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Just in time for Christmas, an astronomer and astrophysicist at Notre Dame University, Grant Matthews, is stating that Matthew’s narrative of Jesus birth got it wrong about the Star. He holds that it was a rare alignment of stars – among which was Saturn, symbol of the giving of life (a description of Saturn that would be news to astrologers modern and more ancient!). Aries, sign of the outgoing era and a bellicose sign with less natural affinity than some with Jesus’ character and role, is deemed important within this picture of 6 BC

I think the public should know that differing opinion in this area is increasingly liable to be censored by the Elite.  Before it got to the popular press  and the Daily Mail as here goo.gl/k1hyBZ  my informed response to the first news article https://goo.gl/ckWpon was removed from the site, yesterday 2nd December within a few hours. A doctor of religious studies, author and astrologer, I first  studied and understood basics of the solution to the Bethlehem Star Mystery thirty years ago, but in more recent times with further information I have come to regard the solution as complete and by now even irrefutable.

To combat this and other censorship I needn’t detail here but which must be told and known one day, I give the public the opportunity here to read what I believe is the truth being withheld and obscured from general knowledge. It is people’s right to know that there is a well-researched and indeed ultra-proven theory to the identity of the Star and a lot more than just that……

The blurb for my book, “Testament of the Magi” https://goo.gl/x8KASy  states… “Not just a star rose at Jesus’ birth….the wider range of information now available includes a whole micro-astrology of asteroids  for remote dates  and covers names, places and concepts…….It shows how one time, and one time only in history, would inscribe across the heavens the main situations, persons and beliefs that would feature in the Messiah’s life….The pattern is as distinct as a fingerprint…It has always been working and still works for Jesus issues [some example of this is given on this blog http://wp.me/p2v96G-ip ]….it is now possible to be certain of many things from the date of the crucifixion to whether or not Jesus married the Magdalene.


Helping to prevent knowledge there  is  a  shameful “No room in the inn” situation in our increasingly godless society. Its scientists can only be offended at the possibility of miraculous skies which as the Psalms indicate ”utter knowledge” (Ps 19:2); and it’s “no room at the inn” either among timid, conservative Christians who abominate the astrology they are supposed to understand and which is not the Torah forbidden study they maintain (unless they think the Essenes and the Talmudists got it wrong).

I am not surprised to hear that Matthews is writing a book to prove the star wasn’t a star, and I don’t doubt it will be accepted and promoted by publishers in contrast to the sometimes hostile, dismissive, ironic responses I have received for presenting any Christ based theme at all. It’s the old story in which truth is passed over, ignored and despised.  Truth must and will however get out and as Christ said “the Stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner” (Matt 21:42).

This being the end of the era Christ’s birth introduced, I say without doubt or question that the mystery of the Magi  is finally uncovered. It should be recognized (and promoted) by the discerning for its truly historic and prophetic information.