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The following quickly composed poem is not one about “freedom of choice” or “a woman’s right to choose” where abortion is concerned. It’s about common sense and basic justice which in this area a form of Christian idealism is undermining. It’s common error to suppose all Christians are opposed to abortion in all cases. For a start the Methodists  accept and in America the Southern Baptists accepted it before ecumenical cooperation brought evangelicals and charismatics under the influence of absolutist Catholic beliefs. Catholic views are however often more philosophical than strictly biblical/prophetic with the result that having declared against  abortion, capital punishment must be invariably wrong too – Pope Francis declares it a Christian duty to  oppose it always, everywhere – a position the bible could hardly be used to endorse.


True Believer

It’s Pope and Bible clear, don’t kill.
All life’s so sacred from the first to take
The breath from murderers and torturers
Can only multiply the sin. By faith I say
All being’s fully sacred from its start
Although I know there are miscarriages and
Still births everywhere. There always were
So that before new medicine cured, God let
Good mothers in their thousands die with
Foetuses concerning which church fathers
Wondered when the soul might enter in
To quicken what and who they were. Even so…

Conservative Evangelical

Quite right, agreed…
I’m evangelical American, accept the bible
At its word and since the prophet Jeremy
Said God had known him in the womb that means
He must know everyone who’s growing there.
So what have I to do with you who want
Relief, who say you’re traumatized by rape,
Or know that lifelong you must nurse a child
One born to suffer, hideous out of shape?
Begone foul murdering women who will bear
No cross and who in insolence would tell me
How my bible’s record is that God commanded
Life be taken, not preserved, for many a sin….. [1]

Traditional Catholic

…..Just as indeed in times gone past too many
Christians would be moved and in God’s name
To war and for its cause too many died.
Even so, have faith, do rest assured, we’ve changed
Your Catholic bishop that I am, speaks out
For law, for  reason and obedience.
Our mother Mary was immaculate, therefore
Do what she’d do which never is abort.
All life is sacred in its way even when not all
Immaculate. And since our blessed Pope holds
True that womb life is a sacred charge, it’s serves but
Logic to insist no criminal should lose his
Life. For are you not, as are we all, but sinners?


Enough you babbling hypocrites – away!
You’ve said too much and far too loud and long
Declared  your  gospel substitute which is  [2]
Scarce more than rigid law that cannot treat
Of human need nor live or manage with
Exception. You have no right to cite
Your Lord who rules the punishment of sin
And death for it. You neither know your scripture’s
Spirit nor tradition, (itself quite changed
At your own will). Down with those banners
Unless you are prepared yourselves to nurse
The child of incest, rape and each child
Cursed with pain and great deformity.

Even at the worst (and granting true
That rarely can abortion make for good)
Still what is done is not the same as
What you call infanticide, does not compare
As you maintain with ancient Molech’s cult,
Which would receive direct into its angry fires
Live infants, not beings still within the womb.
How dare you cheat each term, make accusation
In this way in God’s own name. Learn to
Control your words, your vision and your
Abstract ramblings in the fields of faith,
Your talk self-righteous in “defence of life”
By which you only make belief more hard
And all believers more despised. Enough
And find more fitting reasons to be kind!


[1} A scholarly/historical case can be made that the OT laws which demand capital punishment for many sins were not at their origins wholly or largely intended to be literally taken but were instead more symbolic or “utopian”. However…. to the extent one takes them literally at all, it is quite apparent that women charged with various sexual sins would have died with their infants in the womb. This in itself proves the foetus was never regarded as totally sacrosanct, indeed if anything the results of sin are usually seen as making impure and something to be cast out. A case for abortion in the situation of rape trauma – which the child may even inherit psychologically – would seem rather strong. Then too, if pre-natal life were so absolutely sacred, why would the deity permit so many deaths in childbirth prior to our times in which modern medicine alone permits the luxury of moral obsessions with preserving life  both before birth and at the end of life in the effectively brain dead.

[2] It has become apparent that for some members of the churches, anti-abortion campaigns have become their religious obsession and  raison d’etre, Practically what this means is a gospel is less preached than Imposed as a political/legal policy. Even the present Pope who is anti abortion has observed what is almost an over-emphasis on the subject leading to very unforgiving attitudes.  And of course as has often been said, there are limits to what anti-abortion campaigns can achieve. They only increase illegal abortions which often means much loss of life anyway. Sometimes it’s meaningful compromise is the holiest policy.