The Passing of Writer, Rachel Held Evans


The sudden unexpected loss of the still young (37 yo) mother and Christian bestselling writer Rachel Held Evans, is a great pity. But I suspect despite all the hopes for the recovery of one so young and normally healthy, that her time had come. The death about which many questions are asked, appears to have been from encephalitis triggered by some unknown infection. It may be hard for those who have treated her to feel certain of the precise nature and cause of her fatal illness but this may hopefully yet be determined including via the system that could well hold the secret.

Christians and the medical profession alike reject and despise, even demonize, the astrology that for centuries used to be routine in assessing health and prognoses. However the data is always there to test and examine, and in this case at very least it would suggest how some extreme fatedness rather than just random accident was likely involved.

Among other things I note Evans was born (8th June 1981) with her Neptune at 23.40 of Sagittarius, Neptune being planet at one level of things mystical but physically of any flooding and enlargement (and any sleep – death was preceded by an induced coma to prevent the unexpected frequent brain seizures!). This natal Neptune was somewhat unhelpfully in its apparent retrograde, not needing to be highlighted as it recently was.

The day Rachel died (May 4th), Jupiter, “ruler” of Sagittarius, planet of expansion, was itself in apparent retrograde at 23.29 of Sagittarius closely conjunct the tricky natal Neptune. A Jupiterian expansion and with increased, ‘flooding” or enlargement of the brain tissue combined to overtax the whole system that had been unsuccessfully put to Neptune’s sleep. The crucial seizures are mapped by a natal affliction between Mercury and Saturn (3 Cancer to 4 Libra) being hit and awakened by transit of the nerves, seizures and shocks relevant Uranus at 3 Taurus, the latter setting up a quincunx (150 degree angle), known as a major health hazard aspect often involved in deaths and towards restrictive and painful Saturn, itself often about endings and “fate”.

If one had a full-timed birth chart and then the medical knowledge of those who still read charts for health, the cause of sickness might well be quickly ascertained, though the mysteries of Neptune might always slow things down and cover up for a while. But even from the little one can glean without a birth time and full chart and then medical qualification to apply to reading of the complete picture, I would still assume the author’s time had come given just the loaded, afflicted picture I’ve mentioned.


Incidentally…. The fame and influence of this communicative Gemini who within her short life challenged many religous assumptions , is reflected by the way religion and philosophy planet, Jupiter (it was the Bethlehem star), is strong on a world/solstice point in Libra, sign of balance and fairness. Rachel wanted to weigh things up,  Libran style and be as fair as possible to two sides of tradition and argument. She did this and the pattern fits.

I can’t quite leave this subject without adding it is deeply shocking as regards the whole American system (which not least the evangelical society Evans grew away from ardently, uncritically supports), within a few days imposed punishingly high medical fees. Appeals have been made to help fund the absurd (over $135,000) cost of treatment and support of the family over a few days. How dare Christians sing the praises of societies of the extravagantly rich American kind and mock as “Nanny States” or hard left “Socialist”, the majority of western countries by contrast. Most deal better by their citizens than this and don’t support a ruthless system that demands everyone be so self-sufficient and self-made, it only takes a health crisis to ruin a family or the fruit of a life’s work overnight. “I love America”, “God loves America” etc are patriotic mantras; but do those that utter them truly believe, short of being brainwashed, that God really loves this and so much more that is obviously wrong?

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