In an era of equality, inclusiveness and globalism it can be almost un-PC to stress many kinds of difference. In the sphere of religion, Christianity is not immune from the charge of doing just that. It’s even seen as divisive to stress its traditionally claimed uniqueness; however, it can also be misleading to downplay the difference,  and helps nothing in the end.

Moreover….. it’s not possible to as good as pluck the planets with all their weight of symbolic meaning, out of the heavens to serve passing trends. And truth in this area is stranger than fiction and certainly archetypal enough.

If you wish to understand what Christianity and its difference is, the shortcut , the key  is quite simply its birth star which is identical with the planet that oversaw the birth of Jesus, namely the Bethlehem Star. This was Jupiter.


Jupiter evokes creation/salvation themes not least by just its cosmic status. With by far the greatest mass  of any planet in the solar system, it is believed to have been in some fashion involved in the formation of the solar system by its wanderings while it continues to function as a shield against the asteroids and comets  it absorbs so that life on earth is safer than otherwise.

To whatever extent the ancients understood Jupiter’s function (and they almost certainly didn’t), they intuited its status archetypally and deemed the planet basically fortunate, the principle of optimism.

Jupiter, the “lucky” kingly and/or priestly planet (kingly and priestly roles were often interchangeable in the ancient world), was associated with all kinds of plenty, mental and material. It ruled higher mind and education,  philosophy, vision, long journeys, especially quests, pilgrimages and missions opening the mind or enlarging knowledge. Discovery and Truth were its natural domain, along with related issues of freedom, justice, mercy, faith and hope.

More materially it represented not just bounty and wealth, but protection and recreation of all kinds and very much the benefit of fructifying rains that insure harvests, (a watery association amid Jupiter’s commoner fiery ones, but a reason the planet anciently “ruled” not just equine Sagittarius but oceanic Pisces).

Of course, negative expression was always possible as when largesse became excess, beliefs turned fanatic and rains became floods, but these variations on a theme required everything from actively bad attitude on the part of receiving mortals to a less fortunate interaction with other planets. But basically Jupiter was good news, favouring joy and even laughter.



Why people have considered Jupiter to be the Bethlehem star and proof that it had to have been so, is beyond present scope (1). But assuming the truth of this now widespread belief, Jupiter emerges as the most natural sign, forecast and star of Christianity.

It’s what Christianity is most essentially about, which is “gospel” (good news and the second chance) for everyone and everywhere in harmony with Jupiter’s internationalism and love of the foreign, even while paradoxically its universal message is what contributed to distinguish it from many religious systems  in their frequent dedication to local and tribal loyalties.

When making comparison with other belief systems   and insisting upon similarities in the interest of inter-faith ventures,  it’s not just problematic that, for example, some faiths like Buddhism and Jainism are “atheistic” or rather non-theistic, denying any doctrine of creation or creator (itself a sort of Jupiterian “king” and universal ruler theme  reflected in early Pantocrator depictions of Christ in Greek churches). At issue is that the entire practice and focus is different.

Christianity is based on faith and our “blessed hope” (Tit 2:13). Its hope theme thus renders it strongly  future orientated. Even the religion’s Last Supper is instituted as memorial until the kingdom comes. Buddhism and New Ageism like that of Eckbert Tolle, are organized above all towards living in the present moment, practicing psychological “mindfulness” as opposed to concentration upon God in various ways from devotion to study. (Christianity admittedly does also advise to be sufficiently in the here and now  and so “take no thought for the morrow”; but present focus of this kind exists within a larger, future kingdom focus and is only possible because of it).


Christianity as “gospel” (it means good news) and which entails the redemptive second chance, is most crucially based upon the forgiveness that links to a Jupiterian free pardon and salvation theme This itself is harmonious with Jupiter’s protective role that, saviour-like, takes into itself the cosmic blows that helps earth life to continue. (Some, perhaps taking symbolism too far, would even see Jupiter’s stripes as akin to the healing messianic stripes and bruises of Is 53:5).

But Christianity’s difference is even enlarged into absolute distinctiveness and separate vocation by the heavens of its other foundation date, Pentecost AD 30. This day links Jupiter in direct fortunate relation to both the day’s sun and its Uranus, the Aquarian planet (another gas planet like Jupiter) of absolute individualistic uniqueness and  breakaway novelty. The Uranian contact along with Jupiter’s associations, sometimes royal, sometime priestly  but either way with some sense of entitlement, chimes with ambitious statements of election and separate vocation like, “You are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people….(1 Pet 2:9).

Other religions are not so Jupiter based, or at most only secondarily. Other faiths are by contrast religions of Saturn, i.e. ways of works, or wheels of inexorable Law lived out in light of tradition.

Depending upon situation and perspective, Saturn will represent either God as the ruler of time, fate and Law – the biblical God the Father and “Ancient of Days” figure, or else as a shadow deity or even enemy of God, a dark, destroying Shiva or an accusing Satan. Either way entailed is an inexorable force that is not, like Jupiter, an intercessory one that allows for exceptions.

Based considerably upon Saturnian traditions of family or tribe, non Christian religions offer programmes of auto-salvation   and/or mental adjustment  which is why even the state of enlightenment  is less associated with vision giving Jupiter (called Guru or teacher in HInduism) than thinking Mercury, ruler of the brain.   Non-Christian systems work  to dissolve karma or inherited curses rather than receive as gift anything beyond law and custom.

Non-Christian religions are also essentially Saturnian in being fate and cycle ruled rather than  messianically/”regally” history-guiding.  This is the case with even Islam (which means submission, a Saturnian word) with its crescent lunar symbolism, because in celestial symbolism, what is lunar is what measures and times the cycles of Saturn, moon and Saturn having certain affinities.


It was suitably a Jupiter-ruled, Sagittarian, C.S.Lewis, who when asked what was distinctive about Christianity, correctly and simply answered “grace”. He might have added the democratic freedom of choice to receive or reject that grace.

It is usually the forces of Saturnian law and tradition which to this day will persecute Christianity (like currently government Buddhists in Vietnam beating Christians who don’t bow to Buddha, and Hindus attacking Christian churches and disrupting services deemed insults to their traditional deities). Here the democratic choice element in Christianity appears a threat to political authorities and all tradition.

Conjunctions are very for or against something depending on the factors involved. At Christ’s birth Jupiter conjuncted Saturn closely, an indicator of both close relation to the Ancient of the Day, the Father beyond this world, but potentially also conflict with tradition and ruling authorities here on earth, and even conflict with the devil believed to own the world.

Against the element of impersonal mathematical perfection in Saturn, everyone is either wrong or hasn’t done enough (and Saturn as Satan which means accuser, can always accuse souls of that!).

Among the many who believe Jupiter was the Bethlehem star, some believe Jupiter was conjunct the other good fortune indicator, Venus, rather than Saturn. If this had been the case Jesus would have been crowned messianic king in his lifetime, been inclined to wealth and successl. His gospel would have been akin to American Prosperity gospel and his love and mercy messages purely permissive as opposed to more conditional and striven for, because there is that  element even amid the Jupiterian embrace and second chances.

Born around the time the Roman empire opened itself to subsequently oppressive notions of its emperor himself being Jupiter, a divine “son”  or extension of God, Jesus’ gospel is most essentially the declaration that a new way is opened to contact with the otherwise remote, withdrawn and inexorable Creator God who is nonetheless Jesus’ Father and potentially that to others who tread the Jupiterian path of faith and belief.

What Christians will call “the dispensation of Grace”, the times of wide acceptance,  is identical with the age of Pisces now at its end. This fact is in turn  a key  to the present spiritual crisis, the general breakdown and confusion of the modern world  (see below) and the reaction of some believers in the face of that.   It should incidentally be  noted in connection to any endings theme and as one of the extremer examples of Jupiterian faith and hope, that some maintain that believing prepared followers of Christ must be “raptured”, to heaven before the full turmoil of apocalyptic era change is unleashed. Is this archetypal/prophetic?  Interestingly, Jupiter has a moon, the solar system’s largest, called Ganymede. This means it’s named in myth for the youth unexpectedly snatched to heaven and Jupiter’s banqueting table.


At the end of the Piscean era not only rather ominously, but appropriately, fish keep dying in the rivers and oceans in unprecedented numbers and waters keep  turning red fit for the plagues of Egypt, but there is confusion of belief.  Not least this crisis of belief is involved with  the whole notion of a distinct gospel and even forgiveness. Increasingly just anything and nothing are tolerated, while the elements of definition and doctrine favoured  under Jupiter  becomes suspect, dismissed as subversion or prejudice, if it is even permitted to speak.

It is an open question whether the biblical Millennium equates with the the age of Aquarius, sign of utopias. But what is certain is any era under that sign would not be “ruled” by Jupiter but rather jointly ruled in the style of Aquarius by Saturn, whose core is iron, and by Uranus, sign of lightening, electricity and sudden inspirations. All said and done, the Millennium ruled is by “a rod of iron” (Rev 12:5) but united in a universal awareness of God (Hab 2:14)

It is interesting that in the world’s great tribulation time of plague, disaster and breakdown that marks the end of an era that awaits the new dawn of another, it’s another kind of gospel, called an “eternal gospel”,  is conveyed by an angel, not any man, priest or prophet. Not Jupiterian,  scarcely a matter of choice and free will, inquiry or debate at all, it is simply a command to worship the God of creation ahead of the approaching judgement (Rev 14:6,7).

There is little question that what is most essentially and indelibly Christian is what symbolic shorthand can call “Jupiterian”. But at the end of the longtime Jupiter-related era, what is most distinctive becomes less clear to the world and even to Christians themselves who lose grip of the original sense of election and/or  vocational difference so strong at the first Pentecost. In its place arises  a confused, often illusory new age or secular human oneness of minimal spirituality and little faith,  often a case, as promised, of  individuals “having religion but denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:5).

Secularists will doubtless rejoice at the decline  of Christian influence and values, but nature, and especially religion and the collective unconscious, know no vacuum.     Increasingly, fake facts, news and information will and must take over as the Jupiterian Truth principle slips away towards free fall…. at the same time as Jupiter’s root associations continue to be strongly confirmed by events (2).

1)  Concerning the Bethlehem Star see  The Magi at Era’s End especially the op-ed section ” Proving an Historic Discovery and Answering Pope Benedict’s Question”  with its summary of leading facts. 
2) The Big Jesus and Jupiter Weekend


This article is called Christianity and the Jupiter Difference.  I maybe insufficiently emphasized that Jupiter describes the religion around Jesus almost more than Jesus  in himself. Jesus’ character is described more by Neptune, the other ruler of the Piscean sign that rules the era that begins around the time of Jesus’ birth.

Neptune is not least about dreams and mysticism and Jesus, especially as Messiah, is the “dream of the ages”.  He is also the person  “acquainted with sorrows” and “all compassion” and Neptune is certainly about sorrows, sacrifice, and charity. Neptune was not visible at the time of Jesus’ birth so for a long time Jupiter as his birth star coloured much description of him and at worst dehumanized him, seeing doctrine and Christ the King  at the expense of the more  human dimension admitted by Neptune. Films (ruled by Pisces/Neptune) have in modern times somewhat humanized Jesus away from the   regal figure much favoured by art and a Jupiterian king planet emphasis. Ultimately however one must combine the two perspectives.




For some, a highlight of this year’s Golden Globe awards was actor Christian Bale’s thanking Satan for inspiring his role  of Dick Cheney in the film Vice. Most of course regarded this as simply a joke but it wasn’t quite such an off the cuff joke given that Bale followed the statement up with a now recognized 666 hand sign.

While blame and praise have inevitably arisen from Christian and Satanistic quarters, ignored is that this was text book astrology stuff, the Aquarian from the Uranian sign of shocks, surprises and the unconventional being shocking for the sake of it… in this case perhaps for the hell of it…..  This means that also ignored was the oddity that  the acceptance speech attack on Cheney was an Aquarian born 30th January attacking another Aquarian born 30th Jan –  a matter of  hidden  affinities behind the real reason the actor ever obtained  the part!

Also  overlooked is that, along the lines of the old saying “speak of the devil and he appears”, the world that is entertained and bemused by a variation on an awards night theme of sometimes thanking God, may have witnessed something closer to unconscious invocation with relevance at this time.

There are at least  certain ironies here and not just someone with the name of  Christian thanking the devil. I’m not any expert on Dick Cheney who like too many politicians may not have been too admirable and attractive, but The Australian’s genial political writer, Greg Sheridan, a few days ago wrote an article (I can’t link to it here, it’s behind a pay wall) on just how “profoundly dishonest”, the film Vice is.

Sheridan who has had interviews and dealings with Cheney over the years, couldn’t recognize the man in the film or even some of the lead facts. He regards the film as part of the now “vice grip” of the hard  left on the arts generally and that favours mud-slinging and libellous treatment over legitimate criticism of anyone or anything one disagrees with.

So, as the devil is said to be “the father of lies” (Joh 8:44), perhaps Bale can well thank this being for helping him towards work in a merely  false and defamatory depiction!

However, as Aquarians are powerful trend-setters (like Mary Quant who created a revolution by just raising hem lines) and like singer Ed Sheeran liable to obtain levels of popular following incommensurate with their achievements, woe to our pleased-to-be-shocked world if soon it meets the Antichrist.

Many years ago the late seeress Jeane Dixon alleged she had been shown his birth in the Middle East (the early church believed this person was a Syrian) and this birth was under a unique line-up of the planets in Aquarius. The world would be massively deceived by this person whose philosophies would constitute a false anticipation of incoming Aquarian age values. Idolized by especially the young as a sort of guru, this person would ultimately declare himself God for all to worship.

There are reasons that  I needn’t go into not to dismiss this prophecy outright. Here I need only throw out the reminder “woe to those who laugh now” and suggest we beware people in the entertainment industry who publicly flirt with the dark side. It’s already been troublesome enough (See : Ariana Grande and the Dark Side   ) or should one  say baleful?






Most people will probably have heard or read someone going on about Jesus coming “soon”. However, “behold I come soon” (Rev 22:20) doesn’t sound terribly meaningful after two thousand years. But then it shouldn’t necessarily do so since the original meaning would anyway be more like “suddenly”, or coming quickly as a surprise. “Soon” nonetheless remains the overdone word from the mostly fringe world of Christian  end timers

But…. I can finally report what recently  registered with me as a real surprise, a change, a difference amounting almost to a challenge from this quarter that could  hold some significance. First however a little background.

From something between simple curiosity and a feeling  bordering on duty explained presently, I try to keep abreast of what people claim from  dreams, visions or assessments of world events in the light of biblical prophecies of “the end times”. One reason I do so is because as will be clear from various blog articles, I have a strong belief that no matter what the precise truth in this zone of many interpretations and controversies, we are living at a time of breakdown. Ours is the end, even dissolution  of an era, the Piscean, in which, suitably for the  oceans  and fishes symbolism of Pisces, even the fish in the seas are dying by the million while on terra firma  almost no definition of borders, gender, religion or or aesthetics  remains secure. The natural “mutability” of Pisces finishes in a postmodern relativity of most things sometimes bordering on chaos.

But there’s  a bit more to my pursuit of this subject. A sense almost of duty arises from the fact I make serious claim to have cracked the code and obtained the still working birth data of Jesus. (I had proof of their contemporary working relevance yet again in the run up to last Christmas as described in a soon  companion article to this on this site, ( Forecasting and Interpreting 2019 So I cannot be quite rid of the feeling that, having discovered what lay at the origins of the present era which begins around the time of Christ’s birth, I ought to have at least some clues for people about any timing  of its end….


I don’t mean by this that I should be able to pinpoint the day or hour of era-ending events, especially such as the so-called Rapture or the Second Advent which no one is supposed to know precisely anyway. I have never attempted to do much more than assess various times and claims,  highlight those that looked suggestive, or criticize the theories of those  locating crisis points at improbable, symbolically wrong times.

Since around 2014 when a rare tetrad of blood moons at four Jewish festivals triggered a mass of speculation about our situation within history, there have been an abundance of especially endings dreams. Usually the person does one of two things.  Some hide behind the over-used “soon” word feeling free to locate their prophetic event just anywhere, often  suggesting viewers take the matter to God for more light or to check if the dreamer  interpreted their symbols correctly. Truly a cop-out. Others will be all too painfully precise. The Rapture must occur on a Jewish festival, across Halloween, or – “urgent message” – it will even happen in a few days!

This kind of “exact”   forecasting is simply  irresponsible  – it reached unbelievable levels of irresponsibility in the case of the late Harold Camping who insisted he knew the day and time in 2011 and spent a fortune  promoting it on billboards across America. These are not prophets with a calling, they are mostly sensationalizing laypersons recording their dreams – some even crawl out of bed in their pyjamas to do this in preference to writing anything down or trying first to process what they imagine they  have experienced. (There is a distinctly amusing, entertaining  element to a lot of this fringe group interest!).


But over the years it has struck me one thing was needed and was singularly lacking for anything like  meaningful   forecasts of major  crises  like world war  or  apocalyse. Somebody, somewhere with strong prophetic urges  needed to nail their colours to the mast, declare and be prepared to risk declaring, and in God’s name if they felt such was the case,  that the end had been shown them to occur….. neither just  anytime “soon”,  nor exactly  tomorrow either,  but within the broad time frame of say  six months to  a year.  It is after all legitimate to declare a season of the end, even if day and time will be unknowable. If your  forecast is significant and true enough for  declaring to the world then it should be offered as testable, presented with a use-by date  only  negotiable  for some extreme reason like the repentance of Nineveh in the story of Jonah.

And sometimes prophets can be exact about times and seasons. The prophet Jeremiah forecast the Jews would be exiled in Babylon seventy years. Almost dismissed and forgotten when he died in refugee Egyptian obscurity, Jeremiah became an authority and entered the canon because of his plain as day seventy year prophecy.

It is remarkable that (so far as I know) in recent years not one single preacher or bible teacher of note and popularity who has been  emphasizing “signs of the times”, has ever ventured any really definitive general  time frame. Even those who have proposed  something of the kind, like suggesting seventy years from Israel’s foundation could prove significant, have still played safe and conceded  it might be that  eighty years is involved instead; and they haven’t claimed , even for such modest, elastic speculations, that God had guided them towards their assumptions.

With so many dreamers filling an avoidance and ignorance gap for the puzzled but curious Christian masses of especially America, you would think the preachers and teachers could at least have ventured a strong provisional guesstimate (though perhaps  it’s better for book promotions and interviews to remain tantalizingly indefinite?!). More to the point, if these really are the end times, one would imagine at some point  God might intervene to grant somebody a really distinct prophetic  insight into  the theme. In fact, on the basis of  Amos 3:7  “Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets”, it would be almost surprising if subjects as extreme as WW 111 or the Rapture were not  at least once  the  subject of a divine message to someone – a word, not a dream however accurate.

But now and finally a lone break occurs, and not to somebody  for whom previously the Rapture subject  was front and centre to any end times talks they gave, (which had more to do with the rebirth of Israel as a sign).


I must give credit where it’s due. It’s irrelevant  that  for certain reasons  Amir Tsarfati is not my favourite person in religious media of any persuasion and I don’t spend hours, as one easily could, listening to his rather lengthy but sometimes interestingly informative talks about what is going on in Israel and America behind the scenes. A well-connected Israeli Christian Jew, Tsarfati is hugely peripatetic, always somewhere in the world giving filmed talks to various Christian groups and for his Behold Israel organization. He is called a reputed bible teacher of twenty years experience. He is certainly a journalist for Israel’s Messianic Christian paper Kehila.

Tsarfati reckons to give insights or words from God for each coming year at the end of the year. For 2019 he reports no word from the Lord at the end of 2018… one. But it is one that strongly keeps sounding  within him and it’s “Finish well”.

Tsarfati doesn’t doubt what that means and what we are meant to understand by it, namely get ready  because 2019 is “it”, the end of the Christian race, the year of the Rapture itself.

At one level I’m inclined to say it hardly matters whether he’s right or wrong. What he has importantly done is, for a change, honestly expressed a belief, had the courage of his convictions and done what is by now virtually necessary if anyone is to take their bearings and this subject seriously:  provide an at once general but completely definite time frame  for fulfilment. He has presumed to state what no well known, established Christian voice has dared  to declare even while they endlessly comment on signs of the times.

So at this level it’s almost a relief, a breath of fresh air. Now that Tsarfati has said what he has, one feels it could be easier to let things actually for once be precisely fairly “soon” if they are to happen at all. And if they don’t, then it should be easier to imagine nothing will or was meant to occur so that believers can (short of the world being riven with obviously apocalyptic  quakes and chaos around the entry to  2020) , with good conscience, leave the subject for other generations before it finishes nothing but  a farce for silly dreamers in this generation.

That’s one level of response. But if Tsarfati has heard right, then of course it is rather serious and I should want to look carefully at what is going on in the heavens for some element of confirmation…..And it happens that before Christmas and Tsarfati’s announcement, I had reasons to wonder if Comet 46 P Wirtanen, which was generally getting called “the Christmas Comet” or even a return of the Bethlehem star itself, meant something. Without its being being the B Star itself, I realized there was some connection to it, and that  as such   it could be rather special and even function as  a  harbinger of endings. Why I would think  that  I will tackle along with other  matters in the companion article which examines features of 2019….not the easiest of years.




All years are memorable in their way, but 2019 could be demanding and dramatic.

I am not going to list possible events of 2019 in order but rather highlight and comment a few themes and hot spots. During the year, instead of keep writing articles on single issues in my usual way, I may just add to or modify this article.

The tone and interests of the year are signalled fairly early on and first with the solar eclipse of Jan 6th which is followed by a full red supermoon lunar eclipse on the 21st. This in turn is unusually the first of three supermoons (full moons at perigee, nearest to earth and looking brighter) all three landing strongly on O degrees of the three signs, Leo, Virgo and Libra, a promise of strong effects. [This article was written at the beginning of January, the fact that within 24 hours of the Jan 6th eclipse three strong quakes had occurred in Brazil, Iran and Indonesia looks like a promise of increased earth movement during the influence span of the eclipse]

February could be interesting to judge by its lunation (new moon) pattern. In fact, early in December I posted an article, Will February 2019 be Peace and Trump memorable?  which I said I would remove   if it became clear the roll -out of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” expected for February was cancelled.  It was  cancelled because Israel will go to the polls in April and Netanyahu asked Trump to postpone affairs till after the elections. So my article was removed at Christmas. (The latest on the Peace Deal as of Jan 3rd,  is that Trump has asked Netanyahu to base his campaign on  a Peace Deal Slogan. This means, or it does for certain end-timers, that the whole anticipated apocalyptic situation of “talking peace and security” but sudden destruction comes, could not be just a matter for mid year and after the elections, but  for almost half the year).

I don’t take back that I said February seemed a particularly suitable time for peace talks  and I still believe that the month from the Feb 4th lunation could well be eventful and signficant. I did point out affairs for Pope and Vatican could additionally or alternatively be highlighted and that was before I became aware that Pope Francis is now expected to visit and celebrate mass in UAE (and some have said Saudi) in February.

So, early in 2019 could be quite powerful for the rest of the year, and I will look more closely at the factors involved presently.


However, getting rather impatient about the constantly postponed peace plan arrangements, I did what I haven’t done for years but used rather efficiently to do, which is to ask the heavens (horary/question astrology) when they would finally take place.

I am out of practice and could be wrong, but I believe the standard timing principle pointed me to June, which if it did would make some sense. The timing  must now follow the April elections; and any negotiations under Gemini would hit a sensitive part of Israel’s chart and lead to plenty of argument and controversy over any division of the land. Gemini is  the sign of division, (it is also the mutable sign of changeable Trump!). And at the end of June and into early Cancer Israel’s Venus (peace) would be involved. A possible time to sign.

Sometimes one needs shortcuts like horary. I am not a practicing mundane (political) astrologer to juggle and compare numerous national charts to tease out when special action and crises may develop following the actions of certain leaders. Over the last few years in blogs I have strongly emphasized a difficult apocalyptic theme at a time many feel to be increasingly end- of-era, end-of-days type situations.

I don’t, because one couldn’t and shouldn’t, forecast absolute endings like the Rapture or Second Advent, but I am prepared to check out whether apocalyptic style events  that some people  are forecasting including  from dreams and visions) are at all likely within certain time frames. I think this is a proper job for astrologers. The Magi knew their stars but they also followed a forecast about a Jewish king in addition, and they subsequently listened to a dream to escape Herod. Astrology is sometimes collaborative, cross discipline work.


In considering end-of-era themes, I  am of course influenced by some information unique to myself, namely the data for Christ’s birth and the Pentecost foundation of Christianity. Let no one say I haven’t got these and that they don’t work because they efficiently do! I shall start these reflections on 2019 with this point, mentioning how the year ended and what I concluded the signs  might mean for 2019.

Around mid November (14th/15th/16th) there was a rash of reports about a professor accidentally coming across, earlier in the year in the ruins of  a Negev desert church, what is now theorized to be the earliest known depiction of Jesus in Israel, a youthful Jesus with curly hair. At the time of announcement, transiting Venus (anything to do with art) was conjuncting the conjunction of Isa (Ar.Jesus) with Christa at 25 Libra ( traditionally asteroids were registered in feminine form and the Christa asteroid always works for Christ).

In December, comet 46P Wirtanen was becoming brighter and getting called “The Christmas Comet” or even the Bethlehem Star itself returned. In some respects it was the Christmas Comet, because I saw that around the time of its greatest brightness (around the 16th)  when it could be seen by some with the naked eye, Mars would be conjuncting the degree of the Bethlehem Star (19 Pisces) at the same time as Mars’ higher octave, Pluto, a God/Creator image, was directly aspecting it from 19 Capricorn.

I couldn’t imagine what, if anything, this might mean, though it did occur to me ( as I wrote to an astrologer in England), given how inharmonious  fiery Mars is with the spirit of watery Pisces, there might be some message of an endings scenario kind like  the (Piscean) age soon to be cut off (Mars) by God as judge  (Pluto). But I could hardly have imagined what I subsequently almost fell over by accident on the Net, a report published 16 December, the day of greatest brightness and closest aspect to the B star degree. It concerned an alleged recent, alarming vision of Christ, one so intense  that it left the recipient trembling for  days.

It is only my reservations concerning elements of charismatic American religion and Charisma magazine, that prevents me affirming without a shadow of doubt that this has to be relevant and true for the Mars to B star event. Subsequently the strange and dramatic Christmas day announcement from a certain Amir Tsarfati in Israel ( considered in the shorter companion article to this “End timers talking “soon” and a sudden challenge“)  adds to the  impression of a major endings theme being indicated as waiting in the wings.

A few points from Jeremiah Johnson’s alleged vision of Christ (the Jeremias name in Christ’s chart was suitably aspected at the time of report), are noteworthy. This was the third Christ vision in Jeremiah J’s life but this time a very different one. Jesus appeared in a  form of “terrifying beauty” (one thinks of lines of Rilke!) his eyes like fire (Mars is fire). He  announced it must be understood  he is not only the all-forgiving lamb of Calvary, the universal intercessor, but will be returning as the Lion, destroyer of God’s enemies. (It’s relevant that the ideal of the impending Aquarian era is represented by  the opposite sign of Leo, the lion, and in the apocalypse Jesus is the Lion of Judah Rev 5:5). Today’s churches, Jesus declared, have by now created him  in their own image and are portraying him as one who loves and tolerates just about everyone for anything. This is false and he will be sending out people to speak for a God who is coming in judgement.

Could  this suggestion of what sounds like  virtual crisis in the relation of Christ and his  church, be relevant to any forecasts for 2019? It could be, but first and to avoid some almost inevitable misunderstanding, I will clarify what I think the visionary  message is likely about.



Lest some assume the alleged vision marked nothing but a projection onto Jesus of some fevered, fire and brimstone  sermon of a kind that can’t wait for God punish churches tolerating gays (a subject unmentioned in the vision), it’s worth  recalling  something from last  November. Ahead of the vision it sounds like just the sort of thing the Mars/Comet relation and the fiery  revelation could be declaring against in  modern Christianity  but that we’ll hear more of in 2019.

In late November, by huge majority, the Church of Sweden voted against a motion of the Swedish Democrats party that there should be a ban on Muslim calls to prayer throughout Sweden because it was an opportunity for people to discover “the love of Allah”. All doctrines of God and God’s  name apart, just the disloyalty  to the vast number of Christians now persecuted in Muslim majority countries, many of whom have their churches pulled down or damaged or refused building permits for, is shocking. As someone acidly remarked, would the Swedish church like to embrace the sharia that requires Christians to pay the old jiza taxes in order to be tolerated?

The Swedish church has not even been active to defend Christians attacked by Muslims in the nation’s migrant camps, nor to protest deportation of Christians back to danger zones for them while it imports large numbers of Muslims. The lack of the slightest evangelistic consciousness is almost unparalleled. Those Muslims who at great personal risk do convert, often do so because they are attracted to a deity specifically described as love – Allah is “merciful” but never Koranically described as love. Notoriously, the Church of Sweden  has been known to remove the Christian symbol of the cross from churches lest Muslims be offended. Here and throughout much of Scandinavia  Christianity is being similarly denied and re-invented (in Denmark there were emotional protests when it was suggested a atheist priest might stand down from his role). With this kind of ultra-Laodicean example in mind, we can turn to signs for the year in and out of the religious sphere though in some respects it will be a year for precisely religious issues.


The position by sign of the slower moving planets and the nature of eclipses are crucial in gaining an impression of affairs of a given year

Though Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, for almost the whole year will promote some optimism and good fortune for individuals, claims that 2019 will be difficult and gloomy (the pop press have highlighted the late blind seeress Baba Vanga to that effect) are likely to be correct. Both restrictive, limiting Saturn and heavy-handed, painful Pluto are in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn. This is heavy – difficult for politics and economics and difficult for countries strong in Capricorn  like Australia whose government will likely be shaken up by at least the impending election. (Like an omen for a difficult year, Australia’s celebrated new year’s fireworks display was almost prevented by a violent storm and persistent lightning).

Saturn and Pluto first conjunct in Jan 2020 but they make approaches to this in 2019. The related Saturn/Pluto cycle is associated with major wars. There will be plenty of sabre rattling if not outright war in 2019. A big question is what about America (see below) where  conflict is concerned (what America does affects the world),  and also what about the Capricorn country of Britain wading through the chaos of its Brexit issues? The latter nation is unlikely to reach any widely accepted, fully satisfactory conclusion under such influences as 2019 presents and in which the solar eclipse of July conjuncts the leadership and destiny Midheaven and degree exact opposes the national sun in one of the most used charts for UK (the 1801 chart). However, as this chart is especially associated with royalty ,there could be major changes in the royal sphere .

Disturbance, disruption, even chaos seem virtually guaranteed for quite a few places in the months from March by the way that at the time of Equinox (21st March) when the sun is on a world point at 0 Aries, this point is unusually opposed by a full supermoon from the opposite world point at 0 Libra.

One planet making major sign change in 2019 is Uranus which from early March is into Taurus for several years. Uranus shakes up everything and its airy qualities are disharmonious with the earth of Taurus and its security and fiscal issues. We can expect giddy economic effects and also in the property field where quite likely there will be more drops and burst bubbles. But economies can and will also be reformed under Uranus. There is likely to be increasingly less cash and, more electronic money or implanted chips (as in godless Sweden where the demand for the chip outstrips demand) from this year on. Indeed as Taurus is about security, electronic security via the  suggestively 666 style  microchip is rather  to be an expected development.

The important planetoid Chiron finally goes over from Pisces into Aries. The wounded healer is likely to increase, even aggressively, its complaints and accusations once in Aries. So movements like #MeToo and the Transgender movement will not be going away and may become more vocal and virulent. For the average person the relevance might be health services could be increasingly in crisis.

Beliefs and reportage will be in high and controversial focus during 2019. Jupiter is beliefs, religion, philosophy, publishing and justice. For Christianity there could be some revivalism, but given periodic afflictions from Neptune during the year, strange and confused beliefs and gurus and  confused, distorted reporting of them could well feature. Jupiter is a traveller and internationalist though not necessarily a globalist (it enjoys variety too much) but under affliction it may be assumed one-world globalist ideals will be at the forefront however unpopular with the masses. At another level Jupiter square Neptune virtually guarantees more and possibly even worse floods and tsunamis.


This question is almost like also asking another, namely will Israel experience real trouble in 2019 since with Trump having withdrawn troops in the Middle East in December 2018, even with a favourabale peace agreement possibly mid year, Israel could be left in the lurch against Russia, Turkey or whatever once America is no longer available. For end-timers that situation is redolent of prophecies of Ezekiel for “the latter days” and the attack from the north, the Gog and Magog war.

But the American trouble I would inquire about is serious trouble like national collapse through internal division, economic instability  or even a virtual wipe-out from sudden nuclear or EMP attack. Pluto usually means profound, demanding transformations, but it can also signal outright death and destruction. 2019 will undoubtedly be stressed and tested, but the more obvious time for disaster of the more ultimate kind (there are hardly any precedents to judge by!) would be in 2020. In that year Pluto is opposed for once in two and a half centuries to the national Mercury. This planet is both in and rules (if the birth time is correct) America’s eighth house of death.

In 2020 there is a lunar eclipse opposite America’s sun mid year, while near the end of 2020 a solar eclipse conjuncts the nation’s shock-delivering Uranus. So I would judge that if there is collapse, war and destruction affecting America during 2019, it would be only destruction Part One. During  2019 I am more inclined to expect troubles arrive in the shape of natural disasters like floods or mega quakes  than outright, total conflicts.

Though it follows that I don’t really see “imminent destruction” early in 2019  (wouldn’t Trump and America have to help establish a middle east peace later in the year first or, say, shocking Uranus need as in March to have crossed Ganymede, symbol of those suddenly snatched to heaven?), I will speculate in note about one imminence claim  as an example  of my stated principle of being  open to weighing the likelihood of prophecies in light of celestial signs.


The solar eclipse of January 6th which will colour effects for the whole year from that time, is at 15 Capricorn. This means it is opposite America’s natal 13 Cancer sun. With transiting Saturn at 12 degrees opposite the natal sun at the time of the eclipse and then Mars at 3 degrees Aries in affliction square to the national Venus (peace and prosperity) at nearly 3 Cancer, this combination is not a recipe for the  highest levels of  peace or prosperity during the year, it is rather restrictive and depressing.

“Heavy” is the word for this eclipse.  With Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the South Nodes in addition to Sun and Moon all in gloomy Capricorn, there is serious tension and rather fanatical adherence to one’s views and interests given that the eclipse falls at the gridlock midpoint of Saturn and Pluto in the heavens. Pluto however being degree exact at eclipse time on Jared Kushner’s natal sun suggests his highlighting and changing role during the year in relation to the Trump  peace plan of which he is a chief architect and negotiator.

Whether attacking or attacked (in say the South China Sea,) it looks like there would be more danger for America  in relation to what builds in China than from Russia (dangerous though Russia is). At any rate January’s eclipse at 15 Capricorn stands in affliction square to America’s natal China asteroid at 16 Libra. And this China, which itself is  near enough square to the national sun on a permanent basis, will always need only strong transits or an eclipse like January’s to hot things up.

I am uncertain whether one should perceive significance in the fact that in the Pentecost chart for Christianity, 15 Cancer, the degree opposed by January’s eclipse, is conjunct both Siri (one of the names for Syria) and Christianity’s Sun/Moon midpoint (a major destiny-defining point in a chart) itself conjunct Konig (King) at 16 degrees. Insofar as Christians look upon Syria and the prophecied destruction of its capital Damascus (no asteroid) as pivotal for the religion’s endtimes scenario,  it is perhaps relevant that the eclipse hits opposite in the way it does at this time. It could mean a destruction of Damascus falls within 2019 reverberating with many.

Overall I should say the January solar at 15 Capricorn bespeaks an important year for Christianity. The Sun/Moon midpoint is not just a destiny marker but is considered like the inner marriage. It is also conjunct Konig (King) and  opposite the asteroid Cortina (curtain or veil) – a time in which the soul could pass beyond the veil, be married to or see the king  in some fashion?   In June the new moon falls degree exact on Pentecost’s Saturn (limits and endings), while the full moon falls in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Centre often associated with events in religion.

While features of the January solar could be significant and taken as key for the whole  year,  popularly more interest is getting  directed upon the lunar eclipse later in the month. It looks more obviously  dramatic for those seeking “signs”! But the main difference between solars and lunars is the solar is more about new themes and conditions and it influences a year, lunars are more about things already established that need sorting out and it influences across six months.


There is no question but that the long, three hour lunar eclipse of 21st January highlights America. It is a super blood moon, i.e. a moon at perigee (nearest earth and larger to see and 30% brighter) and it tracks  across America and over specifically  Washington. And it’s the first of three supermoons on 0 degrees in the early months of the year suggesting powerful effects. Trump is surely highlighted in some fashion. He was born under a blood moon and this one occurs on the second anniversary of his inauguration.

America’s natal sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer. At the time of the eclipse, aggressive Mars is at 13 Aries and painful Saturn is at 13 Capricorn almost perfectly to the minute opposite America’s sun. [ Updating…. On the 17th January there were several minor but felt and noticeable quakes in a line across America, one near Washington, and the Trump Peace Plan was supposedly linked in Israel which it is now forecast to divide, which is highly prophetic if so ].  13 degrees in these signs are called “critical” or extra emphasized, strong. Mars set in this way in “square” to Saturn is an aspect of frustration and violence, Hitler was born under such.

With this square then afflicting America’s natal sun, at very least one would expect an uptick in internal conflict in the months following the eclipse, and possibly some serious natural disaster. Problems and crises around the border and the wall (a Saturnian theme) could well be set to continue or increase. But some issues could just get horribly stuck under blocking, delaying, frustrating Saturnian influences. This could be true for many nations though truer for America given its sun involved.

I don’t set too much by the so called Parts, including because they are very time sensitive and the chart of America’s birth is much disputed, but in the  fairly reliable (Scorpio rising) chart I use, at eclipse time, Mercury, the national ruler of the death house and placed within it, is conjuncted by the Part of Death. These kind of signs can make things look serious …..but… the eclipse itself at 0 Leo isn’t hitting any planet or very special point in America’s chart. So, despite everything, the effects could be mitigated, though the sombre defining quality of the year from the prior solar eclipse would suggest nothing can be radically mitigated.

What is more obviously affected by this lunar eclipse is Israel. The blood moon even falls on its New Year of Trees date for 2019. 0 Leo is close to israel’s destiny and leadership Midheaven angle and tension square to its ascendant, the body of the people, their self image and mythos. This fits with what we pretty well know for the six months from late January. Elections and various challenges to Prime Minister Netanyahu and very likely a destiny-shaping peace deal begun if not concluded within the period.

Also affected by the eclipse is the Pentecost chart for Christianity whose ascendant is conjuncted. The ascendant is the body and general self-image of the people. Negatively an eclipse here could put the members in continued and increased physical/material risk as unquestionably could be the case for Christians in Africa and Asia where underreported persecution is rapidly mounting. But in so far as the body of the people is “the bride of Christ”, the fact is that the eclipse hits Pentecost’s Joy at O Leo and Masi (Messiah) and the ascendant at 2 degree looks more positive . This happens while fortunate Jupiter exact trines the Christ asteroid and the natal marriage angle at 15 Aquarius, a world point and the degree of the February lunation which perhaps the eclipse is pointing to.

It would just be possible for hopeful minds to read this as an apocalyptic indicator, especially with shocking Uranus due to cross heaven-translated Ganymede during the six month period, but suggestive is not conclusive – I’ve seen reasonably suggestive before! It is the totality of surrounding issues and events in other related charts and  places that would render the pattern closer or not to being conclusive. As said, lunar eclipses are relevant for around six months. Those who anticipate a Rapture usually wish to see a Mid East peace deal done first, but that, it now seems, wouldn’t be for much before June. There is also the technical point on which I wouldn’t insist, that any return of Christ would likely involve the Christ planet Neptune in apparent retrograde, a sign of return,  which is a feature only of the second half of any year.(2)

I don’t know if it should be deemed relevant, but in my data for Christ, the lunar eclipse falls conjunct asteroid Reddish on 0 Leo and conjunct its conjunction with  Cohen (Jewish priest) with Regulus, the King Star at 1 Leo and surely all celestial shorthand for, “You are  a high priest for ever after the order of Melchizadek” (Heb 7:17) this priest being also “King of Salem” (Jerusalem) and disputed king of Israel in axis opposition to Israel at  0 degrees Aquarius. I think however it’s too much of a stretch to read a message to the effect a red moon heralds the messianic king (or the wrathful leonine Jesus of the above mentioned vision), but it’s not impossible.

Overall and despite the hoopla over the Supermoon eclipse and America, it’s  really the January solar and then also the July solar eclipse at 10 Cancer that seems more related to specifically America (sun at 13 Cancer) than January’s lunar. And that this July eclipse continues with any problems indicated by the January lunar, seems certified by the way  that disruptive, argumentative Mars is on the O Leo degree of January’s lunar for July’s solar.

The fated nodes in early July oppose Saturn in the heavens which is unhelpful and stressful but not directly affecting a point in the national chart. America can be in the news and suffering problems, setbacks. scandals,  but again the most extreme effects don’t seem  shown. Since the sun involves the leadership of a nation, an eclipse conjunct it involves the leadership. Trump would be at once highlighted and also challenged – which Trump is most of the time! – but in the wake of July’s eclipse perhaps with more serious consequence.


This lunation of February 4th in Aquarius and with Venus on a world point is interesting. 15 Aquarius is one of the six world points and it is on an axis with the opposite 15 Leo, deemed one of the zodiac’s most difficult degrees. The lunation will challengingly oppose the Vatican’s difficult Mars in its twelfth house of things hidden and often undermining. The Pope is due to visit  UAE during February and will celebrate mass there and if he additionally visits Saudi as per an unconfirmed report it would – presumably be due to the liberalizing influence of Prince MBS although it is theoretically still forbidden to celebrate any non Muslim religion even in one’s own home.

It would be good if the Pope’s visit marks a real thaw for religious liberty (in neighbouring Turkey the first ever church in modern times where all church building has been restricted will begin construction in February), but by now the Pope is almost  suspect in this area. There are widespread Catholic complaints about his and the Vatican’s treatment of Christianity in China and other places where persecution now prevails. Almost disinterested in this, the uniquely Jesuit Pope Francis would appear, like Angela Merkel, to be a committed globalist interested in one-world government and even religion in the style of the Jesuit mystic, Teilhard de Chardin.

It is not flippant to wonder if this  Pope (the last according to the St Malachy prophecy) might not at this time, however unwittingly, facilitate the soon emergence of an Antichrist figure  to dominate the world.  A reason to suggest this unusual idea  is because the lunation falls within a degree conjunct the birth sun of the Antichrist according to the visions of a Catholic seeress, Jeane Dixon, while the lunation occurs on the 4th February one day ahead of his alleged birthday (5.2.1962).


In the data for Christ, the whole zone of 14-17 Leo that the lunation opposes is highly sensitive. At 15 Leo is Shaim (which by the usual sound vibe reading of asteroids will equate with Shem or Name of the Lord, 16 is Jerusalem and 17 is Lucifer. Conjunctions are very agreed or opposed about something depending on what’s involved. The mentioned line-up is redolent of a vision of Zechariah (Zech 3:2) in which the Lord condemns Lucifer on the subject of Jerusalem because by divine choice the Name of the Lord dwells there. To the extent the Pope is not sympathetic to Israel’s claims to Jerusalem and a temple, while the Antichrist (who should at one point take Jerusalem and rule from there), would obviously not be favourable, the Leo/Aquarius axis reflects something very sensitive. Is it only by coincidence that at the time of the February lunation, Mars will be degree exact conjunct the position of the Achristou asteroid in the natal chart for modern Israel, an asteroid I find to function like an Antichrist factor in persons and issues involving the dark side?

At the same time  more positively and as already noted, the 15 Aquarius of the lunation is the position of the Christ asteroid and the unions/marriage angle of the Pentecost chart for Christianity. While that doesn’t automatically promise the Rapture, it would be surprising if there wasn’t quite a lot of thought directed to the idea that month, but alternatively or additionally to the subject of persecution. The seventh house is the sector of closest union but also greatest opponent on a sort of a Taming of the Shrew basis. And the subject of persecution is one people increasingly realize the Pope is not seeing or sees and mismanages.

So overall what I am saying is I think February 4th to March 6th lunation period sows seeds for events later in the year.  Assuming all goes to plan, it will be Aquarian style different  to have the Pope performing mass in Saudi Arabian peninsula, though rather than promote true toleration it may only facilitate strange later developments.

Dixon’s Antichrist, if he exists, could well emerge in the June/July period of the now likely peace roll out with the 10 Cancer eclipse near his ascendant. I don’t quite complement myself that growing impatient about this subject of the false Messiah, similarly to the issue of the peace plan I also cast a horary asking when he would appear (repeated  eclipses and factors to his birth pattern suggests he must be active in the world and could by now have appeared but cannot possibly be much longer held back.  For what it’s worth  given I am out of practice, the pattern via a different symbols turned up approximately the same answer as for the peace plan – in around  the June/July period. Since this person, if he exists, must confirm or strengthen a peace deal, perhaps it all makes sense. Even if it doesn’t, it looks as though 2019 will be a vital year, not least in the realm of religion.


1) . There are so many extreme and unfulfilled endtimes forecasts on youtube it can be asked why examine the following one at all (see ) which in late 2018 extremely envisages an imminent attack on Damascus, Rapture and then the fall or destruction of America (I’ll take imminent to be January or February). My reason to suspend disbelief is twofold. First, there is at least some claim to consider America as potentially highlighted and faced with a degree of danger in 2019, but second because there is a passing chance the person has been inspired. The almost amusing  reason to allow the possibility, is the exceptional treatment of America involved. God is said to perceive America as an unrighteous nation, a monster of economic injustice. That constitutes a rare prophecy from America whose would-be seers usually regard their nation as specially chosen and blest and its Christians  justified to chase the dollar according to some version of  prosperity gospel doctrine. So this prophet who is not looking for friends could be genuine! In which case about the earliest thing to consider would be the January solar eclipse with the mentioned possible indication for Syria.

2) Modern astrologers take Neptune, ruler of Pisces, sign of the current era, to be the Christ planet. At the time of year Jesus would have   left earth and the disciples questioned him regarding his return, Neptune had recently turned in apparent retrograde, retrogrades being a common indicator of persons and things returning when you ask questions as in horary astrology. Under the rules, any “return” of Christ ought to occur under a Neptune retrograde which nowadays means in the second half of any year. There is only one subtle argument against this, at least as regards the Rapture event. At this event as opposed to the Second Advent, Jesus does not touch the earth, only approach it and the clouds of heaven. One could therefore argue he is not fully returned and no symbolically retrograde Neptune need apply to the pattern.







 In case you hadn’t noticed, MBS, aka Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi, is a rather gorgeous standout – what Americans would call “eye candy”. This Solomon could fit in anywhere from the boudoirs of the  Song of Songs, to Hollywood epics  like The Ten Commandments. I am not sure why, before and during recent scandals, the simple fact that the prince  represents some kind of poster boy ideal for his regional type, was not more  admitted, if at all.

Perhaps men don’t want to be thought gay for appreciating his looks, or women to seem easily smitten by a male who doesn’t too obviously need or impel admiration  due to the faint aura of self-contained or satisfied  transcendence that attaches to  him. It supplies him an allure not wholly  alpha male erotic nor easily romantic either despite  cupid bow lips.   MBS,  in short, has not just looks but accompanying  presence. He may, as per reports, be an eccentric and  more, but when he drifts into company, it can be a bit like a gracious angel on visit; the focus of the very clear eyes is vaguely  remote from the immediate setting, the expression slightly ironic. “Don’t worry” he coolly assures President Macron, whose manner by comparison seems like a  hot and bothered elf and one who, like a troubled child, unhappily exclaims ”but I do worry, you don’t listen to me”

Macron may not quite look the divine Jupiter part he has openly admitted aspiring to, but if MBS bothers him, perhaps he’s right to be a bit troubled in relation to who and what is one of the modern world’s living, breathing enigmas.

O foolish world that can’t and won’t read a horoscope, nor look beyond appearances!

There are some facts from the skies about MBS worth noting. First, this prince, who has had half the princes of his nation locked up (even if for good reformist reasons) is a Sun King in waiting. He is the latest Louis X1V on the block.

MBS was born in Riyadh on 31.8.1985. The fatal combination of (usually)  brainy Virgo,  sign of the prince’s sun,  alongside the planets Venus, Mercury and Mars in theatrical, autocratic Leo, is  the single best passport to attitudes of the “L’etat c’est moi” (I am the state) variety. Louis X1V had Sun in Virgo with Venus  and moon in Leo. However, in the twenty first century, Sun King attitudes are more acceptable if they can blend, as in MBS’s case they do, with the more would-be different and futuristic tendencies of a natal Jupiter (philosophy/beliefs) in trendy, maverick Aquarius. Those beliefs nevertheless come and go – especially where women are concerned, since MBS’s reformist Jupiter in Aquarius is challengingly  opposed to Venus (women).

But with the sun in Virgo and the moon in Pisces (lunar degree unknown as the birth time is undeclared) there is – however secret and repressed – beyond a modern autocratic reformism, a feeling for something rather different again, a more radical and service-orientated role, even realizations of a self-as-Christ kind.

If this sounds unlikely, consider that not only are Virgo and Pisces signs prominent for the birth pattern of Christ, but that the prince has been exceptionally  liberal and tolerant  in affairs of  religion,  recently permitting a first ever Coptic mass to be celebrated in Saudi and entertaining a group of evangelicals (non Muslims are still not  permitted to worship in their own homes).  Moreover   the secret buyer of the world’s most expensively auctioned  art work,  Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi, an otherworldly portrait of Christ, is now widely believed to be MBS.

If the true birth time additionally rendered the unworldly Pisces moon closely square to Uranus, that would suggest the prince is the maverick he’s often said to be, an  original soul  better fitted to perhaps  art curating and criticism  than politics.  Which would be a reason he has fallen into what are now  widely deemed to be   reckless international policy positions.


Rather more concerning than the Pisces-Virgo input, and enough to make Macron worry and half the rulers of the world tremble in their boots  for their nations’ policies, is that the prince’s dramatic Mars in autocratic Leo is in close, tense, unfortunate 90 degree square to Saturn in often deadly and vengeful Scorpio (23 Leo to 22 Scorpio).

The Mars square Saturn aspect has traditional mauvaise reputation in astrology. If you heard recently of a certain Prince blowing his top, there’s no need to dismiss it as fake news and press gossip. It’s par for the course. Mars/Saturn square can be a virtual Hitler aspect, ruthless and liable to explode in terrible rages at the drop of a hat. The philosopher Wittgenstein shared the aspect with Hitler, and it looks like he beat a sick pupil so severely in a fit of rage that the youth later died, though connections prevented consequences in the matter.

However….damning through these associations are, this does not automatically  render MBS guilty as charged where murder is concerned.  Many people have difficult Mars/Saturn aspects and they are not all murderers, not even when transits hit off the natal aspect. They may just spit the dummy or strike someone in a rage. It is actually possible that on a day the prince spat the dummy, some over-eager supporters, thinking they could read his mind or  do themselves or Saudi  a favour, took action. Something of the kind  MBS half admitted in defence of his innocence  to the  visiting evangelicals. (He spoke of actions taken by over-enthusiastic people).

This is  at least plausible.  Virgo is a mild sign much given to ruminations  of conscience (Tolstoy for example takes it to extreme)  and someone seeking harmony of religions is  not the likeliest candidate to accept living with the thought of blood  on their hands. And it’s not to let MBS or Saudi  off the hook, to point out that  international  sympathy for Turkey at MBS’ expense, (and Trump’s)  is excessive given the repression, imprisonment, corruption and torture regularly associated with that country.

I think that when he’s cool, not feeling offended and fuming over hurts, MBS means well; but while he’s intelligent in his Virgoan way with a good grasp of details and a soft touch if and when he wants to extend it, he’s also pretty muddled. Between the moon (perhaps afflicted) in imaginative Pisces and with dreamy Neptune strong and almost misplaced on a world point (0 Capricorn) trine his sun, imagination could also run riot, and convey him almost anything. MBS could imagine so many things and so many alternative possibilities he may not practically imagine the death and wrecking ball effects his foreign policy could be causing on the ground.

I’ll not go on except to say that, at a guess given an unknown birth time, the rising sign that modifies the correct, neat and rather “perfect”  Virgoan appearance,  could  be “beautiful” and theoretically peace-loving Libra or else placid Taurus.  – the ascendant sign is the  personal image and how one is seen. All said and done, MBS seems, despite the Yemen horror, to be all for a historic peace in, and general progress for, the Middle East. But also the prince, at least in western garb, appears  slightly plump and could well become more so with age and the stress under which he will probably increasingly live.

As Libra/Venus, and also Venus/ Taurus, rule sugars,  one often finds Libra and Taurus rising people putting on the pounds and widening the waist line. That could become a great temptation to someone with a natal Venus opposed by enlarging Jupiter (at another level this marks a contact between the two most fortunate planets helping to protect and  keep MBS  in power).  Whatever the truth,  art loving MBS will have to beware of becoming one of Rubens’ weight-challenged royals. Especially If you’re a bit ruthless on the inside, it would be best to keep up a stylish appearance on the outside!



Until quite recent times “speak of the devil and he appears” expressed a popular wisdom. Nowadays the devil and the dark side may get increasingly spoken about in Hollywood and especially the music industry although – apart from among death metal groups – it’s often obliquely. It can announce itself with something like a wink and a nudge, or a giggle and a smirk. This more light hearted treatment goes back to perhaps Marianne Faithfull who has often maintained the devil is the most fun person at any party. It was her love of the Bulgakov novel, The Master and Margarita in which the devil does visit a party, that influenced Mick Jagger’s ill fated 1969 Sympathy for the Devil song.

Communication with the dark side, or hints of it, can even add a touch of glamour and mystery to a performer; it’s something to gossip about on a talk show or sensationalize in a magazine like Complex if there’s report a person like Lady Gaga says she wears hats against attacking demons or Ariana Grande declares devils met her at a graveyard in Kansas or that a sinister blob was beside her hotel bed.

Lady Gaga can sound serious when she speaks of haunting and tormenting demons, but overall,   it is the non-committal, half witty approach is more common and  has given more rope to what might otherwise be dismissed as dark, sick or, as in the case of Grande’s hit song God is a Woman, profane – other faiths, especially Islam, would never tolerate that particular production. But does not Grande say to  any criticism, “it’s all art”? I will suggest that yes it is art, but it can still be something more about which Grande, Kate Perry, Lady Gaga and other artists along with their innumerable fans and followers, are less aware.


It’ s an undeniable fact that the horrifying 2015 massacre at the Bataclan theatre in Paris began when the audience raised hands in homage, even if it was mock homage, and joined in the song “Kiss the Devil”. It had been Mick Jagger’s Sympathy for the devil preceded a murder (as a result of a scuffle with Hell’s Angels!) at the Altamont rock festival in 1969. While it cannot be said that the Manchester Bombing of 2017 began amid any songs to the devil, it is a fact that before the bombing, in the latter part of the concert starring Grande in her “Dangerous Woman” tour,  (and Grande looks and acts more cute than dangerous), she had sung from her “Side by Side” album the words “cuz tonight I’m making deals with the devil, and I know it’s going to get me into trouble”.

Well, it didn’t get her into trouble, and with even something of the proverbial luck of the devil she posted what was the most tweeted tweet in tweet history declaring she couldn’t find words to express how sorry she was for what had happened. Clearly neither she nor her fans imagined her as even remotely responsible for events, and certainly not in the way her mother as Grande admitted to Billboard magazine, had peculiar fears about her daughter as someone who might grow up to be murder associated.

The reason no negative connections were made is almost certainly because Grande portrays herself, and is perceived as being, some kind of cutie liberator in service of especially women’s empowerment.  Today any will to inclusiveness, diversity and toleration of minorities covers a multitude of possible sins in the public mind. But the same public mind risks being duped, Faithfull style, by ideas that the devil as the original outcast is ally of all and any  outsiders and  minorities, rather as Santa Muerta (Saint Death) in Latin America is the patron of narco bosses!

Easy picturing of Grande as liberator is unquestionably how and why controversial material like “God is a Woman” got through so easily, when in fact and normally  no religion should have to suffer quite the misrepresentation and parody of its core beliefs on the scale involved.

Misrepresentation was particularly marked when, as in the MTV Awards version of the song, the Christian Last Supper is turned into an orgy of lesbian groping overseen by a female Jesus rubbing her crotch and declaring her disciples will know she’s god after they have been touched (had sex) with her. Above the stage is an eye of Horus (much associated with Satanist Crowley’s notions of 666 and the coming age) and a vaginal portal to the heavens.   Religion apart, there’s such a thing as democratic fair play and respect. In a free society you may not like or approve people’s beliefs and you are certainly free to criticize them, but not merely abuse or radically misrepresent them to the point of inversion of the entire picture.


…And in parenthesis let it be said that despite frequent use of religion’s “he” pronoun that’s receiving pop culture’s rejection, in fact, not even the Bible declares God a man as opposed to a woman. There are passages, especially but not uniquely in Isaiah, where God is imaged as a woman. Essentially however God is not “man” or “woman” but rather Spirit (Joh 4:24) and Grande’s play of images is less an original bit of modern theology than indulgence of a rather high level of narcissism.

It may be assumed that the reason the male aspect of God is regularly stressed, is because in the universal ying/yang of energies whether material or more spiritual, male energy is more likely to express as initiating, female energy as reactive to and  containing of it, so God as Creator is almost inevitably going to receive some male imagery.

There is also the fact that, biblically, deity seen as hard to approach  fire or invisible Spirit is contacted primarily through  faith, not more materially by touch. What “God is a Woman” is effectively asserting is that belief will or should follow upon the proofs of touch, the material, touch being primarily the realm of the female. (Also relevant, if you accept astrology, is that the bible’s Old Testament was composed during the era of Aries, the hyper-patriarchal sign).

As it is possible to get caught up amid the claims and counter claims of “artistic” practitioners of occult paths and various Christians and rationalists who oppose their influence , where possible I like to see if there is any kind of objective evidence to support the idea  real beliefs and energies rather than pure fancy are at stake. I will do that here by a means especially some Christians would call itself occult, but which I claim isn’t, but anyway weights the evidence rather to their side in the assumption Grande intentionally or unintentionally evokes the dark side.



Astrology is guide and witness to more than people imagine. I expected to find and did so that Grande, born (26th June 1993,  Boca Raton, Florida USA at 9.16 pm)  under the Great Mother sign of Cancer with asteroid Babylon closely trine her sun, is all of a Lady Babylon.  And with Theotes (Godhead/Trinity) on the Galactic Centre, a point associated with events in religion, she can influence images of God and religion for good or ill.

“God is a Woman” was released this year under Grande’s sign, Cancer, which is also the birth sign of America, undoubtedly the most religiously feminist nation in the world. It is even said that witches in America now outnumber Presbyterians, and certainly ideas and images promoted by Grande  would contribute to the massive wicca trend,  the growth in which some  even see an end of era feature (1).

Grande is nonetheless telling the truth when she says of her ideas and beliefs  “it’s all art”, because with the two mystically relevant planets, Uranus and Neptune, conjunct but making  easy trine to Venus, she can and will turn spiritual themes to art (and money). However, with Venus opposed to Pluto (nearest to any planetary symbol for the Creator or  any force majeure), what is done can be “against” the divine and like much of the chart bespeaks challenge and tension of some sort.

The Cancerian sun is in tension square to the moon (habits, emotions, the mother) and to Jupiter (beliefs, religion) this pair conjuncted  in the sector of beliefs and religion in the general arts sign Libra,  Ariana’s theatre for her ideological cum theological contentions. Conjunctions are very for or against something, so this one  reflects  the kind of things Grande admitted to Billboard magazine, such as childhood weirdness, her  early tensions with religion and with her mother who had strange fears for her daughter – specifically that she might become a serial killer. (That imagined potential is reflected in the undoubtedly rather dangerous Mars opposite Saturn aspect).

Assuming the birth time is quite exact, ascending over the horizon was 20 Capricorn and conjunct on that degree were Uranus and Neptune. Since the ascendant is the persona and as Uranus shocks and reveals and favours individualism while Neptune dreams and hides, Grande’s freakiness from almost the outset is reflected here, along with her early turn towards her own highly idiosyncratic vision.

But because Capricorn rises at birth if follows that sign’s ruler, Saturn, “rules” the whole pattern. And Grande’s Saturn (itself the traditionally “unfortunate” and restrictive planet, once widely associated with the devil) is closely conjunct Lucifer .  (This remains the case for any birth time and since the conjunction is in Pisces, the image of Lucifer could easily run to that of victim).  Lucifer is the devil as light. Another asteroid, Malin, French for devil (but in context more the devil as darkness) makes opportunity sextile aspect to the distinctive ascendant pattern. The hell asteroid Hella makes easy trine to Mercury, the communicator.

These signs have affinities for the  tricky chart of Marianne Faithfull, a pioneer of the new showbiz attitudes towards the demonic. Marianne’s  Lucifer makes easy trine to her  Mars/Sun conjunction in the religion house while at the top of the pattern, Malin conjoins her destiny and reputation Midheaven.

There is an obvious suggestion  of a potential in Grande’s chart for simply channelling the dark side in nice and arty Libran ways and  for “sympathetic” Piscean reasons. And given that Veritas (Truth) is in affliction to her Mercury which communicates, it looks like Grande  could  have a hard time recognizing, telling or communicating truth, especially through media given that  Veritas falls in the media sector. More might be said, but sufficient to indicate here that it looks as though Grande might need to sort out her worldview rather more constructively for her own good and that of  fans. It’s possible because In most areas of life, nobody is completely free or fated by the celestial patterns that describe and affect them  under certain conditions.


Whatever one makes of the above data, in conclusion I should say that what I have pointed out is not a mere one – off fluke.  That “the heavens declare” and “night to night utters knowledge” (Ps 19: 1,2) is a potent truth hid from the eyes of many people, including insistent fundamentalists. Truth about  people  really can and will come out  celestially; and even when the data is only suggestive as opposed to outright  conclusive (which is sometimes is), it is still powerful to raise questions.

The strangest case I have dealt with and which was sufficiently controversial for it to be published years ago in a NZ magazine and not in UK (where it was feared too much offense could be caused), was the strange case of an alleged visit by a group of people  to hell in April 1995.  I remain conflicted by the story, especially as I am convinced of what’s called elements of  “cultural contamination” in certain details and claims of the vision, a characteristic found to occur in many cases over time…but even so.

Some South Americans claimed to have been taken by Jesus to hell where they encountered among others, John Lennon. These people would  never acknowledge astrology, and even if they did, they could not invent the details I am able to derive  from the time and place they claimed their inferno journey began. Why in heaven’s name would the pattern for the time the vision began, reveal the Christ asteroid conjunct Lennon in astrology’s traditional hell passage, the eighth house, which also contains The Part of Revelation, itself on an axis to Veritas (Truth). That and other things have  to look like  the improbable meeting represents some kind of genuine reality.

I made the experience into a poem The Hell Passage: Inferno Cantos for Today, which both in the poem and in notes on it, I seek to make sense of. Perhaps because, like truth, I don’t have the proverbial luck of the devil, the poem never went anywhere, though Howard Storm, former atheist and bestselling author of My Descent into Death, considered it noteworthy – not because he liked it in any ordinary way, but because he felt it true to the kind of horror he had experienced in his own reported experience of hell.

Unlike Storm, I make no claims to have visited hell, but certainly  it doesn’t sound like the place another dark side singer, the late Freddie Mercury of Queen, insisted one would prefer to go to and because it’s the destination of more interesting people. He must  have forgotten interesting souls would necessarily  include Hitler and Stalin; and he may have been unaware it seems you communicate with effectively no one but yourself once arrived! Popular artists are a poor guide to ultimate issues and people really shouldn’t listen to them. (For some comments on Freddie Mercury, see The Saint, the Devil and Freddie Mercury

Note (1) “For they did not repent of their witchcraft” ( Rev 9:21). It’s a rather unexpected statement and one of several  suggesting the author did not expect the events forecasts to take place in his times because witchcraft was rather strongly opposed and outlawed under the Roman empire.







July’s Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon Eclipse on the 27th is a stand-out. Not surprisingly it has gathered to itself some extreme associations even to its being called by some the Apocalypse Eclipse. Here are some facts to consider in assessment.

While whole centuries may go by without a cycle of total lunar eclipse blood moons, this century is richer in blood moons – it has witnessed a tetrad of them earlier this decade in 2014 and 2015 but….

  • This July’s blood moon is the longest this century – totality is 1 hr 43 minutes
  • This July’s moon is a supermoon i.e. at perigee (nearest to earth)
  • This July’s moon is conjunct Mars also at perigee
  • The perigee of Mars will be the second closest to earth in sixty thousand years
  • This July’s blood moon will probably be super red. It is conjunct Mars, and Mars the red planet has just begun to be enveloped by an unprecedented dust storm. Mars is due to be nearly twice as bright as Jupiter at the eclipse.
  • This July’s blood moon follows a few days after the 19th when all the planets will be one side of the sun and a cluster of asteroids is gathered between Earth and Mars.
  • This July’s blood moon eclipse is bracketed by two (partial) solar eclipses, a fortnight either side. (Normally a lunar eclipse falls a fortnight before or after a solar eclipse).


But does any of this amount to anything like in addition the  “prophetic” sign some see?

Undeniably the Bible does appear to forecast a blood moon prior to and as harbinger of apocalypse (Acts 2:20, Joel 2:31). It  also speaks of “fire and drifting smoke”, believed to be a reference to volcanic activity but possibly also something like the widespread wild fires recently  and presently in evidence.

Since in Jewish tradition and idiom the portentous sounding “moon turned to blood” may signify no more than a lunar eclipse (which Jewish astrology rates as more important for affairs of Israel and wars than solar eclipses), and since major blood moons though exceptional are not impossibly rare, any pre-apocalypse eclipse would need to be very special….But you can argue July’s blood moon is this.

  • This July’s total blood moon culminates over Jerusalem (this decade’s earlier tetrad of blood moons occurred on Jewish festivals).
  • This July’s blood moon occurs on the Jewish festival of the grape harvest which is redolent of various apocalyptic images “Thrust in your sickle and reap….for the harvest of the earth is ripe” (Rev 14: 14-16).
  • This July’s blood moon is the last long lunar eclipse of the era. An aion or era lasts somewhere between 2000 and 2100 years. The Piscean era (whose imagery runs through the gospels and which effectively constitutes the bible’s “age of grace”) began around the time of Christ’s birth. It is now due to end, a reason it could be said Christianity is in such trouble at present and faith declines as Jesus appears to predict (Luk 18:8).
  • This July’s blood moon occurs on what rabbis and some Christians regard as Israel’s prophetically pivotal, messianically relevant seventieth year, the year of the hoped for Middle East Peace Treaty and drives towards building of a third Jewish temple. (Suggestive for a soon Peace Treaty is the way at the eclipse asteroid Israel  conjuncts the national Venus (peace) to within minutes of a degree, while its four degrees of Cancer looks to the 4 degrees of Aquarius/Leo  of the eclipse.
  • Consistent with the possibility of a season of shocks, surprises and extreme events such as apocalypse watchers look for, the blood moon’s sign  is shocks and surprises sign, Aquarius. The eclipse is rendered a virtual firecracker by the fact it is not only conjunct aggressive Mars but in tension aspect (square) the shocks planet, Uranus and conjunct the moon’s south nodes which traditionally enjoys some association with situations of finishing or exiting.
  • A Star of David pattern among the planets precedes the Full Moon at the new moon partial solar eclipse on 13th July. Traditionally full moons enlarge on, fulfil or clarify what new moons are about, something  Christians and astrologers are ignoring in this important case. By every implication the fate of Israel is strongly indicated. But though I accept the main planets do form the Star of David as per astrologer Heather Ensworth’s reading,  I would also stress the sun/moon on July 13th’s eclipse  don’t belong to this formation; they are opposite Pluto which means the solar eclipse bespeaks considerable intensity and turmoil for coming months.


At the level of possible sign, much error has already surrounded the blood moons, not least because those Christians like Mark Biltz and John Hagee who pronounce on them either discount astrology totally or substitute for it a faulty, largely imaginary “Christian astronomy” that the Magi would never have recognized.

It can be argued (not least because of the involvement of the Temple asteroid) that the blood moon tetrad which received doomsday and Armageddon type ruminations,  reflected what this decade has been an evolving Jewish identity and spirituality, concern around the status of Jerusalem (now declared) and the movement (growing) towards the next temple, issues this next eclipse might bring to a head.

This July’s blood moon is also potentially significant (as a sign) given how it appears to relate to other data such as for the foundation of modern Israel and for Christianity as taken from its Pentecost birth date and time in 30 AD and data for the Antichrist if vision once rightly saw concerning this. For these further and needed but more astrological perspectives, see the longer article on McCleary’s Alternatives, “Peace, Jerusalem and a 2018 Turning Point”.


Speculation of any kind in this direction assumes that apocalypse means something and is actually possible. Many, including Christians, will protest no one should even be considering apocalypse and citing the book of Revelation as any pointer to modern and celestial affairs because that book was composed late in the first century and codified Christian persecution under Nero and/or Domitian. (You can read this sort of thing in the recent Revelations, by scholarly popularizer, Elaine Pagels).

Among hints that this is not the case, is that Revelation improbably forecasts that all the world will gaze upon events in the streets of Jerusalem, (Rev 11:9) plainly impossible before modern technology. Overall I think we can say that Revelation struggles to describe in pre-modern language a world due to suffer the effects of a world war to end all world wars. This leads naturally to what can be said in conclusion.


If you believe the blood moon is a sign, specifically of apocalyptic onset, then if traditional and ongoing experience as regards lunar eclipses  counts for anything, what is forecast must be manifested within six months. That’s the use-by date of any lunar eclipse. This means the end of January next year is the deadline – though practically and in this case given the expectations of Israel’s seventieth year to factor in, say the end of this year. However……I am bound to say that this eclipse is so long and strong some astrologers have said its relevance is more akin to a solar eclipse and its effect can be felt for more than six months. But obviously it won’t be effective as any sign for more than a year.

Though in the way that any full moon can be disturbing, it’s possible this blood moon could be witness to anything from street riots to earth movements; but it’s unlikely, even if its chief message is genuinely apocalyptic, that it would produce that crisis to the day or even the end of the month. Eclipses with their themes don’t work that way. [See Note Below ]  Moreover, since Mars at the time of eclipse is in what is called its apparent retrograde, any potential violence at the time could actually be muted. The eclipse could  even accompany a Mid East Peace Treaty however shaky. But the weeks and months following could witness more extreme scenarios, and in any case, just generally the future is not exactly bright.

It is noteworthy and relevant that coming times must undergo the increasing influence of the Saturn/Pluto cycle. This is truly the worst. Jesus was crucified on its opposition; major wars like the Thirty Years War in Europe, WW1 and WW11 have been shadowed by it. There’s a God versus the devil quality to it.

Any WW111, which the times of apocalypse and its Tribulation period could be thought to describe, would very likely be linked to effects of that cycle more than others. This renders it legitimate to think of the blood moon as a general harbinger of troubled times, apocalyptic…or other. The mere fact we now have Saturn transiting its own earth sign, Capricorn, does not bode well for quakes. The strongest recorded  quake (the 9.5 Valdivia in Chile in 1960) occurred under Saturn in Capricorn.

Whatever, for anything like apocalyptic scenarios it looks like a case of now or never, “now” looking to be overall a “best”, almost a Grand Central Station, time for signs. But we can still  somewhat test this blood moon’s status as sign.


Since  apocalypse is also the birth pangs of the earth and the messiah’s approach, if those harbingers of apocalypse, quakes, volcanoes, fires and floods, especially in tandem, continue and/or increase from now on, the eclipse is more likely to be  a sign that points to ultimate crisis. If quakes, volcanoes, fires and floods now abate, crisis is less likely to be signalled.

As said, a lunar eclipse has six months to manifest its main message (or in this case some astrologers would say a bit more that that). If the sign truly is apocalyptic and stage one of the crisis really  is set to begin (many Christians would claim stage one would be the so-called Rapture) then it will do so, or it won’t do so, but it will be apparent one way of another ….soon.


Definitely eclipses don’t have to manifest their chief message on the day. They normally deliver most when a transiting factor warms up the eclipse degree. Example: On June 21 2001 an eclipse hit on a world point (O Cancer) and degree zone relevant to America (whose Venus is at 2 Cancer). When war-like Mars conjuncted  0 Cancer on 9/11 the Twin Towers were struck..

It follows that some aspect within the next 6 months would need to relate to the blood moon’s 4 Aquarius. One such time would be the whole second half of August when the nodes transit opposite that degree. Another such would be end September when Mars hits the area.  It should be clear this is not prophecy, not date setting, it’s merely a possible time frame, the location of a potential.








Religion mostly deals in absolutes. Art, which is often in trouble with religion, deals in the grey areas. But both religion and art are joined in their connection to leading, life-governing symbols. This article will conduct the reader through a veritable labyrinth of symbols towards an unexpected, quasi-apocalyptic message with links past and present to a biblically celebrated  Greek city. Be patient to discover and arrive.

Later this year an arguably misnamed film, The Changing of the Gods, based on the work of Cosmos and Psyche by culture historian Richard Tarnass, should be making irrefutably clear how much events follow cycles. It will demonstrate what’s ignored by scientists and Christians (the latter despite the Magi and all the statements of Ecclesiastes to the effect was has been will be),  namely  that as many  people have long  known, the course of wars, revolutions and social change generally, really does follow distinct planetary patterns. And these engage specific symbols.

Symbols are distinctively one thing  or genus (like the Mars long associated with war and mayhem), but they are also multivalent, not just war but a gun and sword, and then they have  positive and negative expressions too as when Mars is associated with  courage and decisiveness and not just strife.

At this point in history we are moreover on the cusp of two ages – that of Pisces “ruled” by Neptune and that of Aquarius “ruled” by Uranus. Accordingly, if we are at all sensitive to the flow of events, we can observe and are experiencing an often confused, half merged, clashing overload of Neptunian and Uranian symbols and themes.

On the Piscean side we have the Neptunian victim, refugee, suffering, compassion, inclusivism at all costs, a certain domination by film, image and dreams, also lies and corruption, drugs and addiction, permissiveness and mysticism in all shapes and sizes, good and bad.

On the Aquarian side, there is an obsession with personal rights, autonomy, difference and gayness. There is a disposition to shock, to revolution or group action and thus recourse to social media, also to achieve “perfection “ (at least of bodies), a tendency to domination by technology and abstract dogmatism, an orientation to future trends and Utopias (more “perfection”).

There is no need to enumerate the potential for positive and negative expression within the signs and their trends. It should be obvious. Sometimes Neptune and Uranus seem to complement one another as when Neptune is nature and Uranus is society, sometimes they suggest absolute polarities as when Neptune is sleep and dream, and Uranus is wakefulness and inspiration,. It is these polarities, natural and social, sleep and awake, which are also biblically stressed polarities and with an odd connection to the issue of nudity that I shall be stressing here even as reaching into a sign of the times worth noting.

We can return to the point and related matters presently, but here is one of the relevant, symbolically loaded biblical statements which may not mean quite what it seems. And it is  problematic, not just for what it might be thought to imply about sex, shame and nudity, but because of its odd comparison, one we need to understand, of the Christ of the apocalypse with a thief. …… “See I am coming like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and is clothed, not going about naked and exposed to shame” (Rev 15:16).


Nudity is all of a mixed signals symbol. It is what especially postmodernists  might call a floating signifier. To many, even or especially in the permissive west, nudity signifies little more than having sex or being immodest or aggressively exhibitionist (as in streaking). Some laws may still treat nudity under the head of “indecent exposure” or “public nuisance”, a virtual crime (even if victimless) rather than anything that might involve art, a special statement or a lifestyle option. The fact is the condition proves  elusive when it comes to defining quite what it represents and does. Assumed to be sexual, for some it may seem less erotic than the effects produced by the behaviour of  an individual fully clothed.

Sociologically, the nothing-but-sex reaction is more in evidence where there is less gender equality and/or women are – as in Hollywood! – just objects to men. Thus in relatively egalitarian Scandinavia nudity is not a big deal with families sharing naked sauna. In other ages and climes, and famously in ancient Greece, it was rather men than women who had the right to be naked, (though not necessarily as an object for women who could be executed for observing the nude games!). And before the Christian West unexpectedly made something of a standard artistic fetish of the female nude, it was male nudity was more portrayed. Symbolically there was a  sort of natural correctness to this.  As in medieval alchemical art,  the male organ , anyway outside the body and thus quasi exposed,  is “solar” as against  the more hidden, “lunar” female genitals .

Where sex is not the sole association, nudity can symbolize protest and especially freedom from conventional personal and societal  images such as clothes impose. The purely legal or morals campaigner approach ignores that and risks compromising a type of sincerity and signification, including even biblically. St Francis did a holy striptease in the street in rejection of his father’s lifestyle and source of wealth as a cloth merchant and to make a point he  preached a sermon in the nude. The prophet Micah, who sounds like the nearest thing to a Jewish Diogenes (the Cynic Greek philosopher who lived naked in a tub) declares he will go stripped and naked and wailing like the jackals (Mic 1:8). Isaiah went about “naked” as a sign for three years (Is 20:2-4}. Quite how naked he was is not clear, but denying  his aristocratic status, it seems he went about slave-like at least buttocks bared as a warning of  impending captivity.


Signs and protests apart, Isaiah and Micah could hardly go far wrong because it is affirmed we are all naked before God anyway ( Heb 4: 13) and, at least symbolically, are even meant to be perhaps especially in relation to worship. In some paganism like wicca, nudity  is not symbolic but overt and in order, it’s believed, to free connection of the aura/soul body to the elements to increase spiritual power. It’s an idea that possibly obtained among Israel’s early school of the  prophets  given the statement that King Saul was thought to  be like the prophets because he had stripped off and lain naked like them  all night (1 Sam 19:24). The Rev Charles Kingsley (author of The Water Babies) was puzzled by the fact he felt more spiritual when unclothed.

Though most systems and persons are less radical than wiccans and less sensitive than KIngsley, and while nudity may have its spiritual uses, no religious  system outside  the Jains has deemed it essential. Even so and in Judaism, its priests, though dressed for temple service, must still go bare foot. Famously Moses must remove his shoes before the burning bush. Beyond just reverence, this is very likely to signify the humility and honesty of a symbolic nudity because, as any rabbi will tell you, the feet are often a biblical symbol/circumlocution for the genitals. It is even widely believed that Isaiah’s cherubim, whose wings cover their feet (Is 6:2), is circumlocution for covering their genitals….In which case, this begs the question why would God require a symbolic nudity for priests if the celestial realms of the cherubim have no room for an actual nudity  among those perfect, unfallen beings?

Though you could explore this difficult, sensitive subject through Jewish works like God’s Phallus by Howard Eilberg-Schwartz, in brief parenthesis I will supply one answer here and particularly as Christianity with its doctrine of God as Trinity has a special problem with, or clue to, the question if you at all accept as starting point what it took the pornographer Henry Miller to point out.  He opined that the  penis is like a Trinity symbol with its shaft and two testicles (1)  (He didn’t get theological about the female genitals, but one could theorize they represent either another version of the uniplural principle or else they symbolize earth, the  All that receives the divinity). What we do know of God is that, as per Ezekiel (Ez 1:27), below the waist he is pure (creative) fire. Sex and the genitals would always be a reflection of that. The lovers of the Song of Solomon are understood to be in the fires of Yah. And we may assume that in some form or other the angelic orders experience this fire – how else could the fallen angels of Genesis have intercourse with women on earth if they were totally sexless?

It follows that, almost as a point of what one could call erotic etiquette, i.e. from respect rather than shame, angelic beings closest to deity are seen as not presuming to expose themselves as though in rivalry to the prime source  – the likely reason they also cover their faces is not to rival the divine image). Even on the human plain some of the offence or shock of nudity can be involved with the fact the genitals do not so much belong to the principle of beauty with which the body gets identified as with a more alien, numinous element of power. This applies as much to the female as to the male and is presumably what is being conveyed, however grotesquely, by the peculiar medieval inclusion in churches of the Sheela-na-gig carvings, vestiges of ancient fertility goddesses. (But  note that as compared to the more naturalistic depiction of male nudity over the centuries, the Sheelas have, or draw attention to, an exaggerated, unnaturalistic  vulva probably  because the attempted power emphasis runs somewhat counter to what I have called the more hidden “lunar” aspect of female being).


Biblical Hebrew has a variety of words and expressions for naked and in translation,  sometimes even in Hebrew itself, it is not always perfectly clear what is meant. It could be anything from full nudity to merely being without over garment – situation would indicate.  Sometimes the use of nudity can be a precious circumlocution for having sex as in Leviticus where “uncovering the nakedness” means having intercourse, a fact that reminds us the Genesis curse on Ham who saw his (inebriated) father naked, is almost guaranteed to signify a case of incestuous shame rape.   However, the nearest root meaning if not translation of naked  is usually impoverishment, a certain lack or loss or absence of something, anything from personal power to wealth. Obviously the nakedness of Isaiah was involved with prophetic warning of coming defeat and reduction to slave status.

Yet if there can also be, as in some art forms  or the Song of Solomon, something glorious about the naked body, especially if it’s believed to be any “in the image” reflection of the divine, how can and does our floating significator manage also to be shameful? And is it, strictly speaking, sexually/erotically shameful after all? Obviously age, disease and obesity can ravage the body to the point it recalls the all too human “fallen” condition rather than anything sublime, but I don’t think that the  idea of shame is principally involved with  just that.

In a previous article on my  other site (See: Issues of Love, Sex and Biblical ‘Incoherence’  I mentioned that the bible implies a belief in the soul/aura – some passages don’t even make sense without assuming it. I suggest that loss of the aura’s visibility, its radiance around the body that a few psychically inclined persons can still observe, is what the original shame was believed to be. After all, without some loss of the kind happening, how would the Edenic couple sense and observe they were naked in the first place? “Who told you you were naked”? is indeed the question to be asked.

The philosopher Schopenhauer may also provide another clue here. He remarks somewhere that the shame of nudity is involved with the sense of mortality (such as the Genesis story very much points to). The genitals are no longer just part of a  bodily whole or a reminder of pleasure, but rather a reminder of the need to procreate against undesired death.

I should say too that if the aura is not observed, it becomes easier for people to forget that one makes love not just to bodies but souls; and then the body without  any apparent radiance is more obviously object and thus easily object of a dissociated lust that can embarrass and more.


So at this point we arrive at paradox. For some people in some contexts to be naked is to gain or regain something –  one’s being, one’s pure self (i.e.freed of social expectations and without the props and often false signals of clothes), and more in tune with a sensed (aurically based) connection to nature and the All. At the same time, this gain still suffers the effects of all that’s entailed on account of the soul/aura’s invisibility.  Even if the naked person may sufficiently reach  self harmoney, others not  appreciating this  may reduce the person to the status of object only or question their honesty, so that in society’s eyes, they are  regarded  as  merely rebellious, eccentric,  exhibitionist, perverted etc.

It is thus  a win/lose situation for the individual. Even so, above and beyond this and on the cultural plain, we almost certainly need to be rid of notions  many easily hold and the bible can be thought to point to, but doesn’t  automatically ,  that nudity is shameful or embarrassing per se, that it equates with sex only and lewdly so. Relevant here are words to the church of Laodicea in the book of Revelation. The church is the last addressed of seven churches of Asia Minor, and although the relevant community did exist and was still active to shape church policy into the fourth century,  the churches are often seen as symbolic and prophetic for church history with Laodicea representing  an end of  age decadent religiosity. Historically, Laodicea was a prosperous city famed for luxury goods including a precious eye salve. The church shared in the general prosperity. It also drank from the well-supplied but tepid, lukewarm waters of the region.

Accused of boasting of a wealth they feel renders them invulnerable “we have need of nothing”  (is it possible  these believers anticipate today’s prosperity gospel advocates?! )  the Laodiceans are told in reality they are “wretched, pitiable, blind, poor and naked”. They are counselled to buy gold from Christ  in order  to be truly rich, “and white robes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen and salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see” (Rev 3:18). What is the shame of nakedness best not seen? Plainly it’s what nudity had broadly symbolized in Hebrew, namely a degree of poverty or loss,  a state the Laodiceans fail to realize is theirs no matter how fashionably attired and materially wealthy they are. But why must they acquire white robes to hide the shame of what is their “naked” spiritual poverty in fact?



In Revelation the redeemed who are seen as like priests unto God (Rev5:10)  are said to wear white robes, doubtless because priests of the temple wore white robes. To be frank about it, heaven itself could  be dull and impoverished if the redeemed could never get beyond wearing a single garment, however precious, of one colour for all eternity! So the meaning is virtually guaranteed to be otherwise. The reason the priests wore white while their feet were bare was because their white robe represented the lost and to be reacquired radiance of the original, body-surrounding aura which of course could also be coloured but white is the source colour and light itself.

The bible, not least Revelation and apocalyptic themes, is saturated with temple symbolism and theology, though it is only recently  being acknowledged and studied quite how much so. We can now return to the earlier mentioned thief in the night passage. What does it mean to say Christ comes as a thief in the night (something he surely can’t be ) and so one needs to keep awake not to go about naked?

The answer is that Christ is being identified with the chief of the Temple guard composed of levite priests whose leader was called the thief. It was as good as sacrilege for selected priests to fall asleep on any night of duty. If they did, the shame of their failure risked being marked out by “the thief”, in effect a clothes thief , who set the offender’s robe alight so that to protect himself he would need to fling off his garment and flee the scene naked. All sorts of symbolism is involved here but most obviously fire represents the judgement and purifying force of deity and the priest is symbolically judged, sent to hell. And if we identify his ritual robe with the aura lost at the fall, then a second death or fall is imaged. I reserve to note another important way in which Christ is symbolically “thief” related. (2)

But we must also remember especially the following point of symbolism as regards sleeping and waking. No matter how pure, free, natural or healthy the nudity of any Christian St Francis, pagan Diogenes or poetic Walt Whitman might be at a certain level, symbolically (even or especially for traditional symbolic systems like astrology), nudity still equates as much as for Hebrew with some kind of loss, lack, even poverty (Francis and Diogenes were both devoted to it).


Symbols are multivalent and like notes they have octaves. It’s thus that, depending on the context, Neptune can signify not only poverty and nudity but film, dream or sleep – recall how much nudity features not only in film but dreams – it’s a commonplace people dream they are suddenly naked in public. It follows that nudity as linked to sleep and dream is also a lack of sorts in relation to its Uranian polarity of wakefulness. The latter can also be identified with knowledge, not like Neptune knowledge  of unconscious nature but conscious “enlightenment’ in relation to being, the more archetypal, utopian, celestial plan of things.

We can now better see what is happening with biblical and especially apocalyptic imagery. The state of nudity risks engaging a shame related less to eros and sex than symbolically the condition of sleep which is oblivious to and unprepared for what is to happen. It is confused slumber as against enlightenment, a kind of sleepwalking confusion that characterizes the end of the Neptunian age of Pisces which will suffer the Uranian shock of the coming Aquarian age (which can be equated with the biblical Millennium)   with its potential to fulfil among much else the Uranian concern with the improved, perfected body, biblically the immortal one  (it is also seen as snatched Ganymede-like to heaven, a thoroughly Uranian and air sign theme in itself).

In the classic, most cited statement regarding the end of age and the so-called Rapture event that precedes the end and disappears the believing prepared, St Paul to the Thessalonians makes the whole subject one of precisely day against night, being awake rather than asleep:

“But you beloved, are not in darkness for that day [the day of the Lord, the Rapture] to surprise you like a thief, for you are all children of the light and children of the day; we are not of the night or of darkness. So then let us not fall asleep as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober” ( I Thess 5:4-6).

Nothing of the naked/clothed polarity explicitly enters in Thessalonians and at one level it needn’t. The omission can  even seem positive  if one questions what is often felt to be a biblical penchant for anti eros and mere body shaming. But life is stranger than fiction and symbolism has almost autonomous powers, works in chains of association enforcing something like the Jungian compensation factor. Try to leave out the clothed/unclothed equation and what among other things does the end of the age produce but….nudity in or from of all places St Paul’s apocalypse-associated Thessaloniki?



Urban nudism names the practice, (or claim to be able to practice) a more public nudity. It is and remains more or less illegal, though laws may not be strongly applied in some places and times especially protests and festivals like the World Naked Bike Ride or Gay pride. In several countries it is more or less legal (Denmark and Netherlands, and actually legal in Spain where the freedom was locally curtailed after it was alleged prostitution in Barcelona was exploiting it – inevitably however it was mostly men were seen about town where they functioned as curios for tourists. Because what is Neptunian insinuates rather than rebels and organizes like Uranus, there never has been nor will be any aggressive or highly organized naked revolution akin to Gay Lib but there can be local trends and movements that favour greater freedom.

Harmonious with the symbolism so far mentioned and which includes the idea of poverty, we find urban nudism, the will or desire towards it, enjoys some association with societies either passing through major economic problems like Argentina, Spain and Greece, or societies more prosperous like California’s, but which include a partly ghettoed, less prosperous, alternative lifestyle minority such as gays in San Francisco or Berlin. I recall a TV interview with a Buenos Aires urban nudist who maintained that as he was anyway poor, unemployed and excluded, why not go naked when he had nothing to lose? In San Francisco the pioneer of urban nudism, Naked Guy Martinez, was a university student with radical leftist interests and little cash.


In politically troubled Greece and since 2014, apart from a celebration of the World Naked Bike Ride  in that year and the mayor himself posing nude in  support of gay rights and pride,  urban nudism is chiefly the property of the not so impoverished artist and architect, Giannis Maskidis (John Mask to his English language followers). Almost certainly it is under the cover of “art” and helped by something approaching a model’s body, that JM has got away without cover of clothes in a conservative society that nonetheless remembers and cherishes its more body free ancient past.

With events like World Naked Bike Ride and Gay Pride it’s collective and annual only, but with  JM it’s  individual and almost a case of “we see him here, we see him there, he’s mostly naked everywhere” – in parks, under Corinthian columns, draped on statues, posed on balconies, standing on church roofs, in front of altars and icons (though that may be photo-shopped), crawling around art galleries on a dog’s lead (does he want to reproduce  Diogenes the Dog?), riding a fairground carousel, doing just about everything but not riding the public transport  like a German youth in Berlin. GM’s programme started in his home town of Thessaloniki and spread to Athens and the Greek islands.

But  apart from holiday brochure-like suggesting “follow your myth in Greece”, is there any message? Is the chief aim, fame, freedom, art, health, political protest, a neo-pagan campaign, gay pride (JM is gay)? Gayness and its celebration is often accused of precisely exhibitionism or glorification of the body. To the extent that’s valid it would seem inevitable because if the esoteric formula is correct that gays are a female soul in a male body (or a male soul in a female one for lesbians), the body expresses and certifies who the person is more strongly than it does for others. For JM “art” seems the main justification if not quite the main aim. Pictures of nudity often alternate with images of architecture, some of them desolate and almost mournful like some of the comments such as on death being a companion on this or that day or the day requiring one live and suffer.

JM reports the priests hate him (unsurprisingly given that one pic is posed before an altar and extravagantly declares ‘religion spoils everything”!). But given how political, censorious and recently homophobic Orthodoxy – especially its Russian version can be – see my poem Icon World   – it is surprising, if wise, clergy have remained more critical than litigious. Orthodoxy is a liturgically exquisite but peculiarly static, monolithic,  unprophetic faith that relates almost more to icons and saints than God. And the way its icons deform the human body denying it all Solomonic or Renaissance glories, was perhaps bound by a massive act of psychic compensation, to produce alternatives at the first modern opportunity. But JM’s beliefs are odder than any icon – in one article I can’t and needn’t bother to retrace, he endorses a popular underground piece of neo-mythic philosophy that regards God as by chance excreting human beings rather than making any being “in his image”.



Although JM’s “protest” against the norms may have arisen from a walk in the park in 2013, it can be said to have been birthed, trialled and first  filmed for public consumption in 2014 when there were night walks on main roads and past restaurants of central Thessaloniki, evidently to test the waters and loosen up attitudes. Originally we see bag, clothes and camera carrying women supported the venture, something I wouldn’t explain by faghagism towards the two gays involved, but more likely something characteristically  Greek. Greece has never quite accepted contemporary feminism which was not long launched before the then Arianna Stassinopoulos produced The Famale Woman which stressed any reforms would need to be for an equality in difference  she saw under threat (as would often prove true). I suspect therefore that original support for JM has some connection to a local will to (re)assert threatened principles of phallos by the same society that anciently displayed herms at house entrances.

It is however a coincidence of symbols and their timing that I should wish to stress. It was observed that we are currently at the end of an era, the Piscean whose Neptunian range includes and even exaggerates like the last flare of a candle at era’s end, such things as image, film, photography vulnerability,sleep, the dream, what’s natural including nudity. So it is hard not to notice that the nude protest is birthed towards era’s end at night and at a time which due to a tetrad of blood moons of Jewish festivals in 2014 and 15 caused a particular obsession in some circles with precisely end of days, end of era speculations. (Although there was a lot of exaggeration and misinterpretation about this, I accept the blood moons were an element within larger patterns and cycles and considerably involved with the growing movement towards the building of a third Jewish temple, a potentially apocalyptic, end of days subject indeed).

With  so much involved, one cannot usually be either fully for or against nudity. (Unless you are a morals campaigner, solicitation and  commercial treatment of nudity are what seem most legally relevant).  However, “For everything there is a time/ season…..” says Ecclesiastes (Ecc 3:1) in what is almost a statement of astrological theory and its principle of cycles. In line with this  it easier to state  whether the kinds of nudity practiced and portrayed, advocated and tolerated are socially and culturally timely.


Curiously enough, what has begun in Thessaloniki, the same city to which St Paul conveyed secrets of the end of days, is in its way very timely, though more by way of a counter sign. It begins at night (“we are not of the night” says the apostle) and it progresses into the light of day when not as a game and  joke, through a struggle with “dog days’ including with thoughts of death and decay and a kind of meaninglessness which disbelief in deity (or any ideal one) engenders. The emphasis is at variance with futuristic  Uranian type concern with the perfected body, the body electric, the body of light or biblically the immortal and resurrected body that gets associated with the Thessalonian teaching of Rapture and the coming age.

As said, neither of the two letters to Thessalonians mentions nudity after the manner of Revelation, but they might as well do so  because we know that the asleep/awake polarity that haunts end of the age teachings naturally embraces the clothed/naked polarity also.

It would  be   misleading to present JM as  some kind of unique anti prophet. He belongs to and arises out of his times  and unknowingly enacts something within the collective unconscious  and between nudity and gayness  undeniably engages  Neptunian and Uranian themes to a degree  as do perhaps the parading and celebrating  citizens of Thessaloniki more generally. The Laodiceans that the Christ of Revelation accuses of a shameful nakedness were not literally naked and their species of nakedness was spiritual  rather than  material.

In the same way, arguably JM’s clerical critics in Thessaloniki and beyond it, could be deemed as naked as he himself is in relation to the times, which is to say both parties are half slumbering, unawakened to, or sleepwalking amid the events and ideals, symbols and beliefs including in relation to the body and attitudes to it that must change with  era’s. change. (If that sounds a  heavy put on  it seems undeniable that JM has  ignored all the big issues of his nation  –  the national debt, chronic unemployment, near destitute pensioners, the migrant flood, the wild fires, the weather  etc and it’s not much different with the highly conservative national church ).

So at one level and in the immediate, JM is the original, norms challenging individual,   sometimes arty, amusing  or just lurid he aims to be. At another level he is a new Everyman who at the end of the era, unconsciously enacts through a key site of Christian origins and prophecy, what is not done,  understood or anticipated  at a time that calls for heightened awareness and engagement.

I have long claimed to possess  the true and still working chart for Christianity (I.e. Pentecost AD 30).  The asteroid Thessalia,  the only possible and surely correct indicator for Thessaloniki  within the pattern is, of all things,  in shocking, surprising, “expect the unexpected”,  next era  Aquarius, and at that in the house of unions which is what the Rapture/Marriage of the Lamb is.  And there it’s  conjunct, as though in some sort of warning recalling the tone and message of Christ’s apocalyptic parables, The Part of Unpreparedness.  All this seems  curiously harmonious with  the apostle’s words  “therefore let us not sleep as others do , but let us watch.” (1 Thess 5:6).


1)  Some   would protest the pornographer’s daring symbolism is inexact because the three elements are not “equal”. Ironically I would insist the doctrine of absolute, geometrical Trinitarian equality which is St Augustine’s and which ultimately split West from East, is misleading. Greek theology, more in line with biblical statements, teaches something closer to semi-subordinationism with both Son and Spirit issuing from the One, a position which, as pointed out in various of my books and writings has implications for how deity, creation and sexuality are to be understood.

2)  Another reason that the Christ of Revelation is the night “thief” is because of his associations with Mercury, traditionally planetary symbol of the thief. The occultist Mme Blavatsky was the first to call Jesus Mercury outright and basically because like pagan Mercury he is described as mediator, healer and the go-between in relation to heaven and earth. As it happens however, and despite the fact that messianic Jupiter was “his star”, technically Mercury “rules” Jesus birth because with a Virgo sun and Gemini rising, the ruling factor is necessarily Mercury. These matters are covered in my Testament of the Magi: Mysteries of the Birth and Life of Christ, . This is the only astrological study, a radical development of the respected D’Occhieppo/Hughes theory of the birth, which proves itself again and again. It still uniquely works to register Christ issues across history to our times – in short, it’s material too hot for many inside or outside religion to handle and is insultingly ignored accordingly.

For further exploration of the theological and sexual see my  Solomon’s Tantric Song


Genesis: Paradise Lost. A brief review of the film

It took such a long time for my DVD of this film to arrive from America, it was a surprise it arrived at all. But between the hype and my expectations, finally seeing this film, which expresses a variety of more or less creationist views from people of faith who work and teach in science, was a bit of an anticlimax.

The so-called “animations” of creation and natural scenes were good and some meaningful points were made as regards certain unquestioned assumptions and prejudices of scientists; but overall the film with its slow start and slow reading of Genesis1 and then almost too fast for average absorption claims, made the kind of mistakes I had hoped it might be able to avoid.

It has to be understood, and thoughtful Christians like C.S.Lewis writing about science (as in The Magician’s Twin)  have understood, that there are two layers to any arguments about creation, design and the Creator. There is a basically philosophical argument about truth and whether or not the record indicates scientists have some unstated prejudices and are fudging the facts and then there are the more purely faith and spirituality related questions because what you believe about nature and God can colour your entire outlook on life.

It seems undeniable a lot of the creation/evolution dispute begins with Charles Lyell who aimed to dethrone Moses via a doctrine influencing Darwin of Uniformitarianism in nature applied to geology. He proposed  although it’s questionable, not completely provable and challenged by problems with carbon dating, that change follows the same rate always and everywhere and that change is super slow.

But to the extent there are challenging facts and untold stories, then these facts, which should be heard, can and will largely speak for themselves. They must be allowed to prompt, as they will do, questions which  lead into the realms of religious and metaphysical meaning. And in work lthis film undertakes, one disc (the main film) should have kept solely to the facts and the other two discs to discussion of related religious issues.

If however you mix throughout the  legitimate fact-based arguments with an emotional faith-linked one like suggesting persons who question the bible’s plain words on creation are rebels against God and/or lost, even if that were true and could be proved, you compromise credibility as regards your objectivity with the more verifiable facts. Especially so as, regardless of your precise beliefs, you still need to recognize that the bible you cite as authority, no matter how true, is still not a full blown science text book but often closer to poetry….

I was accordingly appalled to hear someone express the opinion that one must accept the Genesis account of creation literally because it is written in prose, not poetry and is therefore “history’. It shouldn’t need to be stated that a lot of poetry, even from Shakespeare, is precisely exalted prose, while the bible offers so many variations on a symbolic theme (like Daniel’s weeks of years) and Jesus states there are twelve hours in a day, that it is and always was seriously stretching things to insist that a Genesis day has to mean twenty four hours only.

What a lot of the bible does in its more poetic,  literary and symbol- ladem sections, is point towards facts, ideas and situations. A lot of it could reasonably be called generalization to be understood and accepted as such. A good example would be some writings of St Paul (who gets cited along with Genesis). Because how much beyond generalization can and should one accept St Paul even on religion?

A prime example of a statement one one could question but which is cited as absolute by some creationists, is the apostle’s reference in Romans 1:20,21 to the supposed existence for a universal conscience and a kind of inborn knowledge of God. Its  existence Paul believes leaves people “without excuse’”

The apostle’s assumption is, as it happens, the grounds some creationists have to condemn those who do not believe what they say. But while we can accept the reality of  a universal conscience,  the evidence frankly  does not exist, or else is very mixed and  weak, for any kind of universal knowledge/awareness of God. You can read Christian conversion stories where the person might say something to the effect they always had their doubts about their version of Asian Buddhism and suspected there was something more that they weren’t hearing; but others, from godless places like North Korea, can report being astonished to hear of any notion of God and creator. Such ideas had never crossed their minds. So at most one could speak of a universal capacity to accept belief in a deity, not Paul’s universal awareness.

Paul who himself admits we “see through a glass darkly” surely only generalizes and points to what is a sort of truth in this case. His idea of a universal awareness of a single deity might actually have owed something to Cicero on the subject of religion. Anyway, Paul was a man of his times and his problematic view of homosexuality, also in the questionable rhetoric of Romans 1, likewise shows some affinity for opinions and understandings of his time re sex plus some awareness of the advanced decadence of Roman imperial society, which had no notion of sexual orientation but did practice recreational bisexuality. If we take Paul to the letter on “homosexuality” (which creationists tend to do, linking defence of creation to opposition to gay rights and a variety of issues so that creationism becomes almost political), we stand to be misled and limited in outlook. Sometimes truth exists in grey areas we must see and respect. Jesus is self–described as Truth while the bible is by contrast “true” because it points to him and the Creator. Other ideas of truth risk becoming unhelpful bibliolatry.

I don’t consider Paradise Lost a completely lost wreck of a project. It includes some things that need to be said and known, but it was wrong and fails to the extent among the more scientific experts it brought in persons, evangelists, like Ray Comfort whom I had criticized in a previous article (Another Side to the Creation/Evolution Debate ) because their views belong to another order than the main one the film is supposed to address.

If you are an American by birth or like Comfort by adoption, then your familiarity with a type of evangelical extravagance might be more accepting of the hybrid this film is; but I think others might be less easy with it and even a little confused. A bold effort, almost daring in today’s religiously dismissive atmosphere,  but half marks only.

For my own and poetic treatment of the creation/evolution debate, see the mini-epic Raphael and Lucifer at

Also on the universality and otherwise of beliefs in God see  The Great Circle: Asia, David and God Consciousness



The run up to Easter 2018 sees the release of more than one religion-related film and not only the season but the dates of release are eloquent for what is involved.

The newest cinematic take on the Magdalene is Australian director Garth Davis’s film, Mary Magdalene premiered in Australia  on the 23rd and generally released on 30th March, Good Friday (world premiere was in London on Feb 26th on which I comment presently). Said to be visually impressive,  the film is not, it seems, controversial by reason of making the Magdalene Jesus’ wife nor the prostitute of non biblical tradition, but rather by endorsing and imagining her in the role of spiritual feminist and 13th apostle. Through her is conveyed some rather new age (or  end of age)  mysticism of the “unconditional” variety that can lend a forgiving, sympathetic ear to a vividly portrayed Judas. There is a lot of water, of mystical “letting go” and accepting in the film reflected in a framing sequence of a seemingly sinking yet surviving Magdalene.

The timing of the film is rather exquisite. The planet/symbol of truth is Jupiter. It is under its current transit of Scorpio, sign of sex and mysteries, that the truth has been coming out about Hollywood and sexual exploitation generally. On March 23rd and 30th, Jupiter stands on 22 of water sign, Scorpio. When it does this it is directly opposite asteroid MAGDALENA at 22 Taurus in the Pentecost 30 AD foundation pattern for Christianity. This challenging or just oppositional position not only invites to a revisionist re-thinking of the Magdalene in the manner of the current “apparent retrograde” of Jupiter and its watery sign, but warns that what is presented is also largely untrue to the person and her beliefs.

(If one were to take the Feb 26th London premiere that message is arguably stronger. Jupiter just inside 23 Scorpio is again opposite MAGDALENA at 22 Taurus.  At whatever was the time on that day, the moon in Cancer was is in the opposite sign from MAGDALENA in the chart for Jesus whose passivity in the film is reflected in a Venus exactly transiting his Jupiter/ Bethlehem star but in stress square to Mars in Sagittarius, sign of religion and philosophy, this well reflecting how the conclusion of the film as good as maintains any kind of organized religion is the enemy of what the Magdalene represents).


The premiere of the film, Paul, Apostle of Christ, falls on March 23rd (brought forward from the 28th). Those involved in the film, not least Jim Caviezel who starred as Jesus in The Passion of the Christ but in this film is Paul’s travel companion, Luke, hope much for the film.  Remarkable coincidence would suggest it can make a real impression at a time when faith is challenged and great figures in religion are either being  nostalgically remembered or longed for in the wake of especially the decease of America’s Billy Graham in February.


I wrote the following  before I learned of the premiere of the Magdalene film…..Correctly yet again, both my data for Pentecost AD 30 (the birth of Christianity) and name asteroids prove themselves remarkably able to register notable issues and events for the faith to this day .

On the 23rd March, the sun is bordering 3 degrees Aries. This is the degree, and within Pentecost’s ninth house of religion and distance travel (and thus anything “apostolic”) of Jupiter, planet of faith, preaching, religion and the Bethlehem Star.

(It also happens that March 23rd ‘s 3 Aries is  challengingly opposite the 3 degrees of Libra that rises at Caviezel’s birth. This factor times the premiere for the actor and gives him all of an audience for it, though unlikely with the acclaim he was bound to receive for his portrayal of Jesus given that his actor-friendly natal Jupiter is degree exact Jesus’ identity-giving birth sun) .

Shocking, extreme but crowd friendly Uranus on the day has just entered 27 degrees Aries. This means it’s just minutes of a degree past perfect conjunction with Christianity’s natal Venus at 26.57 Aries. (That natal Venus is itself conjunct the religion’s destiny, reputation and leadership Midheaven at almost 24 Aries). The contact is, I believe, involved with what seems to be the film’s rather Venusian theme of forgiveness and reconciliation that’s extreme. However this is not what is most striking in the pattern……

We next ask where is the reputation-affecting Venus itself on the day? Sure enough it is on 20 Aries. This suitably makes it conjunct both Pentecost’s LUKAS (Luke) at 20 Aries and its PAUL at just 21 Aries. And let’s note this pair stood at Pentecost in favourable sextile aspect to APOSTEL (apostle) at almost 20 Gemini.

The pair’s natal conjunction and then this March 23’s Venus conjunction to it (and within Pentecost’s travelling, missioning ninth house too), agree with the fact that Paul and Luke were fated to travel together on some wide ranging missions (witness the so-called “we” passages of Acts) and were together in Rome as portrayed in the film.


On the 23rdforce majeure factor, Pluto, is almost to the minute of a degree in stress square to Pentecost’s PAUL. I should say this reflects a persecution theme, the one-time persecution of Christians by Paul and then pagan persecution of Paul. Persecution is central and it is possible too that the film itself will be opposed because people don’t entirely like the person and/or his cinematic portrayal. Some argument over the film seems almost guaranteed by the way that additionally  Mars at 3 Capricorn stress squares the sun of the day.

Of some significance, but I am unsure quite what, Mercury at 16 Aries on the day is at stationary apparent retrograde. This could invite to re-thinking and re-examining Paul in the way retrogrades do retrace steps and rethink things; but the fact 16 Aries is conjunct such asteroids as VATICANA and CRUZ (cross) makes me wonder, especially with Caviezel praying the rosary to get through the film, if this won’t be a very Catholic kind of production as was The Passion in its way.

I have only read articles and seen a trailer and so can’t judge, and as this film will not apparently like The Passion have input from the interpretations and ideas of any Catholic visionaries, I asked myself quite what I meant by a “Catholic” film. I think it was this.


The theme in such cases  can be emotionally Christian, concerned primarily with a few black and white choices (in this film  between love and hate, forgiveness and vengeance) but with no especially “Judaeo-Christian” character to it. One anticipates little that’s suggestive of more intellectual or theological conflicts such as Paul’s story involves.

A “Catholic” art, even at its most sophisticated, carries with it little or no suggestion for Christians of Paul’s alternative jewishness, none of his sense of gentiles being the wild olive shoot grafted onto the tree of Israel (Rom 11:17,18). One almost never deals in historical religious development but as in Dante more like supposedly rationally derived timeless principles promoted by Aristotle and Aquinas, truths and emotions justified more by logic than dialectic. This risks the faith becoming precisely a kind of independent gentile “boasting above Israel”  against which the apostle warns.

Paul arrives at a more protesting if not Protestant, “amazing grace” set of beliefs through argument with a type of legalistic, Jewish background. As such Paul is a revolutionary, transitional figure who straddles two eras, (the ages of Aries and Pisces astrologically), helping to define the nature of the latter. Philosophically Paul belongs with the existentialist KIERKEGAARD who conjuncts him at Pentecost, in being against the status quo in religion and the world and defining beliefs against experience.

Great men make great mistakes and that includes Paul. People don’t stop calling Churchill great because he had a dark side and some of his decisions, especially as regards Ireland, were unfortunate and deadly. We may regret today that Paul could be myopic in relation to women and gays – even St Teresa of Avila complained to Jesus about Paul on women – but he was a man of his times. And it is because he was a protestor and reformer of many things that we are at least free to question him in turn as part of the whole spiritual and intellectual revolution he began.


As said, I think this film speaks to both a certain nostalgia and hope for great(er) leadership in religion. Possibly this is reflected at this season  in yet another coincidence – the fact that currently Neptune, chief significator for cinema, is at 14 Pisces, its own sign,  opposite Pentecost’s GRAHAM at 13 Virgo, an asteroid highlighted by a Venus conjunction on the day of his death (21st February). This could remind us that whatever his particular gifts, Billy Graham was not a figure quite like St Paul but very much his own person and of his own time, someone made possible by media who could be as much his persecutor as his supporter.

Across time the differences between a St Paul and a Billy Graham might be large, but the same pattern for Pentecost 30 AD will still register after two millennia for matters concerning them. Christians who demonize and dismiss astrology miss much that they should know of times past and present; and at the end of the era Christ’s birth may be said to have inaugurated, that’s unfortunate and serious.