultra-Laodicean example in mind, we can turn to signs for the year in and out of the religious sphere though in some respects it will be a year for precisely religious issues.


The position by sign of the slower moving planets and the nature of eclipses are crucial in gaining an impression of affairs of a given year

Though Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, for almost the whole year will promote some optimism and good fortune for individuals, claims that 2019 will be difficult and gloomy (the pop press have highlighted the late blind seeress Baba Vanga to that effect) are likely to be correct. Both restrictive, limiting Saturn and heavy-handed, painful Pluto are in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn. This is heavy – difficult for politics and economics and difficult for countries strong in Capricorn  like Australia whose government will likely be shaken up by at least the impending election. (Like an omen for a difficult year, Australia’s celebrated new year’s fireworks display was almost prevented by a violent storm and persistent lightning!).

Saturn and Pluto first conjunct in Jan 2020 but they make approaches to this in 2019. The related Saturn/Pluto cycle is associated with major wars. There will be plenty of sabre rattling if not outright war in 2019. A big question is what about America (see below) where  conflict is concerned (what America does affects the world),  and also what about the Capricorn country of Britain wading through the chaos of its Brexit issues? The latter nation is unlikely to reach any widely accepted, fully satisfactory conclusion under such influences as 2019 presents and in which the solar eclipse of July conjuncts the leadership and destiny Midheaven and degree exact opposes the national sun in one of the most used charts for UK (the 1801 chart). However, as this chart is especially associated with royalty ,there could be major changes in the royal sphere .

Disturbance, disruption, even chaos seem virtually guaranteed for quite a few places in the months from March by the way that at the time of Equinox (21st March) when the sun is on a world point at 0 Aries, this point is unusually opposed by a full supermoon from the opposite world point at 0 Libra.

One planet making major sign change in 2019 is Uranus which from early March is into Taurus for several years. Uranus shakes up everything and its airy qualities are disharmonious with the earth of Taurus and its security and fiscal issues. We can expect giddy economic effects and also in the property field where quite likely there will be more drops and burst bubbles. But economies can and will also be reformed under Uranus. There is likely to be increasingly less cash and, more electronic money or implanted chips (as in godless Sweden where the demand for the chip outstrips demand) from this year on. Indeed as Taurus is about security, electronic security via the  suggestively 666 style  microchip is rather  to be an expected development.

The important planetoid Chiron finally goes over from Pisces into Aries. The wounded healer is likely to increase, even aggressively, its complaints and accusations once in Aries. So movements like #MeToo and the Transgender movement will not be going away and may become more vocal and virulent. For the average person the relevance might be health services could be increasingly in crisis.

Beliefs and reportage will be in high and controversial focus during 2019. Jupiter is beliefs, religion, philosophy, publishing and justice. For Christianity there could be some revivalism, but given periodic afflictions from Neptune during the year, strange and confused beliefs and gurus and  confused, distorted reporting of them could well feature. Jupiter is a traveller and internationalist though not necessarily a globalist (it enjoys variety too much) but under affliction it may be assumed one-world globalist ideals will be at the forefront however unpopular with the masses. At another level Jupiter square Neptune virtually guarantees more and possibly even worse floods and tsunamis.


This question is almost like also asking another, namely will Israel experience real trouble in 2019 since with Trump having withdrawn troops in the Middle East in December 2018, even with a favourabale peace agreement possibly mid year, Israel could be left in the lurch against Russia, Turkey or whatever once America is no longer available. For end-timers that situation is redolent of prophecies of Ezekiel for “the latter days” and the attack from the north, the Gog and Magog war.

But the American trouble I would inquire about is serious trouble like national collapse through internal division, economic instability  or even a virtual wipe-out from sudden nuclear or EMP attack. Pluto usually means profound, demanding transformations, but it can also signal outright death and destruction. 2019 will undoubtedly be stressed and tested, but the more obvious time for disaster of the more ultimate kind (there are hardly any precedents to judge by!) would be in 2020. In that year Pluto is opposed for once in two and a half centuries to the national Mercury. This planet is both in and rules (if the birth time is correct) America’s eighth house of death.

In 2020 there is a lunar eclipse opposite America’s sun mid year, while near the end of 2020 a solar eclipse conjuncts the nation’s shock-delivering Uranus. So I would judge that if there is collapse, war and destruction affecting America during 2019, it would be only destruction Part One. During  2019 I am more inclined to expect troubles arrive in the shape of natural disasters like floods or mega quakes  than outright, total conflicts.

Though it follows that I don’t really see “imminent destruction” early in 2019  (wouldn’t Trump and America have to help establish a middle east peace later in the year first or, say, shocking Uranus need as in March to have crossed Ganymede, symbol of those suddenly snatched to heaven?), I will speculate in note about one imminence claim  as an example  of my stated principle of being  open to weighing the likelihood of prophecies in light of celestial signs.


The solar eclipse of January 6th which will colour effects for the whole year from that time, is at 15 Capricorn. This means it is opposite America’s natal 13 Cancer sun. With transiting Saturn at 12 degrees opposite the natal sun at the time of the eclipse and then Mars at 3 degrees Aries in affliction square to the national Venus (peace and prosperity) at nearly 3 Cancer, this combination is not a recipe for the  highest levels of  peace or prosperity during the year, it is rather restrictive and depressing.

“Heavy” is the word for this eclipse.  With Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the South Nodes in addition to Sun and Moon all in gloomy Capricorn, there is serious tension and rather fanatical adherence to one’s views and interests given that the eclipse falls at the gridlock midpoint of Saturn and Pluto in the heavens. Pluto however being degree exact at eclipse time on Jared Kushner’s natal sun suggests his highlighting and changing role during the year in relation to the Trump  peace plan of which he is a chief architect and negotiator.

Whether attacking or attacked (in say the South China Sea,) it looks like there would be more danger for America  in relation to what builds in China than from Russia (dangerous though Russia is). At any rate January’s eclipse at 15 Capricorn stands in affliction square to America’s natal China asteroid at 16 Libra. And this China, which itself is  near enough square to the national sun on a permanent basis, will always need only strong transits or an eclipse like January’s to hot things up.

I am uncertain whether one should perceive significance in the fact that in the Pentecost chart for Christianity, 15 Cancer, the degree opposed by January’s eclipse, is conjunct both Siri (one of the names for Syria) and Christianity’s Sun/Moon midpoint (a major destiny-defining point in a chart) itself conjunct Konig (King) at 16 degrees. Insofar as Christians look upon Syria and the prophecied destruction of its capital Damascus (no asteroid) as pivotal for the religion’s endtimes scenario,  it is perhaps relevant that the eclipse hits opposite in the way it does at this time. It could mean a destruction of Damascus falls within 2019 reverberating with many.

Overall I should say the January solar at 15 Capricorn bespeaks an important year for Christianity. The Sun/Moon midpoint is not just a destiny marker but is considered like the inner marriage. It is also conjunct Konig (King) and  opposite the asteroid Cortina (curtain or veil) – a time in which the soul could pass beyond the veil, be married to or see the king  in some fashion?   In June the new moon falls degree exact on Pentecost’s Saturn (limits and endings), while the full moon falls in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Centre often associated with events in religion.

While features of the January solar could be significant and taken as key for the whole  year,  popularly more interest is getting  directed upon the lunar eclipse later in the month. It looks more obviously  dramatic for those seeking “signs”! But the main difference between solars and lunars is the solar is more about new themes and conditions and it influences a year, lunars are more about things already established that need sorting out and it influences across six months.


There is no question but that the long, three hour lunar eclipse of 21st January highlights America. It is a super blood moon, i.e. a moon at perigee (nearest earth and larger to see and 30% brighter) and it tracks  across America and over specifically  Washington. And it’s the first of three supermoons on 0 degrees in the early months of the year suggesting powerful effects. Trump is surely highlighted in some fashion. He was born under a blood moon and this one occurs on the second anniversary of his inauguration.

America’s natal sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer. At the time of the eclipse, aggressive Mars is at 13 Aries and painful Saturn is at 13 Capricorn almost perfectly to the minute opposite America’s sun. [ Updating…. On the 17th January there were several minor but felt and noticeable quakes in a line across America, one near Washington, and the Trump Peace Plan was supposedly linked in Israel which it is now forecast to divide, which is highly prophetic if so ].  13 degrees in these signs are called “critical” or extra emphasized, strong. Mars set in this way in “square” to Saturn is an aspect of frustration and violence, Hitler was born under such.

With this square then afflicting America’s natal sun, at very least one would expect an uptick in internal conflict in the months following the eclipse, and possibly some serious natural disaster. Problems and crises around the border and the wall (a Saturnian theme) could well be set to continue or increase. But some issues could just get horribly stuck under blocking, delaying, frustrating Saturnian influences. This could be true for many nations though truer for America given its sun involved.

I don’t set too much by the so called Parts, including because they are very time sensitive and the chart of America’s birth is much disputed, but in the  fairly reliable (Scorpio rising) chart I use, at eclipse time, Mercury, the national ruler of the death house and placed within it, is conjuncted by the Part of Death. These kind of signs can make things look serious …..but… the eclipse itself at 0 Leo isn’t hitting any planet or very special point in America’s chart. So, despite everything, the effects could be mitigated, though the sombre defining quality of the year from the prior solar eclipse would suggest nothing can be radically mitigated.

What is more obviously affected by this lunar eclipse is Israel. The blood moon even falls on its New Year of Trees date for 2019. 0 Leo is close to israel’s destiny and leadership Midheaven angle and tension square to its ascendant, the body of the people, their self image and mythos. This fits with what we pretty well know for the six months from late January. Elections and various challenges to Prime Minister Netanyahu and very likely a destiny-shaping peace deal begun if not concluded within the period.

Also affected by the eclipse is the Pentecost chart for Christianity whose ascendant is conjuncted. The ascendant is the body and general self-image of the people. Negatively an eclipse here could put the members in continued and increased physical/material risk as unquestionably could be the case for Christians in Africa and Asia where underreported persecution is rapidly mounting. But in so far as the body of the people is “the bride of Christ”, the fact is that the eclipse hits Pentecost’s Joy at O Leo and Masi (Messiah) and the ascendant at 2 degree looks more positive . This happens while fortunate Jupiter exact trines the Christ asteroid and the natal marriage angle at 15 Aquarius, a world point and the degree of the February lunation which perhaps the eclipse is pointing to.

It would just be possible for hopeful minds to read this as an apocalyptic indicator, especially with shocking Uranus due to cross heaven-translated Ganymede during the six month period, but suggestive is not conclusive – I’ve seen reasonably suggestive before! It is the totality of surrounding issues and events in other related charts and  places that would render the pattern closer or not to being conclusive. As said, lunar eclipses are relevant for around six months. Those who anticipate a Rapture usually wish to see a Mid East peace deal done first, but that, it now seems, wouldn’t be for much before June. There is also the technical point on which I wouldn’t insist, that any return of Christ would likely involve the Christ planet Neptune in apparent retrograde, a sign of return,  which is a feature only of the second half of any year.(1)

I don’t know if it should be deemed relevant, but in my data for Christ, the lunar eclipse falls conjunct asteroid Reddish on 0 Leo and conjunct its conjunction with  Cohen (Jewish priest) with Regulus, the King Star at 1 Leo and surely all celestial shorthand for, “You are  a high priest for ever after the order of Melchizadek” (Heb 7:17) this priest being also “King of Salem” (Jerusalem) and disputed king of Israel in axis opposition to Israel at  0 degrees Aquarius. I think however it’s too much of a stretch to read a message to the effect a red moon heralds the messianic king (or the wrathful leonine Jesus of the above mentioned vision), but it’s not impossible.

Overall and despite the hoopla over the Supermoon eclipse and America, it’s  really the January solar and then also the July solar eclipse at 10 Cancer that seems more related to specifically America (sun at 13 Cancer) than January’s lunar. And that this July eclipse continues with any problems indicated by the January lunar, seems certified by the way  that disruptive, argumentative Mars is on the O Leo degree of January’s lunar for July’s solar.

The fated nodes in early July oppose Saturn in the heavens which is unhelpful and stressful but not directly affecting a point in the national chart. America can be in the news and suffering problems, setbacks. scandals,  but again the most extreme effects don’t seem  shown. Since the sun involves the leadership of a nation, an eclipse conjunct it involves the leadership. Trump would be at once highlighted and also challenged – which Trump is most of the time! – but in the wake of July’s eclipse perhaps with more serious consequence.


This lunation of February 4th in Aquarius and with Venus on a world point is interesting. 15 Aquarius is one of the six world points and it is on an axis with the opposite 15 Leo, deemed one of the zodiac’s most difficult degrees. The lunation will challengingly oppose the Vatican’s difficult Mars in its twelfth house of things hidden and often undermining. The Pope is due to visit  UAE during February and will celebrate mass there (and if he additionally visits Saudi as per an unconfirmed report it would  presumably be due to the liberalizing influence of Prince MBS although it is theoretically still forbidden to celebrate any non Muslim religion even in one’s own home)

It would be good if the Pope’s visit marks a real thaw for religious liberty (in neighbouring Turkey the first ever church in modern times where all church building has been restricted will begin construction in February), but by now the Pope is almost  suspect in this area. There are widespread Catholic complaints about his and the Vatican’s treatment of Christianity in China and other places where persecution now prevails. Almost disinterested in this, the uniquely Jesuit Pope Francis would appear, like Angela Merkel, to be a committed globalist interested in one-world government and even religion in the style of the Jesuit mystic, Teilhard de Chardin.

It is not flippant to wonder if this  Pope (the last according to the St Malachy prophecy) might not at this time, however unwittingly, facilitate the soon emergence of an Antichrist figure  to dominate the world.  A reason to suggest this unusual idea  is because the lunation falls within a degree conjunct the birth sun of the Antichrist according to the visions of a Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon, while the lunation occurs on the 4th February one day ahead of his alleged birthday (5.2.1962).


In the data for Christ, the whole zone of 14-17 Leo that the lunation opposes is highly sensitive. At 15 Leo is Shaim (which by the usual sound vibe reading of asteroids will equate with Shem or Name of the Lord, 16 is Jerusalem and 17 is Lucifer. Conjunctions are very agreed or opposed about something depending on what’s involved. The mentioned line-up is redolent of a vision of Zechariah (Zech 3:2) in which the Lord condemns Lucifer on the subject of Jerusalem because by divine choice the Name of the Lord dwells there. To the extent the Pope is not sympathetic to Israel’s claims to Jerusalem and a temple, while the Antichrist (who should at one point take Jerusalem and rule from there), would obviously not be favourable, the Leo/Aquarius axis reflects something very sensitive. Is it only by coincidence that at the time of the February lunation, Mars will be degree exact conjunct the position of the Achristou asteroid in the natal chart for modern Israel, an asteroid I find to function like an Antichrist factor in persons and issues involving the dark side?

At the same time  more positively and as already noted, the 15 Aquarius of the lunation is the position of the Christ asteroid and the unions/marriage angle of the Pentecost chart for Christianity. While that doesn’t automatically promise the Rapture, it would be surprising if there wasn’t quite a lot of thought directed to the idea that month, but alternatively or additionally to the subject of persecution. The seventh house is the sector of closest union but also greatest opponent on a sort of a Taming of the Shrew basis. And the subject of persecution is one people increasingly realize the Pope is not seeing or sees and mismanages.

So overall what I am saying is I think February 4th to March 6th lunation period sows seeds for events later in the year.  Assuming all goes to plan, it will be Aquarian style different  to have the Pope performing mass in Saudi Arabian peninsula, though rather than promote true toleration it may only facilitate strange later developments.

Dixon’s Antichrist, if he exists, could well emerge in the June/July period of the now likely peace roll out with the 10 Cancer eclipse near his ascendant. I don’t quite complement myself that growing impatient about this subject of the false Messiah, similarly to the issue of the peace plan I also cast a horary asking when he would appear (repeated  eclipses and factors to his birth pattern suggests he must be active in the world and could by now have appeared but cannot possibly be much longer held back.  For what it’s worth  given I am out of practice, the pattern via a different symbols turned up approximately the same answer as for the peace plan – in around  the June/July period. Since this person, if he exists, must confirm or strengthen a peace deal, perhaps it all makes sense. Even if it doesn’t, it looks as though 2019 will be a vital year, not least in the realm of religion.


1) Modern astrologers take Neptune, ruler of Pisces, sign of the current era, to be the Christ planet. At the time of year Jesus would have   left earth and the disciples questioned him regarding his return, Neptune had recently turned in apparent retrograde, retrogrades being a common indicator of persons and things returning when you ask questions as in horary astrology. Under the rules, any “return” of Christ ought to occur under a Neptune retrograde which nowadays means in the second half of any year. There is only one subtle argument against this, at least as regards the Rapture event. At this event as opposed to the Second Advent, Jesus does not touch the earth, only approach it and the clouds of heaven. One could therefore argue he is not fully returned and no symbolically retrograde Neptune need apply to the pattern.









America believes in positive thought and American religious organizations mostly follow suit, often with a vengeance. Organizations don’t want your criticism however reasoned or justified; on the Net especially you are required to fill in boxes saying how a book or broadcast or crusade blessed you.

If you had messages from heaven for notable ecclesiastical figures or religious writers, you wouldn’t get through. Their system of minders or their publishing houses, their publicity machine or something will be in the way. They are just efficient businesses. And just as business corporations can be ruthless and immoral so too are many religious organizations. There is so little real, meaningful accountability because criticism doesn’t reach the top which hears what it wants to hear with the result scandals often go long undetected.

The system will however regulate you, the ordinary believer, the insufficiently connected nobody. I cannot for example even write any more replies to conversations on the Christian Post because on one occasion I mentioned and gave address to my Songs of Puritania on a Gay Theme. The word “Puritania” derives from famous religion writer C.S.Lewis. An automatic notice came up that indecent language etc is not allowed. I pointed out more than once to management the source of my vocabulary. I have never received a reply and there has been no correction to the faulty system be it of computers or values. I don’t trust American religious journalism and journalists but I won’t go into stories on that subject even though as regards discussion of the Bethlehem Star it would be seasonal enough to do so – be assured even to mention the word “astrology” where that subject is concerned can be red rag to a bull.

Enough if I relay here my most recent gripe over something refused publication……a decision conveyed me through a convenient noreply address….which I consider an insult. American Christians are just too street wise and clever altogether in their management of people. They corrupt other societies (as Africa and Asian churches have been corrupted with prosperity gospels) with the artificiality of their practices, and as it’s computerized America has almost invented the abrupt rude answer or none the “good” Christians follow suit!


From Twitter I had seen that FashionedofGod was asking for Gay Christian experience stories of any length written or videoed. I gave one titled A Long Disappointment (I paste it below). It was a longish account (but I checked and found it not longer than one they had printed). It was consciously different in emphasis as stressed from the first, and it was certainly heartfelt, almost gut spilling. It genuinely constitutes my experience. It is not flattering to the gay (Christian) community of especially America, but it needs to be said. It received the following response.

After review, we decided that your submission falls outside of the primary focus of our website (to share and highlight personal memoirs of gay Christians as they struggle reconciling their faith and sexuality). Though very well written, your submission focused more on your struggles of an author and your views/theologies being rejected. We hope you are able to find a better outlet for your submission, but unfortunately we have decided not to post it to fashionedofgod.com. We are open to posting another submission that focuses more on your personal memoir of being gay and Christian.

Well, at least I wasn’t accused as I once was by an editor of the White Crane gay spiritualities magazine of not being able to write properly in English! But no, I shall not be submitting anything else. I have told the simple truth as I know and have experienced it. It is not an American story of happy endings, it is not a story of the gay person persecuted by straight conservative Christians. My struggle as writer, scholar, but also a gay Christian one, my effort to contact and communicate, that is very much part of my story even if it constitutes a different and inconvenient truth. And the kind of abuse indicated needs to be on record as much as any other kind of abuse or prejudice.

Any more sympathetic editor of more Christian sentiments ought to have regretted my situation and/or advised where the article might find the alternative home he hopes for it. But no, I don’t fit the American religion and culture factory size and that’s all that matters; and I so won’t get equal treatment with the rest to say my bit however deserved.

One of the concerning aspects of the gay movement as it has developed, is precisely that it speaks so much of “equality” and fairness but it isn’t necessarily about that and practicing it itself. (This unevenness of practice is a problem with especially queer theory and activism as this works out – the problem is the basis of a recent critique by an atheist about the way the gay marriage issue has been treated.(See Brendan O’ Neill’s Spectator magazine article, Gay Marriage and the Death of Freedom.)…..I also hint at it in my latest poem at McCleary’s Alternatives, see A Saint’s Mistake”: A Poem of St Paul. I don’t of course seek to blacken the entire Gay Christian community, but I do have questions and suspicions with regard to especially its leadership much as I likewise do of the secular gay movement and especially the American wing of both. Anyway, just for the record and to give myself some peace of mind, I reproduce my contribution here because I say NO MORE; I refuse this constant silencing and censorship, especially as a religious person by religious people. It is nothing short of a curse, one I refuse.


What I shall say here will be different from anything else you will receive but it needs to be stated and put on record. Anyone interested in actual details of my life and beliefs as a gay Christian person can go to my memoir, Reflections of an Only Child (amzn.to/1rRagvl) which includes on such matters, so I will put the stress elsewhere. My feelings about being gay and Christian is that I might as well not be so as especially American and Canadian gay Christians, (the main core and source of identity and thought in this line), have never helped or supported me in the slightest degree. My record of dealing with them is so negative that I am left a species of alienated anti-gay gay, much as Camille Paglia is the anti-feminist feminist.

My doctorate, subsequently published as A Special Illumination: Authority, Inspiration and Heresy in Gay Spirituality (2004) (amzn.to/17b8z1b) was a world first on gay spiritualities from any religious studies dept anywhere. It was even hoped it could help make gay spirituality an academic study akin to women’s studies. Though flatteringly reviewed on Amazon by Jewish agnostic novelist, Perry Brass, and mentioned by former MCC leader Kittredge Cherry, that’s it in ten years.

Though the straight Prof Martyn Percy of Oxford opined I had probably given the best summary of gay theology to date, I never received any gay Christian mention, not even by the Gay Christian Movement in London where the book was published though I did ask. I was also shockingly widely misrepresented on media from Australia to America and beyond as someone paid by the Australian government to research Jesus’ sexuality, but no one came to my aid to undo this nonsense. Advocate magazine ignored an appeal to correct what they had repeated from false report. During the last year as the rarest of rare events, Jeff Chu of A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage did nicely reply to a message of mine, but didn’t look at something I asked him to examine.

By contrast to the misrepresentation, if and when I have had intelligent things to say about Jesus’ sexuality, more reverent and theologically and esoterically coherent than the likes of queer theology and Robert Goss’s Queering Christ, or the often profane wanderings of Marcella Althaus-Reid (who privately worshipped the goddess Bast) nowhere have I got heard and supported by gays for that. In fact, it was the lack of essential support from within the right religious and academic circles that has meant that the kind of post-doctoral work I was at one time ready and able to do on the needed subject of gay ethics never went forward. Also that my book was not more widely distributed and translated into Spanish as originally intended and expected – I was told there were people in S. America wanted use of my studies.

I have been undermined. I was told by Soulforce they couldn’t give a link to a former personal website because I was “too commercial” having supposedly “advertised” my writings on it. I have got and get no replies out of anyone, even if it’s a person I have written or spoken favourably of like Andrew Sullivan. From the first the now trendy Matthew Vines has never contacted, or mentioned me. I have tried three times to make contact, but no more. Same with Justin Lee of the Gay Christian Network. But even here in Australia the MCC pastor in Sydney has never had the courtesy to reply to me. (As to the American MCC forget about it, I might as well never have existed). I tweeted Lee and numbers of others just recently because my blog has issued a quite meaningful, accomplished poem, A Saint’s Mistake: A Poem of St Paul, (http://goo.gl/gBL4oA) which highlights and explains something about St Paul that not even the theologians have been able to explain and which potentially helps resolve a problem about the apostle’s attitude to same sex matters.

Who bothers to look at this – except the straights?! I have had appreciation from readers of my blog, but gays or gay orgs I contacted made no comment. I wasn’t surprised. At this late date in time, I was merely curious to see if anyone might actually think to relent and reply. Last year (in the gay month) I had out a longish, satirical poem Songs of Puritania on a Gay Theme. (bit.ly/16ybdts). This almost summarizes and gives answers to the gay situation. It was again quite accomplished poetry – it could do for Brecht in a satirical moment – and it could and should have gone viral if it had had any appropriate gay interest and support. It had none just as many years before and even before my doctoral studies gays wouldn’t look at, wouldn’t publish and weren’t interested in some quality gay related verse of mine, belatedly issued as Puer Poems. Leave it to straights to appreciate that sort of thing. (Actually Songs of Puritania is to be videoed next year in Canada but I am not expecting gays will bother to look at it even then).

I haven’t told the half and I am not even prepared to depress myself doing so. I am moreover sick to death of straights telling me they now understand or like gays better now because of me, while gays I thereby help can’t be bothered to acknowledge of understand me. But sufficient I have made a point here. Today I am the carer of an elderly parent. Gays and their issues play ever less part in my life. I only ever write on the gay issue to support truth or to protest the worst abuses such as one may find in Africa or Russia which Christian conservatives have facilitated. One protests this kind of thing simply because human feeling and Christian conviction impel it, but for the rest I am dissociated from gays because they have too long been dissociated from me.

I know a former actor and one time leader of several gay groups here in Australia. He suffered various setbacks, strokes etc which have limited him in numbers of ways. He has told me he now thinks gays are useless, no help or support, they are made for parties. If you’ve got problems and need help, go to the straights! I should like to think he was wrong and still more that one could except gay Christians from his judgment, but I have no special reason to do so. If you are gay, and I believe most gays are born that way, you won’t and can’t be cured of being so, but you can be cured of needing gays and I have been. I have learned other social and intellectual interests.

Today I even feel more identity as a poet than as any gay person. It would be nice to be recognized for one’s work and ideas and I could have contributed so much more had that been the case; but I’ve survived without that recognition and now I don’t need it. I can forgive, but obviously I can’t forget, the appallingly insensitive treatment which has been in its way career damaging as well as demoralizing. Nothing would change now if somehow I or anyone shamed the community, as it should be shamed, into at least basic politeness towards me, a proper acknowledgement of my existence.

Really what I think is needed is nothing short of a whole new culture and value system for gays who are just caught in varieties of self-obsession, Americans more than most. I could laugh at all this recent talk from Vines about “New Reformation”, there’s more than any theological one is needed! My experience can be called a peculiar one. It is as though all the kind of problems of which gays complain in terms of no social acceptance, the prejudice and put downs, has come to me instead through the gay community itself rather than the straight society accused of so many wrongs..

It is too late to be rid of the long hurt I have experienced. I can only hope that my very negative experiences can become known and some kind of lesson can be derived from it. Some relevant articles and poems of mine are God and the Gay Gaps in the Vision of Matthew Vines bit.ly/1izBz2C The Fatal Flaw in the Matthew Vines, Albert Mohler Gay Debate (bit.ly/1mHDclQ) Songs of Puritania on a Gay Theme (bit.ly/16ybdts) A Saint’s Mistake: A Poem of St Paul. http://goo.gl/gBL4oA >